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  1. Here is something bizarre. My studio PC is dual boot with one being only for music creation and one for only internet related functionality. The intent is to keep my music portion relatively off the Internet. The Internet partition/drive installed 2004 just fine with zero issues. The music partition/drive failed and rolled back twice (so happy the rollback worked fine). Now strange is that ? Same OS, exact same hardware, exact same everything. The only truly difference - and I really doubt this will make a difference - is that my music partition resides on an M2 while my Internet partition resides on an SSD. Pretty strange, yes ?
  2. My rollback surprisingly worked fine.
  3. Ya, I saw the “your computer isn’t ready for this” (paraphrased) message this morning. Pretty cool I just built it in January and it’s an i9 9900, 32 gig 3400 ram, all latest and greatest good stuff with the exception of my interface. i do wonder if it’s freaking out about my MOTU Track16 usb but I’m not gonna mess with it as it’s been flawless for years. Well done, Microsoft. Take the rest of the day....
  4. Failed twice for me as well. So strange...
  5. Just hit that as well. Freaked me out but I think the message is in error.
  6. Agreed completely. I’ve been running on “3” for hours tonight with no issues. It used to cause weird glitches. That’s on an i9 9900k with 32 gig DDR3400. Thank you !
  7. Thanh YOU ! You’ve done the difficult work.
  8. Donation sent - thank you !
  9. Tracked for the last 7 hours or so. No issues and was great ! thx bakers !
  10. Good luck, man! it was seamless for me.
  11. hehehe. I was thinking how much work there would be for the outstanding theme developers like yourself.
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