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  1. I agree,cakewalk is a great daw and have feautures before than any other daw. The bug as you told is intermittent,sometimes it happens a lot, sometimes sporadically.
  2. @GreenLight I can confirm the bug whitout your steps even.it happens even when you have more buses i hope the team will can fix it in the next update.
  3. It depends, if the delay adds harmonics and they are not correctly designed, they cause aliasing, so it would make sense to activate upsampling. However, as I have mentioned, the delay in question does not have upsampling activated either in render or in play, other plugins are those that have it activated. But the envelope sent to the bus where the delay is located did not work if x2 is activated.
  4. In the last update it also happens sporadically, it has happened to me.
  5. No,only automate the send to this plugin.the H-delay is inserted in a buss and i automate the send envelope to this buss. When x2 is active the send envelope dont work When x2 is off all works great.
  6. Hi people. I've discovered a new bug. It is no big,but it's a problem to me. I have some automation envelope in a track with a delay (H-delay from waves ) ,with normal play all works like charm,but when i turn on x2, the automation do not response to envelope. I've made some test with another projects and i can reproduce continuosly. I think is a bug. Only when x2 (oversampling) is turned on. PD: the plugin ( H-delay) ,dont have activated upsampling in render and dont have activated upsampling in play either
  7. Sometimes knowing it can be useful if you are recording (traking)for example a guitar or a vocalist and there is a plugin that is introducing a lot of delay in the chain. Or for example when you have to play a vst synthesizer in real time and some included effect causes a lot of delay in the chain, you can change it for a lighter one.
  8. Thanks for the info. Anothers daws,show you the latency added by the plugins in a easy way,next to bpm or sample rate (for example). Calculate manually with voxengo or similar is so hard and have so sense to me. I think is so ease put Pdc (number)at some position in the screen by the daw.
  9. Hello and thanks to all member of this forum. My question is simple. There is any way to know how much latency added the total plugins in the project?. Thanks.
  10. A simple question. Why the installer ,put in the system Microsoft EdgeWebView 2 Runtime??. I don't understand why. What part of Cakewalk uses this runtime libraries?. Thnaks for the update!
  11. Thanks a lot for your help. It works! I do not understand how bitbridge is something small, whose bug is something simple, it is not corrected and yet functionalities are added to the daw. For me it is nonsense. Anyway, a million thanks for your help.
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