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  1. Hello, something that was not clear to me in the documentation is, if it is possible to migrate VST2 -> VST3 in this configuration, the presets or parameterization until then existing in the plugin is maintained or only the replacement of VST2 -> VST3 is made, being included in the plugin's default parameterization as if included for the first time.
  2. In fact, I didn't see any reference in the documentation to this field that is not hidden, but exists in a line of type TAKE. I'll try to improve my view of it working on the Model.
  3. I can see on clicking that there is a "Box", but I can't get into the edit. How to enter the editing/inclusion of information in this "hidden field"?
  4. I get good results when "EXPORTING TO CLIPS". In the new generated clip/track the pops disappear for me.
  5. Milton Sica

    MIDI Choir

    I managed to do it as follows. For basic use I used 3 tracks, one with the audio of the original voice, another with the audio of the duplicated voice and a third MIDI. 1) Insert the MIDICHOIR in the second audio track. (track 1 and 2 have the same WAV content) 2) Enable MIDI Input/Output Plugin. 3) I created the MIDI content by copying it with CTRL - SHIFT and dragging the audio file to the MIDI track, transforming its content into MIDI. 4) I set the MIDI output to MIDCHOIR. It worked. Detail > Only works if the track has the same recorded audio content as the track where the MIDICHOIR was inserted I got good results from multiple voices doing only the sung melodic sequence (Song Chords)
  6. Milton Sica

    MIDI Choir

    @msmcleod Hi, Has anyone managed to use MIDICHOIR in Cakewalk Bandlab?
  7. Thank you for your help. I answer your question. 1) WAV files with data that should be on the respective tracks in the project are not present at their place/time. 2) WAV files are in the AUDIO folder.
  8. Thank you for your help. I understand that if there was this loss of references, the project itself would not have them in an intelligible listing of these references. Do you find it very difficult for the DAW to provide an intelligible listing of the insert time references for each wav? I ask why I have the configuration for generating project versioning. If the DAW had this listing in some of the saved versions, this information could be retrieved more easily.
  9. Thanks a lot for the feedback. It is a theory to be tested. I've done several tests to reinsert the files. By his theory there would be an identification by the DAW where they should be inserted and it would put each WAV in "its place". Unfortunately I didn't get that result. When multiple files are imported, as many new tracks are created as there are files. When importing WAVs one by one in sequence, the DAW appends them to the end of each one without retrieving any reference to the timestamp at which it would be inserted. As a result, this information is only available in the project file. Therefore, if the project has this information that is used to reinsert or reference the files at their correct times, it would be very good to be able to generate a listing with these settings. @msmcleod What do you think about this ?
  10. Thanks a lot for the feedback. Yes ! The wavs are all there intact. There is a sequence of takes and the modification date/time is a step towards recovery. I can do this on tracks that start from team 0:00:00. The problem is in inserting those WAVs from several outlets.
  11. This is very good as it is a big step towards recovery in cases like the one I described. In these cases, unfortunately, I have not found a solution. It's too bad, because ALL WAVS are there in their own folder and without possibility of insertion in their correct times.
  12. This information only exists when the wav (clip) is in the project. The problem is when, as I described, the file disappears from the project.
  13. I ask if it would be possible to generate a single midi track and use the TRANSPOSE plugin via automation or the ARTICULATION MAP to make the notes. Via automation I couldn't see the Transpose plugin control that I could use for this. In the image an example of how I think it could be done.
  14. Thank you very much. Unfortunately this doesn't help much, because the biggest problem is precisely knowing where (time) in the project each file should be placed. Perhaps this could turn out to be a very interesting logging implementation to record. It would be great to be able to identify exactly the time where each recording/wav should be inserted.
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