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  1. Heh, this is actually how I use it as well. On my "Headphones" buss I first have AR3 without headphone profile selection and after that Sonarworks with calibration for my phones. Makes it erier to get AR3 out of the equation with phones correction still in effect.
  2. They are for different purposes. Sonarworks attempts to straighten the frequency response to as flat as possible, whereas the NX stuff does a little bit of that, too, but primarily creates a spatial illusion of listening to speakers in the modeled control room. Sonarworks only does EQ, I think. If you get the Reference Studio version of Sonarworks with the mic you can measure your speakers yourself and get a profile to flatten your frequency response at the listening spot. For headphones you need to download ready-made profiles from Sonarworks (or send your phones to them to get them profiled).
  3. I, too, took the survey and got the link as promised. This VSTi is actually quite good - given that it's only 200 MB -ish in size. Of course it's lacking all the fancy stuff, but it can come in handy for some projects.
  4. This is exactly how I did it.
  5. Can't be right. Seems like the dreaded Windows "System" font, a default font that's selected if you don't specify a font. 😬
  6. petemus

    Izotope R4

    The user account section at Plugin Boutique also shows you the download link and the serial, which can be registered with the iLok licence manager. At least that's how I got the serial and download package.
  7. petemus

    Izotope R4

    Damn this Deals section of the forum! Had to go buy R4 immediately... 😁 5 minutes from reading this post CbB plugin scan added it to my plugins. Sigh.
  8. Thanks @Will_Kaydo for opening it up for me some more. I'm quite familiar with Melodyne regions, using Melodyne and eventually rendering the results permanently. I was just wondering why the already opened Melodyne editor won't switch over to show new selected clip contents when another clip with Melodyne region is clicked/double-clicked. At least it doesn't seem to. It also doesn't open a new editor for the other clip. The only way seemed to be to close the open editor and opening a new one for the other clip. It seems I'll have to take a better look at the Track mode/looped clip thing before attempting to say anything more about it. 😁
  9. Played with Melodyne 5 Assistant in a project yesterday (Early access 3 in use). A couple of things I noticed: It's hard to get Melodyne activated with correct data for a clip that has a Melodyne region on it. If the Melodyne editor is closed, double-clicking a clip with a Melodyne region opens the Melodyne editor with the correct data. If the editor is already open, double-clicking the clip does not seem to switch new clip's data. The same, I think, goes for selecting Open editor from the RFX menu. I have to close the Melodyne editor to get it to show correct clip data. It's also not possible to switch to Track mode in the Melodyne editor - the Now cursor jumps ahead and the Clip mode is enabled again immediately. Is it just that I can't use Melodyne, or is there a bug in the editor integration?
  10. +1 to renaming inputs (and outputs, while we're on it)!
  11. If the items are sorted alphabetically, some submenus could be generated so that menu scrolling is not needed. Another option Windows API gives is to break the menu into columns. Both of these are pretty bad, usability-wise. The best option would probably to implement/use a better popup menu component, which could even have an incremental search field and proper mouse wheel support. Could probably work almost as a direct replacement of the current menu class calls in the code. 😁
  12. I would also like the same to happen on the Track view: drag'n'drop an FX plugin from the Browser to the empty space and an audio track would be created with the dropped plugin in it. Would be handy for inserting audio tracks with amp sims, VU meters etc.
  13. The Sonic Anomaly plugins are still here: https://vst4free.com/dev/565/ Don't know about the credibility about that site, so download at your own risk. The plugs can still be downloaded, nevertheless, seemingly both 32 and 64 bit. The Bass Professor alone makes it worthwhile; it's ridiculously easy to get a nice, even bass sound from a DI signal, especially with some grit from the Dirt slider. The tone controls are very affective as well. Bass Professor Mark II is one of my favorite bass guitar plugins.
  14. I don't think I will - maybe the RME has something else, feature-wise, to make up for lack of the buffer size slider... 😁
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