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  1. Thanks for this great update again. Thanks cakewalk bandlab Team
  2. Great interview and future improvements for Cakewalk. It's great,CAKEWALK is more alive than never!
  3. Thank you again for the update, but I do not understand why "Classic Creative Suite audio effects" and sonitus are still DX, a completely obsolete technology today.
  4. Thanks a lot for a great coming update!!!
  5. Updated.All works as expected! For now (at least)
  6. I've checked sometimes and mono channel are mono and sterero channel are stereo,nothing has changed.The problem is not this.And as i told,always with older projects.
  7. I have had the same problem on some occasions. For example, all the drum tracks have been sent to an auxiliary channel. Everything has worked well, but when I opened the project a day or two later, that auxiliary channel has 6 dB more. inconvenience in sending the project, but it is a problem is that it happens randomly, especially in old projects not in new projects, as soon as it happens I will send the project without problem.
  8. Hi Noel.I've installed the new version of vst scanner and....IT WORKS!!!! The 32bits plugins are now recognised again and all work as expected. Thanks a lot for your help and support. Greetings from Spain!.
  9. Are the 7 plugins removed when you scan from cakewalk the same plugins from c:/vst32/? Yes they are removed of listed plugins. Do any of those plug-ins reside within a folder that has the name VST3? Nope,because these plugins are 32bits and are installed only in c:/vst32/ for me (manually),no subdirs. Are the removed plugins VST2 plugins? Yes they are!effects & instruments! Thanks for your support!
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