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  1. Back when it first came in it worked pretty differently and had its quirks. I can't remember when it got the big overhaul (X3? SPlat?) but that helped somewhat, and a hell of a lot of bugs were squished since Bandlab took ownership - I know I've personally reported a fair few myself. I still have a couple of nitpicks but it's generally really stable these days.
  2. Yeah, it's pretty reliable most of the time but I have noticed that if anything gets stuck in a state like this, it's usually this one with the bundled effects. I use it in nearly every project I do though, so the percentage of fails is extremely small for me, but you're right - it's definitely a real thing.
  3. If it's blue, it means it's bypassing PDC. So typically it should be in the grey "off" position so that plugins have their delays compensated correctly.
  4. The most authentic way would probably be audio to MIDI conversion by dragging the guitar audio clip to a MIDI track playing a harp patch (assuming you have Melodyne installed - CbB relies on this to do the conversion). Another alternative is to pick lightly around 10th to 12th fret on an electric guitar, using the neck pickup. It'll sound more round and harp-like there. It won't be exact but it'll be closer than if you picked on a more traditional place, like between the pickups.
  5. Yep, Workspaces were previously called Lenses, which is what they're saved under, if anyone needs to go searching for them for whatever reason.
  6. Interesting, I'm not really a scrub tool user so I just gave it a go then. Like Mark said, no issues in PRV, and for me I had no crashes or hangs when I went back to Track View, but is this expected to bypass any effects when you scrub in TV? No effects (amp sims, etc) or VSTi synths are sounding, so I'm just getting raw clip data and no synths at all.
  7. Sometimes posts get missed - this is a user to user forum here, so not everyone is around to answer every question, and the devs only poke their head in when they have time. For a quick answer, contacting Cakewalk Support is the best idea. The OP hasn't been back since June 2020, so they've either solved the issue, or given up and moved on. It was their only post so at this point I'd say this is ancient history, and anyone experiencing anything similar should open their own thread so we have fresh information to help.
  8. Yeah, CbB doesn't add any gating to freezes other than that, so I'd suggest it's something in your plugin. Try checking Render in Realtime and see if that helps - some plugins don't keep up with faster than realtime renders. If that doesn't work, try bouncing to a new track, and try both with and without Render in Realtime checked for the bounce. Another alternative would be to send the output of your track to a new Aux bus, and then record the bus, and then archive off the original track.
  9. If you long-click the ripple edit button, you have the option of All or Selection. All should basically trash everything selected and shift the remainder of the project to fill the gap (and make sure you turn it off when you're done - this has the potential of utterly destroying a project if you're careless with it!) You'd basically just press the delete key to get rid of stuff, so no need for explicitly choosing Deleting Hole or anything like that. If it's still not working as expected, try grabbing screen capture with something like LiceCap or even saving a video to YouTube, it'll help to see exactly what you're doing.
  10. The way to do it these days is enable Ripple Editing and just delete the section you want to remove. I've found that to be very predictable.
  11. I came across the MP3 generating noise thing a couple of times and reported it, so with any luck it'll be fixed in the next update. Everything else seemed to be working OK for me, though.
  12. What plugins have you got running in the project, and what's your buffer settings in the Export screen? Some plugins really misbehave with faster than realtime exports, or get tangled up with a buffer setting they don't like.
  13. Lord Tim


    If you wanted to add an outside glow to anything, you would need to make the button image smaller and make the outside glow entirely within the button limits itself.
  14. Ha, yes - if running a record label has taught me anything, it's You Do Not Want To Get Postage From Australia. 🤨
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