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  1. Hi, as I told on another thread regarding offline activation, we need that the option will be restored asap (at the moment according to the release notes is temporary not available). With the offline activation option probably even your problem will be solved, you don't need any browser, login, cookies or worse reinstall the whole Windows... So to the bakers, please restore it, thanks. As you can see it's not trivial...
  2. The feature will be re-enabled as it's clearly stated in the release notes, the problem is when. "• Version 2023.09 currently does not support offline activation, so your computer must be online to activate it. Offline activation will be available soon." That is precisely why I was asking, if maybe the reasons for this delay were known, given that two months have passed, and I pointed out the inconvenience. I repeat what I have already written, I think that in any case it was a wrong decision to release this update with the feature disabled. It was probably thought that the problem would only affect a small number of people, but that was the wrong reasoning. It's not just the numbers that matter here. For example, a few times, in these years of CbB, when I could, I tried to contribute to making it a better product by reporting bugs and proposing suggestions, but I am an "offline" user of the program. So it was really necessary to temporarily disable the feature just now for changes? Couldn't it just be postponed? maybe at the time of the release of Sonar so you now allowed everyone to update the "old" CbB that had been stopped with updates for a year. How many times in the last year have been asked "when does the new update come out?" since we have been stuck with version 2022.09 for many months. Now I, like many others, although I have never and I emphasize never solicited anything, I waited patiently like many others to be able to eliminate some of those bugs still present (as indicated in the release note at least 60). You will understand that you are a little disappointed.... As for suggestions, they would certainly be appreciated if they would indicate procedures to temporarily circumvent the problem and allow offline activation such as for exampke moving something manually from an online system to an offline one. But not a suggestion like "connect the system offline to the internet". Sorry but what suggestion is that? Don't I know like everyone else that if I connect it to the internet it activates? It is logical that this way you solve, but it seems equally logical to me that if I could have done it without problems I would have already done it... I understand and appreciate who would like to give an help or suggest something but also read what I wrote and why in my case what you would like to suggest to me is not possible.
  3. Don't take it badly but what all of this has to do with what I wrote or my question? "Scary" of going online and use internet?? I'm starting to believe that someone hasn't read what I wrote or didn't care much and the only thing that interested them was to expose their enlightened thought to all the alleged imaginary terrapiatists (notoriously also retrograde, anti-change and progress😃)? Everything some have written has nothing to do with what I have mentioned. Then let's do some clarity. I remind you that CbB has always had offline activation. And I would like to see, since it is also present in many other daw including the most recent Studio One 6 and Cubase 13. Even the bakers have written in the release notes that the offline activation option has only been temporarily disabled. So it seems legitimate to ask why it's not still been restored or not? I also pointed out that in my opinion too much time has passed without having news about when it will be available again. A problem was created for those who had their own systems offline and after a year of waiting for this last update this is worse too. I added also that I found absurd to have released this last update with the option disabled. Keeping in mind that this update had to be the latest version for CbB in any case (with over 60 bugs fixed) and released after a year of waiting. If the new offline activation system (I think in common with the future Sonar) wasn't yet ready to manage the activations of the "old" CbB wouldn't have been more sense to leave the old system active for CbB and not cause this limitation? In case this was impossible because it had to be removed for technical reasons, why not completely remove the activation from the "old" CbB, rather than releasing it this way. In any case, CbB would have been withdrawn shortly, as well as the Bandlab Assistant and being CbB always been free would not have been a big problem. If I, as others think, have configured my own daw system for offline use (and I emphasize one of my daw systems...not all of them...) in your opinion now, to receive on this PC the latest update of a product that will still be withdrawn, I should reinstall from scratch the whole system that works perfectly only for CbB and only because there is no news on when, what has been temporarily deactivated and that has always been present in the program for five years, will be restored? and it will be restored as the bakers also wrote.. It's seems logical for you? It isn't more logical to ask, as I did, WHEN the missing function will be restored since we are in November, highlighting that a problem has been created for some CbB users? Just my opinion...
  4. @Byron Dickens maybe for you, it's your opinion, my system works perfectly and is a lot more faster and with less latency with these mods. Also I think this it's not a debate about DAW pc online vs oflline. Both solution have valid arguments on their side anyways but these are arguments for another topic. Here the problem is another, offline activation suddenly removed from the last update of a retired product and why it takes so long to be restored.
