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  1. Gave it a whirl last night with the new scheduler setting and so far so good. It’ll get a far better workout this morning. Thank you Bakers for all that you do !
  2. Thank you, Noel. I’ll attempt to reproduce.
  3. Hi Noel - thanks for your responses. All of the items listed below were post the .11 release with the hotfix (version 63 I believe). For some background I have been using Cakewalk since Pro Audio days (2002 ?) and I’d like to think I know my way around fairly well Ripple Edit being enabled - While I guess it would be possible I enabled it by accident it would be the first time I’d ever done that. ALL audio inputs and outputs reassigned - this was a surprise.Right after I Installed the base (non hotfix) .11 release I found all of my inputs and outputs reassigned. Did you save the exports that don't open in WaveLab and can you open the same wave file in CbB itself? I did not save it (I should have) and did not attempt to open it in CbB. Were you doing a realtime export? Indeed. By habit I’ve been doing that for years to listen to the export as it’s happening. Format and bit depth - wav and 24. Just as I’ve been doing for over a decade. What audio interface are you using, what driver mode and did you get an engine stop message? MOTU Track16 (it’s been a workhorse), ASIO, I did get some akin to “Audio Engine Stopped unexpectantly” NOTE - I did do some work last night and everything worked fine EXCEPT every once in a while there were some clicks and crackles. I can replicate them in track view sometimes by clicking anywhere while the audio engine is engaged. Fairly loud too. If there is any other way I can assist please let me know.
  4. Just ran into another “gotcha”. By default it looks like ripple editing is enabled with the latest update. I only have ever used it to check it out way back when it was first introduced by never since. Today I did some editing of an audio track that has some silence at the end of it and I deleted it. I then started the project from the beginning and listened to it and as if by magic a bunch of my tracks were WAY out of alignment. The culprit ? Yep, you guess it. Freaking ripple edit was enabled. Took me a little while to figure that out... Anyway hopefully this helps someone.
  5. Check your outputs and see if they were reassigned during the update. ALL of my inputs and outputs seemed randomly reassigned. SO damned frustrating.....
  6. Here’s a new one I’ve never seen before. Last night did a lot of work and encountered too many issues to list right now (but will later). I’ve been a user since Pro Audio days and I don’t know what’s going on with the latest version of CbB (WITH the hotfix candidate installed) but it’s clear something is sick. Check this out. Exported a project to wav with audio enabled so I could listen to it one last time. Export went fine and then opened the resultant wav in Wavelab. Here is where things got bizarre. A dialogue box opened in Wavelab that said something to the effect that “the wav file you are attempting to open is not a valid file and Wavelab is closing to prevent damage”. Say WHAT ?? I’ve never seen that either and have been using WL also for 15 years. So I reaccomplished the export thinking something must have glitched. SAME bizarre error in WL. Now I’m less that happy as I’d been encountering audio engine stops randomly (NEVER had that before), garbled sections of audio tracks that were acoustic guitar and were recorded properly gain staged, non-normal split clip behavior on audio tracks, on and on. By 2AM this morning I’d had enough of a very long frustrating night. The only thing that changed (besides the .11 version and resultant Hotfix candidate) was that I’ve started using Kazrog True Iron on my audio tracks. Are there any known issues with it ? By the way - this morning the project exported fine and opened properly in Wavelab. And I’d changed nothing.
  7. Just a general “thank you” to the Bakers not just for this update and hot fix but for keeping my favorite DAW well alive and kickin’. I’ve been onboard since Pro Audio (I think version 9 ?) in 2001 or so. Thanks guys !
  8. First time I’ve ever had an issue.... I didn’t realize you could download the updates separately....
  9. Hey folks - anyone having issues ? I cranked up Bandlab Assistant as I read there was a new update (and confirmed when my DAW told me the same thing) and I can’t logon ?? I did the old “forgot my password” to reset it, got the email and then changed the password but STILL can’t log in via the assistant. Downloaded and reinstalled the app and still no joy. any ideas ? I’ve been using the same password that I’ve used pretty much going back to the legacy forum.
  10. I didn’t know it existed either until a few weeks ago ! It works 99% of the time but sometimes misses an output so be aware of that. My Sonar template has separate tracks set up for every SD3 output and each track has an instance of SSL E, SSL G , Neve and a Focusrite . I then can quickly choose which console emulation fits which drum component best for the song. we live in cool times
  11. Actually SD3 has a setting that will keep the routing if you move to another drum kit or preset. I recently just found it and was overjoyed because it was SUCH a pain in the ***** redoing it every time. The setting (I don’t have it in front of me so going from memory) is near the bottom of the dialogue box where you change presets or drum kits. Something like “Keep routing from previous preset”.
  12. I’m using Superior Drummer 3 but I assume the functionalities are the same. In the mixer I set each drop component (kick, snare, Tom, cymbals, ambient, etc) to different outputs. For instance my kick will go out to 1/2, snare to 3/4, tom 5/6 etc. On each corresponding track I instantiate a console emulator (lately I’ve been REALLY loving Brainworx SSL 4000 E, SSL 4000 G, Neve or Focusrite). Then all of the drum tracks get touted to a bus.
  13. That’s EXACTLY how I use it and I’ve never had an issue.
  14. Creating a new folder is a EXCELLENT idea ! Thank you ! And I’ll bookmark the feature request url
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