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  1. Collin - I am running an older Echo card Original Layla 24/96 No problems with 1909 18363.1379. I would probably get better latency with a newer card LOL! Thanks to Pete Brown for the great video and tweak guide and for checking in here!
  2. This update fixes an intermittent graphic issue causing a crash/freeze on some systems. https://relabdevelopment.com/downloads/
  3. yes dropbox one drive or teamviewer. it is kool how it works but I'm not looking for more drivers loading into my computer.
  4. I looked at the demos yesterday. I just wonder what the monthly charges will be?
  5. It is + - 6 DB. I bought it but after the new wore off I don't use it. It is very clean sounding if that is what you are looking for. Try the demo.
  6. I have done tv spots and 1 hour broadcast shows editing in Vegas for 15+ years. The secret is not to upgrade till the next version comes out with the next version free. Use 14 till the 15/16 upgrade comes out. Then use the 15 till 16/17 comes out lol! They have most of the bugs out when the next version of out. Sony had more stable versions.
  7. I’ve been using VNC remote on my iPhone and tablet. I also have tranzport but wish I had faderport to record some volume automations. I wonder how this would work for recording volume automation??
  8. I usually unmute the fx section then mute each fx one at a time. Then I add the new fx. I work with the new fx till I think it sounds good. You can now leave the track as it is but it is best to un freeze the track and refreeze with the newly added fx. This will reduce confusion later. Edit - just a note - after you unfreeze be sure to unmute all the fx before you refreeze the track.
  9. Don’t remember the tech guys name. I tried the repair on the freshly booted machine. Still did not fix the errors. Called tech line and the guy tried a few things, then he deleted all my waves stuff. Next he did a fresh install. It still retired out. So he downloaded a new waveshell. This fixed the song so it would open. This happened a few months ago too. As long as they keep fixing it I’m happy. It is a little bit of a pain. I think they have a great collection of plug-ins.
  10. Max Arwood

    Sunday jam

    I over the tremolo very classic! Great song/jam.
  11. I don't know that much about computer errors. I just assumed it was the same because it happed the same time as the update. And it was a ???“5”??? error. After waves completely deleting everything and reinstalling It was still broken. Waves replaced the WaveShell2-VST3 12.0_x64 file with a newer and also a *******12.1 also. Thanks, Max Arwood
  12. I know what you mean but they/I have a bunch of great plugins. They just fixed mine with a updated waveshell.vst3. 2 are 12.0 and one is 12.1 Max Arwood
  13. I am still getting code 000000000005 errors. Only on certain files. Not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated. (Edit) Opening cwp file. Thanks, Max Arwood Edit again = fixed by a new version waveshell VST3
  14. Didn't know this either! I wish I could program more cakewalk stuff in Autohotkey! l only need more time and brains LOL!
  15. You could try safe load to fix the project. Press Shift down while loading the project. You will have to click yes on all that plugins except Amplitude. When the project opens reload Amplitude. This usually fixes the problem, but not always.
  16. Thanks, I could use a couple more!
  17. Zyna"p"teq I think you did this to me once. I can't spell anythng.
  18. It's not going to break the song! Yes bottom EQ and 3K top. Take an EQ plugin and make a bell curve raise it up 6-8db then run it up and down till you fine that frequency. Then you can lower it. Splitting drums is hard sometimes. If it's just the 2 sounds - if you do midi stuff you could recreate in Addictive Drums 2 or EZDrummer. This is a lot of trouble! Might not be worth it. It is good practice LOL!! The notes won't be that hard to match but sometimes the groove /feel is hard to match. Yes - drum replacer could help keep the groove! Max Arwood
  19. Both have a 30 day demo I think. You could finish the track before then LOL! https://www.fabfilter.com/download/#download-pro-ds-de-esser-plug-in https://oeksound.com/downloads/soothe2 another plugin is bx_refinement (14 day demo) check cclarry deals - I got it for $29.99 https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/bx_refinement.html Max Arwood
  20. Another quick option if you do this frequently is to set up groups. Hover over the bass tracks solo button, right click - select groups - pick group A. Next hover over the drum tracks one at a time or put in folder and right click the solo button. Select group A again. (Be sure all the solos are turn off before you start {they all need to match unless you are using this for a quick switch to compare}) Now any time you click any solo button from any of the tracks you grouped together they will all solo. Tracks can only be assigned to one group at a time. I'm not sure I exactly get what you are trying to do. If I had more details I might be able to help more. In retrospect - you can also mute everything you don't want to hear - this can be grouped as well. Max Arwood
  21. It won't work. You must select drum tracks and bass track to solo like you want. To make it quicker you can have the drums in a folder and solo the whole thing in one click then solo the bass. Max Arwood
  22. They said on the ad that they were 1st at doing this - Nope - iZotope Remix was 1st! Not only drums but vocals, bass and other!
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