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  1. The data in on channel 14. Multi-timbral synths use the channel assignments. Most other soft synths ignore channel assignments. Unlike most synths, the bx_Oberhausen only plays on channel 1. This is why I suggested forcing the channel in my original post and what you are doing by using the ''Instrument Track per Output with stereo Outputs'' option in the add track menu. Your controller should have a way to set the channel.
  2. So, you are saying you have verified the data in the track is on channel 1?
  3. The difference between ''Instrument Track per Output with stereo Outputs'' and ''Simple Instrument Track'' is the channel is forced to 1 (Instrument per-track assigns channel outputs sequentially) in the former and the channel is set to None in the latter. This indicates the issue is the controller sending MIDI notes on a channel other than 1. You can verify this after recording, opening the track in the Event List looking at the channel column or select the notes and look at the channel in the Event Inspector.
  4. Yes, this would be the same if the data was coming in on any channel except 1 (instead of ignoring channel info bx_Oberhausen only works on channel 1), the plug-in was bypassed using either the Host Bypass (VST3 only) immediately above the power button in the plug-in UI or the plug-in power button itself or the level in the plug-in or the volume in the track turned all the way down. What the video shows in MIDI activity in the track inspector but no audio out. If other synths work in the track but one does not, I would re-install the plug-in before re-install the DAW. Regardless of how the plug-in works outside the DAW. May want to verify the problem exists using both VST2 and VST3 formats. That said, re-install the DAW is certainly something else to try.
  5. https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021858313-How-do-I-access-my-older-Cakewalk-programs-
  6. What happens if you force the channel to 1 on the track? Depending on the Workspace the channel drop down may not show up in the track header but is always displayed in the track inspector. The channel drop down is immediately above "C" on the MIDI tab "T" of an instrument track.
  7. The device you inserted or removed is returning that string to the Windows API's we're using. Not much we can do to solve it. That is supposed to show the device name that was inserted or removed. Not related to this update. I believe the user is drawing attention to the hanzi in the dialog. Why would Chinese characters appear in a Portuguese dialog?
  8. Unlike some of the other devs selling products through PA, Brainworx VST3 presets must be loaded using the VST3 drop down to the right of the Cakewalk preset manager. Once loaded, it may be saved into the Cakewalk Preset Manager. Brainworx started out writing plug-ins for UAD and like other UAD devs they relied on the preset manager supplied by UAD. Unlike other PA and UAD devs, Brainworx has elected not to write a preset manager for their native plug-ins. For more info about the Cakewalk Preset Manager see https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Mixing.28.html
  9. Only one version of Melodyne may be installed on a PC. The Melodyne 5 installer should detect the old version of Melodyne and remove it before installing 5. CbB uses the regular Melodyne VST3 plug-in. The features available in the plug-in depend on the license purchased from Celemony.
  10. Yea, the CTRL and ALT +num keys are available for binding too. I make these suggestions so that you can have something today. If you wish to wait for the developers to revert binding changes they made decades ago is your choice.
  11. It's only one mouse click per session. To make the choice persist across sessions is a feature request.
  12. Pretty unlikely but note duration is available for binding in preferences under the Global area. It is possible to remap the numeric keypad.
  13. I have a few tasks loaded in the default script but for things like the request in the OP, I probably would not only because the extra mouse click does not bother me.
  14. I don't believe so but here is the autohotkey code to perform this action Click, ,Right Send, s WinWait, Split Clips Send, s{Space}{Enter} Return Add it to the default autohotkey script, binding it as desired.
  15. Using a combination of 2 vouchers, in 2020 I paid $50 for dearVR Pro and Lindel Audio 254E
  16. No. mute still streams the data for the track because the track may be unmuted while the transport is running. After rendering the audio, freeze performs an archive of the original track and if the track uses a synth, disconnects it. When a track is archived, the project completely ignores the original track data. Disconnecting a synth, unloads the synth from memory.
  17. Dropouts have an accompanying code in the message ("A" in the image below). See this (the page linked to the "Help" tab in the bottom right of the message) for more information about what may be causing the dropout and suggested remedies.
  18. I am not sure what error code 20 is. Did you click the "Contact Support" tab in the bottom right and let support know about the problem? Alternately, you could mail support@cakewalk.com or open a ticket on the support website.
  19. I too want to know this. At least, some bad sample data that sounds slightly delayed remains uncorrected... AFAIK, the plug-ins have not been updated in some time, but the installers have.
  20. The update process does not actually look at the software on the disk instead it looks at entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Installers\ If the Studio Instrument Suite was not added by a CbB era installer, there will not be an entry in the registry for the software and the update process will want to "update" the software.
  21. or VCV or even SoloRack. Really disappointing considering AAS's history with modular.
  22. Disconnect from the internet or enable Always Use Local Help A manual check for updates should prompt to install the local help file. If it does not, try enabling "Always Use Local Help."
  23. The audio preview bus is set using the menu on the Media tab in the media browser.
  24. scook


    The path to CbB minidumps is %appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\minidumps
  25. CbB supports PC module upsampling just like any other plug-in. The difference is PC modules do not have menu options to setup the feature. The latest version of my CbB Tools supports adding VST plug-ins, including PC modules to the [PluginUpsampler] section in Aud.ini. Or manually add PC CLSIDs to Aud.ini using a text editor. Here is a discussion about the same thing on the old forum http://forum.cakewalk.com/tm.aspx?m=3524808&mpage=1 including an example of how to add a PC module to Aud.ini.
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