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  1. hey zo what is cpu use like?
  2. if you have vss3 can upgarde to full bundle for 299. very nice!
  3. BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY SALE 21 NOV THRU 29 NOV 202130% OFF ALL ORDERS USING COUPON CODE “CYBER2021” https://www.raisingjakestudios.com/plugins.html
  4. they'll probably go the physical ilok if they are going to use ilok cloud too. sounds like pro tools. i hope the portico plugs and whatnot get moved over to ilok too
  5. best service still has lexicon native effects on sale for $145. it's been 'while stock lasts" for a long long time https://www.bestservice.com/pcm_native_effects_bundle.html
  6. when it was first released this cost $2k. Lexicon only grants 1 ilok activation which is a drag. Seeing that the guy who programmed these -michael carnes- left to start exponential audio and then sold that to izotope these lexicon plugs are now left withering on the vine. Still great reverbs though!
  7. yep it's stereo. harrison vocal focal was mono cos it incorporated pitch correction. It is an awesome plugin. Quick, easy to use, good gui, low cpu. large range filters instead of narrow arbitrary limits too. At last a channel strip that gets everything right! also the license is a serial number which is better than the usual harrison licensing system
  8. a good one that gets alot of raves is DMG trackcomp https://dmgaudio.com/trackcomp
  9. i havent tried them on the latest cake build but i hunted down a version of softube PC modules that do work on previous builds: was able to get softube prochannel plugs through their legacy installer page: https://www.softube.com/support/legacy-installers/download Near the bottom there are 32/64 bit windows installers for SOFTUBE PLUG-INS CONTROL (2.3.41/2.3.76)
  10. softube has changed its marketing big time. a steady stream of crappy deals now. wouldn't mind betting that the console 1 channel strips move to vst now like API one.
  11. Looks great. Love the colors.
  12. it's tricky for them cos of the manifold prices which their products are bought at. sometimes ina group deal you might get 5 for 1. Maybe they should be like Melda and tot up how much you have spent on their products then use this number to base what your upgrade should be? one thing I appreciate which IK has changed recently is the ability to remove authorizations from a computer so the threat of running out of them isn't looming in the future
  13. I'm picking they move to a cloud system like protools with ilok cloud or reason that used to use codemeter. Don't want subscription either.
  14. when were they charging 1000+ for vocal flow?
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