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  1. Thanks Glenn and John. Appreciate it very much.....Now I'll get to work.
  2. Not sure if this is possible-I mean "fast". I have a 12 song set of someone I like a lot. I imagine I can split it into separate songs one at a time. Is there a way in CW or even Sound forge 11 to do this quickly? Or CD architect? Thanks Folks
  3. I still have Sonar Plat and X3 installed. I have since the beginning of CwbyBL....................
  4. True, but the Yamaha will also "always" sound the same and have the "same" issues it has now. I still have my Edirol SC88VL in my rack and do use it sometimes for a a quick playback, but not very often I also will never sell it.....😀
  5. Hi Craig, I had it working a couple of times, other times, without changing a thing, it didn't work. But when it did, it did not track well for me. I was only playing bass lines, simple ones-to learn the app. I used a pick so notes would be clearer. Just doesn't track well here anyway. Maybe it's me? I only have the free trail and the constant interruption where you have to click Buy or Continue may be a part of the issue. Pretty bad demo imho. I tried mono, poly, etc, etc. Even though I own Melodyne 4 Editor full version, I am not familiar with it. I bought it on a whim way back when and just kept upgrading, figuring one day I would use it. Thanks for the input
  6. Hey Scook...........DUH....Found it all, seriously tired. I will start fresh tomorrow-looks very promising
  7. Guess I have some reading to do. I cannot get the menu to enable midi output with the midi guitar 2 vst. Also as far as the VSt, its not really a free trial, well it is but severely limited -interrupts you very quickly with the buy now window or continue. Pain really. I'll keep looking. Scook I know where enable midi output is in the properties window of the vsts, but I don't have that window. Dumb, I know.
  8. So it looks cool and is certainly inexpensive, especially since it's polyphonic. Guess I need to read the docs becaus I want to record the midi IN CW, not import it or anything. Thanks as always Scook EDIT: So, I downloaded the free trail and it installs as a stand alone app & a x64 VST-That's great!
  9. So, I don't have or want a bass guitar, but would like to use my electric guitars to record midi bass lines, later to be rendered to audio. I have a midi controller\keyboard ( which I have always used for midi bass and drums) but I do so much better , being a guitar player, using my guitar to record the bass lines. With the guitar I can really nail the nuances, timing, etc, etc and of course it doesn't sound mechanical because it isn't. I know I can just use audio but then I don't have as much freedom with VSTS for playback. Is their such a thing as an "inexpensive option"? BTW I should add I do own Melodyne Editor 4 full. I did notice Reaper has this thing called REATUNE which does exactly what I am talking about, supposedly, pretty easily? Thanks
  10. Thanks John - you posted this as I was typing above--------Appreciate it!
  11. So, theoretically, if I open a new project and select View synthrack and then select "apply workspace on project load" for each project I open or start that should work, correct? Also, none stays checked when I do this. Doesn't work so I guess I need to read about workspaces. Maybe create a NEW workspace and call it synthrack view? So I did delete (manage workspaces) my old lense....
  12. Yes it is ticked. I had a "similar" issue a few months ago and it had to do with a Lense (it was called lense when I created it) that was generic except for having the synth rack enabled and showing always. It is still in the list, so maybe that is the issue or part of it. Perhaps I it loaded the project with my old lense. Can I delete it from the list? The issue last time was similar-could NOT control dragging track height up or down with the mouse and synth rack disappears? mind boggling really. For me anyway.
  13. EDIT: I know how, well, ridiculous this sounds. It does ONLY happen when I attempt to drag a track to adjust it's height. Just sayin, this is the "trigger" so to speak. OK, title sounds weird, I know. Here is the issue. I have none checked in lenses and I want it to stay there. The checkbox stays there but Workspace fills the dialog box in Lens. I know it's a workspace, but it also changes what I am doing\seeing\etc. WHY? Dragging a track down top make it taller(yes I use the mouse) it just jumps to a unmanageable size(tall), like /2 the screen. Seems to take over the visual aspects of CW-like it has a min of it's own. EDIT: It seems to be triggered by some action I do but I am doing the same things the same way I have for many decades with cakewalk! I cannot pin point it but it sure is annoying. I wish I could delete (disable) the lense option but checking none does not seem to work. Immediately jumps to workspace, synth rack disappears, etc, etc? Hopefully someone will understand what I mean. When I drag a track down a bit I want it to stay where I put it. It doesn't. That is only 1 example of many "weird things. It also immediately hides my synth rack view which I LIKE open. frustrating. Thanks
  14. I agree with Rico, Why? I was weary at fist because of the PCI bridge I needed. Once I got it secure, zero issues. I do have a Roland Octa Capture that just sits in the box. I thought many times, better upgrade. But always found myself thinking, Why? I have no issues , why fix what isn't broken. Lots of ins\outs, SPDIF, etc.
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