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  1. I know that now Scook. I also KNEW that-well before anyway. I will endeavor to do better. Just imagine being SO SURE that all layouts were displayed (first screenshot synthrack) That was the ONLY issue but think about that for a second. Super frustrating to have known all this inside and out and now these little things get so mixed up. Thank God my guitar playing is OK- Thanks again Scook
  2. OK just another brainfart. Synthrack ='s SYNTHS duh. I was expecting my Audiof layout to show there. It's not easy being me, but YOU did get me straight. AGAIN! Like I said above-brain is short circuited. But to forget a simple thing like this is very disheartening. Very!
  3. OK I just have to post this screenshot. So in my screenshot ABOVE, post 1 you can see that ONLY VST Instruments shows up-now thats the synthrack menu-clearly. Manage Layouts menu Now look at this screenshot: HERE the AUDIO FX menu, with date shows up in Manage Layouts ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. Izotope Vocalsynth 2 was in the audio fx. I removed it, resaved, restarted CW, etc. Still only Instrumewnts show up. The only things in the AudioFX layout I created are Ozone 9, Neutron 3, and various reverbs. Funny, when I sort by manufacturer overloud does NOT even show up and it is Breverb 2 , not Sonar Breverb and I also have TH2 producer. They both work as far as being inserted into a track etc. Weird. I may uninstall PLat, X1, X2 and X3. Honestly I have so many plugins I do not need any from older Sonar stuff. I also have Melodyne 5 editor full. Which I haven't even put in any layouts. I mean I can just use sort by type or the others and just not have a Audio Fx layout. Just seems so damn weird. I reinstalled everything as it was laid out in my post about re installing et, a few weeks ago. First plat, then X1, X2, X3 then Cwby BL. Honest my memory may suck but ATM I am NOT crazy!
  5. I'll check that now. Thanks Scook.............
  6. I would have to guess that SOMETHING in the register is corrupted. But since I do NOT know what I cannot go any further. Guess my CW days of over after 30 years.
  7. I deleted and then rebuilt them all. Still that screenshot remains the same. The vst Instruments_01052022 is NO longer dated the 5th. I rebuilt and renamed it to todays date? Still nothing changes. I will attempt to edit the register I guess. I truly do NOT understand. This is why I get so frustrated. This is crazy.
  8. They all were built at the same time 01/05/22. They show up as fx layouts in the plug in manager drop down menu. I have resaved them , et. I guess I can delete them and try again from scratch. I always date them as in the screenshot. Thanks
  9. First, full disclosure, MY memory is SHOT-no disease, that I have been told of anyway, VA takes care of my Medical neeeds. Just, cannot remember so many SIMPLE CW things. I mention this because i have posted some very basic (sometimes ridiculous) CW questions even though I have used CW since the 90's. I did a new install, new PC, etc, etc. I cannot remember so many simple key things. I have been going thru ALL the tutorials I can find on here and youtube, hopefully some will sink in. Sorry for the rant. I am trying guys and gals! Here is the present one: In the Manage layouts pict I attached you can see checkmark next to VST Instruments with a date. But I have 3 o these saved. I do not remember how to get all three to show up in the menu like the VST Instruments 01052002? Hope that explains it well enough. I have checked and re-checked-I definitely have 3 self made menus saved the same place as the VST Instrum,ents lyout. Nothing is compressed, etc. Thanks so much for your patience and help
  10. Just as a side note. Now that my brain remembers HOW to do it, When I try to import ANY of the .spp files they WILL NOT load -I can select ALL but when I try to import-no good. . So that's it. No go.
  11. OK found that, was just about to post back. Each vst has load\save preset etc. But of course all mine are invalid and will not load. Never mind. I am very close to giving up but I guess I will have to re-create all (it's many) of the presets I have created over the years. When you folks are tired of me I will understand because I am tired of me.
  12. I have my old one from before new install. All my preset saves are there. But I cannot find a way to SET the path. In plug in manager all options are grayed out. I thought perhaps I needed to CREATE a new preset and save it, so I did. NOTHING. In the screenshot I have EZDRUMMER 2 highlighted but as you can see-all gray. I searched the register and could find nothing. Do I have to create a path in the register? Seems crazy. It is amazing how much BASIC stuff you forget when you use a program for 3 decades. Thanks
  13. OK I have now started all over with X1, X2, X3 and Plat, then CWbyBL. Hoping all goes well. I am referring to the discussions suggested. Not sure about CW content folder on Sample drive-but I get to it 😞
  14. Thanks Scook. Already did. Great stuff. Found all my Sonars and cam across this file. Remember this? I am sorry I do not remember who did this. Wasn't me of course. Weird that I cannot open it here? Sonar what version had what_GREAT.xlsx
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