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  1. I enjoy that game too. I had someone once call to tell me that my Windows was compromised claiming to be from Microsoft. I said - great I work for Microsoft too. They promptly hung up 😉
  2. We’ll look into it and try and repro it. Thanks.
  3. Im exclusively using edge these days including on an iPad where ironically it generally runs better than Safari.
  4. This is exactly right. If you want to benefit from higher sample rates for plugins or synths you have to use the upsampling feature. You can set the plugins to Upsample on Render and they will automatically be converted only when exporting/bouncing. Increasing the export sample rate won't do much other than upsampling the final output of your mix. So no sonic advantage.
  5. Or worse it could appear to make it better in some very isolated circumstance and hurt performance in other cases. This is how a lot of these myths originated and people blindly follow them. The other more recent thing that is being propagated is that MMCSS should not be set by the DAW and only by the driver. This has led to problems with drivers that are not coded properly to check for error codes. It would be great if the MMCSS documentation could explain the use cases better so that developers don't make mistaken assumptions.
  6. Are you automating a plugin parameter? Also do you see this behavior if you automate another plugin?
  7. I tried it in incognito mode and the page loads fine here. Make sure something in your browser isn't blocking it. Its just a shortlink to the main page so I'm not sure why that wouldn't work for you.
  8. This guide was written by @Pete Brown from Microsoft who is also an active DAW user. I thought I'd post it since it takes a common sense approach to getting the best performance from a PC, rather than some of the stuff out there with outdated nonsense that dates back to the XP days https://aka.ms/Win10AudioTweakGuide
  9. This is what I did as well on the affected PC
  10. I don’t follow. Which ASIO driver are you referring to? You are using two different USB audio devices in your test so there couldn’t have been an ASIO driver.
  11. @bdickens I sent you a PM. This is unfortunately beginning to look like something is corrupted with your Windows update settings. I had this happen on one of my machines a year ago and the only thing that fixed it finally was a reinstall of Windows despite Microsoft trying to fix it in several sessions. However you can try and do a service call with them since it may be fixable. Explain to them that their webview installer is failing and you cannot do windows updates.
  12. Yesterday we pushed an update to our installer that should prevent the waves local server from blocking our installer from completing. Anyone who tries to update again should get the new installer. This is temporary until Waves resolves it on their end.
  13. BTW we pushed an update to our installer that detects and shuts down the Waves Local server until this is fixed by Waves. So it should at least temporarily resolve this from our end.
  14. @Michael Richards which OS are you running? From your screenshot it looks like Win 8 or Win 7.
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