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  1. I still blue screen during the reboot process. It then reboots again and undo’s all the changes. Oddly I dual boot (one off of an NVMe and one off a SSD - the NVMe fails) and one of the installations updated to 2004 without an issue.
  2. Thx for responding. The most bizarre part is that it only makes the noise (when audio is being processed)when busses are visible and I scroll the mouse ON the area where the busses are. Even without audio being processed I still rack up the “late buffer” count when hovering over the performance area on the control bar AFTER scrolling on the bus area. My brain hurts.
  3. No change with 2020.09 (Build 006, 64 bit). I think it might be a plug in but this is odd as hell.
  4. Not directly the same issue but I’m also having strange problems after installing a new NVIDIA card.
  5. Here's a strange one. Bought and installed a new video card (GTX 1650) for a recent new studio build (Asus Hero, i9 9900, 32 Gig,etc) and noticed a strange anomaly. When I'm in track view (without busses being visible) and scroll my mouse while audio is being played all works as expected. However if I am in track view with busses visible (via the show/hide bus pane button) and am passing audio through my busses I hear a LOT of crackling when I scroll my mouse. How strange is that ? It makes mixing a real pain as you can imagine. It is reproducible on old projects as well as new projects (using my template) and it never happened before I installed the video card - which is working great. Any ideas ? Can one of my plugins one one of my busses be causing such an issue ? Running 2020.08 (Build 120 64-bit) EDIT - When I reproduce the crackling the "late buffers" number soars up in the performance area if you hover the mouse. The mystery deepens...
  6. Hehehe. That’s probably an accurate timeline. I used to use what ever was in that area
  7. Narrowed it down a little. If I go File>Export>Audio I get the normal export audio dialogue and can start the export AND interrupt with the esc key. That works fine. However if I do it from the control bar Custom>Export and start the export I cannot interrupt it with the ESC key. In both instances Audible Bounce is enabled. This is repeatable on multiple projects.
  8. Already ahead of you New project, old project, and different instances of Cakewalk. However the instances share the same keyboard (in a dual boot configuration). I’m wondering if my keyboard got wonky ? Stranger things have happened. I’ll troubleshoot further and I thank you for your response.
  9. When I export, I've always been able to hit ESC to stop the process for at least the last 15 years or so Am I going crazy or has that functionality changed as it no longer stops exporting which at that point it would ask if I'd like to keep the resulting audio ? I've tried it on two different installs on two different machines both running 2020.08.
  10. I think it’s safe to say after a few years that - A - the updates are EXCELLENT and are keeping our favorite DAW VERY much alive. B - the delivery of the updates via Bandlab Assistant is incredibly problematic for some people. I just had my singer install it recently and it took HOURS which I found bizarre as I don’t typically have issues. But thank you guys so much for the updates !
  11. Will there be another EA version before you guys release the final 2020.07 ?
  12. Small issue - I seem to be no longer able to scroll the control bar with my mouse wheel. It used to scroll horizontally but that seems to not work any longer. Thx folks for keeping my favorite DAW alive and well !
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