  5. @Byron Dickens I have removed many services from windows as also firewall, browser and so on. Internet on this system is a no option. But more important is the reverse of the question, why I have to connect to the internet now? activation of CbB never required internet active and it's now a retired product so...
  6. @John Vere I agree with you and I would like to be patient. The only problem is that this "last or near last" update was in the works for at least ONE year (the last update was the 2022.11). They collect bug reports for one year and when finally release this update the offline activation option was disabled. I as many others had to deal with all these bugs for over one year and now I can't even at least fix them. Also consider that we are in november, the update was released in september and still nothing... If they are not ready to change the offline activation scheme also for this product, leave it as it was (it's a retired product in any case) or remove it but don't change it and push out an update knowing before that there will be people (don't matter how many) that can't use it.
  7. Probably the easiest solution is if they fix the problem and restore the offline activation (or maybe as I said remove the need for it since it's now useless). Thanks for you suggestion but even if I plug an external wireless dongle, it's not only CbB that goes online, it's the entire machine, so it's not a solution. Also it needs a browser installed that I have removed from my pc as firewall, antivirus and all rest that is not necessary for fine tuning latency and have better performance. Incidentally there was always an offline activation option and I supposed due to this, people with fine tuned and streamlined OS versions for optimal perfomance that have removed services from their systems. Why it's not working now?
  8. Hi to all, I have my CbB installed on a pc that is not connected to internet and I can't install the last update because you suddenly removed the option to activate offline. from the last releases notes: "If you wish to continue to use CbB, you must update to the 2023.09 version. Earlier versions will cease to activate in the future." "Version 2023.09 currently does not support offline activation, so your computer must be online to activate it. Offline activation will be available soon." You can agree that we have a weird situation here...I "must" update but I can't really update because you removed the option...so? You stated "Offline activation will be available soon." but weeks are passed from the update 2023.09 and the offline activation is still disabled, I have invested lot of time and resources for setup and configure my DAW, as I think many others, and now not only I'm forced to stay with 2022.11 version as you don't let me update it but probably soon even this one will stop working. WHEN offline activation will be available again? I think you can agree with me that there is a problem when you release a "last or near last" update to a software that can be activated offline and JUST with this update (after five years the people are using it...) you remove the option to activate it. What can we do? Sorry, but since you decided to announce a new payware Sonar and dismiss CbB it wasn't more easy to remove the activation at all from CbB last updates since you decided to retire it and it was a free (in any sense) and will remain (as it is) a free product anyway? It's simpler than what you have done. Again I don't want to be rude but just remind that there are also people with machines not connected to the net and that we are suddenly left alone without any options. Thanks to all
  9. @Mark Morgon-Shaw and the others Exactly so, many times I too find myself in a situation of trying to remember (most of the time try...) the actual range of notes available to me for individual instruments in use on the various midi channels. Most of the time it varies not only with respect to the "correct" range of individual instruments (violin,viola,etc), but also with respect to the fact that different libraries can also have a narrower or wider range than the one of the "real" instrument, making it even more complicated to remember the available ranges. Also, just last week I was using a sections type library and not only there was this problem but since it had also multi-intruments patches , in the single patches there were in practice 4 or 5 ranges for the different instruments loaded, and the ranges were always different depending on the patch. Using more than one patch translated in a situation that was even more complicated. A further example of how it would be really useful to have a visual feedback through colors and writings customizable on the keys as an additional guide when working directly in the PRV panel on single notes or chords to orchestrate what has already been composed. There are also all the cases in which an NKS keyboard or multiple monitors are not available, for example if you are traveling with a laptop but want to try some corrections or changes on the fly. As you write, this addition would have zero impact for those who are not interested, but I'm sure that if present it would be a function that would be used by many in different ways. A bit like the arranger or expression maps that are born with a purpose but being flexible they can also adapt to other needs than those for which they were designed. Even to me it does not seem a complex addition (on paper...maybe it's on the code...I don't know). Especially if implemented with only the possibility of "manual" configuration " for now, as I explained above, and therefore without having to recover data directly from kontakt through VST, which would complicate the things, it would increase the risk of incompatibility or errors in the event of future updates of kontakt or vst protocol and would also not allow the insertion of "custom" text (very important too as I explained) or assign the same saved configuration to different midi channels with different patch loaded (I think of when changes made in multitrack mode in the PRV panel with focus on active track). I also hope that my little suggestion will be taken into consideration and examined regarding its feasibility for a future update of CbB. Let's hope too maybe in @msmcleod consideration, if he has some time to examine this suggestion and thanks to all!
