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  1. That’s not accurate. Cakewalk adds that folder by default to the scan path.
  2. What dropout code are you getting in the message when it drops out. That should indicate the cause.
  3. If you attach the dump file that is created (link is shown in error dialog) it ma help us find what’s causing it.
  4. How are your MIDI tracks routed? Are you playing them through a virtual instrument VST? If so the sounds would always be synchronized with audio playback as long as you are hearing audio tracks correctly because they are delay compensated. Make sure that you are not using the Microsoft MIDI synth device. Safe mode may have worked for you since it switched the driver mode to WASAPI (windows audio)
  5. I was referring to inserting tracks not the rme device
  6. I have the fireface and it takes less than a second to insert a single track. No difference whether the device is on or off though. If you turn off the audio engine does it insert quickly?
  7. Adding tracks is instantaneous. If you are you using a control surface disable it and test again. Also what audio interface and driver mode are you using? Certain drivers are known to bog down the system so use a process of elimination to find out what’s causing the issue.
  8. Did you actually get a crash dialog which shows the dump file location? If not it was not detected as a crash.
  9. I didn't supply the instructions to clean uninstall the app I doubt that was required to solve this issue. But yes there should be a caveat that doing that will remove any plugins installed to the VstPlugins folder.
  10. I think there is an actual bug here however. If I move the mouse over the left of a track and scroll, and then immediately move the the effects bin it scrolls the view properly. However if I wait a couple of seconds with the mouse over the effects bin it wont scroll anymore. Will look into it and see. why that happens. Edit: its actually not a bug. in CbB we support scrolling the FX rack unlike Platinum. So its attempting to scroll the rack instead of the tracks view. You can verify by adding plugins to the rack. We'll see if its feasible to improve the behavior in the future.
  11. Have you tried starting Cakewalk without your audio interface plugged in? PS please change the title of your post since we have isolated that it is unrelated to 2022.02 Also, another couple of things to try: Start cakewalk and repersonalize by holding down CTRL when clicking the Cakewalk icon. Respond to the prompt and allow it to re-personalize. Check if this resolves the issue. If that doesn't work add the line below under the WinCake section in Cakewalk.ini that is found under %appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core. Then try starting the app. If it crashes send us the dump file. [WinCake] ExceptionHandlingSeverity=7
  12. If you look in task manager do you see a cakewalk.exe process after the splash screen disappears? Usually issues like this mean something is causing the main process to terminate. Try and backtrack to any changes you might have made earlier since you mentioned that it was working earlier.
  13. You can easily verify if it's specific by rolling back to the prior release and retesting. If it's a problem that appeared days after updating chances are it's unrelated.
  14. This thread is for feedback specifically about the 02 release. If you have a general issue and need assistance post it on a different thread.
  15. Right as you guessed we have a timer to prevent inadvertently changing control values. People complained about accidentally changing values while meaning to scroll so this delay was added to alleviate such issues. I don’t remember if scroll wheel works on the effects rack but it it is treated no differently from other track or mixer controls.
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