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  1. Thank you very much. I made the settings and the deletion via Realtek Asio regedit. When exporting a project to WAV I heard a loud crack at the end. See how the final export turned out. With this config My export config with this config
  2. Thanks for your help. Delays: The playback cursor is already in time ..... and playback on the monitors has not yet been heard. At the marked point the playback cursor is when the sound is actually heard on the monitor. I can only resume daw-sound sync if I make a change in the "Sample Clock Source" box from one option to another. It doesn't matter, as long as I hear a little click on the monitors. Another detail is that if I change the latency for the US-600, even after applying this setting, it does not change.
  3. Hi, I have the same with my Tascam US-600. After I deleted the Asio4All driver and left only the native interface driver, my problems were practically over. I've only noticed a few minor delays. Could you tell me what preference settings you are using in sync? Thanks.
  4. @Noel Borthwick I want to bring you a statement and maybe you can better clarify. As you know I use a Tascam US-600 Interface which is a discontinued equipment. In some versions of the DAW I was only able to improve my use without cracks and delays in playback or restart that forced me to run the interface application to resume the usage pattern using ASIO4ALL. These days I found a guideline on a site that said that, even in older interfaces, if it has its own ASIO driver, windows 10 would interpret it better than encapsulating with ASIO4ALL. I followed the oriented procedures to uninstall ASIO4ALL and use only the interface's native Asio. So far I've only seen improvement in use, the use being much more transparent and functional than before when I had to keep checking if the default values were set, etc. I don't know if it was just that or some improvement brought by the latest versions of our DAW.
  5. Guys, I'm not sure I understand what the discussion actually is in this topic, but I bring my insights on the topic CPU and speed perceived by the user when exporting projects. I exported a relatively large project with the alternatives suggested by some users here in this topic. I timed the export time. 1) Use "Always Stream Audio Through FX" preferences: No speed change. 2) Do not use "Always Stream Audio Through FX" preferences: No speed change. 3) Turn off the audio engine: No speed change 4) Audio engine on: No speed change These are my settings in this test.
  6. Milton Sica


    Very good ! This also works without the need for editing setup.
  7. Milton Sica


    this work. great
  8. Milton Sica


    Great ! Great work. Thank you very much Note: As long as that configuration is done or does the script go over this parameterization?
  9. Milton Sica


    Great ! I thought it might be something in my setup and it was. Exactly ! Now it works! Thank you very much !
  10. Milton Sica


    Excuse me. I'm following what you did step by step, but it doesn't work for me. Could it have something to do with some recording treatment parameter (combine, replace, sound to sound) or other parameterization?
  11. Milton Sica


    Thank you very much for the help, but for me it didn't work. Initial scenario - two midis tracks with their own content When following the suggested procedure what happens is not a merge of notes, but the replacement in MIDI 2 by the contents of MIDI 1
  12. Milton Sica


    Thanks for your help, but it didn't work! My wish is that MIDI track 26 will contain MIDI tracks 27 and 28 combined.
  13. Milton Sica


    How to turn multiple MIDI tracks into a single MIDI track? I know there is a CAL script that does the opposite (separating a midi into multiple tracks).
  14. To me is equal. I just had an incident with my interface. The application simply silences everything. I closed the project and opened it. There was silence. I closed the Daw and opened it. There was silence. I ran the project and disconnected the USB cable from the interface. Daw didn't recognize it. I reconnected the cable, answered the question with No, and the sound returned.
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