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  1. Hi, good afternoon, all great with you, I come to ask for a new feature on cakewalk by bandlab, I would like that in addition to the .ins file, I would also like you to open the .reabank format, I already have the list of sounds, but in reabank, I'm waiting the return of the message Yours sincerely Pedro
  2. Hi, good afternoon, I would like to know who would have the ins file for me from the psr s670, is not pulling the msb lsb from the expansion user, that is, the user definition part, I would like to synchronize via msb lsb, or someone who makes a list of sounds, I'm not able to create the list, I'm waiting for the message to be answered.Pedro
  3. Hi, good afternoon, I would like to know on cakewalk by bandlab when I'm going to edit the note of a Midi ready in the event list, the markers disappear, I await the return of the message kindly Pedro
  4. ok, but I'm not able to make the list of sounds and edit the ins file, I wouldn't have a video lesson, I'm waiting for the return of the message, kindly Pedro
  5. what's your email, because I'm going to send the ins file of the psr s670, then there would be a way to make the list for me, I'm not getting it here
  6. Hi, good afternoon, all great with you, I would like to know how I can create a list of sounds from my psr s670 from the user expansion and from the keyboard itself, thanks to those who help me, best regards Pedro
  7. Oi,boa tarde,tudo bem galerinha do forum,gostaria de saber no arquivo de instrument definition ins,do psr s670,como faço pra abrir a parte de expansion user,pois tá abrindo só os sons do próprio teclado,agradeço a quem me ajudar,aguardo retorno
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