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  1. Thanks for the new features! I really like the new thinner automation envelope, flat node points, and the node value display. 👍 One thing I noticed, though: a selected node does not differ much from an unselected node. Maybe a selected node could be larger or have a different shape; a circle around the dot, or a "hollowed out" dot? Keep up the good work!
  2. I got Fuchs Train II... AND the Overdrive Supreme guitar amps. Didn't expect very much, but sure was positively surprised. Been playing with them all day, and I have to say you can get quite big and soulful sounds out of these, no matter what guitar you feed 'em with. All the PA plugins I have are awesome. They're quite expensive, but they are excellent, seemingly without exceptions.
  3. Yes, and everything we paid for is still usable, if installed...
  4. The sliders and meters could also stretch up to utilize available screen estate better...
  5. petemus

    TH-U 60's Pack

    I went for it, too... I think the Super '66 is very nice. Had to get my Strat out and play some Apache with the Echorec & Vox combo...
  6. I use it with iZotope RX8, works like a charm. Actually, I'd like to see the clip context menu have the external WAV editor command as well - it's a long way from the clips to the main menu... 😁
  7. I've found Systemwide doesn't like ASIO buffer size changes very much with my RME UCX (nor with my earlier Scarlett 2i2). At best, it requires a restart of the audio engine, at worst, Systemwide crashes, but works fine after relaunch. BTW, Sonarworks lowered the upgrade prices yesterday. For Europe, it was 119€ from Reference 4 Studio to corresponding SoundID Reference, now it's 89€. Still a bit steep, but I (of course) fell for it and have now been playing with the new version a bit. The new translation checker seems interesting, don't know if it's worth the price, but it's nice. Overall, the GUI is better looking now, and resizable. Systemwide hasn't given me any s*it since last night. 😂 Haven't created a new calibration yet for my Genelecs, but probably will just to see, if there's anything new there as well.
  8. Went and got it for $55 with existing HG-2 licence and a $25 voucher. Now I just have to find time to fiddle with it... Did I need it - highly doubt it - but it's surely gonna be "nice". 😂
  9. I have a cheap LG Ultrawide monitor (LG 25UM58-P), 25", 2560 x 1080 resolution. My desk couldn't accommodate any bigger monitor. For my poor eyesight (lifelong myopia and now presbyopia as well), there's enough stuff on the screen to eliminate the need for excessive scrolling around but still everything is big enough for me to see. 😂
  10. $149 for me now. 🙄 Was this yesterday or U.S. only or something?
  11. I suggested something similar a while back. Why not make it so that up-down mouse movement adjusts the level and sideways mouse motion adjusts the slopes? That way, when you create the envelope section, you can set the level and end slopes with a single operation. The slope form could be configurable somewhere (linear, fast, slow etc.) as well as in relation to what the slopes are adjusted: inside the selection, outside the selection or half in, half out. @Colin Nicholls's tip is really awesome, didn't come to think of that, but I think mine would require even less clickin' and draggin'. 😁 Sideways mouse motion is not utilized at all now when creating the envelope sections. The mouse wheel could be good as well, as @Bruno de Souza Lino suggested, but maybe not while keeping the left mouse button down setting the level.
  12. I have it, think it is somehow "better" than e.g. the Waves SSL bus comp. Makes a mix fatter for sure, some effect on stereo field as well. I'll choose it over the Waves one any day...
  13. What I'd like to see in the staff view would be easy adjustment of note velocity, e.g. using the mouse wheel, perhaps with a modifier key (shift, ctrl, alt). The note length would be nice to also have modifiable with the wheel, using adding or substracting the current selected note length or such while applied. I don't like to select a note and then opening a dialog, using it and dismissing it. The event inspector is a bit better, but I really think the mouse wheel could be utilized more here. Shift + mouse wheel: adjust pointed note or selection note velocity up or down. While doing this, at least the altered velocities would be rendered next to the notes. Alt + mouse wheel: shorten or lengthen the pointed note or the notes in the selection by a selectable length (the current selected note length?) The right mouse function on a single note or a selection of notes could also be something else than bringing up the property dialog, which I think only affects the clicked note, even though you have a selection. As a Windows developer myself, I'd say these are not very hard to implement - unless the staff view code is a hopeless mess of spaghetti and barbed wire with numerous booby-traps-in-code. 😁 Just my two cents...
  14. Sometimes the reason for CbB not starting (not even the splash screen pops up) is an existing Cakewalk.exe process you can see in Task Manager, but which no longer has any visible windows left. Just had this today. In this case, locate Cakewalk.exe in the Task Manager's Details tab, right click it and select End task. CbB will launch again after killing the process. Of course restarting the computer also helps, but is not necessary. I guess CbB can only have one process instance running at any given time, thus it won't launch if it detects a process already exists.
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