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  1. That SunSet thing is ridiculously usable! I bought it already when it was on sale at its release. No regrets whatsoever.
  2. Me too, learned it the hard way. Now exporting from Master bus is second nature for me, no errors there anymore. 😁
  3. It can't stop here, can it? Now C'MON!!!
  4. I didn't know this! Thanks. Now it's much easier for me to just select Master when exporting... I guess it's time again for some RTFM'ing. 😜
  5. 👍 Now I know what I'll be doing tonite! Lots to try. THANKS!
  6. 😬 Aaarrrgghhhh! It was too much of a temptation... fell for it. Tried to resist really hard, though. Bought the Satriani Amplitube gear - chose the Dime, Hendrix, Orange, Slash and Fulltone stuff free on top of it. I guess it's worth it, all in all. Especially, since we still have time, there might be even more. Gettin' a bit greedy here, are we?
  7. MLoudnessAnalyzer should come free with the Melda free plugin bundle: https://www.meldaproduction.com/MLoudnessAnalyzer
  8. Out of just feeling sorry, bought the bx_console N. It seems a fine sounding plugin, I think. 😐 They should easily be able to afford a new office with all the money I've shoveled in their direction even before, though. 💸 Well, jokes aside - I hope they get the operation in full swing soon enough.
  9. There are now three people requesting it. 😁
  10. Probably, yes. You could easily drag'n'drop a plug onto a track and decide it's fate and then say goodbye to it easily, if need be.
  11. As a chronic GAS person, I have a lot of plugins. I know plugins can be excluded from the Plug-in Manager, but that's a bit hard as you first have to check out what the plugin is on a track or bus and then go to the manager to disable it. Could it be possible to exclude a plugin within the Browser? That way, grooming the plugin set would be a bit more streamlined. When I come to think of it, an even better place for the disablement command would actually be the plugin menu: A small feature, but would help (at least me) a lot, I think. Enabling the plugins, when in regret, would happen as it does now, from the Plug-in Manager.
  12. It seems we both did, @marled ! 😁
  13. Have to add a suggestion for that to the VoS site comments...
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