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  1. Hi jesse Alternative and experimental don't are my fav styles of music,my opinion has no value because i don't have knowledges in this style.Anyway the song sound insteresting sometimes caotic,but i think is inherent to this style of music.I think is a good job you did. Regards
  2. FJ Lamela

    African Skies

    I say as Tom said. I agree!
  3. FJ Lamela

    Light Up the Dark

    Hey Rex. Wow!!!! Your production is really great.The mix is very very well done.All the instruments sits in the mix correctly.The vocals are good.(Are you the singer??).The master sound good,Maybe a little bit more of bass can improve the sound,but is really good anyway. Really cool.
  4. Hello The cover is very good, other people have said that it looks quite like the original, but that is a cover, it is about maintaining the essence of the original interpreted by another artist. In my opinion it is very well achieved, the great singer, the mix Correct and the video is cool. PD: Is the album on spotify?
  5. FJ Lamela

    Fe (Faith)

    Thanks a lot for listen and your comment!. Thanks!
  6. Hello,i've listened your track. It reminds me of groups and songs from the mid to late 90s that are recorded in the collective memory of all music lovers of that time. The song is good, the mix is correct and the master has that ninety balance that I remember. Good job.
  7. Thanks for watching and listen!.
  8. Very very original,smart & fun,Great! The soundtrack is cool too
  9. FJ Lamela

    Fe (Faith)

    Thanks to you Wookiee for listen!
  10. Hi Wookie,i've listened your song and I have felt a certain nostalgia when I have identified sounds that have been recorded in the memory of all lovers of musical technology. It is an easy song to hear, and beautiful and even relaxing. A job very well done.
  11. FJ Lamela

    Fe (Faith)

    Thanks for listen Douglas.Yes is music for the Dance floor. Thanks again!
  12. FJ Lamela


    Very nice,sounds very cinematic,and realistic.
  13. FJ Lamela

    My Apologies

    All the best to you garybrun!
  14. FJ Lamela

    Swedish Song

    Nice and softly,Very well done,the mix is very good.I do not know if it is a lullaby, but it could be perfectly. A little more shine on the guitar would be very good. A very beautiful song and very well arranged.
  15. Hi John,your production is really good.I like the feel and vibe.The mix is great,every element is very well placed in a 3d space.The master sound very good,a little bit compressed to my ears but is inherent to this style of music.Congratulations! You got a new folower!
  16. FJ Lamela

    Fe (Faith)

    Thanks a lot for listen,your comments help me a lot. Thanks again!
  17. FJ Lamela

    Fe (Faith)

    Greetings, I would like to share with you some fragments of my new work, I know they are musical styles that everyone does not like, but even so, I would appreciate it if you heard them. Thanks in advance.
  18. The last mix is the best in my opinion too,Congratulations!
  19. sounds a little better now,but a little bit bright yet,to my ears.
  20. FJ Lamela


    Very nice and easy listening.Really nice!.
  21. Your song is really good.The mix is ok,but the master is not (in my opinion),a little bit honky and bright sound (around 1,5khz to 3,5khz).The song is great anyway.Congratulations!.
  22. Very nice song,very well played.Powerfull and relaxing at the same time.The recording is good.Congrats!
  23. Thanks a lot for the info Noel!. Great Work!
  24. This new update work as rock.Thanks a million! No problems at the moment!
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