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  1. Thanks a lot for your post!
  2. FJ Lamela

    Halloween Night

    Greetings, your production is very funny, well thought out, it reminds me of the soundtracks of many horror films from the late 70s of the early 80s. Scary and creepy, well done
  3. As said post above,brilliant,performance and production.Congrats!
  4. Hello, I have heard your production.It is interesting.It is halfway between experimental music and psychedelic music.I do not produce this type of musical style so I can not talk about the production.I can say that the mixture is well done and The master is not bad. I think you are on the right way.Regards!
  5. FJ Lamela

    Love is Like

    Hi Rex,i've heard your track. You have a very personal and intimate style in your productions. From a technical point of view, the production is very well done, the almost perfect mix and the master sounds very good. Your performance also very consistent with the production. Very good work.
  6. All my work is made with cakewalk bandlab.Best DAW of the World. Please,if you like it,press like the video or subscribe my channel or press like soundcloud,this way you help me to continue producing. Thanks for listen or/and watch!
  7. Thanks a lot John, I have tried to expose an afro vibe mixed with current electronic sounds on the dance floor, I think the result is good vibes with spicy dancing. Hola,muchas gracias por ver y oir el clip.Si soy español.Un abrazo desde España.
  8. Hey people,my new production. Perfume de Mujer (“Women’s perfume”) is an electro pop Spanish song , which tells the pain of heartbreak, the bad plays of memories and the pain of forgetting.Performed by Angela de la Cruz. Thanks a lot for listen!. https://open.spotify.com/track/3nA36U5EyTFpNh5EnBvVcZ
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