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  1. @Sergio Miranda I've solved the crash issue. It was a problem on our end handling the host bypass from this plugin which is not automatable. However note that this plugin is not properly following the VST3 spec for parameter notification so you cannot write automation via the plugin in CbB. I can follow up with the vendor on this but you can also log it with them.
  2. That's great news. I'm happy that they responded so quickly and fixed the issue.
  3. Are you getting a crash dialog or is there app shutting down? If the latter it's likely heap corruption caused by the plugin and may not be something we can fix. If you get a crash dialog then you can also manually capture a dump file from task manager.
  4. @Sergio MirandaWe’ll take a look but can you provide us with the minidump for the crash and the project file?
  5. @Sergio Miranda is this crash new to the 2021.01 release? Where was this reported earlier? Can you send me the minidump since thats the only way to diagnose easily. Instructions in my signature. Also please send me the project file that crashes.
  6. You can turn off device change notification toast messages in Preferences.
  7. Hi folks, Thanks for the great feedback. There is a hotfix installer available that addresses the most important issues that were logged so far. If you were affected by any of those issues please install it and report back if it addresses your problems. @Helene Kolpakova @Spectrum424 @Promidi @Andres Medina @Andrey_rbk @Osman Hemidov @Gary Fox @thegaltieribrothers
  8. This hotfix addresses a few problems users have reported since 2021.01 was released. The following issues are addressed: Projects containing certain plug-ins fail to open in 2021.01 release. We received reports that some SoundToys plugins cause projects to fail to load Deleting an articulation occasionally splits it into two smaller but invisible articulations Show/Hide Articulation Pane in PRV does nothing if there are no articulations on the track If you are still seeing any issues after installing this hotfix please report them in the main 2021.01 feedback thread to keep reports centralized. Please note that this is an early access release - we should officially release this sometime next week after collecting more feedback. Download the 2021.01 hotfix (build 86) Should you need to revert to the 2020.11 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2020.11 Rollback installer. To install, download and run the hotfix installer. Note: If you are running Waves plugins, you may need to reboot your PC prior to running the installer if you receive an error that sndfile.dll is locked.
  9. @Mick Moreau and @Tamas Erdosi I just PM'd you a link to an installer that Steinberg sent us. It should fix this problem.
  10. I got a reply from Waves. They are on it so I'm sure it will be fixed soon.
  11. @thegaltieribrothers every release has a rollback installer so you can easily go back to the prior version. See the first para in the release notes. Also can you confirm if you are running SoundToys plugins or what other plugins or synths are in your project. We have a fix for this issue which we will make available shortly later today if you want to try it.
  12. Hi @Gary Fox, We haven't got a report about Kontakt related issues but its possible that some modules do the same. I will post a build for you to try once its ready so you can verify if it fixes your issue. If not we can troubleshoot some more. Thanks for your patience.
  13. @Osman Hemidov Are you using SoundToys plugins? There is an issue that was identified with these that prevent some projects from opening. Thanks to @Helene Kolpakova for sharing a project file that exhibited this issue. This is likely why nobody spotted this problem prior to release. This is because these plugins are sending extra unnecessary notifications during project open that cause our loading code to fail unexpectedly. We will release a fix for this soon. However for now you can either revert to the prior build or remove those plugins from the project and it will load fine.
  14. @Max Arwood where did you see a Waves Cakewalk update?
  15. If you are dragging files its the order in which they appear in the selected file list. BTW if you drag multiple files into a lane it will auto insert in subsequent lanes and create new lanes as needed. I dont think there is a way to put the files back to back today.
  16. @Helene Kolpakova can you PM a link to the project file that won't open so we can take a look?
  17. Thats strange I'm sure its a bug that its current directory is being set to cakewalk's folder. Its probably a side effect of the fact that the server is launched from the plugin dll which is loaded by the Cakewalk app. I'll pass this on to Waves as well. If the server runs from its local folder then I bet it wont load our dll. You can verify this by changing the path and doing a scan again. Let me know.
  18. Crazy. I hope they can fix it otherwise I'll have to somehow rename the dll or hide it somewhere else. Renaming is tricky since we're now redisting a prebuilt version of Libsndfile since they no longer ship Visual Studio solutions that are up to date and its too complex to build. Much easier for us to manage just using their prebuilt binaries. FWIW I can't reproduce this on my PC even though I have Waves 12.
  19. @Ken MThanks for the report. Which version of CbB were you running? Most likely your media browser was pointing to the desktop where the zip files are present. Please check if this is the case. If you point the browser to a different folder and resave the problem will not occur. However I was under the impression that this issue had been addressed earlier. It was an issue with the shell browser extension we are using rather than Cakewalk itself. We'll look into it for the next release. Thanks for the detailed report. You can PM me the process monitor log.
  20. Indeed, this is some weird bug with WavesLocalServer that we found earlier. I've already reported it to Waves. If you run into it the workaround is to kill that task before installing or reboot the machine. I'm sure its not intended to be permanently running since a clean boot doesn't run it.
  21. There is a logged issue with WASAPI shared where the first buffer has some clicks. I'll investigate this for the next major release. WASAPI shared uses the windows Audio engine for mixing and has somewhat different requirements as compared to ASIO or WASAPI shared so there must be some factor related to this that we need to handle differently for the first buffer. Its not related to measure 1 it has the same issue whenever playback is started irrespective of the playback position.
  22. Re 1 there are no changes in this update to change behavior. This is a per project / template setting so you must have inherited it from your project file. As scook noted this is in the media browser settings. Re 2. This has nothing to do with 32 bit files. If its set as a one shot it will not loop. Its an authoring problem if its intended to be a loop.
  23. Do you get a crash dialog? That is the log. If so send a link to the dump file and we can tell you why its crashing. Link in my sig.
  24. @winstonhulleyThis is definitely an install issue and not related to the recent update. You may have a virus scanner that blocked this. Its in debugging mode because you turned on VST scan logging in preferences. Check if you have this file: C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities\TTSLogger.dll If the file is present you can manually register it as follows: Open a dos box as an administrator in the search box type Command Prompt when you see Command Prompt listed, right click on it and choose run as administrator Then in the dos box type this: regsvr32 "c:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities\TTSLogger.dll" You should see a message saying that DllRegisterServer succeeded. This should resolve the issue. Alternatively you can also turn off vst scan logging which will stop using ttslogger. In preferences | VST Settings, uncheck "Generate Scan Log"
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