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  1. Woo hoo ! So glad to see this ! Time to take it for a spin.
  2. Thx guys for always improving our favorite DAW !
  3. That’s really cool ! I’ve come to think all DAWs should have this feature.
  4. I wish I had tried it earlier ! I tried the newer betas (I think 1.2.1 beta 6 ?) but kept getting error messages. reverted back to 1.1.1 and smooth sailing. This truly needs to be part of all DAWs !
  5. Audiogridder has been a complete game changer for me as I use Acustica Audio stuff a lot. I have an Audiogridder server installed on a laptop which is connected to my studio computer via Ethernet. I also installed the Audiogridder server on my studio computer (i9 9900, 32 gig RAM, 2 1TB M2’s, 3 x 1TB SSD) so when I load up the Audiogridder plugin within Cakewalk I can choose between the laptop or the studio computer to host and run the plugin. GREAT STUFF !
  6. Well that experiment didn’t work well The resulting file was distorted and just completely mangled.
  7. Hey Panu - I remember you back from the Duckbar days ! USB.
  8. Guys I have an AxeFX III and use Axe Edit all the time. I’ve not had any issues but would happy to assist if you’d like to see how mine is setup. I also have an NVIDIA vid card (I think a 1650 ?) and am running two monitors.
  9. Resurrecting an old thread. Has anyone tried this with plug-ins that have been invoked via Audiogridder ? I’ll experiment later today with this (specifically Acustica Audio plugs) and will report back here.
  10. No issues with my Fractal A3. In fact I just laid down two guitar tracks.
  11. I also ran into this recently but I don’t think it has anything to do with the Early Access as I’ve seen it earlier. Any chance we can fix this so that if I do a CTRL A and want to drag everything to the left (like in the video) I can just easily do it without having to worry about any time selection ?
  12. Two things are odd. 1. All of my levels on an existing project were set to zero. 2. My recording properties when recording over an existing track track changed from sound-on-sound to comping. Rolling back for now as I'm mixing a bunch tonight.
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