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  1. We have a plug-in coming out this week that has been in the works for some time. Announcing, our new analog BBD reverb with a lo-fi dark ambience… the Cheeseverb! SPECIAL PROMO OFFER On launch day, August 13, we will be offering the Cheeseverb for just $13. After that it will be going up 3x in price. https://www.refusesoftware.com/news/feature/42
  2. backwoods

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    love IK. please consider a deactivate machine option like so many companies implement- eg xln, arturia, toontrack et al rather than this arbitrary 10 activations routine
  3. backwoods

    lkjb releases free QRange

  4. backwoods

    August PA Vouchers are out!

    thanks for the headsup. Anyone tried the focusrite channelstrip?
  5. backwoods

    PA Mega Bundle Monthly Deal

    it all seems like a bit of a race to the bottom. there are hundreds of companies and everything is sort of the same product but with a different gui. Wouldn't surprise me to find out some people start a company with profesional looking plugins, start at an expensive price but with heavy intro discount, then just run constant "AMAZING" sales for a couple of years. then close down the company and start again with same code but different gui vsts 😂 Cheapskate customers don't help either. If I was in the industry i would offer cheap plugins with no discounts and no after sales support and my tagline would be"Cheap plugins- come get them you pathetic Piece Of Sh!t"
  6. backwoods

    The recent? Pettinhouse "letter to pirates" - awesome!

    please post it!
  7. backwoods

    PA Announcement

    there are a fair few companies that allow non dongle, no internet activation. from my installer folder: serials or keyfile: 2caudio, acondigital,black rooster, blue cat, boz, camel audio, fabfilter, fuse audio, hornet, kilohearts, klanghelm, klevgrand, samplemagic,siraudio,tokyodawn,toneboosters, u-he, voxengo, wavesfactory, aom, auditory, cravedsp, ddmf, dmgaudio, imageline, kuassa, melda, overtonedsp, psp (though some modern ones are ilok), sonimus, sugaraudio, tbproaudio, tritik, valhalla i'm sure there are many morebesides. with regards to PluginAlliance I'm not going to pay $150 a year. maybe if they merged with slate and the sub was $100 might be tempted.
  8. backwoods

    PA Announcement

    no matter what they announce there will be major bitching
  9. backwoods

    Pro Channel vs. VST Plug Ins

    I like PC EQ very much. Especially the hybrid mode with the automatic wide boosts and narrower cuts. Would use pro channel all the time for everything except that when you buy expensive VSts kind of feel obligated to use them instead so you don't feel as if you've wasted money. would love to see PSP adapt their SQUAD retro EQs and some of their compressors to prochannel.
  10. backwoods

    Where's Cakewalk by Bandlab headed?

    where is any daw headed?
  11. PA pricing was weird. I think I bought vertigo at full price when it first came out- nearly $300-- just about every month after that I got a $100 voucher which I'd put towards something else. Now I have just about everything and probably paid on average about $50 a plug.
  12. backwoods

    Nomad Factory 80's Spaces $49

    https://www.jrrshop.com/nomad-factory-80s-spaces This is a handy convolution reverb that uses MoreVox impulses and is activated by serial number which is cool too
  13. backwoods

    Sonible smart:comp VST3 crashing Cakewalk

    ddmf iieq vst3 crashes sonar too
  14. backwoods

    Crackling using 32-bit VSTs (BitBridge)

    specifically, what plugins are crackling with bitbridge and jbridge?
  15. https://www.welivesecurity.com/2019/06/20/loudminer-mining-cracked-vst-software/