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  1. I usually do strings 01 light processing strings 02 medium processing strings 03 new version etc Then just reload you favorite. I don’t think a global change is a good idea. I would creat havoc on older projects.
  2. Thanks to all for the help. I will let you know how this comes out. I am going to try both methods. They both sound plausible. Just got to figure out which is most accurate and which is quickest. Then weigh the difference and pick. This forum is one of the very best features of Cakewalk. Glad to be here.
  3. I have tried several times and several ways to match project tempo to pre-recorded tracks. I have 10 songs that are multi track 10-15 tracks each - not recorded to a click or drum loop. 1) I have tried - Creative sauce - Audio snap tempo mapping. The bad of this method - Don't want to stretch audio - Just want to move tempo map to match the audio. 2) I have tried bouncing tracks that contain good transients (not all tracks play all the way through - no drums in 1st part of song) and dragging to top of time line to use melodyne's match tempo. I have tried all the choices in audio type. Mixed results - not too good - don't know the best way to manually correct the errors after melodyne's finished. 3) I haven't done the match improvisation. I tried it many years ago without much luck. Timing is close but not spot on. Probably my playing-timing. Any help from someone that has had good timing match please chime in. It would be perfect if I could just click a tempo button then drag the "measure" ruler to match the beats - the measure/beat ruler would become movable by measure and beat. I suggested this feature 15+ years ago. I guess it was not that important. I will ask again in the request forum. Thanks for any help, Max Arwood
  4. I never organized them. I let XO do it. I mostly pointed it towards percussion samples. After waiting a bit I had a ton of dots to click on and play with!!
  5. Didn’t want cloud the great post in “Curious- Why Use a Control Surface?” With slightly off track question. 1) Anyone used both tactile vs touch screen device - and can describe the good bad and the ugly of each? Or one of these? 2) Your best phone/pad controller app?
  6. Do you have another DAW to try them in? also have you tried here? https://solidstatelogic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  7. Which SSL native plugins? And what versions?
  8. Sonar is very outdated compared to Bamdlab cakewalk. Update this first. If crystal disk says you have a problem. You should replace the drive. It is spot on for drive reliability. This could but probably would not cause differences. Like bdickens said sample rate could cause this. What sound card are you using now that you have disabled the Realtek? What are you settings in the audio preferences page ?
  9. You don't have to go outside of cakewalk You can just duplicate the mono track then pan one hard left and one hard right. You can process from there. The plugins will work with a single mono track.
  10. Here are 2 ways duplicate the track 1) pitch up 6c on track pitch down 6c on the other track 2) move one track 10-20 miliseconds foreard then move the other track 10-20 milliseconds back There are many plug-ins that can do this for you. You have to keep in mind that most of these technics can make the audio sound strange. You can also have phase issues. waves ps22, S1 imager* PSP Audioware Pseudo Stereo Melda MStereoSpread * JST SideWidener Plugin Alliance BX Stereomaker, bx control v2 * This is also built into other plug-ins like Waves Abbey Road TG mastering plug-in* Nembrini - PSA 1000* and inside dozens of other plug-ins Good = *
  11. I’m not sure exactly what all you might be comparing but - Melda mcompare might also come in handy. You should look at it. It has gain match built in. You can compare different mixes you have done. I usually load reference tracks and compare to my tracks. It helps to clear your Eq perceptions of your tracks. There are several plug-ins like this one. I think melda is top of the heap on this one. Master the mix has - Reference Plugin Alliance. - ADPTR A/B Ozone and others
  12. No rendering required. 1)Just put gain match in as the 1st plug-ins on a track or on a bus. 2)Add as many plug-ins as you like. 3) add another gain match as the last plug-in in the chain. Gain match will label the 1st instance as a. Then it will name the 2nd instance as b. Once this is setup there is a speaker icon in the b version that you can click to hear the before all the plug-ins version of the track or bus. The great thing about it is it will “gainmatch” the two signals so you hear the “real” changes and not the boost that the plug-in vendors almost always add. “Louder is better will be eliminated. You will be totally shocked about some plug-ins and plug-in chains!! There are some details I left out for simplification. Be sure the read the docs!
  13. This is a great plugin! I know they just did some optimizations to the code but I think it could use some more! code tweaks - it needs to be even more efficient. I'm happy so far and hope for these guys to buckle down and do the Archie Bell (Tightenup) lol!
  14. I’m doing the demo now. Why is there a 8.4 db reduction in volume on the plug-in?! I also can’t get cakewalk to load because system version takes over the drivers.
  15. Yes - gainmatch. I hate the way some plug-ins pump the volume up - like black box. It is designed with way too much gain. It still sounds great. Gain match will show you the winners and losers in plug-ins. Watch out for plugin gainers, even a part of a db can be deceptive!
  16. That's a great idea. That was I could add 10 more plugins and bounce to another track and add 10 more plugins and so on.
  17. Collin - I am running an older Echo card Original Layla 24/96 No problems with 1909 18363.1379. I would probably get better latency with a newer card LOL! Thanks to Pete Brown for the great video and tweak guide and for checking in here!
  18. This update fixes an intermittent graphic issue causing a crash/freeze on some systems. https://relabdevelopment.com/downloads/
  19. bonjour service Is installed
  20. yes dropbox one drive or teamviewer. it is kool how it works but I'm not looking for more drivers loading into my computer.
  21. I looked at the demos yesterday. I just wonder what the monthly charges will be?
  22. It is + - 6 DB. I bought it but after the new wore off I don't use it. It is very clean sounding if that is what you are looking for. Try the demo.
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