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  1. Thanks so much. Really appreciate the feedback! jeff
  2. Cool vocal effect and tastefully done. I did find that there were some timing issues, maybe problems with syncing between different different tracks. Especially some of the percussion tracks didn't seem to line up. Other than that though, very well done! jeff
  3. Awesome! I always loved this song and you did it justice. jeff
  4. I listened. I survived and hearing is unimpaired, best I can tell. Wookies should sing more often. Turns out their vocals are rather engaging. I was intrigued (and impressed) by this :
  5. I loved that main guitar lick that comes in, and then gets mirrored by the bass. That was really cool. I nice chill tune. jeff
  6. Very catchy. I felt like your lyrics were speaking directly to me... jeff
  7. I really loved the soundscape with the opening synths and pads. And then the guitar hit and that took it too another level. But as I listened further, it seemed to me that it had trouble resolving into whether it was in a major or minor key. The opening synths seemed to be mostly on major chords, when the guitar came in the backing synths were minor, but the guitar was still playing major scales. So the sound was very cool, but also left me a little confused trying to figure out the tonality. jeff
  8. Outstanding guitar, and vocals sound really good. I agree with the comment that you could bring the drums up a little. jeff
  9. Very professional. Kudo's to the new singer. Video was really well done too. jeff
  10. David, Thanks so much for the kind words and feedback. I'll check out your suggestions on compressing the velocity range. The piano is the Grandeur from Native Instruments. jeff
  11. Thanks. I've been reading a lot about Soothe. My birthday is coming up. I might have to give a few hints to my wife....
  12. Thanks so much. I have always been impressed by how good professionally produced music sounds on pretty much everything. Sure, it's not as good on my phone as on my Beyer Dynamics , but it still sounds really good. So I have this (maybe misguided notion) that if I can get something to sound good on my phone, I will have come a long way in mixing. I have like 5 different sets pf speakers and headphone I listen to now when I'm working on a new song, and by far the hardest to get translation on are my phone, and super crappy set of $6 Panasonic headphones. jeff
  13. jwnicholson78


    Beautiful. That was excellent. The music fits the images really well. With the new James Webb telescope, there will be many new exciting images to put to music. Something to look forward too! jeff
  14. Very nice. If that chill guitar didn't cool you off, nothing will. jeff
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