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  1. Yes, the current track context menu could use a few submenus as well.
  2. Might check that one out. Still would prefer the context menu, though...
  3. Thanks , thought of that already. The thing just is, I'm crap at remembering keyboard shortcuts. 😁
  4. It would be nice to access Remove silence etc. commands directly from the clip context menu. It's a bit cumbersome to reach all the way up to the main menu for those... -Pete
  5. Switching between Track and Console views using shortcut D also often leaves a trace of the aim assist on the Console view. Especially, if you press D and move the mouse at the same time the views are being switched. Only a cosmetic flaw, maybe, but something that annoys me, having designed a lot of UI stuff during my career. 😁
  6. Sometimes audio files to be imported have a long silence at the start of the file. Then you hear nothing in a looong time if you audition the file with Play button in the file browser dialog. How about implementing automatic skip to the start of audio when stating auditioning a file? Or, even better, how about rendering a quick, small waveform strip of the file where you can skip to a location you want to audition. These days the auditioning is only useful for files that only have a short period of or no silence at the start of the file.
  7. The "New Plug-ins" could be nice as well. My problem, though, is getting the existing mass of plugs sorted out. Another small annoyance is, when you use the filter function to find plugins, clearing the filter string messes up the position you were in. Why couldn't it stay where it was, but just clear the filter?
  8. I'm trying to sort my numerous Uncategorized plugins into correct categories in the Browser. It's very hard, because the Browser follows the moved plugins to the category they were moved to, and I have to find the spot I was on again to continue assigning them to categories. Would it be possible to add a modifier key to the move operation (shift, ctrl) so that the browser stays where it is after moving the plugins? Or even change the operation so that we always stay where we are? We know the plugins went into the category we sent them to, so why go to that category and show the plugins there, selected? This would very much help me sort out my overly excessive collection of plugins. 😁 -Pete
  9. Submenus would be great here, also breaking long menus to a few columns, like the current FX menu. For sidechaining, there could be a submenu for each bus having FX with sidechain inputs.
  10. Nice to hear. Thanks for the info, @msmcleod!
  11. Hmm, one issue solved (noise with two-track simultanoues recording), another popped up: Saving a track template (and later using it) crashes the app, no crash dump is created. I created a group of tracks to facilitate quick setup for bass recording: two mono tracks (Bass DI and Bass MIC) and an AUX track (Bass), to which the mono tracks are directed. The template is here as an attachment. Latest release of Cake (2021.12, Build 102), Windows 10 21H2 up-to-date, RME UCX with latest drivers as audio interface. Some templates with a plugin also crash the app, have to check if they produce any crash dumps. -Pete Bass Recording.cwx
  12. 👍 Thanks, Scook! That was quick! Now that I come to think of it, I knew this could be a problem, just didn't rmember. Alls well now, just got my first proper bass take down.
  13. I have a problem recording two mono tracks simultaneously (a bass DI and mic'd track). Some strange noise is introduced in the tracks, as can be heard on attached audio snippet Two mono tracks recorded simultaneously.wav. However, if I record a stereo track, using the exact same pair of inputs (Analog 1 & 2) on my RME, the left and right channels are noise free as expected, as can be heard on audio snippet Stereo track.wav. How can this be? Is it a bug? Recording either the DI or the mic channel works fine. Buffer size seems to make no difference here, will probably check again, but the stereo track is recorded properly, so that's probably not the issue. My interface is RME UCX with the latest drivers (ASIO, naturally), OS is Windows 10 21H2, and it's up to date. It really feels like this issue is in Cakewalk. Cake is the latest, 2021.12 (Build 102). Any tips or pointers appreciated! Of course as a workaround, I can record a stereo track and bounce it to two mono tracks, but it's now how it's meant to be. -Pete Stereo track.mp3 Two mono tracks recorded simultaneously.mp3
  14. That SunSet thing is ridiculously usable! I bought it already when it was on sale at its release. No regrets whatsoever.
  15. Me too, learned it the hard way. Now exporting from Master bus is second nature for me, no errors there anymore. 😁
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