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  1. Thanks again everyone. You've given me several interesting possibilities and ideas to work with.
  2. Alan -- thanks for responding. I'm looking into Sound Forge; it sounds like a good candidate. Bit Flipper--thanks for the advice on Melodyne, I've got to get back into it and explore its capabilities. " how did you get a 7-octave shift with a tape machine? Best I could ever do was 3 octaves, by recording at 15 ips, playing it back at 7.5 ips and then bouncing to another machine that could do 3.75 ips. I guess you could bounce that back to the 15 ips recorder and repeat the process, but it would sound pretty bad." A very astute question. I was hoping I could get that range out of some of the new software.😉 I was thinking of the ease with which we could change the speed of playback and recording with the old reel-to-reels and you're right, something like six octaves would be pretty challenging. I was able to get more than a three-octave reduction in speed using two tape recorders, one of which was my old Revox A-77 which had a custom-built variable speed control.
  3. Thanks for responding Reginald. I experimented with Melodyne a little bit last year. I'll take another look at it for this application.
  4. I'm looking for a kind or plug-in that will allow me to shift the pitch of wave files I've recorded from various sounds in nature, percussion kits, pieces if junk, etc. This is not regular pitch shifting; I'm talking about shifting the pitch either up or down by as much as six or seven octaves like we used to be able to do with reel-to-reel tape recorders. If the plug-in will work on audio clips within Cakewalk that's fine, but I need it to at least work on wave files. Quality of sound or fidelity is more important to me that cost.
  5. From his early days singing with the Byrds to CS&N and beyond we got some of the most beautiful songs ever written--Guinnevere, Wooden Ships, Yvette In English (co-written with Joni Michell), and all the wonderful collaborations on Here if You Listen, just a few that I've been listening to lately. We're really going to miss you Croz... peace brother.
  6. Not to put too fine a point on it, but rather than calling it a mask it might be better to refer to them as facial air filters--and air filters do work when properly mounted.😉 Merry Christmas to both Eds!😊
  7. Got a new turntable/tonearm/cartridge recently and have had a blast re-discovering many of my old vinyl LPs that I hadn't listened to in years. Are You Experienced?, All Along the Watchtower (how Jimi admired the work of Bob Dylan), and Machine Gun still stand as outstanding pieces of twentieth century music. Happy Holidays to All!
  8. Thanks for responding Glen, particularly for the screen shots. Hopefully, this will be an easy bug to fix and the bakers will get to it soon. At least the notes are being recorded as I've written them or lengthened them, and you hear them for the correct length of time when you play the clip.
  9. Thanks for responding David. Maybe one of the bakers will catch this problem and correct it in a future version. BTW, the "drone" was actually one of two evolving ambient timbres I put together in Massive. In an ambient piece I'm working on it evolves and runs on for nearly fifty measures.
  10. I noticed a peculiar discrepancy between note events shown in staff view and note events shown in PRV and Event List this morning and ran a simple test project to get to the bottom of it. Here is what I observed: In both a MIDI and an Instrument track, I recorded a note for sixteen measures from measure 2 to measure 17. Staff View, PRV, and Event List were all in agreement. Go to PRV and extend to eight more measures of the same note. The note is now extended to the correct length in the clip in Track view, is correct in Event List, and appears to be extended eight measures in Staff View at first, but if I move the horizontal slider square from full left slowly to the right to where the first measure on the left of the screen is 19 the note disappears--nothing on the staff from measure 17 on. If you play the clip all the way through to measure 26 you can hear the extended note even though it doesn't appear on the staff. I've had the experience of notes disappearing or not indicating they've been extended when they are represented as lines in a clip in Track View, but I always expected there would be good synchronization between Piano Roll View and Staff View. Am I doing something wrong or is it the program? I am using CbB v. 2022.06 running with Windows 10 21H1.
  11. A wonderful documentary. I've seen many on film music, but somehow missed this one. The music of Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Thomas Newman, Bernard Herman, perhaps the first genius of film music, and many more. Inspirational! If you would like to learn or experience more check out Film Music-A Neglected Art by Roy M. Pendergast, 2nd Ed., published by W. W. Norton & Co. and the CD, Bernard Herman - The Film Scores, Esa Pekkasalonen conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic, on Sony Classical.
  12. Regarding Inca Roads--fascinating, there's always something interesting you can learn listening to Frank's music. He was also a great guitarist, better than most people realized back in his day. Enjoy a Burnt Weeny Sandwich this 4th of July and remember Frank and, most of all, his wonderful music.
  13. Very happy to see Offline Help return to Cakewalk. Many thanks to the Bakers for restoring this feature. It was a great asset that was available in the old Sonar programs and very helpful to both new users and old veterans. For those who haven't tried it, first, download the Help file when you update to version 2022.06, a toast notification about it should appear near the bottom of your screen. Following installation, just click on Help>Documents and a detailed Table of Contents appears--no need to go online! There is also an Index for the Help document, and you can search the entire text using key words--fast and easy to use.😀
  14. I successfully downloaded Cakewalk v. 2022.06 this morning from within Cakewalk, but accidentally closed Cakewalk before clicking on Install. I discovered that the green toast notification about installation doesn't re-appear when you start Cakewalk again. I wasn't able to find the newly downloaded file (I assumed it would be an exe. file) to continue so is there a way to get to this file and start the installation?
  15. Steve, Thanks so much for responding. I did try clicking on that x in the blue box, but the program didn't seem to respond. I'll try it the next time I need to stop the export process. BTW, what does the dialog box mean by keeping "partially rendered audio"?
  16. Sometimes when I'm exporting a project (using Export>Audio to mix down several audio tracks and export them as a wave file) I realize I've made a mistake--usually a track I either want to exclude or include has been left out. But, I don't know of anyway you can safely stop the process once it has been started. Sometimes typing Alt F4 will stop it, but that crashes Cakewalk. I'm still working with ver. 2022.02.
  17. aleo

