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  1. thanks for that.. things are becoming clearer.. which tutorials are you referring to?
  2. Thanks for that... so far i can get midi clips to respond to changes but i cant get audio linked clips to do anything in tandem i.e 2 linked identical audio clips cut peice out of one clip\ doesnt affect the other one or clip gain in one doesnt affect the other??? what am i doing wrong... also...can i discretely select multiple clips (identical) and link them? or can they only be linked when copy/pasting? seems restricting if the latter. anyway thanks for reading
  3. Hi all... i have a midi drum groove which i have enabled groove clip looping and stretched out for the entire song. now i find that i want to remove one kick from the pattern. Is there a simple way to do this..e.g modify the first clip and have the changes reflected in all the other clips? or do i have to re drag the midi clip make the modification and then re stretch... i have had a little look but couldnt find an answer. thanks
  4. Thanks John.. as i stated in my original post.. i have tried to help myself i have watched that youtube clip and others as well as the online Cakewalk help but they did not give the answer im looking for.. i just need to be able to do something like what you do with Photoshop when you have different layers and you want to bring one to the front... Please can you just tell me if you know the answer?
  5. Hi all.. I use Sound on Sound as my preferred recording Mode Ive looked but cant find out how to nominate the take lane i want to view ( on top) when i collapse the take lanes. E.G. I have 2 Tambourine takes on the same track. one playing 16ths the other the quarters How do i see one and not the other and vice versa. ? Or also if i wanted to see all the take lanes when i go back to track view? Thanks
  6. thanks for the reply.. they are identical in length (because they are the same sample) but not identical in position ie they are not quantized and they have been positioned in the track by hand
  7. ive had one "confused" reaction... simply put..i have 70 identical kik drum clips on a track they are lets say 500milliseconds in length. i want to shorten all of them to 400 ms how do i do that quickly and easily
  8. ive tried searching with every wording i can think of if someone can just point to the page in the Cakewalk manual thanks
  9. Of course ...very evident when some one points it out anyway very grateful for your help
  10. Me again.. i have a song im working on that has a drumloop that i like but has a weak kik drum so i have set up another track and set up another kik that works well together with the loop kik so know i have the loop with weak kik (still very audible) in conjunction with this other kik now it sounds punchy..but i did have to line up the new kik coz the loop kiks werent always on the beat some a few ticks ahead/behind....OK painstakingly done all that Now i discover that theres the remnant of a Hi Hat on the subsidiary kik track which is upsetting the groove. i have also discovered that i can shorten this clip and remove the remnant but coz the kiks are not uniform in placement will take me ages to modify each one by hand.. OK so how do i tell cakewalk to make every clip on my kik track to be a specified length (thus removing the remnant HiHat) Thanks for reading...
  11. OK all working now ..thanks again Azslow your advice helped a lot... I was really starting to freak out.
  12. Thanks Azslow..... connecting the X tender with Mackie XT is the missing peice of the puzzle. i was using the standard Mackie...big problem. so just to get this right...do i initially connect both units to seperate USB ports on my computer and setup? And then piggy back from X Touch... Or do piggy back them from the XTouch like the setup guide (yeah right) says. Or are they always on seperate USB? Thanks for the help
  13. Thanks for the reply but thats not what it is..i know that one. Like i said somehow connecting the X Tender stuffed up Cake..but removing the file like i said earlier fixed it
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