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  1. Yep....used Drumreplacer. worked well for what i needed.. thanks all
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I have enough info to work on it during the week. ill let you know how i go.
  3. excellent suggestions... is drum replacer part of cakewalk...cant seem to find it. Thanks
  4. Hi all...ive read the tutorials and i get that with melodyne installed i can convert audio to midi but my needs are much simpler than that. i have a kik drum track that was generated by hand with a kik sample (which took ages ) to match a wonky bass line now i want to try some different kik sounds easiest way is to convert my kik track to midi All i need is start times and i can get session drummer to respond. How do do this simply? Thanks
  5. OK makes sense...wouldnt want to mistakenly change vol on entire project
  6. Hi all...ive searched google and it brings me to the Cakewalk manual which says... To adjust the same control in all tracks. Hold down the CTRL key and adjust a control in a track that is not selected. ive tried that but it doesnt work... i need to have the tracks i want an action performed on SELECTED e.g. adj vol track ..select those tracks press/hold control and ,yes it works. But i thought you didnt need to select tracks just hold control and the vol of all faders will adjust. Thanks
  7. thanks for that.. things are becoming clearer.. which tutorials are you referring to?
  8. Thanks for that... so far i can get midi clips to respond to changes but i cant get audio linked clips to do anything in tandem i.e 2 linked identical audio clips cut peice out of one clip\ doesnt affect the other one or clip gain in one doesnt affect the other??? what am i doing wrong... also...can i discretely select multiple clips (identical) and link them? or can they only be linked when copy/pasting? seems restricting if the latter. anyway thanks for reading
  9. Hi all... i have a midi drum groove which i have enabled groove clip looping and stretched out for the entire song. now i find that i want to remove one kick from the pattern. Is there a simple way to do this..e.g modify the first clip and have the changes reflected in all the other clips? or do i have to re drag the midi clip make the modification and then re stretch... i have had a little look but couldnt find an answer. thanks
  10. Thanks John.. as i stated in my original post.. i have tried to help myself i have watched that youtube clip and others as well as the online Cakewalk help but they did not give the answer im looking for.. i just need to be able to do something like what you do with Photoshop when you have different layers and you want to bring one to the front... Please can you just tell me if you know the answer?
  11. Hi all.. I use Sound on Sound as my preferred recording Mode Ive looked but cant find out how to nominate the take lane i want to view ( on top) when i collapse the take lanes. E.G. I have 2 Tambourine takes on the same track. one playing 16ths the other the quarters How do i see one and not the other and vice versa. ? Or also if i wanted to see all the take lanes when i go back to track view? Thanks
  12. thanks for the reply.. they are identical in length (because they are the same sample) but not identical in position ie they are not quantized and they have been positioned in the track by hand
  13. ive had one "confused" reaction... simply put..i have 70 identical kik drum clips on a track they are lets say 500milliseconds in length. i want to shorten all of them to 400 ms how do i do that quickly and easily
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