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  1. There are now three people requesting it. 😁
  2. Probably, yes. You could easily drag'n'drop a plug onto a track and decide it's fate and then say goodbye to it easily, if need be.
  3. As a chronic GAS person, I have a lot of plugins. I know plugins can be excluded from the Plug-in Manager, but that's a bit hard as you first have to check out what the plugin is on a track or bus and then go to the manager to disable it. Could it be possible to exclude a plugin within the Browser? That way, grooming the plugin set would be a bit more streamlined. When I come to think of it, an even better place for the disablement command would actually be the plugin menu: A small feature, but would help (at least me) a lot, I think. Enabling the plugins, when in regret, would happen as it does now, from the Plug-in Manager.
  4. It seems we both did, @marled ! 😁
  5. Have to add a suggestion for that to the VoS site comments...
  6. With this you actually can: https://sourceforge.net/projects/equalizerapo/ You can make any kind of VST chain you like (excluding those that only work with CbB). Another thing is, though, does it mess with your Windows audio in some ways detrimental to DAW use? I would think it does not affect ASIO side of things, but who knows.
  7. Judging from a quick try, the seem to work just fine! Baxter and Density - back to the toolbox. As well as all the others... 😁
  8. Since we already have the option to define the names separated by a '|', it would be quite easy to add a way to exclude the number from the menu item text as well. E.g. start the friendly name with a minus sign, asterisk or such to make the numbers disappear, it would just be an extension of the "syntax". This would make it possible for the ones that don't want the numbers to show at all to hide them. Cumbersome and techy, yes, but possible for them who are irritated and confused by the odd numbering scheme provided by the driver. Just my 1,98 cents here...
  9. Could we have specific "Export start" and "Export end" markers? In the selection module you could then select "Export region". I always add "Start" and "End" markers to projects and select stuff between them. It's quite many clicks, though, so a faster way would be welcome.
  10. While you're at it, would it be a good idea to show an option display/menu/whateva for the dragged'n'dropped files? You could then select if you want them inserted on one track or on tracks for each file, at the now position, at the start of the project, laid out tightly after one another, or with a specified gap between them etc.
  11. If you select a time region by clicking between markers in the ruler, you can't use the envelope shelf tool (or whatever it's called) to create an adjustable section for the envelope: Should this work, or should you always select a region on the track itself? Making the selection with the ruler click would be an easy way to create a precise envelope section for marked sections. If you first make a selection from the ruler and then select the envelope track, the shelf tool works correctly.
  12. It would be nice, if the currently armed track count would be visible somewhere in the control bar, say, near the global arm button etc. You could then easily check the number of armed tracks before hitting R... I've developed a habit of first hitting the global arm button to remove the armed status from all tracks and then arming the track I'm about to record on.
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