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  1. @charvel4blue thanks, I fixed another issue that may have caused this issue. Hopefully will be resolved when we do our next update. Question: Can you confirm whether it hangs while flushing after the export process completes? For now you can disable the flushing if this is blocking you.
  2. Cakewalk relies on a proper installation of various Microsoft runtime libraries for several components (as do many other Windows programs). You can read more about the Microsoft redistributables here. While the Cakewalk application only uses the latest runtime libraries, there are other components and plugins that may utilize earlier libraries. Hence the Cakewalk installer additionally installs some of the older versions of these libraries that are used by certain known modules and plugins. Occasionally the Microsoft runtime libraries installation may get damaged by installing other programs (or even Windows update itself!) by installing incompatible components or removing necessary runtime components that are required for proper operation of Cakewalk. If this happens. the typical symptoms are crashes or hangs on starting Cakewalk or opening a project. A clean install of Cakewalk will always install the necessary components required for proper operation of the program, and typically restore normal operation. However, its not always convenient to reinstall the application, so we've built a new redistributable installer to help repair a system that doesn't contain all the necessary runtime libraries. You may download the new redistributable installer here. Running this installer will reinstall all required runtime library dependencies and should in most cases be able to recover from a damaged installation.
  3. This is caused by a bug in the latest Softube plugins with prochannel modules, that is causing a crash on scanning which ends up leading to this issue. It has been reported to the Softube team and they are aware of it. I've changed our VstScanner to work around the crash which should at least prevent the issue that you have in the video. However the prochannel module won't be available just the normal VST. If you wish you can download the updated scanner and copy it to the C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities folder. After you rescan your plugins it should fix this issue. The wrong plugin getting inserted is simply a side effect of the main issue.
  4. Thanks we'll make sure that folder is excluded.
  5. Yes the AMD fixes are out now. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/10/amd-and-microsoft-release-fixes-for-ryzen-slowdowns-in-windows-11/
  6. Make sure you are soloing MIDI tracks that are actually routed to Kontakt. If you solo a hardware MIDI track you wont hear Kontakt You may want to post a video so people can see how your project is set up and what operations you are doing
  7. @Marty88888 which version of Cakewalk and Windows are you using? One think you can try is to update your Microsoft redistributables and retest. Here is an installer for all the redistributables needed by Cakewalk.
  8. Noel Borthwick

    Solo exclusive

    I'm implemented a fix for this. Thanks for the report. The issue is not exactly with exclusive solo but with the solo override feature. (shift clicking solo)
  9. Noel Borthwick

    Solo exclusive

    Can you submit a project that exhibits this? Many of these issues can be specific to projects. Are you using aux tracks?
  10. Congratulations @Chris Boshuizen Just heard the amazing news! Did you compose anything in space? I'm sure it must be very ambient sounding
  11. Next update will have a registry setting to make it auto fade out.
  12. The only way for us to investigate if this is the case is to send us a zip of the full project with the audio that exhibits the issue.
  13. Please use this installer going forward or update directly from within Cakewalk via Help | check for updates.
  14. It doesn’t work the same way with buses. For a bus sidechain to be heard you have to solo both the recipient bus and the sending bus.
  15. Follow this thread on Win 11
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