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  1. First time I’ve ever had an issue.... I didn’t realize you could download the updates separately....
  2. Hey folks - anyone having issues ? I cranked up Bandlab Assistant as I read there was a new update (and confirmed when my DAW told me the same thing) and I can’t logon ?? I did the old “forgot my password” to reset it, got the email and then changed the password but STILL can’t log in via the assistant. Downloaded and reinstalled the app and still no joy. any ideas ? I’ve been using the same password that I’ve used pretty much going back to the legacy forum.
  3. I didn’t know it existed either until a few weeks ago ! It works 99% of the time but sometimes misses an output so be aware of that. My Sonar template has separate tracks set up for every SD3 output and each track has an instance of SSL E, SSL G , Neve and a Focusrite . I then can quickly choose which console emulation fits which drum component best for the song. we live in cool times
  4. Actually SD3 has a setting that will keep the routing if you move to another drum kit or preset. I recently just found it and was overjoyed because it was SUCH a pain in the ***** redoing it every time. The setting (I don’t have it in front of me so going from memory) is near the bottom of the dialogue box where you change presets or drum kits. Something like “Keep routing from previous preset”.
  5. I’m using Superior Drummer 3 but I assume the functionalities are the same. In the mixer I set each drop component (kick, snare, Tom, cymbals, ambient, etc) to different outputs. For instance my kick will go out to 1/2, snare to 3/4, tom 5/6 etc. On each corresponding track I instantiate a console emulator (lately I’ve been REALLY loving Brainworx SSL 4000 E, SSL 4000 G, Neve or Focusrite). Then all of the drum tracks get touted to a bus.
  6. That’s EXACTLY how I use it and I’ve never had an issue.
  7. Creating a new folder is a EXCELLENT idea ! Thank you ! And I’ll bookmark the feature request url
  8. Thank you SO much for your continued work !!!!
  9. Is there anyway to increase that in the dialogue box so that maybe you can see the last ten used plug-ins or some other user-defined number ? Thanks folks !
  10. So after doing a bunch of troubleshooting (rebuilding aud.ini, removing/re-adding plugins, etc) I think I found solution albeit strange. I pressed the PDC button and tried the export and VOILA it worked. I then then tested further and pressed it again (to return it to its original state) and it still worked. One note I need to add. I did get a dialogue box at one point about the sample rate being wrong for my UAD plugs. I’d never seen that before and honestly aren’t sure why I got that.
  11. how can I revert to the previous version ? It was the last official release.
  12. Hey folks - I installed the beta and have some issues. Unfortunately I’m on my way to a show (hooray Bob Mould !) and cant help troubleshoot now but certainly can later. Here is the strangeness - 1. Worked on an older song and got to the point where I wanted to bounce it down (complete export) using the bounce dialogue box and got the attached screenshot. Tried it the old fashioned way of “file/export audio” and no joy. 2. loaded a project that I didn’t do any new work in with the new beta and attempted to bounce and it started and works BUT I cannot interrupt it. Like I said I’ll be more than happy to assist any troubleshooting later. Big thanks for letting us try this stuff and be a part of dev testing ! EDIT - the screenshot is hard to read. It says “An unknown error occurred during processing, possible caused by an invalid parameter”.
  13. Thank you SO much for making these ! I just “discovered” them and I am completely impressed.
  14. I’m still getting used to it.....but I *think* I like it
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