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  1. Problemas na exportação de vídeo para MP4. Meu disco tem espaço livre.
  2. Yes. My installation is in Portugueze. Now, is perfect. Thank you.
  3. I believe that the question to be solved would be: how to register the plugins without the need to do a "clean installation". The danger of doing a clean installation is to lose the settings you have. So the question to be answered is: HOW TO REGISTER THE PLUGINS FOR WHAT CAKEWALK ACKNOWLEDGES?
  4. Classic Creative Suite audio effects is not installed. I can't find it in the list of available plugins.
  5. Where i found the Classic Creative Suite audio effects ?
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Where is this default configuration made / checked? Like this ?
  7. This VST Read message box does not close automatically. Is it possible to configure it to be closed automatically?
  8. Thanks for your help, but the guidelines you gave me are not entirely true, if not, let's see: 1) I have a certain instrument that has only 2 audio tracks and one mid. 2) Both tracks have only volume automation. 3) Select only those tracks, including the folder and do an Edit -> Copy 4) I go to the project where I want to copy and command Edit -> Paste and the result is the one below. The destination project was empty. 5) Now, if in the destination project I insert an audio track and proceed with Edit -> Paste what happens is as below. That is: it only makes the copy if it has a specific audio track to receive the first track of the instrument in the initial project
  9. HOW TO IMPORT AN INSTRUMENT AND ALL TRACKS AND EVENTS IN ANOTHER PROJECT. I need to import an instrument and all its tracks, events, automation into a project. Is it possible to do that ?
  10. I think that my version is in portuguese ! (?????)
  11. Yes. The path as equal. A question: do you have a url to made download vstscan.exe ?
  12. No. Not work. I reinstalling Bandlab.
  13. After I upgraded my Windows 10 to version 2004 the vst scan stopped working. It gets stuck.
  14. Tanks for your attention. To me only after the upgrade to version 2004
  15. To is equal. The vst not is found. Execute only in one folder after the upgrade my windows to 2004.
  16. To me is equal after upgrade to Windows 10 2004
  17. The new version windows 10 2004 not scan all vsts.
  18. I don't understand this. Today i receive this message. But my version is early acess. I updated de Bandlab Assistant where is not message to update the aplicattion.
  19. How is posible identify if the plug-in have antecipate buffers ?
  20. Tank you very much for your time and respect.
  21. Thank you for your rating. However, all of this verification is not transparent to the usability of users who do not have knowledge to evaluate the countless information included in the log file. My suggestion is that this information should be more transparent to the user on the Plugin Manager screen.
  22. PROCHANNEL PRESETS - Does the documentation clarify anything about what standard PROCHANNEL PRESETs do? By the names it is known that they are intended for Voice, Drums, etc. I suggest including this information in the documentation, as it would greatly facilitate its use, as well as learning to create and maintain personalized presets. The CAL scripts have in their comments what each one is for.
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