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  1. The device is the same (TASCAM US 600)! Is there a difference in whether it opens all the ports or only the ones I will actually use?
  2. Hello, I don't know if I'll make myself understood, but the question remains: 1) You are saying that if I keep this configuration..... Will I find better performance than this? Since I only use channels 1/2 and only one of them?
  3. In this channel you found https://www.youtube.com/@CreativeSauce/videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF64xNsM8T8&t=923s&pp=ugMICgJwdBABGAHKBRZjcmVhdGl2ZSBzYXVjZSBrb250YWt0 https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=creative+sauce+kontakt
  4. I cleaned it with spray contact cleaner and the problem still remained. The knobs remained centered. I had the idea of leaving them completely on one side and that is solving the problem.
  5. For some reason I don't know (USB cable ????, already changed) my NANO KONTROL 2 is randomly moving the PAN Knobs and only this control. Any tips?
  6. To create automation tracks in the MT Power Drum Kit, follow the steps below. 1) Include the plugin with audio tracks, as shown in the image below. 2 - In audio channel 1 created by clicking on the button to automate a control, choose the desired parameter. The parameter used to control the overall volume of all drum parts is Global Volume. Comments: 1 - The plugin documentation does not cover this procedure. 2 - Automation as described is only available on the first track that receives channel 1 of the plugin.
  7. Researching the plugin's features further, I discovered that it is possible to automate the GENERAL PLUGIN VOLUME by following the steps below. 1) Include the plugin with audio tracks, as shown in the image below. 2 - On audio channel 1 created by clicking the button to automate a control, choose the Global Volume parameter. This procedure will allow me to automate the volume that was my desire and, now that I discovered it, all the others in the plugin.
  8. I bring to record something that happened this morning and that I found a solution for. Certainly those more experienced in the tool will be able to clarify the origin of the problem. The case: 1 - I use a project in my work routine only to do the final mastering. 2 - This project has some plugins, as seen in the attached image. 3 - I didn't close the project last night and went back to work on it in the morning. 4 - This consists of importing the WAV file generated in the mixing into this project and reevaluating it using the TR5 Master Match, which has a reference to maintain the same final standards as the album I am building. 5 - When applying the operations suggested by TR5 there was a HUGE EXPLODE IN VOLUME. 6 - I decided to close the mastering project and start all the previous steps. This corrected what was wrong.
  9. I just commented that, in the past, developers did a lot of this intermediation for countless other plugins, considering the importance of keeping users connected and productive with their productions. At no point did I say that this done in the past was an obligation of the team. He said he hoped this would be done, maintaining the favors previously performed.
  10. I believe so, but it is limited to the use of the parts.
  11. Yes. In other times, the developers themselves made these contacts with the plugin developers trying to enable better integrations with the application. That's what I expected from the team.
  12. Would it be possible for the program to issue this alert when it identifies this problem when trying to create each automation? Something like: Attention ! This plugin doesn't respond to CC #7.
  13. Automation on MIDI channel is not processed. In this case I did Speed and the sound remains.
  14. There are constant reports of slowness from users of the latest version. There is this specific topic and also in the feedback post, but these comments seem to be relegated to the third or fourth level, if not at all, with the search for a justification always being sought. One time it's Kontakt, another time a plugin, another time configuring the user's station and so on. And I'll reinforce: yes, the program is slower to load projects.
  15. Thank you, but the combination CTRL - SHIFT - MOUSE in my installation does cause horizontal/vertical locking, in addition to copying the content than when selected. Apart from this evaluation, were you able to reproduce the error that happened to me?
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