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  1. Normally in Windows you can press Alt + Space to activate the window menu. After that you can type M, which places the window into move state. Then you can move the window with the arrow keys, and by moving the mouse without any mouse clicks. Unfortunately Cakewalk seems to have that key combo bound, and I couldn't unbind it (or didn't know how). If you really could unbind that key press, you could open the FX view, type Alt + Space, M, and then arrow-key-surf the FX window into view.
  2. This bugs me too. You can make the "Aim Assist stain" disappear by pressing the X key twice (if you have Aim Assist bound to that key press), I noticed. But still, it would be nice not having to do that.
  3. But the Insert Assistant is not available in this scenario: I select a bunch of tracks to route to a new bus, Pressing Ctrl I click on the track Output combo button and get the menu. If I then select New Stereo Bus, a bus is created with name Bus <X> and there's no possibility to rename it there and then, but I have to locate it and then rename. The Assistant only helps me with sends, not track outputs. I should have been clearer in the initial post about that it was the track output I was assigning and not a send from the track.
  4. The menu would already be much more compact, if it was broken into submenus Inputs, Buses, Sidechain Inputs and whatnot. Of course those with ridiculous amounts of inputs and outputs would probably still need the wheel control. 😁 There's no reason to have this long, flat menu for all this stuff.
  5. just FYI, here's the discussion I mentioned on GitHub: https://github.com/dotnet/winforms/issues/3691
  6. It seems crashes with certain plugins and instruments in track templates has been resolved. My track templates with e.g. NI Kontakt and Audified Peridot LE now seem to work ok. Thanks for whatever was done to fix it! 👍 It may well have been the VC redist update as well.
  7. I believe this is a Windows/Microsoft bug in the MDI windowing implementation. Some dev somewhere told way back this would be taken a look at (remember seeing a response in some forum), but apparently has not been. There might not be a lot the Bakers can do about it - or it's not worth the work that it would require.
  8. A small but important feature request: When creating a new track folder, bus etc., it would be nice to be able to name the new item upon creation. Now you always have to find the created item and then rename it. Naming the item when creating it would be a nice touch. For example, when sending a group of tracks to a new bus, you always have to find the new bus to rename it. If the name was asked when creating the bus, there'd be no need to navigate to wherever.
  9. I started getting this, too, but it's only a short crackle when I for example start adjusting panning. This is new to me, never happened before. My system: MS Windows 10 Pro, latest updates ASUS TUF Z390M-PRO GAMING Intel Core i7-9700K CPU @ 4.40GHz 32 Gigs of memory, DDR4 3466 MHz 1 TB Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB RME Fireface UCX, latest drivers
  10. I've seen this a couple of times. The wait curson is visible quite a bit longer than usual. Once or twice I've even had a crash in the end. Saving the project, I think, was still successful. I could dig up and deliver some dumps to the Bakers.
  11. Yes, the current track context menu could use a few submenus as well.
  12. Might check that one out. Still would prefer the context menu, though...
  13. Thanks , thought of that already. The thing just is, I'm crap at remembering keyboard shortcuts. 😁
  14. It would be nice to access Remove silence etc. commands directly from the clip context menu. It's a bit cumbersome to reach all the way up to the main menu for those... -Pete
  15. Switching between Track and Console views using shortcut D also often leaves a trace of the aim assist on the Console view. Especially, if you press D and move the mouse at the same time the views are being switched. Only a cosmetic flaw, maybe, but something that annoys me, having designed a lot of UI stuff during my career. 😁
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