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  1. Good morning all, Hope you're well! I've currently got a lot of long midi clips that i'd like to reduce to smaller lengths so that I can organise them better into a library. Is there any ability to automate this process within Cakewalk or does anyone know of other VST's/software that will achieve this goal? The ideal method i'm looking for is to present the source file and then simple the size of the output in terms of bars. Bonus points if I can do this as a batch activity over a number files! I've looked into a few things so far, but haven't found an effective solution. Best wishes, Matthew
  2. The waves V12 stuff is usually bundled together into a master file so couldn't tell you which one it was specifically! There was only a single file that was updated when they assisted me.
  3. I was experiencing this crash with Waves V12. I contacted their support and they provided me with an updated version of the plugin and that resolved the issues. They certainly seem to be well aware of it Not sure when it will be made generally available. Best wishes, Matthew
  4. Hi Noel, Apologies if this isn't related but I'm currently experiencing issues with error code 12 within a project and also freezes leading to crashes. Whilst this project predates the 09 version, I'm now running the latest version and have saved the project since - i'm wondering though whether there is something that is baked into the save. I do have aux tracks in this which I have since removed and reinstated which I thought had fixed it but it then returned to doing this. The problem occurs on two different machines but seems to be more frequent on one, which I assume is related to the fact that this relates to increasing levels of memory consumption. This was the only thread I found relating to this particular code, so I assume it's quite an unusual and specific bug. I've got a ticket open but we've not progressed past standard troubleshooting processes and i'm fairly sure there's something more significant at work. As this is preventing me from working I would be most grateful if you would let me send you the link to the project and some dump files. Best wishes, Matthew
  5. My thoughts exactly! Always keen for more software companies to feature Cakewalk support prominantly, especially in situations like this where it's in everyone's best interests to do so. I've already gone through the process of importing them all into Cakewalk so easy enough for me to zip them all up again (although might take a little longer to put them back in the file structure) and then he can sell them as he chooses. Apologies though - i realise this is a slight tangent but the key thing is that the articulation feature is great and it was a particularly good move to support importing the Cubase format. So it's a natural follow on to discuss what that might entail. Can happily move this a different thread though. Best wishes, Matthew
  6. Hi Steve - yes to be clear I was talking about sharing them with him to enable him to sell them as another supported product. Best wishes, Matthew
  7. Hi Noel, Apologies, to clarify I'm experiencing the performance issues if I load up the articulation map editor within a new project. It hangs repeatedly and then a minute or so later it starts to work normally and i'm able to navigate and add maps as required. If I close and re-open then it will hang again for a period of time - I therefore assume it's trying to do some sort of pre-loading and struggling due to the number of maps, and then discards this once closed and has to rebuild. Admitedly this is rare use case, although if it can be optimised that would be fantastic. The ability to import folders would also be really useful to people who have a number of maps for different libraries. Thanks again for your time and what is in general a great feature! Best wishes, Matthew
  8. Hi Noel, The company Babylon Waves do an all-in-one pack that is designed to cover any libraries purchased. https://www.babylonwaves.com/expression-maps/ You're absolutely right - it's a lot of files and I certainly don't have all of those libraries. The company provides them with a file hierarchy of "Company - Specific Product - Subgroup". I was going to import these in groups, but because you can't do multiple folders at a time it was taking awhile. I therefore used an autohotkey script to remove the file hierarchy and hence tried to important all 11k of the files, and ran into the issue described. I have now been successful in importing them all doing batches such as those with the letter A, B, etc etc. I am now however experiencing slow performance navigating through the articulation editor - I guess a natural by-product of the large number of files loaded. Any performance improvements that could be made here would be great. Ultimately f the importer could take into account all folders and files within a folder that would be the optimum way of bringing in all maps for libraries possessed and hence remove the need to bring in everything or spend ages grabbing the individual subfolders. I did mention to the company that Cakewalk now supported maps and mentioned I could share the converted ones - so the developer may well appear here. Best wishes, Matthew
  9. Thanks Mark - that makes sense, I thought it was strange you'd impose a limit. Best wishes, Matthew
  10. Hi guys, I've got a pack of expression maps for Cubase and am in the process of using the "import articulation maps" function. Two observations: This works for multiple files but not for multiple folders. There seems to be a limit on the number of entries within a folder it can do - admitedly i'm trying to bring in several thousand, but i'd expect it to just keep going until it's done. No error is returned, it just doesn't complete the task. I'm trying to do these in batches, but i'm not sure what the limit is so it's quite time consuming. Best wishes, Matthew
  11. Great work guys! Thank you so much. Really looking forward to using articulations and a few bug fixes there that will benefit me. Will do some testing tomorrow. Best wishes, Matthew
  12. Great news! I've been experiencing issues relating to crashes with Vienna Pro/track templates, so I assume this is the same root cause. Thanks for the investigation - I look forward to this being resolved. Best wishes, Matthew
  13. Yes - not sure what the epected behaviour is here but I noticed that yesterday. I've got a number of Vienna Pro instances and i'm trying to reduce processing power by freezing - but it was a bit unfortunate and more time consuming that it was bouncing 16 tracks to audio each time. Cakewalk team - anything that can be improved there? Edit: Sorry - didn't quote the person above correctly and accidentally double posted
  14. Hi guys! Thanks as always for a great update. With regards to the improvements to VST loading - how is it better to load the plugin and sample seperately? e.g is this quicker/more stable or just better in that you can more clearly see where the load is up-to? I'm getting a strange crash which happens if load a track template, make some changes, save these as a new track template and then close cakewalk. Would you like a the dump log? I believe this was happening before hand but just wanted to draw attention to it because it's strange... the track template update does save correctly and it seems weird to crash when attempting to close the program normally. Limited impact but potentially an indicator of something not quite right. Best wishes, Matthew
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