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  1. Looks great. Love the colors.
  2. it's tricky for them cos of the manifold prices which their products are bought at. sometimes ina group deal you might get 5 for 1. Maybe they should be like Melda and tot up how much you have spent on their products then use this number to base what your upgrade should be? one thing I appreciate which IK has changed recently is the ability to remove authorizations from a computer so the threat of running out of them isn't looming in the future
  3. I'm picking they move to a cloud system like protools with ilok cloud or reason that used to use codemeter. Don't want subscription either.
  4. when were they charging 1000+ for vocal flow?
  5. can anyone who has these/tried these comment on cpu usage? i have big freq and arouser and they are great but would be nice to have the softube polish as opposed to the somewhat janky ELI execution
  6. happy this sale happened cos some new user obviously complained about the 1 license policy and checking out ilok today i see all my ssl plugs now have 2
  7. Thanks for this Glenn! Is there some kind of general depository where users can share their templates?
  8. protools has this and also aax has some kind of ability for third party plugin makers to make use of it too. that and the ability for EQ plugins to alter the channel strip eq representation- eg mcdsp, fabfilter, sonnox
  9. some of their plug ins use alot of CPU. the relab/kush verb is especially demanding. also why is it that vsts that use ilok or overloud/waves/hofa type license schemes take a relative eternity (3 o 4 seconds) to load first instance of a plug and each subsequent instance is instant? I've got just about evry plugin ever put out by everyone and life's too short for these minor annoyances now
  10. I've got it and it's great fun. like zo said it is smooth. has the usual brainworx extras- mid/side, monomaker, "tmt" etc. One thing that surprised me is that the frequencies are not stepped. I'd like to have the option. Some slate plugs have eqs stepped by default but with option of continous by holding hotkey. I know it shouldnt't mater but I love how this eq looks- it looks fiddly on the product page but has set resize options. at 150% it fills up the whole screen and looks great! Big CPU hit for an eq
  11. was able to get softube prochannel plugs through their legacy installer page: https://www.softube.com/support/legacy-installers/download Near the bottom there are 32/64 bit windows installers for SOFTUBE PLUG-INS CONTROL (2.3.41/2.3.76)
  12. no crashes here. it's been rock solid since X3 for me
  13. Does anyone have the download link. The link in the cakewalk pdf directing to them is broken
  14. same as other daws do. would like VST box to be bigger too so don't have to use the miniscule up/down arrows
  15. strike that- larry beat me to it!
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