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  1. Thanks for the kind words Jack! Really appreciate you listening to it
  2. Hi guys, My eclectic musical ensemble Disconnected Souls has recently released a new track called Fragments: This is a lot less heavy than our other material and I was keen to really have some pop catchiness, despite a lot of other weirdness (bird samples, choir vocals, 5/4 section). If you get chance to listen than I hope you enjoy! Feedback always welcome. Best wishes, Matthew
  3. Thanks for the feedback Paul! Very much appreciated
  4. Thanks buddy! Will definitely keep the vocal comments in mind with subsequent releases We intentionally left the story to be quite open in the video as there wasn't a huge amount of timescale to explain it, especially with having some focus on the band also; we didn't want to be 100% theatrical performance or 100% band playthrough, so went with a hybrid approach. The rough theme was that I/Patrick were a father/son who didn't get along for various reasons and he felt the call of the sea and a longing to leave his life behind. Except the call of the sea was three murderous sirens.. The song title is a reference to a spell in Dungeons and Dragons (which we all play regularly) and has a similar theme around hearing voices luring people to do things. I was very worried about the presence of the general public! Particularly as I'm a bit of a social recluse. This was why I chose to do it on a Sunday out of season, in the hope that not too many people would be around. Unfortunately it was a beautiful day and there were loads! However people were very complimentary and we ended up with a lot of people taking photos and asking questions. We were eventually asked by a nice member of the council to move on from the area due to not having appropriate permissions, but fortunately at that point we'd mostly finished and he kindly gave us another 5 minutes Best wishes, Matthew
  5. Thank you so much! Glad you like it It was filmed in Llandudno, UK on the West Shore and Great Orme
  6. Thank you very much for your kind words! I really appreciate it.
  7. Thank you kindly for your feedback Nigel! I'll keep the thoughts on lead guitar presence in mind - I was trying to strike a balance between pressence and not wanting it to overpower other textural layers, but I think it possibly could be a little higher yes. Thanks for the feedback - I'm not much of a pianist but I like the chords that ended up coming about through layering in the intro. I appreciate that the harsh vocals are an acquired taste and that's something we try and balance as we love our heavy music but also want to try and appeal to a wider audience. Thanks - I find it really hard to tell whether vocals are too quiet/loud and this is something that seems to be different between engineers in the approach they go for, much more so than other instruments. Will again keep this in mind for future tracks. In fact the one we've just been working on has had a lot of and back and forth with the engineer and band as to how to balance male / female / low / high sets of takes. Thank you! I'm delighted with how it came together and big thanks go to the videographer, costume designer and band for pulling it together on the day. Llandudno, North Wales. The playthrough part was filmed on the Great Orme not far from the Rest and Be Thankful Cafe as there is just beautiful endless sea! The theatrical part was on the West Shore. I've spent a number of family holiday's there and had a feeling it would be perfect for our requirements. Again thank you all for your kind and constructive remarks - both of which I really value
  8. Hi guys, My eclectic musical ensemble Disconnected Souls has recently released our first music video for our track "Dissonant Whispers". I'd describe this as being an atmospheric heavy ballad with some djenty guitar, electronics, orchestral and world influences. Also available at: https://open.spotify.com/track/2grwSgSFgT8J8ADJOTykM6 https://disconnectedsouls.bandcamp.com/album/dissonant-whispers If you get chance to listen I hope you enjoy! Comments/feedback/criticism always welcomed. Best wishes, Matthew
  9. I had a chat with the Divisimate team about this recently and it sounds like they're potentially going to resolve this in a future update. Best wishes, Matthew
  10. Well there are quite a few variables to explore here! I'm someone who runs very large Cakewalk projects with a lot of instruments / plugins (on track and bus) so hence your findings are curious and may have implications for how I structure things if it reproducibly the case. Based on your findings, the initial hypothesis I wanted to test was that there would be a difference in performance between using tracks versus busses. Hence using the simplest test case of 1:1 mapping of track to bus. Using a single plugin I couldn't see any meaningful difference between having this on the track, or on bus that the track goes to. With loading the 15 plugins though it became noticably different, just not the way around I was expecting given your findings! In both of our cases I would have expected that the load would be the same - so hence even though our results were the opposite, they both provide evidence of something unusual going on and I would be interested to see Noel's thoughts on that, in case he thinks it worth following up on. You're right that running 15 tracks with single FX on and 15 tracks to a single bus with the FX would also be good further tests but my results already validate the hypothesis that tracks/bus have different impact in terms of resource usage even when used in a similar manner.
  11. So just to clarify you're loading the same number / type of plugins and you're finding that the load is significantly higher when inserted on the buss rather than the track? I did my own brief test using 15 copies of an intensive delay plugin and actually had the exact opposite result - putting them all on a single track caused the usage to be between 6-11%, whereas running them all on the bus with a single track going to it (equivelent set up) only had the load between 2-5%. This is certainly something that could warrant some further tests - my expectation would be that a 1:1 ratio of track to bus should have similar overall load, it shouldn't make any significant difference to the load where the FX is placed, indicating that both of our results are odd. I may be missing something though. Best wishes, Matthew
  12. Ah cool - sounds like you've already got a working test case then Still if any other evidence is needed I'll happily go and put something together
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