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  1. Thanks, but the that i search no is a new hardware and , yes, one software to do this. Like AutoHotKey or MacroRecorder.
  2. @msmcleod I know this topic has another focus, but I didn't find one where I could ask the question. Could anyone tell me if this new version of SONAR already contains macros for executing tasks such as in REAPER?
  3. I completely agree with this. In fact, "pricing" as stated was already a very poorly thought out strategy, but.....
  4. I live in Brazil where the Real/Dollar exchange rate is 5/1. In other countries in our Latin America the exchange rate disparity is even greater. If we talk about African countries, certainly even more so. So, for those who live in a first world country like you, the exchange rate variation is not significant, but for those of us in the third, fourth, fifth world, pricing is something important in our options. You ask: Did they stay at Cakewalk because it was free? The answer is a resounding YES! Therefore, I am completely sure that, as citizens of countries on this side of the world, we always produce our work with free plugins, free applications, etc. I don't know if I understood the topic, but I tried.
  5. To take advantage of the translation theme. I installed it to test the new SONAR and realized that many screens still remain untranslated into my language (Portuguese). Is this true or not? I post it here in this topic, as there are already so many topics about the new SONAR version that it is quite confusing to follow.
  6. I have been following the posts regarding the new (???) Sonar and would like to make some suggestions regarding the pricing of the product. I believe it would be very interesting, including from the perspective of Marketing and Sales strategy, to propose different prices for the continents. I think this would be very interesting for propagation and even reaching more users. All of this is due to the exchange rate relationship that exists for us in Latin America, Africa, etc., causing the exchange rate difference between our currency and the dollar. For North Americans, Canadians, Europeans, etc. to have this perception, to compare $1.00 (one American dollar) we, Brazilians, have to pay R$5.26 (five reais and twenty-six cents) today. Imagine if the price already stipulated in dollars today in all situations were multiplied by 5.....
  7. I went through this too and gave up. Especially when I've seen in several posts that the tool has many bugs recognized by the development team itself.
  8. This is very strange. I also made 2 posts where, based on Noel himself's statement about the correction of hundreds of BUGs, which were simply deleted from the topics. Do I ask the forum moderators about what types of comments we can make or is it only allowed to make compliments?
  9. I didn't find anything like that and I'm giving up trying here. I'm going to wait for the commercial version to be released and then think about whether I'm going to remigrate, as I'm doing well in REAPER. Thanks.What is the activation procedure? I double click on the box that requests it, sends it to the website and there the procedure is, as far as I can see, hidden.
  10. What is the activation procedure? I double click on the box that requests it, sends it to the website and there the procedure is, as far as I can see, hidden.
  11. Installed. And I remain confused about some things. I found the installation process for this version without any improvements in installation time. The loading time of a project in the previous version I also found to be very slow. When trying to activate me, my BANDLAB username was not accepted. The new interface I found to be very similar to the REAPER that I have been using. I didn't notice access to visual improvements, apart from dark mode. I don't know if I'm right, but it seems like just a "makeup" over the latest free version. It's just an impression. The much talked about improvement in interaction with screens was not taken to the FX Chairs.
  12. I am very confused by this topic. Has the new Sonar already been released or just some that are in the BETA version?
  13. You asked in a forum about a portuguese translation.

    Over the last few month I'm trying to learn portuguese. 

    Maybe we can help each other.

  14. I downloaded and installed Center. In it I commanded the download of Add-ons that did not appear as installed for me, even though they were. I commanded the installation and, even after the installation was completed, CENTER continued to show the image below. Another question I have is the possibility of installing the Theme Editor, as in previous topics I understood that, for the new version of Cakewalk, it will no longer be possible to use the Theme Editor.
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