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  1. No worries Actually I'll stick with the older Reworked version. Us musicians/producers are an odd lot - aren't we ? We don't like change sometimes
  2. I have the older Re-Worked M-Spec 4 (LOVE IT) but the new M-Spec 4 now has green buttons instead of blue ? Not a biggie...
  3. Ya, the naming convention is confusing as hell. But this is a good breakdown https://justpaste.it/AcusticaAudioAcquaMasterList
  4. So I’ve been a UAD, Waves, Slate, Plugin Alliance (as well as the usual suspects) user for a long time. But got the itch to try some of Acustica Audios plugs and WOW ! I started out with “Camel” (the names are odd but this is based on Trident and Calrec hardware) and was immediately impressed. Then yesterday I demo’d ”Pink4” (API) and again WOW ! Also “wow“ is the download - it’s like 10 gigs. Now I’m demoing “Sand” (SSL) and holy shit it’s awesome. HUGE download on that as well. The massive downloads are because they download ”libraries” - I don’t fully understand it but that’s how they’ve modeled the hardware vs algorithms (I think). Luckily I built a new studio computer earlier this year (i9 9900k, 32 gig RAM, all M2’s and SSD’s) because even with that kind of hardware horsepower you can tell these plug-ins take some serious power to work. Anyone else have experience with these ? BTW - on Cakewalk by Bandlab they work perfectly.
  5. Greg Wynn

    The Maze

    Thx everyone ! I also need to hear it with vocals
  6. Wow ! This is a HUGE list ! Looking forward to digging in to this and again a huge shout to @Noel Borthwick for fixing the buss pane graphic odd thing we ran into. Thanks again Bakers !
  7. Greg Wynn

    The Maze

    Yes, Sir ! All me...well me and Superior Drummer 3 as well And thank you !
  8. Greg Wynn

    The Maze

    In queue for vocals. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rgbucluwmgocae0/The Maze 2.7.mp3?dl=0
  9. Thanks folks ! This’ll be the first song we are doing remotely as my singer moved from the DC area to Buffalo.
  10. Thanks again, Noel ! It was an absolute pleasure talking and troubleshooting with you !
  11. Ummm....I’ve been using some variation of Cakewalk all the way back to Pro Audio back around 2001 so I’m fairly confident I’m adept Trust me when I say the issue I had was bizarre and Noel changed code in order to squash the bug. He’s a hell of a nice guy too !
  12. I wanted to do a public shout out to @Noel Borthwickfor some exceptional support. I’ve had sort of an odd problem and Noel had a Zoom session to sort it out - and what he fixed will be appearing in a future release. unbelievable support !!
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8p8k1bhqwam8n58/Stealing Angels 1.8 NOVOX.mp3?dl=0
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