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  1. Hadn't seen this - looks excellent! Thanks to both you and the op
  2. I very much appreciate your feedback Tom
  3. Thank you kindly my friend - I really appreciate your feedback
  4. Thanks for the heads-up - that's quite some negative feedback though!
  5. Thank you kindly! Hopefully a future release will be more to your style - we do have a wide range of tastes between us, so it won't all be heavy
  6. Thank you my friend! Appreciate the mix feedback - will pass that back to the engineer as he's fairly new to the game, so will value that! I must admit i'm a big sucker for key changes and so the combination of that and moving to a heavier guitar pattern was something that made me super happy to implement I'm glad you feel it works.
  7. Some cool atmospheres - great job!
  8. Thanks i'll have a listen! Oh small world! Lovely area. Best wishes, Matthew Edit: Oh cool looks i'm already subscribed to you on YT! Very cool
  9. Thank you kindly for your feedback Nigel! Have you got anything to share that I can check out and enjoy? I hear what you mean about the cymbals - we ended up having a fair few mixes on this track as it was very difficult getting all the elements balanced; if we were doing another one I'd probably agree on polishing those a little more! We've been experimenting with a few different engineers, although are trying to do as much basic mixing as possible to really let them focus on the polishing/production to really take it to the next level. Best wishes, Matthew
  10. Very catchy and well produced. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Very catchy! Love the groove. Great work
  12. Thanks for sharing! I'm really enjoying what i'm hearing so far!
  13. Thank you kindly! Would love to hear some of your music if you make it and have any available We're always really keen to do something a bit different - the balance can be difficult to find between going too out there conceptually/instrumentally and not far enough and creating something that feels like it's been done before. The length is an interesting point - I think sometimes we want to try and cram too many ideas into a song and that can lead to them going on beyond the usual radio length - in fact this track is probably one of the shorter ones. It is one of the things we're really trying to practice improving with newer material. I was really impressed with the video - I put out a call on FB for videographers and had several recommendations for the guy who did it. Affordable, prompt and good quality - so he's definitely being used again! I'm a big metal fan so I love the harsher vocals but we do try and strike a balance - they can be good for conveying specific moods, but wouldn't want to use them all the time. I think one of the big challenges we often have with this musical project is with marketing/promotion - metal is probably the closest but can throw people off due to perceptions of that genre, so it's trying to find open minded people/communities to share it with! Thank you one again
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