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  1. Thanks Scook ..thats what i will do. still, if i have muted and hidden tracks i want to be the one deciding to unmute them.. the mute /unmute button should only affect the visible tracks ie in track /console view etc not the ones ive stowed away. anyway archive it is. thanks.
  2. Ok here is something i discovered... if i have selection of tracks muted and hidden and then hit the unmute all button..it unmutes all my hidden tracks as well. this seems counter intuitive to me.. if i have hidden a track its usually muted as well.. i dont want to see or hear it until i say so. with this i have to go back thru all the tracks and reorganize. seems dumb to me
  3. Thanks Jesiah..that did it... oh and i can see the confusion...what i meant in my original post is that 2 mons are "turned off" and moved and no longer visible. anyway ..sorted.
  4. i could but im looking for a simpler solution..if there is one?
  5. Hi all. im thinking this an easy one... I use 3 monitors 2 of which remain attached to the comp but are moved when not in use to preserve some space in my small studio but sometimes late at night i want to do a little fiddling/mixing but the console screen is on one of the other monitors..and i cant get it to show on my main monitor,,, How do I do that?
  6. OK Thanks..so the method i talked about is the only way ATM..Roger that.
  7. So does that mean if only want certain trax in my screenset i must manually hide all the trax i dont want to see, save screenset and then go back and unhide the now hidden trax ? that doesnt seem very elegant.
  8. hi all whats the easist way of nominating which tracks and windows i want in a screen set what i want to do is from a large project i. e ...work on only the drums and bass.. do have to minimize all the other trax and save screen set? seems cumbersome. is there a way of nominating what i want and then save screenset...for that matter is screensets what i should be using? thanks
  9. OK i think ive figured it out. i wasnt using the synth rack to setup kontakt..i was crudely inserting a soft synth and then creating a seperate midi track to send to it...no no no . once i used the synth rack all the kontakt tracks showed up in a folder. is this correct because my original kontakt also shows up in the synth rack but i cant convert that to show all the outputs?
  10. hi all ive got kontakt set up with its mixer showing all the outputs i need and i know how to assign them within kontakt but how do i setup cakewalk to have those tracks seperately. i.e. 8 tracks 8 separate drums from kontakt abbey road drums so that i can eq /effect separately and the bounce to track and archive kontakt.. ive been checking out youtube clips but havent found an answer thanks
  11. thanks for the reply... ive got my head in this mix ATM will do some more experimenting when ive finished
  12. Okay tried a few things... delete trax that i tried my comping experiment on and saved project (different name). reopen and try to set record mode from comping to both overwrite and sound on sound both of which crashed cake to the desktop no message just looks like its doing something (busy swirling icon) and disappears.. so im thinking from the lack of response this is not common? is there any way i can remove all comping from the project? all i can say its a good thing ive finished tracking or i would really be %$^$#ed
  13. Hi all . i was just experimenting with comping vocal tracks today which in itself was fairly confusing, but now when i go to change the record mode back to sound on sound ...cakewalk crashs to the desktop no message ...just desktop. i will add that cake very rarely crashs for me and there no plugins in use yet as i am still tracking wish i hadnt of mucked around with it now... wont do it again any suggestions...thanks
  14. try it out later today...its just 1pm here in australia. but it does look good. PS one would think it wouldnt be a great burden on system resources...yes?
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