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  1. Audacity como um utilitário no Cakewalk Bandlab Seria possível usar o Audacity como um utilitário no Cakewalk da mesma forma que no Sound Forge? Como configurar o regedit se possível?
  2. MicrosoftEdgeWebview2Setup.exe This is the installer webview2
  3. In all those years that I use Cakewalk Bandlab I think that this procedure was one of the most problematic brought by a version. As it is implemented, I think it will be a major obstacle to the updates, if it is not overcome by another installation strategy. @Noel Borthwick
  4. I try, but the instalation is equal. not is made
  5. Installation of the Portuguese version hangs.
  6. Is it possible to quantize a selected section on a MIDI track?
  7. I bring an implementation suggestion that helps users who are available to test the beta versions. Thus, as in the case of changes to production versions, the beta application should also do it for users who use these versions when a new update is made available. This is important so that Beta users can continue to contribute to improving the version.
  8. The problem is new in version 3. Reverting to the old version works again. 0 - Projeto Padrão Milton Sica.rar
  9. I cannot record audio tracks in projects using my own project template. I command the recording and nothing is registered.
  10. You are not recording an audio track. I record the recording on a track. I command the recording. The track signals that it is being recorded. When you click to stop recording, nothing is recorded. The recording simply disappears.
  11. Problemas na exportação de vídeo para MP4. Meu disco tem espaço livre.
  12. Yes. My installation is in Portugueze. Now, is perfect. Thank you.
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