  10. Thank you all for your interest I usually use the articulation pane function massively and I love it. This additional feature that I have indicated, as far as I am concerned, does not serve as much to indicate the key switches on the piano keys, as you rightly write for that there is already the articulation function, but rather to write down other things on the piano note keys. I'll give you an example, the first one that comes to mind. If you don't have in operation for various reasons (for example because you are outside with the laptop) a lighted NKS keyboard and you are doing notes corrections and insertions through the PRV, it would be useful to have the colored indications of the range extension that you have available for the instrument. In addition, you could also create various piano keys templates for orchestration in which you can indicate instruments range according to the ones used using different colors and also add on the piano key a text indicating which instrument the color zone is (copy this "customized piano roll definition" on multiple tracks and you can use it in PRV multitracks editing too, etc. These are only a few ideas there would be many other examples. You can adapt it to very different needs in a flexible way as you have colors and the two custom text zones (the maximum available in the tiny space) on the keys. We already have this, maybe add a third option that open a configuration panel (as in my screenshot demo example) where you can create save and reload your piano keys settings (similar to the articulation pane) The drum map is a totally different thing, also notes don't have duration but maybe you mean drum map in "note names" this could partially solve the name problem but even this is different from what I proposed, there aren't anymore the piano keys layout and the assignable color zones.
  11. Hi everyone, in the past, a similar request has already been made, however I would like to propose it again with some variations as I think, a new feature like this on the PRV, if it will be implemented, could be very useful. Personally I found myself many times in the condition in which it would have been enormously useful for me to have a customization of this type of the notes pane in the PRV view. First of all to have a quick visual indication of the extension available to me for each VST instrument used in the various tracks, but not only, even an additional personalized text would have allowed me to insert useful additional "reminders" on the individual keys. This customization should be done per single track and not a global. In practice, a custom instrument definition can already be assigned to a single track through the appropriate menu. It would therefore also be a matter of adding an additional "custom text and colors" option to the menu already present. This option should open an edit window similar to that already in use for the articulations in which to be able to enter and save as a preset also, the personalized data. The keyboard notes names would obviously be fixed instead text1, text2 and color would be customizable. Text1 and Text 2 fields should be displayed in different areas of the piano keys and it should be possible to use them both or not to allow better management of the limited space available and to have maximum flexibility according to use (in some cases it would be visually more linear to use only the text1 field, in other cases only the text2, or a combinaltion of both,etc). I think an image can explain very simply what I mean so I insert one as an example. The possibility of entering the personalized data manually would also be relatively simple and fast so as not to require automatic retrieve from the VST instrument (for example I think kontakt note colors) which would probably create some more complications with VST data exchange . Also if we insert manually the data through CbB in this way, we can also insert the custom texts which are very important too. I hope my suggestion will be taken into consideration for a future release. Let me know what you think. For now I thank the developers once again for their work!
  12. @florinko Unfortunately that's exactly how you write. With time I learned to use some "tricks" to eliminate or minimize this problem. Some are helpful, others don't help that much. Unfortunately something is not working properly in saving inputs / outputs in the presence of VSTi routing. You never have the certainty that reopening the project or the track template, inputs have remained in place. Connecting and disconnecting the various external MIDI peripherals it's not the only cause of the problem that occurs even without touching anything, as well as Windows... Some small improvements have been made recently (thanks again to the developers for this), but unfortunately we are not there yet. For those who need to make a routing between advanced VSTi (mine is like this...) it's still a pain. As far as I'm concerned this VSTi routing is the CbB's real problem. It is a pity that we cannot solve the problem (or better say the problems) with it once and for all after so many years. I tried several times to explain it. More and more you are also dependent on internal VSTi to make music and not only external gears and therefore the internal routing between these must work and it should be possible to recall the saves perfectly. It is not possible to waste time every time you reopen a project (and maybe you're in a hurry because you got an idea) because you are in the condition of having to correct and reconfigure what had already been saved properly previously. I still do not give up hope (although due to this problem I am forced many times to use other DAW for large projects). I repeat, a lot of useful improvements have been made in the last two years (articulation maps, nested folders, automation envelopes, arranger,etc). And it was an extraordinary growth! It still remains this routing issue at the "heart" of the program though... For me that's what CbB lacks (maybe even the chord track...) to be among the "big ones". Let's hope...
