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  1. Mike's video tutorials are very helpful and informative for beginners and even experienced users.
  2. aleo

    Problem with Changing Bit Depth

    Amazing! It worked and now I feel really stupid--but I've learned something. Next time I'll do a better job of searching previously answered questions. many thanks Steve.
  3. I've encountered a problem with setting and maintaining my default Audio Driver Bit Depth in both the Preferences page and with new and old Cakewalk projects. A few days ago, I called up an old cwp file and noticed the bit depth had been changed by the program from 24 to 16. I clicked on Preferences>Audio page and discovered that the field for Audio Drive Bit Depth was grayed out with 24 in the field, but I could not change the bit depth to any other value. I then checked several old projects and found that the bit depth had been changed to 16 in all of them. I tried launching a new project and in the New Project File dialog box the bit depth was also set to 16; however, in the dialog box I was able to set it back to 24. The interesting thing is that once I set the bit depth to 24 in the New Project File box, the bit depth was changed back to 24 bits in all of my older projects! My default sample rate set in Preferences is 48 KHz. and the program has not altered this. The only time I use 16 bits and 44.1 KHz is when I'm preparing a file for burning to CD. My questions are: what has caused Cakewalk to change my default bit depth to 16, which I rarely use? How do I get the Audio Drive Bit Depth Field to not be grayed out and allow me to change the bit depth to something other than 24 if I need to? Am I correct in understanding that if the bit depth of a project is set to say 24 and the sample rate set to 48000 that these parameters will be saved with the project and not be altered by changes made in either Preferences or the New Project File dialog box? I am working with CbB v. 2021.11, build 18 on Creation Station PC 450 v6, i7-8700 @ 3.2GHz, 64 bit, running Win. 10 21H1.
  4. Art, About a month ago I installed Windows 10 21H1 on my Creation Station computer and this version is working fine with CbB v. 2021.11 build 18 (and all of my software synths). Have not tried Win. 21H2 yet.
  5. I recently downloaded and installed CbB v. 2021.11, Build 018 and have experienced no problems with this version and Windows 10 21H1. Everything seems to be working fine.
  6. I am planning to upgrade Windows 10 to ver. 21H1. Are there any known issues with Win. 10 21H1 and Cakewalk ver. 2021.09 or the upcoming v. 2021.11?
  7. Good discussion guys. Thanks again MS!
  8. I am running CbB v. 2021.01 on a Creation Station Computer V.6, 64 bit interfaced with a MOTU 828x. The O.S. is Windows 10 Home v. 1803 and I'm thinking of upgrading to v. 1909 (this is what Sweetwater is currently installing). What version of Windows does Cakewalk recommend? Are there settings in this version that you would recommend changing from the default settings for Windows?
  9. Many thanks MS, Scook, and John! I'm learning a lot about these settings. In all of my current projects I'm working with 48kHz. and 24 bits . In Preferences, 64 bit Double Precision Engine is always checked; Record Bit Depth is 24, Render Bit depth is 32.
  10. Thanks for responding Jimbo. I may want to use some plug-ins during the mixdown. The tracks will be mixed and exported as wave files then the final track will be burned on a CD.
  11. I recently opened an old cwp file that I created back when I was using Sonar. it contains eight audio tracks that I was in the final stages of mixing. The tracks' volume and pan envelopes still need some work and I would like to finish this project, but I noticed that everything was recorded 44.1kHz and 16 bit. From the standpoint of preserving the fidelity of the recorded sound, would there be any advantage in exporting these tracks as 48kHz, 24 bit wave files (using pow r 3 dithering) and them importing them to a new CbB project set to work at 48KHz and 24 bit and finish my final mix in the new CbB file? if I do this should I remove the old volume and pan envelopes prior to exporting the tracks?
  12. I just wish the Bakers would get around to fixing the Colors section of Preferences so that every part could be changeable and work like it used to in the old Sonar versions. Please work on this.
  13. aleo

    The "K-System"

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate all the responses and info. I am a complete amateur/noob at mastering. Katz' method or system seemed to have a lot of merit and I knew it had been used with success in the film industry. I'm currently mixing down my tracks for an album, CD and other venues, but plan to have a professional studio do the mastering. I also want to look into LUFS.
  14. Is anyone familiar with engineer Bob Katz' proposed "K-system" of integrated metering and monitoring? Has there been any interest in this system among audio engineers who are doing mastering?
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