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  1. Lynn, thanks so much. The comparison to Joplin is humbling. I've only got a few solo piano pieces but here's a ragtime I did what seems like ages ago now. I also did a version with some percussion and horns.
  2. I'm really liking this series. Something about the opening put me in the mind of Clockwork Orange. My favorite part was around the 3 minute mark when the rhythmic synth kicked in followed by the call and response.
  3. I do like it indeed. That's the way the blues is supposed to sound!
  4. Impressive! I really liked that.
  5. Thanks so much freddy! I was trying to pull in a lot of different styles that influenced me. Hope it worked!
  6. Very nice. I have never heard of Thomas Tallus. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to learn more about him.
  7. Very impressive compositions. Did you record these? The sound like maybe they are little too quantized and could benefit from some humanization.
  8. jwnicholson78

    mix setup

    Sounds great on my super cheap headphones.
  9. I really liked the arrangement. Guitar sounded great. I do agree with other comments that the lead was maybe a little too quantized.
  10. Very nice. I like the overall feel and vibe and vocals sound great. Around the 3 minute mark or so i was wanting some more variation of new elements to enter the mix. I felt for the length some of there was a little too much repetition. Overall well done!
  11. Thanks so much! It's a piano library. I used the Grandeur from Native Instruments.
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