  13. @Variorum Hi, the new version of CSMultiCompanderV2 is great! very useful for rapid velocity adjustment. if I can, after trying it for a while, I would like to kindly suggest you some improvements. The "start" and "end" points (0,127) should be adjustable also on the horizontal axe and not only on the vertical one. This is a very important improvement. It would become possible to correct the absolute "minimum" and "maximum" values of the velocity. Add maybe the possibility for the user to add more "points" to better tune the curve or if it's difficult, at least change from 4 points (as it is now) to lets say 8 for example. When you select the "velocity mode" it would be very helpful if the indicator panel on the bottom of ctrl chng that do nothing in this mode could display the two velocity value numbers. Before and after the curve adjustment. Just my suggestions for improve this even more. And thanks again! for your time and work on these MFX plugins, they are all very useful on some situations.
  14. @Fred's Gratis Scores I thank you very much for taking the test! So it seems that this issue only occurs in my specific condition and is not a generic bug (I remove the "bug" tag in my post accordingly if I can). Unfortunately I tried everything to try to solve it starting from trying to modify/check the simplest and most obvious things until reaching extreme solutions (image recovery,different CbB versions, clone the same system on virtual machine,etc...) as I wrote in my description of the problem. Nothing. I haven't worked it out in months...That's why I was happy to check (thank you again for running the small test) if it was a problem only mine or not. In case anyone had any suggestions (apart from replacing the pc...😉) or if you run into my same problem let me know if you managed to figure out what the problem is or could be. Surely there must be something very strange that causes it. Also because as I could verify the SAME identical image of the disk with installed CbB, on one system generates the error on another no...I don't remember ever having a problem like this in the past. Or better in case of different processor, chipsets,cards,external peripherals,drivers, etc. for sure different behavior can happen. But in this case what it does not work properly is only the track template when you use a synth multi output (all in and out only software only)...really weird Happy to know that you solved your problem with kontakt names. Again if anyone had any suggestions or figure out what the problem is or could be please le t me know. Thanks to all
  15. Hi, today I tried to do some experiments using the "project templates" also. I tried with one or more copies of kontakt in the same project (of course always each with its 16 stereo audio outputs set) and also adding to these additional VST synths. I couldn't recreate the problem you described. Once the various saved templates were reopened, the routing had been maintained correctly. The names displayed on the left in the column are not very indicative in kontakt since it's known that its way of calling them is not entirely optimal (I had them with some wrong names, as always, but different from yours) . usually I ignore them and I orient myself using only the names on the right of the column (1+2s, 3 + 4s, etc.), it's simpler... About my problem with the "track templates" instead the problem has always recurred even while I was experimenting with the"project templates". Example: I insert two copies of kontakt with 16out (32 tracks), check that everything is ok and save the project as a "Project template". I close CbB,reopen it and load the saved project template with the two Kontakts and all the routing it's still ok. If instead starting from the initial situation with the two kontakt 16out in the project I save one with its 16 tracks as "track template". I close CbB, reopen it and create an empty new file. I load the saved track template and is ok, but if I load this template again into the same project...the error....the first output of the second copy just inserted is set to the last of the first and the following are all translated by one number. The usual problem. Summarizing in a very simple scheme: 1-Kontakt1 / Kontakt1 1+2S 2-Kontakt1 / Kontakt1 3+4S .... 16-Kontakt1 / Kontakt1 15+16S then 1-Kontakt2 / Kontakt1 15+16S 2-Kontakt2 / Kontakt 1+2S .... 16-Kontakt2 / Kontakt 13+14S It almost seems that any saved (multi-out) track template with any vst instrument, when other VST tracks are already present in the project, can no longer identify what is the correct first output track to be inserted. And retrieves that of the VST instrument immediately above the track where it's inserted. Maybe a problem of 0 or 1 to identify it or something else? just my guess, but in fact if the track template is loaded alone in the project, it works because it has no way to go wrong. Maybe if you or even others who read this post could run the little experiment I described, probably in case there is a bug you could make the problem obvious even without using any additional VST tool (type kontakt,etc) . This is also in order to make it easier for developers to visualize the problem since the condition in which it occurs would be identical for everyone. Many thanks to all again
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