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  1. I like the new automation smoothing feature; hope the developers continue to make improvements that make automation easier to use. Also want to wish Mike well and hope to see many more of his excellent videos on the new Sonar.
  2. I prefer to work with my DAW computer offline most of the time. The pop-up ad for Sonar that I experience doesn't interfere with the program in any way; it's just an annoying 19 sec. delay (count-down to Close) every time I initiate CW. Is there any way to prevent the pop-up from recurring while you are working offline?
  3. Several times today I've gotten a 504 Error message after clicking on certain threads.
  4. I received an e-mail today informing me and other subscribers that the August issue of the digital version of Electronic Musician magazine will be the last. The printed form of EM was phased out about a year ago. I was sad to see it go, especially the printed version. I had subscribed to it since the late eighties and it had been my one of my favorite magazines--great articles, interviews with musicians and composers, and excellent reviews of both music-making hardware and software. In its early years, there were often articles on DIY projects; Bob Moog was a contributor and one of the last articles he wrote was "Build the EM Theremin". As I recall, EM had its roots in an earlier periodical called Polyphony that was published by PAiA Electronics. If you remember PAiA synthesizer kits you go back a way. Back in the seventies, DIY projects (some of you may remember Electronotes) and kits were the only way some of us could get started in electronic music. It was exciting and fun to build your own gear, especially when it actually worked, and EM grew out of that tradition. For the future, some of EM's writers may be contributing to a thread at the MusicRadar site, but I'm going to miss EM magazine.
  5. I first experienced the same problem a couple of months ago. I don't often go to the Keyboard Shortcuts page, and this was several months after I updated CbB to v. 2022.11. If I'm moving down the list of pages in Preferences, all of the pages except Keyboard Shortcuts open within less than half a second, but Keyboard Shortcuts takes about six seconds to open. Every function on the page seems to work okay; I can create new shortcuts, bind and unbind keys without any problem. The interesting thing I observed is that once you have opened the Shortcuts page during a CbB session and return to it a second or third time it opens as quickly as the other pages. I don't have any idea of what the cause might be. I did perform a disk defragment a few weeks ago, for routine disk maintenance, and that did seem to reduce the delay by a couple of seconds.
  6. Many thanks, Mark. So, if I'm understanding things correctly both Cakewalk Next and Sonar will run fine on Win. 10.
  7. "AFAIK subscription for Windows 11 only applies to Windows 11 Enterprise Edition, and does not apply to either Windows 11 Home Edition, or Windows 11 Professional." Mark, Looking ahead to moving from CbB to one of the new programs, Sonar or Cakewalk Next, does upgrading to Windows 11 offer any advantages or are we better off sticking with Windows 10? Please advise.
  8. Sorry! I missed your post, John when I looked down the list. Great videos of Astrud's work. I'll remove my post if I can figure out how.
  9. She had the most beautiful, soft, sensuous way of singing love songs and jazz ballads. Thanks to Astrud, Antonio Carlos Jobim's The Girl from Ipanema went on to become one of the most recorded songs ever written. She doesn't even appear in the credits on the original album, Getz/Gilberto that featured saxophonist, Stan Getz and her husband, Joao Gilberto; it was the first time she had sung and been recorded as a professional. What a beginning. I'll miss her very special voice and style of singing.
  10. Very entertaining and educational. I knew Radiohead was doing wonderfully strange things with their chords and the odd, but curiously just right notes they added in their melodies. Great analysis and fun to listen to!
  11. A fine, really nice piece, Jeff. Beautifully played.
  12. Thanks again everyone. You've given me several interesting possibilities and ideas to work with.
  13. Alan -- thanks for responding. I'm looking into Sound Forge; it sounds like a good candidate. Bit Flipper--thanks for the advice on Melodyne, I've got to get back into it and explore its capabilities. " how did you get a 7-octave shift with a tape machine? Best I could ever do was 3 octaves, by recording at 15 ips, playing it back at 7.5 ips and then bouncing to another machine that could do 3.75 ips. I guess you could bounce that back to the 15 ips recorder and repeat the process, but it would sound pretty bad." A very astute question. I was hoping I could get that range out of some of the new software.😉 I was thinking of the ease with which we could change the speed of playback and recording with the old reel-to-reels and you're right, something like six octaves would be pretty challenging. I was able to get more than a three-octave reduction in speed using two tape recorders, one of which was my old Revox A-77 which had a custom-built variable speed control.
  14. Thanks for responding Reginald. I experimented with Melodyne a little bit last year. I'll take another look at it for this application.
  15. I'm looking for a kind or plug-in that will allow me to shift the pitch of wave files I've recorded from various sounds in nature, percussion kits, pieces if junk, etc. This is not regular pitch shifting; I'm talking about shifting the pitch either up or down by as much as six or seven octaves like we used to be able to do with reel-to-reel tape recorders. If the plug-in will work on audio clips within Cakewalk that's fine, but I need it to at least work on wave files. Quality of sound or fidelity is more important to me that cost.
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