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  1. You cannot have two versions of Melodyne simultaneously installed. So if you have V5 Cakewalk will automatically use it. You can verify by looking at the about menu as HIBI noted.
  2. There was a problem with Ovox but in the last update we worked around the crash so it should be fine in the latest release. Any Melodyne crashes should be reported to Celemony support directly.
  3. @Tomoko Mikamimaybe you had a corrupted install. How did you initialize windows?
  4. @Tomoko Mikami Thanks for sending your dump file. It appears to be crashing in some Windows message processing stuff so that's strange. So just CTRL-Clicking a MIDI clip on the track will crash for you? Can you reproduce this in any project or only one specific one? Also check if clicking on any clip causes this. If its project specific please share the project file with instructions on how to reproduce. Also can you try dragging some MIDI from the media browser to the same track and see if that works ok?
  5. @Tomoko Mikami which release of Cakewalk are you using? Also can you please send us a crash dump file so we can see what exactly is crashing.
  6. In the next release we will be issuing some of the missing plugins from effects chains we ship with CbB. That was an oversight.
  7. Click on your original message first and then click and hold (long press) on the title of the message to edit it.
  8. This is not a Cakewalk problem. You likely have an incorrect melodyne 5 install. Its not necessary to manually install the VST3 plugin. The Celemony installer should automatically do it. In fact they only support the VST3 as of V5 as far as I know. The first thing to check is to create a region effect on a NEW project. If that is making a region effect with the old version of melodyne then you have the old melodyne installed for sure. The VST3 is normally found here C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Celemony\Melodyne. Please don't manually copy files since that is not recommended. Run the uninstaller for Melodyne and after that make sure you install the latest version they sent you in the default locations. If you still have problems contact Celemony support and they will help you out.
  9. @Jon White Lynx is quoting some misguided stuff from Steinberg. Cakewalk was doing MMCSS way before Steinberg was even aware of it. We allow the user to set the MMCSS thread priority in the host because we want to match the priorities to our other threads - otherwise you end up with priority inversion. If the app sets the priority and the driver attempts to set it the call will fail. All software needs to be resilient and handle these situations and all other drivers I have seen handle this. The original Lynx issue was because the driver was failing to check this. If the driver sets the priority the host should ignore the failure code and everything works normally. In any case its a user choice to disable MMCSS from the host level. Its provided to improve performance with drivers that are unaware of MMCSS (which is most drivers)
  10. Not real time but you can use the BandLab integration within Cakewalk to work on collaborative stuff with others. Its actually rare that while producing you want to do it actually in real time as opposed to sendin g stuff back and forth. Bandlab supports revisions so its actually quite useful in this regard since it saves prior versions of the project.
  11. @Marco Marujo You are using 32 bit UAD plugins? Its not recommended. If you use the 64 bit versions you will not have this issue. Or does UAD1 not support 64 bit?
  12. You can turn it off in either not for your test, Turn off mmcss in Cakewalk. Also please report back on testing the same project with a different audio interface. Testing different software with the same hardware at best shows differences in performance of the driver rather than the DAWs. The mmcss issue is a great example of that.
  13. @mgustavoIf its failing on simple wave files something is preventing Cakewalk from opening them. Check if you have some other app using the same files. Nothing has changed in that code for decades
  14. @mgustavo works fine here with wave files, mp3 files etc. What file type are you clicking on?
  15. @Jon White I understand frustration when things dont work right, but you are making some pretty wild assumptions here. Because something doesn't work as expected the problem isn't always the DAW. DAW's live in a complex ecosystem of hardware, software, plugins and drivers. We have thousands of users (including complete noob's) with no issues like what you describe. This is not to say that the problem may not be in Cakewalk, but your troubleshooting so far isn't conclusive at all. Many plug-in and driver vendors test their stuff exclusively on Mac's, and perform poorly under certain conditions in Windows. They also choose to test in only a subset of DAW's out of familiarity or resource constraints. As a result a symptom that shows in one DAW may not show up in others depending on how the DAW communicates with the device. This doesn't automatically make it a DAW problem does it? You mentioned using Lynx. Are you running their latest drivers? Very recently they had a bug with MMCSS which would cause major issues when the DAW had MMCSS enabled. I reported this and it was fixed by them. Turn off MMCSS in preferences and see if that helps. If not, try playing the same project with a different audio interface (preferably USB) if you can find one. You can also use the onboard audio device for the test. If the problem goes away that would typically isolate the issue to the audio interface driver. If you indeed find this, let us know and I can follow up with Lynx who we communicate with often. PS generally, don't use WASAPI mode with pro audio devices. Most pro audio drivers completely suck with WASAPI since they never test with it.
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