    RIP Dave Smith

    A great loss. Dave was such an innovator and a real pioneer in the area of MIDI technology, and he continued to be right through his last years. I mentioned in the Coffee House that you can find a great Panel Discussion that included Dave, Roger Lynn, and Tom Oberheim back at the 2015 Gearfest on the Sweetwater website. It's about 90 minutes long, but very interesting to listen to whether you are an old hand or new to electronic music and synths.
  18. For those who might have missed it the first time, Sweetwater has re-posted a great panel discussion from its 2015 Gearfest that includes Roger Linn, Dave Smith, and Tom Oberheim. It runs for a little over 90 minutes and includes a Q & A. It's a few years old, but still great to listen to and watch. Here's the link: www.sweetwater.com/insync/oberheim-is-back/ Enjoy!
  19. Very sad news. He was one of the most interesting film music composers of the late 20th century. I'll miss his work.
  20. aleo

    Problem with Piano Roll Snap To

    I stand corrected! and David's suggestion lead me to my error. I went back to my test project and discovered that in PRV Snap when you set the note duration, at the top of that tall white rectangle of note values you also need to make sure you check Snap To if that is the way you want to move the notes. I thought it was set to Snap To, but it was set to Snap By. Once I made that change, everything worked fine. You have to keep in mind that the Snap mode you've set in the Control Bar (global Snap) is independent of what it is set to in PRV Snap. Again, I want to thank everyone for their help. I will sleep contentedly tonight knowing that all is well in Cakewalk World 😌. . . i think.
  21. aleo

    Problem with Piano Roll Snap To

    Everyone, thanks so much for your responses and suggestions. Will, I especially appreciated your visual aid and suggestion about setting Follow Snap Settings in PRV. I think we are all in agreement that there is some kind of glitch in Piano Roll Snap and it could go back a ways--I can't remember the last time I used this feature. Hopefully, the Bakers will get it straightened out in a future update .
  22. When adjusting the positions of notes in PRV using only the global Snap To settings in the Control Bar (PRV Snap To off) everything works fine and notes snap to their proper position according to the resolution set on the Control Bar. However, if I then turn on PRV Snap To and set a different resolution some of the notes jump when you try to move them with either the Move tool or the Smart tool and as you try to slide them with the mouse, they avoid the vertical line of the resolution level set and settle at a point several milliseconds either before or behind the line. I tried testing PRV Snap To with several simple MIDI projects where I would play and record a simple melody of about six or eight quarter notes a little off beat. Next turn on Global Snap To, set the note resolution to a quarter note. All of the off-beat notes were easily moved to their correct position--Snap To worked. Next, turn on PRV Snap To and set resolution to Measure. Some notes now jump when you try to move them and won't settle exactly on the measure line. For example, when I tried to move a note to 3:01:000 it settled at 2:04:953 and couldn't be moved any closer, unless Snap To was turned off. I'm currently using CbB v. 2022.02. I don't think I've encountered this problem in any of the previous versions. Please advise.
  23. Batsbrew, Thanks very much for the recommendation. I'll put them on my list of studios to contact.
  24. I'm looking for a good mastering studio to help us master our first CD album. Most of the music will be ambient electronic music. Needs to be in the Northeastern US. Aleo
  25. Thanks so much for your assistance, Steve. I'll have to download CbB Tools and try your suggestion.
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