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  1. Studio One, tells you what amount of latency added by the plugins you have in the projects, i think to know this is very positive sometimes in some projects.
  2. Hello, In some DAWs, you can see at the bottom of the arranger window how much latency is being added by the plugins you are using in the project. Is there any way to meet him on Cakewalk? I think it would be very interesting to also have this option as in the other DAW. Thanks.
  3. I have experienced this problem constantly with some vst3 instruments, mainly roland cloud. Instruments 5080 and 1080 vst3. When I have saved the project and reopened it, the presets load incorrectly. I've tried some fixes, but none of them work. This problem is present since old versions of cakewalk. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Any possible solution? Thanks in advance.
  4. I wouldn't change either. But in my humble opinion I think it's good to know what our Daw fails, and also for developers to be able to fix this kind of thing that makes the product go from good to Excellent. 馃槈
  5. After reading and see this interesting articles and testings... Daw v Daw 7.2 update, again... (admiralbumblebee.com) Daw V DAW 7.2 - MIDI Input Latency/Jitter tests for All DAWs (S1 redeems itself?!?) - YouTube I ask myself and the great Cakewalk team, the following question, What is the current midi jitter situation at Cakewalk? Unfortunately the creator of the test has not included Cakewalk in his tests, so we do not know from his methodology the situation of this fantastic Daw. But knowing that they suffer from midi Jitter: ProTools, Cubase, Digital Performer and Waveform and that have no midi jitter: Logic, Ardor, Live, Mixbus and Reaper I would like to know what situation Cakewalk is in. It is curious that the creator of the test explains that the developers of Presonus Studio One have corrected the Midi Jitter problems after reading his article and knowing his results. I want always, thank the Cakewalk team for their efforts, and also thank them for an answer to this interesting question in my humble opinion. Thanks again.
  6. FJ Lamela

    Beat Loud

    Made with Cakewalk and voxengo plugins. Beat Loud - F. J. Lamela & Nympholepsy - YouTube
  7. i've experienced same issue sometimes,and i dont know why.
  8. Muy buen tema y buena producci贸n. Enhorabuena
  9. FJ Lamela


    Es una muy buena canci贸n aunque logicamente se nota el paso del tiempo en la producci贸n y en la calidad de sonido. Pero rehaciendo partes de la producci贸n y rehaciendo la mezcla tienes un Hit.Me encantaria re-producir este tema contigo. It's a very good song, although logically the sound quality and production sound a little old. But redoing parts of the production and redoing the mix you have a hit. I would love to re-produce this song with you again. Saludos desde Espa帽a. www.fjlamela.com www.marveloustracks.com
  10. Thank you very much for hearing the song. That helps us a lot for our next productions. Thank you also for your nice comment. Greetings from Spain
  11. Muchisimas gracias por haber escuchado el tema,eso nos ayuda muschisimo en nuestras proximas producciones. Gracias por tus bonitas palabras. Un abrazo fuerte!
  12. Saludos desde Espa帽a . Una canci贸n muy bonita y muy bien interpretada y producida. El master siempre se podr铆a mejorar ;). Con respecto a los servicios de streaming,pues todos hacen que tu master pierda calidad debido a la compresion con perdidas (mp3,aac,ogg,etc). No obstante muy bonita producci贸n, felicidades. Greetings from Spain . A very beautiful song and very well performed and produced. The master could always be improved Regarding streaming services, they all make your master lose quality due to lossy compression (mp3, aac, ogg, etc). However very nice production, congratulations.
  13. https://open.spotify.com/track/5H4bopz87NmkmJlw2VUhve?si=0a6576a4bc03402f Produced ,arranged and mixed in Cakewalk Bandlab. Thanks for listen Thanks Cakewalk Bandlab.
  14. Thanks for your awesome work and constant innovation.Thanks a lot Team.
  15. Nice song,nice production. In my opinion the lead vocal is very front in the mix,maybe push it back a little bit will let mix breath and sound more cohesion. A great song anyway! Congrats!
  16. Thanks a lot Nigel,Thanks for listen and your opinion.
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