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  1. Great news! I've been experiencing issues relating to crashes with Vienna Pro/track templates, so I assume this is the same root cause. Thanks for the investigation - I look forward to this being resolved. Best wishes, Matthew
  2. Yes - not sure what the epected behaviour is here but I noticed that yesterday. I've got a number of Vienna Pro instances and i'm trying to reduce processing power by freezing - but it was a bit unfortunate and more time consuming that it was bouncing 16 tracks to audio each time. Cakewalk team - anything that can be improved there? Edit: Sorry - didn't quote the person above correctly and accidentally double posted
  3. Hi guys! Thanks as always for a great update. With regards to the improvements to VST loading - how is it better to load the plugin and sample seperately? e.g is this quicker/more stable or just better in that you can more clearly see where the load is up-to? I'm getting a strange crash which happens if load a track template, make some changes, save these as a new track template and then close cakewalk. Would you like a the dump log? I believe this was happening before hand but just wanted to draw attention to it because it's strange... the track template update does save correctly and it seems weird to crash when attempting to close the program normally. Limited impact but potentially an indicator of something not quite right. Best wishes, Matthew
  4. Hi all, Hope you're well. I've started encountering a bug whereby if I try and save track templates, Cakewalk will crash. If I then try and import these track templates it will give an error message about truncation. It doesn't seem to make any difference whether i'm saving a single track or several - it will just take varying lengths of time before it closes. The project template itself has a fair few buses and is approximately 250 tracks in total, but I don't think there's anything ridiculously complicated in it. On an older version of my project I was able to save track templates of various sizes - so this appears to be a new bug or there is some sort of inherent corruption in the project file. Any idea how I can troubleshoot this further or should I just raise a support case directly with Bandlab? Many thanks for your time. Matthew
  5. Hi guys, Another bug - although might not be specific to this release. When I save track templates I experience a significant spike in both CPU and memory utilisation (~4GB) and the save can take up-to a minute, locking up the PC. Whilst the projects that i'm running are large - the individual tracks may only be a single audio track routed to a few busses and so shouldn't be that intensive. I've seen the Kontakt module come up whilst doing this which leads me to believe that it's trying to preemptively save the VST's, which aren't related to the actual track. It also is worsened within projects with a larger number of VST's. Loading these tracks into a different project is quick and doesn't bring in anything it shouldn't. Best wishes, Matthew
  6. Improving the multi-process loading of VST's during opening would deliver huge value to me also - so really supportive and grateful for any efforts in this area!
  7. Hi Noel, Thanks for your comments. When I get some time i'll do some further testing for you and provide more detailed feedback. I was testing the model 3 scheduling at one point but I believe I swapped back as it wasn't performing quite as well - will double check. Best wishes, Matthew
  8. Thank you for listening! I am very glad that you enjoyed it. Yes the bonus track is very different from the rest of the EP - so hopefully you'll get your metal fix of 8 string guitars and double kick from the others - particularly Divergence and Warring Elements Any other feedback on the tracks and production is gratefully appreciated. At the moment i'm learning to mix and master myself and we're going a lot heavier on the VST's as opposed to performed keys parts. We've got track plans for an album but it might take awhile given current pandemic. Best wishes, Matthew
  9. Hi guys! I wanted to take the time to introduce you to my musical project Disconnected Souls which i'm really proud of. Our goal is to blend metal, electronic and classical influences to achieve something eclectic whilst still remaining catchy and of interest to people. Cakewalk has been a fantastic tool to help bring these ideas to life. Our Debut EP is available at the following locations and has been getting some great reviews - we hope you enjoy and please let me know if you have feedback. Bandcamp Facebook Spotify Reverb Nation Youtube Instagram All the best! ~Fletch~
  10. Thanks very much for the feedback mate. Upon your advice I've swapped over to JBridge - although it took a little while to cross reference 32 bit plugins and change them to load. It definitely feels like this has had a positive impact - Cakewalk now shows a consistent decrease in memory utilisation and gradually jbridge instances are closed. I'd say it now takes a minute to remove itself from task manager. Is there any difference in latency and resource utilisation (CPU/Memory) between these in your experience? I noticed that Cakewalk was up-to 25GB of RAM usage whilst closing! Although I do have some pretty big projects - 200 tracks with 4 instances of superior drummer and a few other VST's. I don't recall it previously getting quite that high although i've certainly gone up to 16GB. Would you say this is expected behaviour given project size and resource usage? Best wishes, Matthew
  11. Fantastic update guys - thank you so much again for all you do for this product! In the patch notes it talks about resolution of a hang on project close - I'm still experiencing this though. Admitedly a large project but it's strange to see this remaining in task manager for 2-3mins or so after close - with the same high level of memory utilisastion. There are two bitbridge processes that also remain open so I wonder if something there isn't terminating? - I can end these but the cakewalk process will say I don't have permission. If I attempt to end this a few times it will eventually do so and then let me open up a new project. Best wishes, Matthew
  12. Good afternoon all, Hope you're well. Are there any programs to allow for distributed loading/streaming of plugins for Cakewalk? I have some large projects files and i'm beginning to reach the limits with my laptop and so I'd like to offload some of the processing requirements to another computer. I've investigated FX Teleport but this looks quite old now so wondering whether there's a more modern and affective way of achieving this. I've also found DAW Connect but this appears to be focussed more on cloud-services and relies on integration with plugin providers as opposed to being a local user solution. Thanks guys, Matthew
  13. Hi guys - I've submitted a crash dump as suggested. Many thanks. Best wishes, Matthew
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