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  1. since I posted I got 5.66 and liked it OK. I will look for 5.8-Thanks as always!
  2. John What version of WinAmp is the screenshot? As I stated, I tried the newest release and it did not work for me? Thanks
  3. Also I use use PCSensor USB footswitches. work great for me. very cheap also.
  4. Well, figured let me try winamp. All I get are script error after script error and then window about accepting cookies and I cannot accept or decline or see what they are. Guess I'll try something else. also looks nothing like the screenshot cactus put up. Think mine was 5.9 or so?
  5. Definitely NEED to have control over stop and stop of individual tracks\songs. Thanks for the info.!
  6. Not trying to steal the thread, but this would be important for the op also. Curious, is winamp still (as in today) the choice for playing wav files live as backing tracks or is there something better, well, newer not better. I am getting back into my one man band thing again and looking for options. Thanks
  7. BTW, You also might want to look into a USB foot pedal for start\stop. I have 2 different ones. I use one since I am a guitar player to keep my hands free. Been doing that for many years. They are very cheap and most can be set to trigger any keyboard command you need. example: In CW spacebar to start\stop.
  8. Well your ridiculous replies are why he posted what he did. Then you got worse. You contradict people then in the next breathe say I have no idea what that is. YTOU need to learn. John V gave you great advice right at the beginning.. Jeeezzz.
  9. Thanks for the offer. Scooks post did it. who knew? I sure didn't!
  10. This was the issue. Thanks Scook!!!!!!!
  11. I need to correct my post. The midi track with the info is showing levels but the level meters on dim pro synth are NOT. I have stuck with it since, oh, it was introduced way back when. AFAIK, Dim Pro doesn't need a midi channel specified. I never have before. Oh well. Just do not understand why it stopped working. multisample Paths are correct in register. Not sure where MIDI INFO in would be zeroed in dim pro or anywhere else? Nothing on the midi tracks.All controllers have been removed.This is just not one patch\multisample. It is all of them. Anyway thanks for the reply!
  12. So, sometimes Dim pro works and then the next day it doesn't? Same patch\preset btw. Checked outputs, meters are all showing input and output. Is it just tiome to ditch Dim Pro? Is there anything similar to it? I already have Kontakt, with a few liobraries but none that cover what Dim Pro does. Thanks as always Pathfinder
  13. I still use my Mackie HR624 mkii's. Sound great. See no reason to change except maybe for the sake of change. I get that. I agree the tech has certainly changed though. So, is that good or bad?
  14. I will check out all the suggestions, thanks!
  15. Never use the SM58b or 57 for vocals. Only the Stellar CM5. did try the Shure SM7B-returned it to sweetwater.
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