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  1. Quando eu importo faixas de modelos com agregados BUS, a imagem que identifica o projeto desaparece. Isso não é uma tradução, mas um problema de aplicativo
  2. A integração da área de trabalho com bandlab.com não foi traduzida.
  3. Quando eu importo faixas de modelos com agregados BUS, a imagem que identifica o projeto desaparece.
  4. when insert tracks from template tracks with buses the image jpg project is deleted.
  5. When exporting to wav I started to receive the following message: An internal error occurred while processing the mix. The operation was unsuccessful. Operation canceled
  6. I have only two choices: automatical or internal.
  7. Your article and review are very good. However, it could have gone a little deeper into the question of having our productions blocked by the platforms due to the excess in the parameters determined by them. When I went on the path of interacting with the parameters required by each platform, I ended up thinking that my productions lacked volume. When I turned up the volume / lufs were declined. I am finishing a new album in which I put as parameter -10 LUFs and I will, soon, go up to the platforms. I hope I will not be refused, following your views.
  8. Hello, thank you very much for the brief return, but unfortunately, even after the suggested configurations, the problems of popping and lagging continued to happen. It seems to be something of a sharing conflict between Cakewalk and other background applications. Not to mention this amount of Edge being executed without me even being in the application.
  9. Hello, thanks for the feedback. My system consists only of the Tascam US-600 interface, where I connect 2 condenser microphones. My computer is a Dell XPS 8930 with 8Giga. In it are connected the other devices: keystation 49es, Alesis Monitors, keyboards and mouse via bluetooth. I don't know what to do to follow your tip. If you can better clarify.
  10. I have a Tascam US-600 that works very well in the new versions of the cakewalk with a small twist: In some situations it starts to make several clicks until it completely disfigures the synchronization with the projection BPM, metronome, etc. I can recover the sync and make the pops disappear if I access the interface application and activate the Sample Clock Source list box for any of your options. I notice that there was a correct reconfiguration when I heard a small crack in the headphones. The question is: is there a way for the cakewalk application itself to automatically reconfigure for the current situation? What can I do to stop this from happening?
  11. Hello. I use MLoudnessAnalyzer, but I was doing it at the end of the mix. I tried to make the measurement on each of my tracks, but the processing was quite heavy. Is there a way to measure the necessary gain to be placed on each track and put it directly on the gain fader? Another doubt is that, if so, the final volume, even if the -14 lufs are maintained, will increase. I ask why I have done the metering of -14 lufs in the whole mix and this reduces the volume a lot. Even because the mastering of the bandlab does not have for streaming
  12. Audacity como um utilitário no Cakewalk Bandlab Seria possível usar o Audacity como um utilitário no Cakewalk da mesma forma que no Sound Forge? Como configurar o regedit se possível?
  13. MicrosoftEdgeWebview2Setup.exe This is the installer webview2
  14. In all those years that I use Cakewalk Bandlab I think that this procedure was one of the most problematic brought by a version. As it is implemented, I think it will be a major obstacle to the updates, if it is not overcome by another installation strategy. @Noel Borthwick
  15. I try, but the instalation is equal. not is made
  16. Installation of the Portuguese version hangs.
  17. Is it possible to quantize a selected section on a MIDI track?
  18. I bring an implementation suggestion that helps users who are available to test the beta versions. Thus, as in the case of changes to production versions, the beta application should also do it for users who use these versions when a new update is made available. This is important so that Beta users can continue to contribute to improving the version.
  19. The problem is new in version 3. Reverting to the old version works again. 0 - Projeto Padrão Milton Sica.rar
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