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  1. David Baay, yes much in the way of what I have checked to date. I know Cakewalk well have been a user of it since Pro Audio 9 (20+ years ago) so yeah you right those are the obvious suggestions - checked all those and have done a thorough walk through of all the settings and comparisons per track. Fact is it is happening to Midi tracks only - Now in saying that perhaps my controller is sending signal that I'm not seeing - but I would expect to pick that up in Midi Events - but not seeing anything there either. Track for track comparisons show no such the same - setting the MIDI volume at the start of the project track makes no difference. As it is as if the setting is changing the Velocity... It is as I see - either a signal from a Virtual Instrument back out across the Virtual Omni or as you say me knocking something - but this is what gets me when I compare the tracks I can see zero differences in the tracks and settings of the VSTi's - no Midi change requests on Velocity or other / no system messages or anything like that... but after a few plays and change even the new track has had same happen eventually. So I think it is something I'm doing or something traversing the Virtual Omni - but I missing as it doesn't appear as a Midi Events. So it affects the plugin (VSTi) And once changed you cannot revert back. Midi Level and Velocity still at default no matter what as viewed from Cakewalk. Strange... again automation lanes etc etc nothing there. Not a peep. David Deneau, that is a interesting observation - so you telling me that you think Omni signal is getting something via virtual controller if not physical and to stop that from happening you remove the channel from processing anything on Channel 1 or omni? (Picking Channel 6 is as far off field as any :)) I'll have a go - I have a Project at the moment with 2 Midi Instrument track exhibiting this issue - I'll have a look and try your suggestion. And see what I can observe. And get back to you in the next 24 hrs Thanks guys for the help; not a back thing to go over the same information. I wonder would Cakewalk undo history note something? Not likely if a not noticeable from within the track. Got to spend more time getting this sorted. Again much appreciated!! Will get back to this post asap.
  2. Having a issues now in several of my projects - this has only been happening to me since the last update at the end of December. Indiscriminately a midi track (only Midi tracks - 'simple instrument track' as in when you load in a Instrument plugin) or two in any given project for no reason that I can find just looses volume. So Audio track are not affected. This is happening and seems to get worse as I continue through the project as I add Midi tracks and Instruments - the issue re-occurs. I have created new tracks with the same instrument, loaded the same preset and copied and pasted the midi from the original track - the new track has no issues and the volume is fine. I have no automation lanes, and no volume settings on clips. I have no events showing volume changes. And zero controllers on stop disabled. This happens a lot now and had not been happening before. Even older projects start exhibit this problem. Any thoughts?
  3. Anyone noticed when exporting to MP3 in CbB that is cuts the audio short at the end. Would using makers prevent this? Appreciate any feedback help
  4. Just to add to the point above. They (CM magazine) also do some great video tutorials on those very plugins. I've found them very useful. Food for thought anyway. Not trying to plug them
  5. I reccomend you buy yourself a digital subscription to Computer Music magazine. Their current issue gives you access to 90 Free plugins (some the free version with more presets or plugin features enabled). About an even split 50/50 Fx and Intruments. I subscribed via Pocketmags.
  6. I've been a Cakewalk user for many years since Pro Audio 9 days... Love the product and thank you Bandlab for keeping it alive.
  7. It's about DAW Automation support with Native Instruments S/A/M series keyboards. If you want to know more look at reviews of NI M32 on NI web site (short enough introduction). Explains enough about it. Also look into Komplete Contol and thier other keyboard series. Sorry for late reply. My health is not good. So don't post very often.
  8. Will Cakewalk (BandLab) in the future support DAW automation with Native Instruments NKS keyboards and the like; they appear to support other DAWs already was hoping this would include Cakewalk in the near future? Any thoughts votes?
  9. Will Cakewalk (BandLab) in the future support DAW automation with Native Instruments NKS kayboard and the like; they appear to support other DAWs already was hoping this would include Cakewalk in the near future (wish/hope!!)?
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