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  1. OK. I was hesitant to uninstall\reinstall the Echo because of the PCi express adapter card that it uses to convert from PCI. Thought I might have to open up the PC (it's under a table and not easy access for this old guy anymore) and remove both cards, install the adapter card first, reboot and then install the Echo PIC card on top of it (that was the original install proecedure) Anyway, I removed and reinstalled (not physically) and now it's OK? I am very sorry for the long winded crap. Was very frustrated. Thanks and yes I should have tried that right away. once again sorry!
  2. OK- It's any and all projects-Mostly 15-25 tracks. Some audio only, some VSTS and midi. Nothing, I mean nothing is clipping. even the mixer. AI is Echo Layla 3G. It is a PCI card type and with my last PC build (2 or 3 years ago) I had NO PCI slot so a guy on the forum (Stickman?) told me about a PCI to PCI express adapter. It has worked flawlessly for that time. I have 3 Mackie HR624 mkII's to mains from ixer and 2 Yamaha DXR10's from Control room mix. All have the volumes set to defaults on each (LOW). I would have to change each one of the 4 one at a time for this to happen. I never touch them and the controls are on the backs. The interface for the echo also shows NO CLIPPING. Guess it is the Echo. The ONLY thing that happened was this: Weird if your interested: tried to install a start\stop transcribe type program that uses a USB footswitch to activate some keyboard strokes (like spacebar, etc. I couldn't get it installed. windows did not like it. here is the kicker, when I opened cakewalk the message came up about NO audio interface? so this software , even though windows blocked it did something bad. I have sice uninstalled the pieces of it and even did a system restore back to 2 days before the incident. Opened CW and all was fine as far as AI . BTW, this software is not malware or crap. It is used by the CIA, FBI and many medical facilties-mainly for transribing stuff. I guess so they can do stuff and avoid repetitive motion syndrome or because it's quicker. Anyway that's the deal and I know I can turn down all monitors but they would need to be near ZERO. Never was that way. Anyway thanks for responding....I stated in my original post I would try my Roland octacapture in place of the Echo, but have not had a chance yet.
  3. Output of all audio, be it midi\vsts\audio only etc is ridiculously HIGH. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what could cause this? As I stated before I suspect Audio interface issue and Win 10. Old AI but never had any issues. Various active monitors and 2 Yamaha DXR10's. All set to normal as far as output. NEVER changed ever. But now I cannot get past 1 (1-10) on my mixer I use for monitoring. Normally I was at unity gain on all faders? Sorry to repeat just looking for some help. I am lost.
  4. Sorry, much too vague , I get it. I will try my Roland Octa capture, which is collecting dust on a shelf in a box.....
  5. First, this may NOT be CW, but I believe it has happened to me before but I cannot remember what it was. The volume of all projects, midi or audio are so loud it's insane. I use an external mixer to monitor when I write or record or play in my home studio. I have done things this way forever (3 decades?) WITH CW. Just asking if I (or win 10) could have changed something in CW and if so, what to look for? I am at the newest version of both win 10x64 and CWbyBL. Echo Layla 3G, which I guess is a possible culprit. Monitors(mackies and also Yamaha DXR10's have NOT changed at all, volume wise. Sorry to be so vague. System did an Auto sys restore point on May 20th. I tried unsuccessfully to roll back to it, even in safe mode. Anyway, thanks for ANY suggestions. I am leaning towards Echo Layla 3G. I did try professional\consumer mode with Echo, which I assume is the +4\-10, made NO diff.
  6. So, it worked on the original midi file with TTS-1 set as only Synth. The issue is with the CWP file. Drums ar set to EZ drummer 2. So I went back and changed the drums output in the CWP file to TTS-1. But it does the same thing. Sometimes it gets one track, like the kick, or the 2 tracks, kick and snare but that's it? Very strange. went back to midi file and it works there.???? I do not remember a CWP file having anything to do with split notes to tracks. midi Notes are midi notes?
  7. EDIT: So for some reason it just does NOT work on this certain CWP project? weird. Works on others though. So, oh well I guess. Just an old song I was asked to do at a wedding-one man band type thing. end of edit. So I have used this for years. Has it stopped working? In the past I only had to add ONE MIDI TRACK so I could select it as "First Destination Track" and CW would just do the rest. I always use this on drum tracks. Cannot get it to work? EDIT: figured I better try adding like 20 midi tracks to see if that helped. It didn't.
  8. So, after decades I decided to see if I could add lyrics to my midi files and have them play like a Karaoke file-IOW, lyrics\bars stay in time with music. I can add lyrics in lyric view but read I had to add them in Staff view. Go confused. Still confused. Any videos on how to do this or does CW not have this capability? Which would be understandable................... hope this makes sense. Thanks as always!
  9. So, anyone having issues? I cannot tell yet where the issue is but the last win 10 update, for me, was installed on April 1st, heck of a day to do that! Just intermittent stuff, like slow app (CW) response, stuff like that. Definitely new for me. Specs are not the greatest but I believe they are solid. Very solid build. Device name Asus- Prime Z370-A Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.20 GHz Installed RAM 32.0 GB GeForce GTX 1650 6GB System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 Installed on ‎4/‎1/‎2021 OS build 19042.867Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0 Curious, I know it could be something else and I wish I could explain it better. But I have not used CW since the update until tonight Thanks :
  10. Don't know what I did but now I don't remember how to get it back. I did search, btw. Couldn't find it. Use to open a midi file and TTS-1 would automatically be the midi player. Duh! Sorry for the old question. Old minds think alike?
  11. Just wanted to report back. I am just thrilled at how well this little keyboard works. Recording bass lines, some right hand keyboard parts and drum tracks using my VSTS is just so easy. Thanks again guys!
  12. Thanks BF and number guy. Great news because, as stated , full size keys yet small and compact.
  13. I have one of these somewhere in storage. Before I go hunt for it I wanted to save myself any headaches. It is in perfect condition-never used actually. All I want to do is input bass lines and maybe drum beats. Is USB1.1 oK for this and will it work with Win 10x64 nd CWbyBL? If not I will buy another but I do not want to control Cw, just do what I mentioned-maybe playing VSTS to do it? It is small with full size keys and very compact. Thanks
  14. Thanks Glenn and John. Appreciate it very much.....Now I'll get to work.
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