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  1. Been running 11 since early betas with zero issues at all. It was a painless update however some of your plugs will need reauthorization.
  2. For the life of me why is this subject treated like the third rail of conversation ?? Someone asks about the future of our favorite DAW and the negativity flies. Why ?
  3. Exactly. I track at 128 and use a few PA consoles and mix at 1024 because I use a bunch of Acustica Audio plugs.
  4. Thanks Bakers ! Looking forward to the next version for sure !
  5. I can vouch for that as well. A few years back I had a strange graphical issue and Noel contacted me to do a Zoom session. After we spent some time troubleshooting, he identified the problem, gave me access to a patch and then rolled the patch into the next release. It doesn't get any better than that.
  6. Tracked for 7+ hours last night. No real issues noted except for one thing that seems odd but completely unreproduceable. Tried to move a track just by grabbing it and moving it to the left like I’ve done a million times. However this time it seemed “sticky” (for lack of a better description) and wouldn’t fully “land” where it was supposed to. It was a single take but oddly there were multiple instance of the take in the take lanes. Weird, huh ? Deleted the extra take lane and all was well. .
  7. Gave it a fairly quick spin last night and no issues noted. I’ll be using it a lot more this weekend for some tracking and later some mixing. thx bakers !
  8. I use a LOT of Acustica Audio plugs and they are indeed extremely CPU heavy. But two things in my favor - Cakewalk (Sonar) and Reaper are known as the two DAWS that handle AA plugs the best. Also I use AudioGridder to connect a laptop to my main studio computer to offload some processing and it works a treat. How cool would it be to see AudioGridder becoming part of our favorite DAW ?
  9. I remember both the “Pizza goes well with beer” tool tip AND the nod to Munch button !
  10. Been a customer since 2001 and after Gibson sort of unceremoniously dumped all of us (AFTER “cashing the check“ as it were) I tried to learn another DAW (I think it was Studio One - and I did not dig it). Imagine my happy surprise when @Meng contacted all of us and said they would be continuing to develop our beloved DAW and that @Noel Borthwick was still involved. Five awesome years later with LOTS of free updates I can’t thank Bandlab enough. And now that we will have a “pay-for” version I’m onboard 10000%. I’ve had the opportunity to troubleshoot an issue on Zoom with @Noel Borthwick and the fact that he loves and takes great pride in this DAW came out clearly. We are in good hands, folks, and I’m looking forward to seeing the next iteration or iterations.
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