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  1. backwoods

    Ujam Sparkle

    i like it cos it's so basic it's like cakewalk project 5. it can't do fades is the only thing but is lite and reliable. Very cool daw and abletonesque (just wish it had the cytomic glue and awesome ableton EQ designed by same guy)
  2. backwoods

    Ujam Sparkle

    ujam site says they send out bitwig code at time of purchase so that probably precludes purchase from 3rd party (just playing percentages). hey fleer one thing- if i upgraded to bitwig v4 could I still download and use v1?
  3. backwoods

    Ujam Sparkle

    at plugin boutique yeah but if you bought it from ujam at the moment you would get 16 track. Ihave bitwig v1 but wouldn't mind getiing 16 track for $39
  4. backwoods

    Ujam Sparkle

    wonder if buying this and registering with ujam grants free bitwig 16 track?
  5. Yep I got this along with a PSP CM delay and Vengeance VPS scope last time this deal came round. You buy the mag and to get the code it presents you with a question about a certain page of the magazine. I seem to recall a couple of times I thought I didn't even need to have read the magazine to pick the correct keyword too scope is issue 216, delay 235
  6. here's a good chance to get a terrific fluid eq cheap: https://pocketmags.com/us/computer-music-magazine/december-2020/articles/851540/kilohearts-slice-eq
  7. psp is weird in that they used ilok for a while then dropped it for simple licence files and now is reverting one plugin at a time back to ilok. new buyers probably can't get access to fet 1.0 cos they have changed the user accounts so the old pre ilok versions are unavailable. I'm staying at fet 1.0 and oldtimer 2.0 cos of that.
  8. if you have vss3 can upgarde to full bundle for 299. very nice!
  9. BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY SALE 21 NOV THRU 29 NOV 202130% OFF ALL ORDERS USING COUPON CODE “CYBER2021” https://www.raisingjakestudios.com/plugins.html
  10. they'll probably go the physical ilok if they are going to use ilok cloud too. sounds like pro tools. i hope the portico plugs and whatnot get moved over to ilok too
  11. best service still has lexicon native effects on sale for $145. it's been 'while stock lasts" for a long long time https://www.bestservice.com/pcm_native_effects_bundle.html
  12. when it was first released this cost $2k. Lexicon only grants 1 ilok activation which is a drag. Seeing that the guy who programmed these -michael carnes- left to start exponential audio and then sold that to izotope these lexicon plugs are now left withering on the vine. Still great reverbs though!
  13. yep it's stereo. harrison vocal focal was mono cos it incorporated pitch correction. It is an awesome plugin. Quick, easy to use, good gui, low cpu. large range filters instead of narrow arbitrary limits too. At last a channel strip that gets everything right! also the license is a serial number which is better than the usual harrison licensing system
  14. a good one that gets alot of raves is DMG trackcomp https://dmgaudio.com/trackcomp
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