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  1. For activation please read this FAQ on Activation, especially the section on in-app activation.
  2. @Xel Ohhthanks for the report. We'll investigate this. Act chance you can share a link to a zipped project folder where this happens?
  3. If the message is popping up you have user edited transients in your project, perhaps inadvertantly. You can ignore that warning and save if you don't care about the edits.
  4. This is as intended and been that way for 15 years. Bundles compact audio into a single file and it's not compatible with audio snap edits
  5. In preferences switch to WASAPI shared mode. We cannot offer support for ASIO4All and its unnecessary to use this with onboard audio devices.
  6. Right because right click isn't changing the current focused item. We'll log it.
  7. Definitely not seeing that. I click on a clip and it deletes the clip not the last effect. How exactly are you selecting audio. Probably best to make a video but post that in a different thread not the EA thread.
  8. @Milton Sica I was able to get your project with all your audio after redownloading it. However both Jon and I don't see any problem here. It loads and all tracks and buses are audible. So I'm not sure what remaining problem you are seeing with audio being silent. In build 133 its working fine.
  9. We just updated the EA build to 134. Build 134 has a single fix to address a hang with the Realtek ASIO driver. If you have this driver installed you can update to this build to try it. We've unblocked this driver from the compatibility list for now.
  10. Thanks we'll investigate and try and reproduce. It may be a different buffering issue with WASAPI.
  11. Thanks for sending the project. Since there is some audio missing I substituted some alternate audio. However I am not seeing any obvious problem in the build 133. I can hear all the buses in your project. Can you please explain with steps how to reproduce the solo issue you are having? You can PM me if you like.
  12. Some plugin may not accept a high buffer size of 350 so don't use such a large buffer. Set it to 100
  13. This is not related to the solo issue. From the picture this looks like tails not being flushed. Have you manually changed the BounceFlushTailsMaxDurationSec variable? If that value is set to the default of 20 it may be a different non plugin related buffering issue that we can investigate.
  14. So this is new to Build 133? Please send your any project that can reproduce this ASAP so I can investigate it.
  15. This is with build 133? If you are having solo issues please zip and send a link to the project folder. That is the only way for us to check because it is project specific. We can’t help with JBridge problems. If you have a crash send us the dump file. Also @Milton Sica its not clear when you started seeing the bus solo problem. Is it only in build 133 or were you having this problem earlier? If you load the project and play is it silent? Did the problem only happen after doing an audio export or bounce etc?
  16. @Matthew Simon Fletcher @chris.r @Jacques Boileau This is resolved in build 133. It should also automatically repair solo states for any projects that might have had issues in the past because I've improved the solo logic for tracks. Let me know if its working for you now.
  17. Thanks for your feedback but please make a separate thread for it or consider the feature request forum. This thread is exclusively for Early access 2021.09 release specific features.
  18. 2021.09 Build 133 has now been posted. This is the final release candidate so please check this out as soon as possible and let us know if there are any regressions. Details in the link above. Thanks for all your support and diligence in reporting problems!
  19. The first thing to do is stop using ASIO4All. Its known to cause incompatibilities and we don't support it. The next build will have a warning asking users with ASIO4All and some other known incompatible drivers to switch to WASAPI mode or use a different ASIO driver.
  20. We'll there have been a million changes to the engine over the last 3 years but the one you are seeing is a change to use a higher quality zPlane elastique time stretching algorithm. This release also has improved transient detection.
  21. @Matthew Simon Fletcher please send a project that can repro this ASAP. I’d like to investigate it before we release
  22. @Mark MoreThan-Shaw Would you be able to share a project with which this can be reproduced? I suspect the crash to be data specific.
  23. Yes please send this ASAP. Are you using sidechains or aux tracks? You will need to upload the file to a fileshare like dropbox etc and send us a link.
  24. We're not making any more interface changes in this release sorry.
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