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  1. Really appreciate it!
  2. Really appreciate the feedback and kind words.
  3. Excellent cover. Love the clav, and the horns sound solid for midi.
  4. I thought the choice of all the various synths was spot on. Everything fit together really well, and the vocals sounded great.
  5. Honestly, I wasn't too wild about the opening synth, but then when the chorus hit at around 0:50 it all came together and only got better from there. Vocals were excellent..
  6. Oh, I love those keys. Awesome work.
  7. I love those kind of happy "accidents" where something unintended becomes a key element. A really well done, solid song.
  8. Takes me back to listening to experimental radio while making late night burger king runs. Loved it.
  9. Really impressive. Very well done. Love the piano solo, but (as a piano player) I would have liked to hear it a little more forward Jeff
  10. Thanks so much, Larry. Jeff
  11. For some reason I got a strong They Might Be Giants vibe from this, which, in my opinion, is a good thing. I really enjoyed it. Very inventive. Jeff
  12. Brilliant! That was so much fun. Jeff
  13. Many thanks for your kind words.
  14. Loved it. I feel this takes it up a notch compared to previous songs of yours i've heard. Really well done. Also, I like the video as is. I think it fits the music really well.
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