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  1. Unlikely a shortcut problem. If the plug-ins open new windows depending on how they are created, they may be a problem.
  2. The drop down to manage track control display is If the controls were displayed in the old session and missing in new sessions, the Workspace may be overriding the drop down. Either create a custom workspace or set it to None.
  3. If it is in the plug-in manager it will be in the "Sort by" layouts. Use the plug-in browser search function to find the plug-in. If you are using a custom layout, you will have to add the plug-in to the layout. Only the "Sort by" layouts bundled with the DAW are automatically updated.
  4. You are welcome. Glad you like it. Now that CbB has a validation routine for themes expect to update the theme a little more often. Updates for my themes are released around the time of the Early Access versions of CbB if the update is required. For optional updates, I may wait until after the Early Access period.
  5. Needlessly scanning folders has been known to cause scanning failures. If it was just a cosmetic issue, I would not have bothered to post.
  6. I misread the post. Floating views regardless of the number of monitors have similar window management issues. Even when I ran multiple monitors, only the video view ran on a second monitor. It is much easier for me to manage everything else on one monitor. Of course, individual preferences vary. Some like to spread stuff around. Some like to keep a lot of stuff open. Some find the console view useful.
  7. Is the ASIO driver installed (it is a download from the Behringer website) and the driver mode in CbB set to ASIO and the driver selected in CbB.
  8. The scan path in this image really needs a clean up. By default "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Plug-ins" does not contain VST plug-ins and should not be scanned. It is a bad idea to add VST plug-ins to this path. "C:\Program Files\Common Files" contains a lot more than VST plug-ins and is an unusual path to add to the scan path. This also causes the paths "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Celemony" and "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3" to be scanned multiple times, a bad idea. Really should try to limit the scan to folders containing VST2 and VST3 plug-ins and avoid needlessly scanning folders. "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Celemony" is an odd path to have in the scan path. It may contain some binaries but the VST3 plug-in is in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3"
  9. These days I use one monitor Are you saying CoordMode, Mouse, Client does not support multiple monitors?
  10. scook


    Why not use Edit > Paste Special with Paste to One Track enabled?
  11. If the three tracks in the middle of the image were instrument tracks they would NOT show TTS-1 as their output. The three tracks routed to TTS-1 are MIDI tracks with MIDI meters. Instrument tracks show audio meters.
  12. The easiest way to install and activate products with Cakewalk Command Center aware installers (2015-2017) is by using Cakewalk Command Center because it automatically activates after installing. The manual activation process in the Z3ta+2 documentation installed with the plug-in.
  13. This only happens if one chooses to float views while using one monitor. Leave the views in the multidock and dock the multidock. The views may be resized, even maximized and the plug-ins will float on top of the views.
  14. Read the section called Recycle Plug-In Windows on this page http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x22B07
  15. Each circled area is a stereo meter The one on the left is stereo input The right is output Notice the I/O between the circled areas
  16. Make sure the DAW is running in ASIO driver mode. Make sure the ASIO driver is set to the smallest usable buffer To see if the Plug-in Delay Compensation is a problem, bypass all effects using the FX button in the Mix Module.
  17. The Focusrite ASIO driver should outperform WASAPI Shared. In ASIO mode try adjusting the Buffer Size slider (I believe Focusrite supports buffer size change from the DAW).
  18. It does not matter how the MIDI data gets to the DAW, the audio from the soft synths return to the interface just like the audio from a mic or guitar when monitoring through the DAW. To hear the synth audio while playing make sure the instrument/MIDI track has input echo enabled.
  19. Bounce to tracks is a track level audio operation my guess is you meant Bounce to Clips.
  20. The last working version for PC modules is Softube v2.4.83 (from Jan 2019) Any release after that crashes the DAW. Using newer releases as regular plug-ins (the VST2 format pulls double duty as PC modules and standard plug-ins) works OK.
  21. Yeah, the ability to run multiple devices is not something manufacturers keep secret. If their devices are designed to run together, it will be documented and included in their marketing material. The opposite is not true. IOW, don't expect manufacturers to go out of their way to document their devices are not designed to run together or see that as a bullet point in their marking material.
  22. Keyboard latency has nothing to do with MIDI. The delay is all on the audio side of things. To save some typing here is a recent post I made on the subject of audio latency
  23. Different interface same discussion The bottom line is if interfaces can be aggregated, the hardware documentation will cover how to do it. It takes a specially designed ASIO driver (ideally although other driver modes may work) and a way to sync the devices to the same clock. This is something hardware vendors who support the feature document. Any audio or MIDI interface changes will likely require adjusting projects to suit the new hardware.
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