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  1. I have envelopes all over my buses. Volume, special effects, track plugin parameters. Sometimes as 5 or more. Don’t know your experience level but - There is Output volume And input gain. Could a second env have control? You could try and delete all Env on that bus. Edit-> select special Click env’s. Then add back output volumes where you want them to be. Be sure OutpVlm is set to 0.0. Click edit filter choose bus output volume. Then put your nodes on the volume env line and move them where you need them to be. Max Arwood
  2. At least this one is in my price range! How did you get a Key? Did you get Vienna Key or already have one? Or Steinberg? Do they mail it from Germany? Can't wait that long -LOL! Thanks, Max Arwood
  3. I haven't had any problems. Works fine. Max Arwood
  4. I hate getting new stuff I think will help my mixes. I waste tons of time checking it out on older tracks to see what is does to them LOL!!! Max Arwood
  5. You can get more reverb “percent” by putting it on the track as opposed to a send. Sometimes I do use reverb on a track. It has to be a special track to spend that much CPU on a single effect. Valhalla Super Massive, Valhalla Shimmer, and Unfiltered Audio Sandman I have used on a track for crazy effects. I have also used Lexicon Concert Hall so I could tweak the reverb for just one Instrument- usually a lead or main instrument. Mostly Reverbs are put on the bus because it is an efficient use of CPU. Max Arwood
  6. All that math sounds right but your ears are the best tool. I usually have at least 5 reverbs on the bus. Some times I have 8 . I usually have 30-35 buses - why - CPU! It is the way to go with effects reverbs, compressors, echo, pitch, and other special effects. Envelopes on busses and tracks can control parameters to change any serving in all those plugins too! Max Arwood
  7. Thanks for the info. I’ve just. never look at any of those. Max Arwood
  8. I have Platinum installed but don't see that FX Chain Presets folder? C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\FX Chain Presets\Anderton Collection\Processors Where could I find it? Max Arwood
  9. Look under preferences Audio - configuration file. Near the end Of the file is a setting called ThreadSchedulingModel. If it is not set to 2 change it to 2 and try the song again. 2 is the most common setting. Some systems work better with 3. You can try both. It could have gotten changed. Hope that helps.
  10. 8.6 win 10 Layla 24/96 Max Arwood
  11. There is also Clip groups - locks clips in a group press [ If you move 1 all move. If you add effects all grouped clips get that effect. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X2&language=3&help=Arranging.22.html Max Arwood
  12. Thanks for listening! I like it both ways. I wanted to move the strings in and out for some variation. I will probably lower them. They are a bit much in places. Still got to figure out a better ending too. Max Arwood
  13. Did you find the midi offset I sent info to you about? Max Arwood
  14. I still am only a BIAB beginner even though I have been upgrading every few versions since before they numbered by the year released! Thinking about spending a little more time with it. Thanks for the GREAT piece you did you did! It encourages me to try again!! Thanks, Max Arwood
  15. Converting some old songs I played. This one was originally played through "The Grand" converted to CFX concert grand today. Let me know what you think. https://soundclick.com/r/s8dlbx Thanks for listening, Max Arwood
  16. I think you could go inside the take lane and do the fades there. Max Arwood
  17. A straight line all the way across would be easy in CSMultiCompander. High and Low different -> I have some old midi piano songs I did a while back. I wanted to move my midi to a newer piano sample. The newer stuff is way better than older ones! When I did the left hand was banging and the right was fine except a few really high notes. MidiEq balanced the notes to match the older midi so the hands and noted were more even. It is very hard to draw lines/curves with the pencil tool. I wish it had a modifier key to help smooth the line as you pencil draw it. You might go to his forum and request this features on the plugin, and the EQ shelves. Only a few people here, but that way your post won't get lost in all the other post! LOL!! https://viramor.com/posties/ Hope to see you there. MidiEq tweaked piano song -> https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=14039946 Max Arwood
  18. Very nice!! Nice backup vocals too! Max Arwood
  19. BIAB - You are really good with it. I sure wish I had more time to play with it!!! Wow you did a great job. And yes those background harmonies we really good. Max Arwood
  20. Midi EQ will do this. Just use the large drawing scale. A cool feature is to use the mouse wheel to do individual notes. I ask Variorum to add a shelf in the next version. I sure hope he does. It is a little tricky trying to get the shapes of the curves the way you need them. I will say there is nothing like this anywhere! It is a one of a kind plugin for now! Max Arwood
  21. http://forum.cakewalk.com/Offset-for-Midi-recording-m3532820.aspx Under Sync and Caching Max Arwood
  22. I don't think Melodyne was made to insert region effect while playing. Is that what you are doing? I usually stop playback, cut the section away from the main clip (to make it smaller) , create edit region . Then in Melodyne I edit and tweak the notes - play the clip a few times, exit melodyne, bounce the clip and continue. I have used this procedure from version 1 through version 5 - Never had problems this way. 1 Too big of a clip - asking for problems - cut up sections 2 You don't bounce it when finished - same asking for problems - It will probable open ok next week and it might not - don't have to Re-Edit stuff - once is enough LOL!! Hope you get it figured out. Max Arwood
  23. You might try to plug in some speakers, then open Cakewalk. It looks like Windows is seeing the card but not activating it because there are no speakers connected.?? I hope Robert can help some! Max Arwood
  24. Wow Blades - I guess should upgrade to the 3G lol! Nah, I guess I should go up the totum pole a little higher 🙂 Max Arwood
  25. Wow that was a really great cover! I can't believe how close you are to the original. Max Arwood
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