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  1. There is no processor architecture specific coding in Cbb for multiprocessing and I would wager most other apps as well. It would be dangerous to do that since performance would vary across different CPU models. To Cbb all threads are equal. My guess is that with threads on virtual cores you are at the mercy of the OS implementation, system load and the hyperthreading implementation, since these threads are not truly running on a dedicated core. This old post kind of sums up this behavior. My guess is that when the primary core is really busy due to a heavy load, the virtual core doesnt get a lot of time to run. In a mixing workload with multiple tracks the full cycle cannot complete until all channels are complete so if some cores are starved I can see it having a detrimental effect to simply running without hyperthreading. I could try and add an experimental mode where we filter out processing workloads on threads assigned to virtual cores. Or perhaps do this dynamically based on the actual CPU workload. i.e. if the workload is lower, then utilize hyperthreaded cores but as it gets closer to 80% or some value dial back to physical cores only. Who knows if that will help
  2. Please read this article. Plug in specific crashes should first be reported to the vendor since they are able to best investigate the problem. If you send us a dump file AND the project file we can forward it to Waves as well.
  3. Ben or anyone else still having issues with iRig HD 2 i let us know if this is ok in the latest build. The folks at IK multimedia have validated the build and it works ok for them so if you have issues please contact IK directly and they can help troubleshoot it.
  4. There are differences between logical and physical cores because the OS handles them differently. Esp in the case of hyperthreading or in the case of AMD simultaneous multithreading (SMT). There are API's to identify whether a core is logical or physical. See GetLogicalProcessorInformation See this benchmark that has more details on how hyperthreaded cores can effect performance.
  5. Yes you can set a preferred core using the SetThreadIdealProcessor function. We in fact have support for this. There are CPU architectures where some cores are efficiency cores and others high performance. While this is very common in the mobile silicon (phones, iPad, etc) its is now becoming mainstream even on other CPU's. AMD's hyperthreading was different from Intel (not sure about their current offerings) and hyperthreading was not as efficient before. Also the new Apple silicon has low powered cores and high powered ones.
  6. Which version of Cakewalk are you running? In case you can't open the app you can check the version in windows via the file properties of the exe file. Make sure you have installed the latest 2020.11 release which is build 99. If you are unsure you can uninstall the program and then re install via bandlab assistant.
  7. @Erlend Holm your crash is different from the OP, its not the same issue. Its failing in the Waves 12 shell. This is something you will have to follow up with Waves on since its their crash. Please contact waves tech support and give them the same dump file AND the track template containing the waves plugins. If you send me the template file I can also forward it to them. Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFA19D6B3C3 (WaveShell2-VST3 12.0_x64.vst3) in Track 1_11282020_015537.dmp: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000019.
  8. Are you running the latest version of Cakewalk? Which browser drop down are you referring to? Please post a screenshot.
  9. Unfortunately there is no easy way to capture a minidump for hangs so they are large. As Scook says zip it and send me a link privately.
  10. @ChristopherM Its likely a plugin issue but while its in the hung state capture a minidump and send a link to the dump file. We may be able to see at what stage its hanging and forward to the developer.
  11. Yes if the request for to check for an update took long it was delaying the app start. This has been resolved.
  12. Good news. I got a message from the Vienna developers saying they have addressed the issue on their end.
  13. There have been no changes to that area in the .11 release. What build were you running before you upgraded?
  14. Historically I've found Intel multicore systems to be more deterministic with realtime apps. But I've been out of the loop with AMD for awhile so don't know much about how they stand up today.
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