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  1. That makes sense since 3 and 7 are the only levels that check for type access violation.
  2. Have you got the log file open in a text editor? This will prevent the log being written and is one possible cause of that error. Scanning doesn't use these settings currently. We could but it may flag many more plugins than it does today.
  3. Ironically I have a macbook here also used daily. The macbook needs to be rebooted at LEAST once a week or audio goes wonky on it. My Windows development PC stays online without a reboot sometimes for months and it gets a LOT of abuse. Not to say Windows doesn't have problems but stability these days isn't a major issue.
  4. Guys you absolutely do NOT need to be connected to use Cakewalk! I think you are misunderstanding what activation does. 🤯 You can run cakewalk anytime anywhere without internet. The bandlab integration features are completely optional and those do need an internet. Even activation can be done without an internet connection from the PC you use Cakewalk with.
  5. @bertus weyers Have you reported these issues to NI? Also did you send crash dumps to us? If so what is your case number? We have a good relationship with NI engineering and can forward any issues if any,
  6. Please capture a hang dump file if you get the not responding error and send a link to us. Instructions are in the FAQ for problem reporting. As far as Ozone goes thats something you will have to follow up with their support. Please attach a sample project file that has the issue so we can double check it.
  7. Leaving it on doesn't automatically help us. Its up to you to follow up and report the issues or contact the vendors concerned.
  8. There is no manual reactivating required. It all happens automatically and transparently. The only time you will ever get this prompt is if your PC has been offline and it needed reactivation AND if you have not updated for 6 months. If you have updated ever within the 6 month period you will never see the activation prompt. As mentioned above one requirement is to keep the software up to date. If you follow these simple steps activation is a non issue.
  9. The music industry is full of people with biases. I doubt this was Korg’s policy but coming from someone in support who was a Mac user. The same thinking goes around in some educational institutions like Berklee unfortunately. I wonder what musicians would feel if a company told them that if they were a serious musician they would use a Gibson instead of a Fender lol.
  10. Your version works because the model back then was you needed to purchase a full license for around $500 to get a permanent unlock. However even with your SONAR license if you install it on a new PC you still need to activate it and need an internet connection or offline activation. No change there. If you don’t have permanent internet, you can connect to a mobile hotspot and activate in seconds. Or use offline activation which is also simple. I really don’t get this paranoia about continuity. Did anyone lose anything when the product shifted hands 3 years ago? No, in fact the situation is much better than it was there with the product being free. If something happens in the future it seems logical to assume that whoever has the product is not going to leave customers high and dry.
  11. We you running with 5 earlier or 7? If so your crashes were real, we’re just the messenger reporting them. If you don’t want messages and prefer to potentially crash silently and randomly set it to 1
  12. MacOS is simple and intuitive and audio traditionally was given a focus so things “just worked” out of the box for end users without twiddling. Most musicians want to make music not spend time fiddling with their systems. Also Apple from the get go were “pro creators” even way back in the 80’s, a mantra that only picked up on much much later with the Surface line of products. This is the real reason for the stigma that Windows has dating back from the 80’s. It was not taken seriously by music professionals, because Microsoft didn’t market Windows to them at all or even try to make it better for musicians. Old habits and biases die hard in the music community even more than other industries, because a lot of it goes around by word of mouth leading to a herd mentality more prevalent than in other industries that are more merit driven.
  13. Sure but only a tiny fraction of users are offline permanently. And we have a solution in place for them called offline activation. As for requiring bi annual activation here is the reason from the activation FAQ. Its not unusual at all to require the version to be updated occasionally. Otherwise we are inundated with support requests from people running outdated versions. We can only offer efficient support for the latest version since we are constantly fixing issues. Why is activation required? Activation ensures that you are running genuine Cakewalk software obtained from our servers and that you have a current version of CbB is actively supported by us. Running an updated version ensures a better user experience by getting the latest features and fixes to the software. Additionally back end changes to the BandLab cloud may periodically require the software to be updated to remain compatible.
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