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  1. I experienced issues with the same plugin when trying to delete tracks from it. The information on Errors Fixed in this version states: Crash deleting instrument track with Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Could it be something related to the correction made?
  2. @Noel Borthwick Sequence report of the occurrence of getting the banknote stuck. The project became unresponsive and exited. I opened the project again and commanded the playback noticing that a plugin note was stuck, even with the settings you guided. I went to Preferences->VST Settings and unchecked and rechecked the box "Send all notes...." and apply. After applying, the stuck note immediately stopped.
  3. I made the settings recommended by @Noel Borthwick and I just had a reproduction of the stuck note issue in the Accordion plugin. So I don't think the solution for this problem is in the guidelines.
  4. Thank you very much. From what I've noticed, the Feedback for this latest version is receiving reports of this problem and @Noel Borthwick even suggested some configurations to see if this problem is overcome.
  5. Thanks, but how and where add the midi events ?
  6. Thank you very much. I figured it could be something like that, but I don't know how to put it like that. If you could detail me better, a step by step on how to do it would be very good. On the other hand, I saw a recent post on Feedback from 2011.11 a user reporting the same problem I have.
  7. I have the equal problema, but in another Plugin: Accordion !
  8. I have a VST Instrument that, under unknown circumstances, gets a stuck note. That note is playing all the time. The solution I found was to open the Turn Off and On plugin interface, but I think it would be much better if I put a controller on the midi track to do this every time it runs. Is there a way to do it?
  9. That question is clarified where to configure. I think the biggest issue is that of better and more documented technical clarification of the entire scope of checking or unchecking such options.
  10. I would like to suggest that this MMCSS issue be further explored in the documentation, as I realize that, like me, many other users are experiencing the same difficulty.
  11. Hello. This was a request I made and the explanation of the calculation that follows was given to me by @msmcleod. The clarification on how the calculation is done was born from my understanding, wrong, that if I increased the BPM of the song by 10%, it would also suffice to stretch the line by -10%. My miscalculation example: Original BPM: 110 10% increase = 11 Final BPM: 121 I thought that the reduction in stretch should be 90%, but no. This is the correct calculation in the application algorithm approach. See calculation example: If you want to change it from 110 bpm to 120 bpm, then stretch it as you originally did using CTRL + SHIFT + drag, but by 91.66% - i.e. ( 100 / 120 ) * 110 The result of this operation displays more than one decimal place. The display now allows you to perform the calculation and get much closer to synchrony.
  12. Experiencing daw response as "NOT RESPONDING" on AutoSave operation which I have configured to only after 2 changes. The save, as I noted, seems to have taken place, but has crashed the application. I had to close and reopen,
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