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  1. You can solve this by disabling the One drive automatic backup integration which redirects folders on the PC.
  2. Hi @Neil We've been working on some major changes for BandLab integration that should greatly improve the workflow for sharing to BandLab. It will be more deeply integrated into Cakewalk and you shouldn't have issue like this going forward. I agree that the BandLab integration should work better. What we have is the first cut that was done some time ago. I can't say yet when the new features will be available but it should be fairly soon.
  3. @Andres Medina thanks that is useful info. I've contacted Vienna for a license of the Synchron player but will also look into the templates steps and see if I can spot something wrong.
  4. Cakewalk does have tech support it's posted right at the top of the FAQ.
  5. Please send a copy of a project that has the issue and I can look at it. There are no changes in this update that could affect this.
  6. Starting from the next update yes.
  7. You can manually run the installer by going to this folder: %appdata%\bandlab-assistant\Downloads
  8. Cakewalk automatically adds all the standard VST paths. You don't need to manually add paths unless you install plugins in different locations. Following an internet tutorial that is not related to Cakewalk is probably not going to help you.
  9. No its not the same issue. If the app is closing with no crash its almost sure that the plugin is corrupting the application heap. That is the most common symptom.
  10. Focusrite doesnt expose the headphone out as an ASIO output. You have to route it through their mixer. Re playback vs recording there is no way to change outputs other than manually. Most people use sends to output to a headphone mix bus. So all thats needed is a single click to enable the send, or to mute/unmute the bus.
  11. Hi @Andres Medina thanks for sending the dump. I looked at it and it does seem to be a crash in our code when destroying some automation parameters. However we'll probably need the plugin to try and reproduce the issue. Does this happen even when starting with a new project and simply inserting and deleting this plugin? If its project specific you may need to send us the project file to try and reproduce it. We'll investigate it further for next release.
  12. You must Ctrl drag by clicking on the envelope segment. If you click on the white space it won't work.
  13. @Andres Medina your file did not attach. Please PM the file to me.
  14. This should be addressed in the latest release. Please let us know if you continue to have this issue.
  15. This is not a bug - all versions of Cakewalk have worked this way. Please refer to the documentation for the smart tool. In particular read the section on Using the Smart tool on automation When using the upper zone (B) it only works on SELECTED nodes or the selected region. If there is no time selection it will use the last selected node. When clicking on a line segment (D) if you hold down CTRL it will drag just that segment.
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