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  1. Latest version Sonar.. I had to move the dll into the "program files/Cakewalk/ VST plugins . works now
  2. ok thanks theres a whole heap of dlls in that folder ..what do i do with them? must i move them to another folder ?
  3. apparently its included in the latest Sonar but i cant find it following the instructions on the website. Anybody know where it is?
  4. Hi all Starting to really enjoy working with the new Sonar and appreciate the vector graphics.. But what i would like to do (if i cant already) is alter the text (font) size of things like the preference window and other text based commands its just too small for me. Although most other things can be scaled up or down I cant find (maybe its not there?) any way to alter text size without changing windows overall text size.(Display Scaling) In other words i just wany to change text size WITHIN Sonar independent of Windows.. PS also is there another Sub forum that i have missed that users can discuss Sonar?(updates, new features, etc) Coz i cant find one. Thanks
  5. thanks all... yes i do i check.. but when trax have so much orchestration ,as these do... they are for a musical so; many voices ,full band, horns and strings and subsidiary foley sounds... its a little hard to keep on top of everything... but yes it is up to me to check.. and i do to the best of my ability having said that i dont need my tools to arbitrarily behave in random ways and compound my anxiety.... Yes i check always ....the title, textual content, audio content, video content, codecs, sample rates, bit depth, etc etc etc etc and i dont anticipate that clips being left out or added to be part of checking the integrity of the mix... I ALWAYS check my mixes...not an amatuer. Anyway suffice to say that most of you of not had this happen to them and its only me.... Thanks for your suggestions and your time... PS I never bounce out in real time...always offline
  6. thanks for the replies... I am exporting entire mix/entire project with all required trax selected. Exporting offline with 200MS buffer size...i have intel 12700k with 32 g ram SSD Drives so i dont think its a computer horsepower issue.. The first time ,i got a muted vocal that had unmuted itself therefore giving me an obvious double effect on the exported track (yes i am sure it was muted) that was easy to pick... The 2nd time it was a busy mix and a clip that was Hidden in the track manager (by mistake) ...Didnt play (maybe thats why? but then again why?)) The track had already been uploaded to Spotify for their album launch ...guess who looks like an amateur? Went back exported again and presto the clip sounded.. The thing is I dont want to lose trust in CBB but if this happens again i must seriously consider switching with another DAW. David Baay ..thats a very good idea about phase inverting the export... Although i dont see why i should have to confirm the integrity of the export. needless to say i cannot duplicate this fault as it is like i said..."Random" Thanks for responding PS The 2 tracks in question had both been exported many times before on their journey to completion without problems...and nothing has changed system wise ..no new plug ins etc and the mangled (?) exports occurred on different days
  7. Hi all... just recently i have been working on some large projects with lots of Tracks/clips/vst fx etc And its happened twice now that the export will either.... in the 1st instance UNmute a clip from a comped track and in the 2nd instance MUTE a guitar clip... As you can imagine this is a little disconcerting that i have to make sure that the Export is correct.. It is NOT operator error.. .The first time it happened i was willing to let it go but now its happened again and ive picked up the error after the tracks have been submitted to the client and uploaded to Spotify for their album launch needless to say they cannot reupload in time for the launch...(this makes me look incompetent) So im wondering if this has happened to anybody else? AS far as i know its never happened to me before. Thanks
  8. thanks for that helpful response JuTuneTech. I was wondering if i could map the control key on my keyboard to a button on the MINI. as you know holding the control key and mousing produces the FINE movements.. Thanks
  9. Hmm .... the more i look into it the more im thinking that the pros of staying with Cake outweigh the cons... ive been experimenting with the ACT controller and if i limit myself to the first eight rotaries of my X Touch MINI (which i also own) i can use both surfaces together and have the mini just for controlling VST knobs Now what i want to figure out is how enable FINE control (which i would normally do by pressing /holding CONTROL and mousing the parameter knob of VST) in a way that avoids me pushing down on the rotary(X TOUCH MINI ) which is cumbersome to do I would much rather hold down CONTROL but this doeant work. Any ideas
  10. ive downloaded a demo of Studio One and it integrates the X Touch with 3rd party VST way better than Cake....but it leaves out some things in navigation that are a trade off. Studio One does look and feel more sophisticated than Cake but it is no where near as flexible as far as i can see. Might have a look at Reaper next .there are some 3rd party files that extend the X Touch features..looks very interesting
  11. Glad to see i have stimulated some interesting discussion. I am starting to think that it will just be easier to use my mouse as i have been doing. Even if the control surface did work as i wanted i would still be attributing rotaries to many ( some times too many ) VST controls too many to keep track of. Something like the Slate Raven type of interface is what i would ideally like... the more i think about it the more i think that mouse manipulation is the best method .. I am old school i started on Tape and large format desks so twiddling knobs is where i come from
  12. thanks for the thorough and thoughtful response from everybody... im not interested in controlling synths or any other VST i all i want to do is control VST fx like an EQ plug in: instead of using my mouse i can nominate a group of rotaries on , pref my x touch or if not my xtouch MINI but then i will have to have 2 surfaces connected which i would like to avoid due to space restrictions
  13. Thanks JuTuneTech what do you mean "also customize the settings a bit to use the full LCD support," Also the mapping you mentioned for the Mini is intriguing, is this something you are willing to share with me? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the replies.. Ive been trying to do this for a while now.coming back to it every few months and yes ive done my fair sharing of reading and watching Youtube videos. Just so we dont get confused I also have a Behringer X touch MINI... this does react to Cakewalk ACT... but my main control surface is the big one ...Ok so this wont react to ACT... So in a few words can you tell me or direct me to some answers I dont care about VST i i just want to manipulate The VST. Thanks
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