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  1. petemus

    Forum image viewing woes

    Thanks for the explanation @scook! This sort of makes sense, but also makes the images hard to decipher. 😀 Full screen captures at 32 bit colors tend to end up quite big with current monitor resolutions. Maybe pasting a big image could show a warning for the user about the image being scaled down to probable illegibility, and a suggestion to link it in from an outside source?
  2. petemus

    Forum image viewing woes

    I've been wondering what the logic is with image viewing on this forum. Like this one. This is the embedded image in the posting: Then I click on the image to get a better view: The image is still the same size, but in an "image only" popup view. Then I click the image with the zoom cursor, with hopes to zoom it bigger: Now the image opens in a tab of its own, but still the same size? Why? Have the original images already been this small, or does something happen to them? Just wonderin'.... -Pete
  3. petemus

    Audio issue/bug

    I have this issue sporadically with my 1st Gen Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. The audio engine reset button usually doesn't help, nor does the stop button. Toggling the global input echo on and off usually helps. Sometimes I get to go motorboating with the buzzing, sometimes there's no sound at all (maybe there's just silence in the buffers that it keeps juggling about).
  4. petemus

    One Year of Cakewalk by BandLab Celebration

    Happy birthday! 🎂
  5. I would say my non-stoppable playback issue has something to do with near-dropout situations, when running on the edge, so to speak. Then again, it might happen with smaller projects and less tracks and plugins, but less likely. It has been like that with Windows 8.1 and all incarnations of Windows 10 up to 1809, which I currently have, which leads me to believe it's something with the Focusrite drivers after all. It's happened with various versions of Focusrite drivers as well and newer really gone away completely. I have to say, that the current driver version 4.36.5 and the newest CbB versions have been working the best, even if the driver it's for 2nd generation Scarletts. 😬 The unstoppable playback is like a "runaway situation" where the time display just goes on and there might be no sound at all or a very quick stuttering noise. The transport buttons stay enabled but don't do anything. In most cases clicking the input echo button makes the driver to come to its senses and control is regained without killing the process. Oh, and I'm currently running (the latest) CbB version on an Asus A75VJ laptop with an i7 CPU, 1TB Samsung SDD and 8 GB of RAM. It's an older setup but works quite ok anyway with the SDD. I've also moved away from using BitBridged 32-bit plugins, which may have had an affect as well.
  6. I have the "non-stopping playback" problem as well, with my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (1st Gen). The only trick to stop playback (which usually is no longer really playing anything back at that point) is to click on the "Input Echo All Tracks" button, which restores playback, and enables stopping it as well. If course it also turns all input echoes on, and clicking it again leaves playback on and everything is well again (except maybe for patch points, he inputs of which, I guess will have been turned of at this stage). Clicking the input echo button is much better a solution than killing the Cakewalk app, which I used to have to do prior to knowing the input echo button trick.
  7. +1 for this request as well!
  8. Yes, I know we CAN already do all I that suggest, but my idea was to streamline that to "mouse down - mouse movements up/down/left/right - mouse up". Way less mouse clicks when doing a lot of envelope editing. My suggestion would basically be just one dragging operation. It would be available at least when you select a portion of the track, move your mouse cursor (smart tool enabled!) to upper side of the envelope view where the cursor changes to that level changing thingy. This is where there are no nodes yet for the new envelope segment. That single dragging operation would create the end nodes (just like it does now) and also the fades with sideways mouse movements. It could also apply to dragging a horizontal envelope segment with ctrl + mouse click & drag. I wish I could make a video of this easily... 🙂
  9. I promise not to be grumpy... 😀 Yes, that's the way we have to do it now and when you have to repeat it a lot, it becomes an annoying thing. I mean that when you grab a selected segment of an envelope and move it up or down, you could also add the end fades within the same mouse operation: up/down is the level, left/right is the equal fade duration at both ends. That would be: mouse button down - move up or down - move left or right - release mouse button. That for a few tens of times in project editing would be a bit less of mouse moving than the four clicks/mouse moves per each. Now the functionality adds the envelope nodes nicely and creates the segment, but the ends are vertical steps. I have to adjust both end fades separately.
  10. When editing envelopes, it's nice to be able to select a region and then offset it, which creates new nodes for that. These envelope offsets have vertical starts and ends, which most often have to be made into fades of some sort. What if this functionality was such that up/down mouse movement would set the offset of the envelope region as it is now, and left/right mouse movement would fade the ends of the region? You could adjust the fade width between vertical and triangular (the fades meet at the dead center of the region that was created, making a triangular envelope form). Up/down mouse movement: Left/right mouse movement at the same time: from all the way to Of course the fade type could be configured to be linear or a fast/slow fade... 😀 Having this feature would save one's mouse hand wrist as you wouldn't have to always adjust both ends after creating the envelope offset region. And please don't tell me it's been there since Sonar 8.5... Cheers, -Pete
  11. petemus

    Mouse cursor not changing to correct one

    Last night the mouse cursors worked ok all night. Strange...
  12. Hi all, I've been having mouse cursor issues lately: for example, the magnifying glass cursor does not appear on the timeline strip, waveform cursor remains after having moved out of that area etc. On the other hand, sometimes it all works correctly. I recall seeing this being brought up earlier, anyone else still experiencing the problem? I'm running the latest CakeLab version on a Win 10 Pro laptop. Cheers, Pete
  13. While on the topic of plugin scanning and browsing... Could it be possible to include the current selected grouping names in the browser plugin search (manufacturer, category, what have you)? For example, sometimes you remember the manufacturer of the plugin but not the plugin name. 🙂 Of course you can select Manufacturer and scroll down... but for example Waves plugins are so far down there.