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  1. Hello. I suggest searching the Forum for the keyword ASIO. There are already more than a hundred responses on the subject.
  2. I did a procedure that seems to be working: 1 - With Bandlab active, I physically remove the USB cable that connects the Tascm US-600 to the computer. 2 - I wait a few seconds. 3 - I am waiting for Bandlab to inform you that the device has been disconnected and if I want to stop Transport. 4 - I reconnect the USB cable. 5 - I answer YES. 6 - I still need, via application of the Tascam US-600, to restart it. Everything is back to normal for reproductions and recordings.
  3. I have a machine, the description of which follows below, where I have encountered the following problems: 1 - Whenever I restart the machine when executing projects around 40, 60 seconds, pops and delays start to appear. 2 - Keeping the machine on and, after it has entered a state of power suspension, when I return the problems disappear. I believe that this is due to some state change in the equipment's CPU and / or memory configuration. When Bandlab Desktop worked correctly, without delays, without latencies, the existing settings were those shown in the images. I was unable to configure the machine to the same state as this good configuration. Any tips?
  4. The problem started on windows 10 from 1903 for devices discontinued by the manufacturers. I have a Tascam US-600. I was only able to minimize my latency problems, crackles, dropouts, etc. using the device control program in conjunction with asio4all. As the projects I configure buffers, etc.
  5. Passei por esse problema e ainda o tenho de forma amenizada. 1 - Minhas configs estão listadas em meus comentários. 2 - Instalei o Asio4All e consegui melhorar bastante meus dropouts. Ainda são constantes e, de quando em quando, tenho que usar o config da minha placa para reiniciar. 3 - Já relatei ao suporte esses problemas, mas não chegamos a uma solução. 4 - A questão de DAW, ASIO e interface é um gande problema agravado pelo Windows 10 para algumas interfaces antigas.
  6. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=AudioPerformance.24.html
  7. Thanks. I solved the problem like this: 1 - Configuring Bandlab to always run as an Administrator. 2 - And changing security properties for users of the machine in the VST 32 folder.
  8. When exporting a project, I receive the message when it enters the stage of exporting the mix.
  9. Não tenho problemas nenhum de tradução. Minha língua mãe é o Português do Brasil. Utilizo o tradutor on line do Google Chorme.
  10. Tanks. But i think that this convertion can be more transparent or automatized for the cakewalk. Unfortunelly in this moment have only this mode.
  11. I have a project recorded with sample rate 48. I have encountered many latency problems with my interface. I believe that converting it to sample 44.100 will have less problems, since I have recorded it now in 44,100 almost without any problem.
  12. With the installation of the latest version, some projects do not stop running at the end. What to do to limit the final reproduction time of the project?
  13. I had the same problem with my Tascam US-600 discontinued by the manufacturer. I was able to obtain significant improvements when using the Asio4All driver (http://www.asio4all.org). Today I work with much less problems, almost imperceptible. From time to time I need to use the application of the card itself to reset it. I hope this helps you.
  14. I have a Tascam US-600 which is an interface discontinued by the manufacturer. For me it is the same, that is: always after each update of Windows 10 - Currently 1909, I can only use it with little latency after uninstalling and reinstalling the drives. For that I use Asio4All.
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