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  1. I’ve been onboard for the same timeline you posted and I’m confused as well. I paid for a yearly membership and ported over all my CbB workloads to the new Sonar months ago with mostly zero issues (I did post a strange one that no one has replied to yet just today). But the lack of news or even an apparent marketing plan is troubling…
  2. Latest Sonar release, MOTU,i9 14900, 64 gig RAM, the usual... When I export using the export button on the top left I get a file size of 96.48 meg. And the audio plays oddly in latest Wavelab. But if export it the old fashioned way (CTRL-A to select all and then File>Export>Audio I get a file size of 56.18 meg. And it plays oddly in Wavelab. Buffer set to 1024, using a bunch of UAD, Acustica Audio (many via AudioGridder with two laptops connected via ethernet as I've been doing for years now). Strange, eh ?
  3. The updates seem to roll out a bit unevenly sometimes. Strange…
  4. Camel was my first Acustica product a few years ago and now I think I own 99% of them.
  5. I’ve pinned my most used apps as well as control panel to the taskbar as well. Quick and easy.
  6. Been running 11 since early beta days - zero issues.
  7. Absolutely !! I’m a little surprised that hasn’t already happened.
  8. I paid for a year and all of the odd toast messages went away.
  9. Thanks Noel. I actually paid for a full year and the toasts have went away.
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