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  1. I just posted the same thing! Did this change during the last update? Muscle memory keeps wanting me to delete my plugins...not a show stopper but just annoying.
  2. Muscle memory keeps me almost deleting my plugins. Did the last update change where "Delete" and "Delete All" are now ?
  3. That’s really cool ! I’ve come to think all DAWs should have this feature.
  4. I wish I had tried it earlier ! I tried the newer betas (I think 1.2.1 beta 6 ?) but kept getting error messages. reverted back to 1.1.1 and smooth sailing. This truly needs to be part of all DAWs !
  5. Audiogridder has been a complete game changer for me as I use Acustica Audio stuff a lot. I have an Audiogridder server installed on a laptop which is connected to my studio computer via Ethernet. I also installed the Audiogridder server on my studio computer (i9 9900, 32 gig RAM, 2 1TB M2’s, 3 x 1TB SSD) so when I load up the Audiogridder plugin within Cakewalk I can choose between the laptop or the studio computer to host and run the plugin. GREAT STUFF !
  6. Well that experiment didn’t work well The resulting file was distorted and just completely mangled.
  7. Hey Panu - I remember you back from the Duckbar days ! USB.
  8. Guys I have an AxeFX III and use Axe Edit all the time. I’ve not had any issues but would happy to assist if you’d like to see how mine is setup. I also have an NVIDIA vid card (I think a 1650 ?) and am running two monitors.
  9. Resurrecting an old thread. Has anyone tried this with plug-ins that have been invoked via Audiogridder ? I’ll experiment later today with this (specifically Acustica Audio plugs) and will report back here.
  10. No issues with my Fractal A3. In fact I just laid down two guitar tracks.
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