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  1. It has nothing to do with panes. The bus view is much simpler since it has no clip data to deal with. Many people prefer having a separation between tracks and buses so this isn't likely to change. If you want to work in one pane with similar functionality to buses, use aux tracks.
  2. Is your problem only with virtual instruments? What if you have a normal audio project. Do you see the same dropouts there? Also send us a link to the project that has the issue.
  3. @Doug Osborne what is the case number? There is at minimum a one day lag between logging support items and us seeing them because the support team is in Singapore. To make it easier for forum reports to be analyzed please always list the ticket number.
  4. @jkoseattleThis is already possible. In the arrangement sections if you CTRL-click on the play button for a section it will play that section from where the now time is within that section. Set the now time on the timeline and then ctrl click to audition playback from anypoint within that section. Alternatively you can click in the timeline and press SHIFT-ALT-space to start playback from the now time for the first section that overlaps with that time. To be able to do that from the arranger view itself would require another seek bar since clicking a section always positions the time to the beginning of the section.
  5. Yes all the known anomalies with mixing pure mono and stereo plugins have been solved in this release. The interleave button was always there but the logic in the effects rack had to be updated to handle various complex cases where you have mixed interleave. Mono in stereo out VST plugins are not yet supported.
  6. Does it matter which fader is moved? Do you hear noise when moving a fader that doesn't control that signal, such as the fader for an empty track?
  7. Are you using ASIO mode and do other applications work on the system? Based on the video it looks like the driver is not processing callbacks properly. That could explain why there is no dropout if the frequency of the audio callbacks isn't fast enough. Any change with the latest release? Without having access to your machine there isn't a lot I can do to diagnose the problem further. Have you done any system troubleshooting? Try other audio programs and see if you can play without audio interruptions. If the same issue is happening in other apps then its a system or driver problem. Does the problem happen in only a single project or can you reproduce it even in a test project without virtual instruments?
  8. You can look at the data being stored in the BLX (BandLab project interchange) files. They are JSON files with the properties embedded.
  9. This question has come up a few times so I I am sharing some info I got from Celemony. This primarily applies to SONAR users who are now using Cakewalk by BandLab. As part of SONAR Platinum users got a license of Melodyne 4 Essential. (If you are a new Cakewalk by BandLab user you are offered the trial version of Melodyne) Melodyne 5 has many advantages over Melodyne 4, including ARA 2 integration and workflow improvements. As far as Melodyne 5 Essential goes the biggest advantage is that unlike version 4, it supports polyphonic pitch to MIDI out of the box. In version 4 you had to purchase Melodyne Editor to get this. To get your free Melodyne essential update to Melodyne version 5. a. Login to your Celemony user account and find Melodyne 4 Essential b. Click License Options c. Click the Download button for your free update. d. Install Melodyne That should be it. If you have any issues transferring your license contact Celemony support.
  10. There is nothing stopping you today from using workspaces for that purpose. A workspace with all of the checkboxes turned off apart from "View Layout" is essentially a global screenset.
  11. To clarify, I meant that Workspaces save the same DATA that a given screenset saves. However the workspace wont save the set of screensets themselves. Screensets are intended to record per project view configurations. Workspaces are wider and only store settings and view configurations at a global level. In the 2020.05 release we fixed some problems where screensets and workspaces were affecting certain global settings, causing problems. No. Screensets have a different function in that they allow you to store 10 view snapshots at the project level. So you can have different view layouts zoomed in views etc, customized to that specific project. Edit: That said, a workspace with all of the checkboxes turned off apart from "View Layout" can is essentually a screenset. So you could save multiple "screensets" this way as workspaces.
  12. Tempo is already being transferred. In the future we will do automation and MIDI as well obviously. This is the data currently being transferred: Project appId appName projName title author copyright keywords description bpm signature (time signature) metronome Track: id order type name color volume pan isMuted isSolo Regions: file fileHash startPosition endPosition
  13. Hi @Doug Osborne, Can you share one of the projects that exhibits this? Also does this happen with all your projects - are there any specific view's open in these projects that exhibit the issue? Also can you check in help / About that you are running 2020.05 build 039
  14. Thanks for your feedback. We plan on improving this workflow. We'll look into transferring the project info as well. Track comments and markers are not available in BandLab so this isn't something that is planned.
  15. @SpielerAre you using a mono to stereo plugin? That is a completely different issue and is not a bug but rather that we don't yet support this configuration for VST plugins. These changes in the 05 release apply primarily to compatibility with pure mono plug-ins (mono-in, mono-out). Mono in stereo out plugin compatibility will be addressed in a future update.
  16. Hopefully the massive update would have been worth the wait
  17. Its a back end issue. We're trying to get it resolved.
  18. The bug that they apparently fixed in 1.0.3 was due to faulty processing of calls from the host in response to parameter changes sent to the plugin.
  19. Are you running the original 04 release or the latest early access build? What is your thread scheduling model set to?
  20. What version of cbb are you running? Can you share the project?
  21. He's talking about the early access 2 release. It's not officially released yet. I'm not sure I follow. If you get a dropout there is always a toast message displayed telling you that.
  22. Putting melodyne as a clip effect would certainly cause doubling of audio because its playing the clip audio as well as Melodyne. Its not intended to be used that way unless you like doubled audio
  23. This also has been addressed for the upcoming release.
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