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  1. @Lynn Wilsonis this repeatable and is it with any project of yours? I don’t see this behavior. Quick start opens the project the same way as its done from the file menu. Are you by any chance opening items from a network drive? Also try saving a local test empty project and open that from quickstart to see if you see the same delay.
  2. To add to this: I did some further investigation and there is absolutely nothing happening when the start screen is open on the projects tab that would result in a a wait cursor showing. Keep in mind that the cursor is global in Windows across ALL applications. If you are seeing a wait cursor that keeps showing up when the start screen is open then it is caused by some other background process on your system. For example on my PC if I have visual studio running it will periodically throw a wait cursor while it does some background processing. This cursor will pop up on over the current application and appear that the app is doing something when its not. Check task manager and shut down all background apps/web browsers etc if wait cursor's are bothering you.
  3. You should not need to re-log in (unless you manually logged out). It is designed to automatically detect you are on the membership and auto activate without showing the membership page. If that is not happening and your membership is indeed active, then it's not working correctly. Please verify whether you had manually signed out because there should be no reason to re-sign in otherwise.
  4. I just changed it to display the modified date and time like this. Hopefully this will avoid confusion.
  5. The bracketed name is only shows when the file name differs from the project name. The bracketed text is the project name not the file name.
  6. You are mistaken. The only time it connects is if the app isn't activated or you are accessing something from the online projects tab. The blue circle just means that it may be busy caching data to build the project list. You screen shows the membership page which means that your account isn't showing an active bandlab membership. That's expected. The default quick start shows recent projects because that is where most users will look first. It's also the fastest to load that list. When you select all if the user has hundreds of projects it could take a few seconds to populate which isn't a good user experience.
  7. I'll look into this. Is this when it's showing recent projects or all projects. Please list the exact version of sonar you are using from the about box. I think I see where the confusion lies. It's listing the project duration in seconds not the modified time. It only shows the modified date currently not the time. I'll append the time to the modified date string to make it more clear.
  8. Please don't mess with the location of internal plugins or it will cause unexpected bugs. That plug-in is supposed to installed to the shared utilities/internal folder alone and it will never be updated if you put it somewhere else. This is where pro channel modules also live. If you remove that folder all the prochannel modules will also stop working. That path is automatically included as a scan path when you install the app. >>I had to move the dll into the "rogram files/Cakewalk/ VST plugins . Where did you find the dll before you moved it?
  9. No thats not enharmonically equivalent unlike CbB :-P
  10. Try and isolate if a plugin is causing it. Remove plugins one by one and see if the problem goes away. Some plugin copy protection schemes do weird things with the file system.
  11. This sounds a lot like whatever they are using for copy protection or some system process of theirs is file locking the project file. We had a similar issue a few years ago with Steinberg's Syncrosoft copy protection and I sent them a ton of information to show that their eLicenser was causing this problem due to the Synsopos.exe process. This is something that AudioMovers would need to debug on their end. The fact that inject feeder is locking the project file is the problem they need to solve.
  12. That error message means that Cakewalk failed to load the plugin library at a system level. The only way that can happen is if something in plugin itself failed the LoadLibrary call. Most likely it could be a memory limitation where the plugin is relying on a global memory pool which is too small or some other static resource is my guess. This is not a Cakewalk specific problem.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that you ran into this issue. I know you said that it corrected itself but if you can get a repro please send us the project files.
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