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  1. 🤣 Thanks! I know what you mean. I just wrote it. I certainly didn't dance to it! Jeff
  2. Thanks Wookie. Great to know I was able to pull off an authentic orchestral sound!
  3. Sounds great to me. Well done.
  4. Beautiful lyrics and vocals! Jeff
  5. Great song., the message is spot on. It's just a shame that we need songs like this right now. Jeff
  6. Great song. I liked the original and the new mix definitely took it to the next level. I personally preferred the first snare to the second, but either way, it's an awesome tune. Jeff
  7. Tom, Thanks. Really glad to hear that. It's nice to know that the work was worth in the end! Jeff
  8. Very relaxing. I could see myself meditating to this. Jeff
  9. Excellent job. Jeff
  10. Hope the paw shakes get better. As a piano player, I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. Your songs are always so engaging, and this one didn't disappoint. I feel lifted, indeed. Jeff
  11. A very impressive and engaging composition. The interplay between the orchestral instruments and synths is outstanding. jeff
  12. Kudos to all involved. That was a lot of fun. Jeff
  13. Very well done. Guitar sounds outstanding, and the composition is great! I'd love to hear some organ in there, too, but that's just me Jeff
  14. Great song. Mix sounds good and I really enjoyed this, especially the harmonies and the break that hits at around 2:30. Nice guitar solo. Fixing the timing issues would really take this to the next level. Jeff
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