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  1. Thank you SO much for making these ! I just “discovered” them and I am completely impressed.
  2. I’m still getting used to it.....but I *think* I like it
  3. Thank you guys for not only keeping this awesome DAW alive but continuing to improve it !
  4. Panup ! Happy to see you here ! LOVED Duckbar and look forward to any new versions.
  5. I keep hearing about the perils of bundle files. Nah..... In amost 20 years of using them (*.bun as well as *.cwb files) I’ve had ONE file get corrupted. That’s it. ALL my projects are backed up twice (in two different physical locations on two different hard drives) and I’ve not had any issues since my one corrupted file - which I think was over ten years ago when we were using whatever version of Cakewalk/Sonar we were using then.
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