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  1. I sometimes think these are some kind of timing problems. Open CbB "cold" with the project, and the first time leads into a crash, but the second time when most of the stuff already is in caches or whatever, having just been accessed, things go smoothly. I don't know what else could be different between the first and second launch. But, this is software and there are a few possible orders things happen when multitasking...
  2. petemus

    Favorite Freeware FX Thread

    Met with the Ducks again yesterday evening and they were working fine, pot values and meters. Must've been some strange thing with adding plugins in CbB the first time. Now everything was as you'd expect. Must give the Duckies a new try soon - I think especially the chorus, phaser and flanger are very good and clean, the filter as well. The minimalism of the UI is a delight. As a Finn, I value clear design a lot. 😊
  3. petemus

    Favorite Freeware FX Thread

    Tried the Dead Ducks out yesterday, but there's something wrong with drawing the UI, at least in my system: the level meters don't work in any effect that have them and turning the pots only shows the value when I release the mouse. (Win 10 Pro 1903 with latest updates, Intel/nVidia combo with up-to-date drivers). Does anyone else have this problem with these? I'd actually like to use many of these, but the UI... 😐 -Pete
  4. petemus

    Forum members /home country ?

    This is right next to my house...
  5. I have it since last spring and wouldn't part with it ever. After calibrating my monitors (a pair of small Genelecs with the smallish "porridge pot" sub) I have gotten much better mix results, and I don't even have any treatment in the room whatsoever. It used to be very hard for me to get the low end even near right (surprise!), but now I can better trust what I hear. The Studio also comes with headphone calibration (I think) and my Beyer 880 Pros are much more usable for mixing than before. The calibration process is quite fun and you can do it easily whenever need be. Sonarworks releases new versions surprisingly often and has a very responsive support, so you don't have to suffer from bugs for very long. So, to answer your question, it really was and is worth the money in my opinion. I bought it at full price, but have seen some deals on it as well after purchasing it. Monitor the Coffee House V2.0/Deals subforum here, as you can spot good deals there without having to google so much...
  6. This is what BassDrive looks like in Logic (snipped out of one of Airwindows' videos): Something like this is all I'm after. I guess a few more pixels have been put into use here - with a proper scalable font and not the a-few-pixels-by-a-few-pixels bitmapped relic font that's still in use in Cakewalk.
  7. petemus

    Forum members /home country ?

    Vantaa, Finland. Ten miles north of Helsinki.
  8. That BassDrive IS an Airwindows plugin. These plugins are numerous and some are quite interesting... I guess the Airwindows motto is: "In the mix, no-one can hear your screen." 😁
  9. @Chuck E Baby: Here's a default GUI example for you. Probably a blast right outta the 90's. The font height ain't too many pixels. Ahh, those were the times: screen resolution of 800 x 600 px, and you were rockin'! You could read it well back then, not so much today.
  10. Have to try it, seems quite useful! Thanks for the tip, @scook!
  11. I know, @scook; maybe I have to try that. Until now it's been mainly an accident that I enter that magnified mode. Maybe it's time to admit I really need it. 😐
  12. Thanks @Noel Borthwick! Surely there are more pressing things in the backlog than this; just thought it "shouldn't be a biggie". 😁
  13. @Chuck E Baby, I know plugins usually handle their own graphic output. Surely then all that is on screen is in the plugin library and controlled by the manufacturer. I guess the VST spec doesn't REQUIRE them to provide a GUI, however, and if this is the case the host DAW will query the plugin for the adjustable parameters and provides a generic GUI for adjusting them. This would explain why e.g. the Airwindows plugins look different in Logic from what they look like in Cakewalk. And they especially are plugins that provide no UI of their own and leave any rendering for the host DAW to take care of. That's why I'm requesting it here, and not from Airwindows or other maker. I might be all wrong here as well, since albeit being a software developer myself, I've never had a look at he VST API specification. I just understand the "default UI" concept as something the host DAW provides for the plugin if the plugin doesn't implement any itself. Any VST developer here willing to shed light on this? 😁
  14. @pwalpwal, I have used the FX Chain method, but as I said earlier, it's just another layer of stuff to deal with, because you CAN have a default GUI. I guess I need to get me a magnifying glass soon, or get some glasses suitable for use with computer...
  15. @Starship Krupa, your armchair guess could be quite correct there. That VST SDK code could be quite old... Maybe the Cakewalk installer should ask for your age when installing? 0 - 40 or 40+ 😁 Choosing the latter would lead you through an optician's sight test (or whatever it's called) with all the E's. Then, based on the results it would choose the appropriate element sizes for the GUI. For me, currently, that result would probably land in the Lego Duplo side of sizes...