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  1. Wow, thanks so much for the kind words! The entire song was written using the Android version of FL Studio Mobile on my tablet, and all the sounds used come stock with it. For the past few years, when the family went on vacation, I would set myself a challenge of trying to write and finish a short song while on vacation in the wee morning hours when I'm usually the only one awake. FL Studio Mobile is great for that. Then, when I get home after the vacation is over I do a little bit of final mixing in Cakewalk.
  2. Thanks so much for the listen and the comment!
  3. I'm really enjoying the mix of synths and orchestral samples, as well as the overall composition. Well done.
  4. I had a friend in high school who gave me a button that said "why be normal?" He also gave me a button that said "Be alert. The world needs more lerts." I always liked that guy. This sounds a little off center from normal to me. Probably why I liked it. As usual I really liked all the sounds you chose, especially the lead.
  5. jwnicholson78


    Beautiful. The nylon string sounds amazing. Really well played and the composition is top notch.
  6. Loved the track; it's taking me back to the 80's indeed. The video was enjoyable, too.
  7. I have been told in the past that I lack patience, so the fault was probably in the listener. I did think the sounds you chose were beautiful, and everything after 4 minutes was really engaging.
  8. Thanks! No idea if it's usual or not, but there was a tropical depression that came through just south of us the day before, so maybe that's the reason?
  9. Thanks so much for the comment! Jeff
  10. Thanks so much listening and taking the time to comment.
  11. First time I have been in the area. We really liked it there. I think we got hit by a couple of those 4:30 thunderstorms, though.
  12. I'd agree with all the previous comments. I really enjoyed this. It sounds ready for the radio to me and I loved the vocals! Jeff
  13. I think if I were meditating right now this would be perfect, but, full disclosure, I fast forwarded to 4 minutes, after listening to the first full chord decay. Loved everything after that
  14. I'm listening on my cheap headphones. Sounds really good. I really like the guitars on this one. Great job.
  15. Sounds great on my cheap headphones. I really like the bass and the break that starts at 3::20. Lyrics are fun, too. Well done! Jeff
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