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  1. thanks for that.. seems cumbersome.. do you mean eg if i want to record a part with three different sounds from the same synth i have to 1. insert audio track 2 insert synth 3 record then do this all over again? isnt there a way to direct the output of the synth to a track of my choosing? that way i dont have to keep inserting the synth. does the aux track feature play into this at all? thanks
  2. Hi all ..ive searched but cant work it out...like it says i want to to record soft synth audio in real time . i have one part i want to test with several sounds. how do i do it...thanks
  3. hello all..i notice this was asked earlier but no response yet... what is the usefulness of waveform outline? thanks
  4. Hi Noel..can you expand on your comment "User interface is one of the main areas that can cause glitches" if thats the case how do we streamline the interface to have less impact on performance?
  5. Hello, me again so as some of you may know i am using AUX sends instead of buses. all good...but when i go to" insert send " it shows all my currently used plugins as well . can i remove then from view as i dont want to have to wade thru them everytime i want to insert a send. Thanks again
  6. Thanks all.. ill just use AUX tracks .. just more useful. anyway thanks for all the replies
  7. yep can do that ... the way you are suggesting is to take trax that dont really need to be put in busses 1x bass 1 x acoustic guitar 1x electric guitar 1x voc which are already on separate trax just so i can have the benefit of being able to solo a buss and other random trax call me intuitive, but it doesnt make sense to me from a work flow POV
  8. Thanks for the replies.. What i am trying to do is simple.. I have 6 drum trax routed to a bus which has comp, EQ etc I want to solo one single bass track which i normally do not route to a bus and the aforementioned drum bus ..cant do it. all the methods suggested group solo etc...do not include the fx included on the drum bus. but the way i am getting around it is using AUX tracks.. these seem to have (afaik) all the benefits of bus es and none of the drawbacks... what am i missing here?
  9. So it seems the only way i can do this is by setting up an auxiliary track. that works for my purposes.. but still strange that i cant solo busses and tracks together
  10. i dont get it.. if i want to mix my overall drum track with my bass track...i cant
  11. Hello.. I should be able to this right? Ive setup a new stereo bus routed my drum tracks to it..all good try to solo drum buss and bass track ...cant do it. its a setting somewhere but i cant work it out.. any help appreciated thanks OK so ive checked out some of my other mixes that use busses and i cant solo track and buss es with them either. that cant be right.. i want to solo my bussed drums with my unbussed bass (track) weird.
  12. yeah this is all good.. but its still a pain having to create drum maps.. hard to believe NI dont have them available
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