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  1. Thanks, Tom. Appreciate the feedback.
  2. Thanks! The kids had blast making the video.
  3. Thanks, Larry. Appreciate the listen and suggestions. jeff
  4. Lot of really cool stuff going on. I really liked it. Maybe it's intentional , but there is something about the timing between the synth and the percussion that from around 0:14 to 0:30 that seems off to me, almost like they are playing at slightly different tempos. jeff
  5. Thanks for the kind words. Sadly this stretched my guitar skills to the limit. Any guitar jam is well beyond my abilities 🤣 jeff
  6. I enjoyed that. I never saw this particular episode, but looked it up and found that Rod Serling considered this his favorite episode from the first season. I'll have to check it out. jeff
  7. Nice! Perfect for Christmas Eve. jeff
  8. Great version, and I loved the pupper videos. jeff
  9. I agree, this has potential. It's got a good drive to it, and the synth sounds you selected. You've got a good base, so I'm sure if you keep at it you will find a tune that you feel better about to go with it. jeff
  10. Well done. I enjoyed the listen. jeff
  11. Really well done. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Forum Monkeys! Thanks for posting this. jeff
  12. Nice holiday tune. Thanks for posting and Merry Christmas! jeff
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