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[CLOSED] Cakewalk 2022.06 Update 1 Early Access

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We're pleased to announce Early Access for Update 1 of 2022.06! This release includes a small handful of user reported stability issues.

If you have encountered any of these issues, please check out this release and and confirm that your issue is resolved before we release the official public version. 

Please note that Early Access installers are update installers, which only update from a specific version. To install the 2022.06 Update 1 Early Access build, you must be on the latest public release of 2022.02 or later. 

Download Cakewalk 2022.06 Update 1 EA installer

If you haven't already done so, please read about the Early Access Program before participating.
Please keep responses specific to problems or comments on this release. Unrelated bugs or feature requests should be posted in other threads or the feature request channel.

Thanks again for your participation!
The Bakers


Issues Resolved in Build

  • Audio Export presets not changing file type
  • Extend Takes to Punch Out Time always reverts to loop End time when not loop comping
  • Extend Takes to Punch Out Time / Comping Loop extend clip behavior should also work for MIDI clip recording
  • Note Name Changes in Piano Roll view revert after clicking note
  • Tracks are added in reverse order when moving to folder
  • Process Effect plugin window requires minimum size
  • Some users experiencing Activation Error 20
  • Updated to latest Microsoft VC re-distributables


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there are always some bug fixes. we updated the compiler so needed to push the latest redist as well. Shouldn't be any compat issues.
I also did it because I originally thought it would address the error 20 issue. That turned out to be something completely environmental and not related to our code.
But I've worked around it with the help of a couple of forum users.

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It seems crashes with certain plugins and instruments in track templates has been resolved. My track templates with e.g. NI Kontakt and Audified Peridot LE now seem to work ok.

Thanks for whatever was done to fix it!  👍  It may well have been the VC redist update as well.


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- MIDI track is muted.
- Keystation 49es keyboard command is executed, but no sound is heard.
- Even putting it on the ground, you can't hear the sound.
- When trying to delete tracks from the synthesizer the application gives CRASH

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