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  1. I upgraded to A 360 some time ago, and it shows up in my account. It sometimes takes some time to sync across servers. If it doesn't show up on the weekend, just ask support.
  2. Free if you bought Amplifikation 360.
  3. https://www.waves.com/account/free-kramer-hls-channel-jason-yadlovsky
  4. Yeah, but this was possible in the past, too, so Saverio seems to want it.
  5. Put JammingRock into your cart, add other products you want, and apply code JRTNSS70 This will give you a huge overall discount.
  6. Nothing for me. I will see what 2023 will bring to us and buy a la carte... If at all, as I have too much stuff already.
  7. More info on how to get the synth can be found here: https://karanyisounds.com/polyscape-free-campaign/
  8. Minimum spend is $75.
  9. Code : newyear90 https://try.fender.com/play/new-year-90/
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