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  1. OK Thanks folks------Appreciate the help!
  2. I remember I used this for some scratch stuff quite a bit. I have the app but I cannot find a serial number. I did check CCC. Did this come with a Sonar package? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks folks. I thought I HAD chosen the path I wanted. Guess I didn't. I have fixed it all now. Appreciate the help nd suggestions as always
  4. I really want to move ALL the Native Instrument crap to E:\. Should I just uninstall and start over? I see I could have changed the content location, of course after I already installed everything.
  5. So Got Kontakt 7 upgrade from 6-yes I know, probably pretty much the same but I like latest greatest or whatever. Anyhow, once again Kontakt used a mind of it's own and installed ALL conent (45gb or so to the C:\User\public docs folder. I don't get it. Native instruments, I love kontakt since version 1 but their install process sucks. You MUST use native access (it seems) No customize in native access. So I have see attached pict. I know from this website J link is the way to go. So, using Win explorer I moved Kontakt Factory Library 2 to my sample drive E:\Sample Disk. So is this the correct command? mklink /j “C:\Users\Public\Documents\Kontakt Factory Library 2” “E:\Sample Disk” Thanks
  6. since I posted I got 5.66 and liked it OK. I will look for 5.8-Thanks as always!
  7. John What version of WinAmp is the screenshot? As I stated, I tried the newest release and it did not work for me? Thanks
  8. Also I use use PCSensor USB footswitches. work great for me. very cheap also.
  9. Well, figured let me try winamp. All I get are script error after script error and then window about accepting cookies and I cannot accept or decline or see what they are. Guess I'll try something else. also looks nothing like the screenshot cactus put up. Think mine was 5.9 or so?
  10. Definitely NEED to have control over stop and stop of individual tracks\songs. Thanks for the info.!
  11. Not trying to steal the thread, but this would be important for the op also. Curious, is winamp still (as in today) the choice for playing wav files live as backing tracks or is there something better, well, newer not better. I am getting back into my one man band thing again and looking for options. Thanks
  12. BTW, You also might want to look into a USB foot pedal for start\stop. I have 2 different ones. I use one since I am a guitar player to keep my hands free. Been doing that for many years. They are very cheap and most can be set to trigger any keyboard command you need. example: In CW spacebar to start\stop.
  13. Well your ridiculous replies are why he posted what he did. Then you got worse. You contradict people then in the next breathe say I have no idea what that is. YTOU need to learn. John V gave you great advice right at the beginning.. Jeeezzz.
  14. Thanks for the offer. Scooks post did it. who knew? I sure didn't!
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