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  1. A fix for this is now available in the hotfix we just released.
  2. After several hours of troubleshooting and a tip from @Steve Katsikas I managed to reproduce the issue again. Its a bizarre preexisting problem that happens when you seek on the timeline to a late measure. In my testing the app would appear hang for about 5-10 seconds and then vanish silently. I was able to find the root cause and fix it last night. The engine was incorrectly responding to a seek on the timeline and computing a bogus delay compensation value. In Steve's case this could compute a delay of up to 3 hours 😛 This value would then be used to send a HUGE MIDI buffer the next time playback started causing an overflow and crash. While most users wouldn't necessarily see a crash (since its dependent on the amount of MIDI data) this issue results in way more MIDI data being processed when playback starts at a high measure number. I've sent Steve a build to verify the fix and if all is well we'll be releasing a hotfix with this and a few other issues soon. I'm happy that this issue is fixed since it could have been the cause of many unknown random crashes in the field over the years - the problem has been latent at least since 2006 Fortunately his project was reliably able to reproduce this and allow us to fix it. Thanks for working with us to repro the issue.
  3. @65 amps please post CbB questions to a different thread. If you have missing plugins from a very old project you may have to insert the plugins from scratch if you don't have the same plugins that existed at that time. Vendors often change the plugin ID's with newer versions so they will show up as missing.
  4. @Steve Katsikas its the strangest thing. I tried for 30 mins today to reproduce this issue and it is no longer happening. I went back to 2020.01 and even SONAR and the project plays fine at 48K and I even the your markers while playing extensively. Both myself and a colleague were able to reproduce it earlier but the issue seems to have gone away. Can you please retest this after updating windows since its not impossible that there was some external update that fixed itself. If you can still reproduce it please see if you can get a sequence of steps that makes it more likely to happen. @Bob4u I think your issue may be something else based on the crash. Please ensure that your VC redists are up to date by downloading and updating the latest 64 bit VC redist from microsoft.
  5. I posted an update for this issue here.
  6. Hi @Robert Bone @FJ Lamela and others who had this issue. Please try out this version of VST scanner. I've updated the logic so that it is more specific about the VST3 folder rather than just checking for VST3, It will now only look at the standard VST3 folders under Program files or Program Files (x86). Also it wont get tripped up by names like VST32. You will need to copy that file into C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities and then scan again. Let me know if it fixes the issue.
  7. @FJ Lamela Some questions: Are the 7 plugins removed when you scan from cakewalk the same plugins from c:/vst32/? Do any of those plug-ins reside within a folder that has the name VST3? Are the removed plugins VST2 plugins?
  8. There have been no changes to Plug-in manager recently. All it does is utilize the VST scanner for scanning but as has been mentioned numerous times, all scanning should be done from Cakewalk not plugin manager. We don't maintain or test scanning from plug-in manager and the scan functionality from there will be removed soon. There are many other improvements to scanning such as sandbox scanning that are only available from the Cakewalk preferences dialog. We'll look into why this happened but please use the standard preferences page for scanning, which has been the preferred way to do it for many years.
  9. @mgustavoWe'll investigate it for a future release. Thanks for testing it.
  10. Yes exactly. Please don't manually remove DLL's from those folders that you are not aware of since you will likely break existing VST3 plugins. Vendors may have necessary helper dlls there. My point was that you should not install VST2 plug-in's there.
  11. @rv729 How did you end up getting your VST2 plugins placed in the reserved VST3 folder? Actual plugins in that folder should always have the .VST3 extension. You should never install VST2 plugins in the VST3 folder since it will no longer work. As of 2019.01 we exclusively scan VST3 plugins in the Program Files\Common Files\VST3 folder. This was done because some vendors install child DLL files for their plugins there and scanning these dlls cause other problems.
  12. Please send the dump file for analysis. Your issue may not be the same problem
  13. @Steve KatsikasThere is something strange going on with that project leading to a MIDI buffer overflow. I'll have to spend some time debugging it on Monday. This happens in older versions of Cakewalk as well. I went back as far as September and also tried SONAR which hangs with that project.
  14. @Terry Kelley your dump files indicate heap corruption. I see that you are running outdated Microsoft runtimes for the VC redistributables. Here are the time stamps you have: mfc140u.dll *C:\Windows\System32\mfc140u.dll 14.16.27024.1 11/7/2018 1:49 PM VCRUNTIME140.dll *C:\Windows\System32\VCRUNTIME140.dll 14.16.27024.1 11/7/2018 1:35 PM The ones we redistribute are from a later date so your system isn't up to date. The versions from the Cakewalk installer are as below: mfc14u.dll 14.20.27508.1 3/8/2019 vcruntime.dll 14.20.27508.1 3/8/2019 Please do an install of the latest VC redists by following this link. After ensuring that you have more current versions of these files please redo the test and see if it crashes. I'm not sure if your crash issues are related but having old redist files can definitely cause crashes and other incompatibilities.
  15. This really looks like memory corruption. What plugins or synths are you using in the project? I see that TTS1 is loaded. Also there are a ton of different ASIO drivers on your system. If its basic can you share the project so we can try and repro? What happens if you remove TTS1 and instead use a different synth does it still crash? What sample rate are you running at?
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