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  1. Are you using an audio interface or the built in sound device, like a Realtek? This sounds very much like the dodgy Realtek ASIO driver issue that a few people have reported so far.
  2. I'd agree with Mark, my experience is that it's the most stable it's ever been. However, I have heard a couple of experienced users say that it's been a little odd for them over the last few updates, so there may be something in that for particular system configurations. If you can come up with any kind of recipe to make it crash, it'd probably help the Bakers track it down and isolate whether it's in CbB or in a plugin, etc.
  3. No, usually the default is to the same drive (usually the system drive) that Cakewalk is installed to. The only time this gets set is if a prior installation has chosen that path. Very weird! What I'd recommend is doing a clean install by following the instructions here: https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034066393-Clean-Install-Cakewalk-by-BandLab Then doing a fresh installation. That should solve the problem.
  4. *Checks my Aud.ini* *DontSuck=0* Well, that explains a lot... 😒
  5. Yeah, Ripple Edit is definitely a HUGE step up from the old Delete Hole method, which was really hit and miss, especially if you had automation in buss tracks. The new Tempo Track is another really nice improvement too, because it's visually right above your project and you can do much finer control of gradual changes than you could do in the old Tempo View. Additionally to that, setting up Workspaces and Screensets are really handy for focussing your workflow towards writing rather than editing or mixing, there's Articulation tracks now for easily transforming the sound of instruments, and a lot of new features in the Piano Roll View too. There's definitely stuff to be done yet in some areas of course, like in all DAWs - every one has strengths and weaknesses - but the last few years has seen a LOT of improvements since the SONAR days in regards to songwriting and arranging.
  6. I've written hundreds of songs on SONAR/Cakewalk over the years so I'd say yes, but in regards to that thread, we've since gained Arranger Tracks which allow you to move or delete sections of your song around, audition different structures on the fly and keep your project organised. About the only thing some people would say is missing as far as a writing tool goes is a chord track. I don't miss that myself, personally, but I can see why a lot of people request it. Otherwise, it's a pretty fully rounded writing tool.
  7. Lord Tim

    Instrument Outputs.

    Righto, mate.
  8. Lord Tim

    Instrument Outputs.

    Will, can I give you some good advice? You rightly reported a fairly annoying bug. What you were saying was correct, although John is correct - your first screenshots were wrong. It was conflicting information that muddied the waters and confused your report. What you were saying in your OP was entirely different to your screenshots, which was confusing. Each reply, especially your last one has come across and more and more aggressive and this is now more like a tantrum than a bug report, like you've done on many posts. A lot of long time posters here don't participate in your threads because they often go this way. Take a breath before you reply, you'll get more people responding favourably to your posts and working with you if you're not stamping your foot like an angry child.
  9. Noel has mentioned that Bandlab Sample Pack browsing will be native to CbB sometime in the future (rather than using Bandlab Assistant, which is getting progressively phased out for us) so hopefully it means there'll be an overhaul to the Browser in general. ADSR is excellent though, if we're talking 3rd party solutions.
  10. Additionally to #2, I've put in a feature request a few times for a trimmer built into the Browser. When you click on a sample, you get the waveform preview, but then you'd be able to zoom in on it and select a time range that you can drag to a track. That way if you have a long sample but only need a particular part of it, you don't need to drag it all in and trim later. Eg: here's Vegas: And you could do something like this:
  11. I stand corrected, that's a really useful idea! 🙂
  12. My understanding is that this replaces the initial install that Bandlab Assistant is required for currently, and then once CbB is installed then you'd update in-app.
  13. Yeah, I think the idea was that since Patch Points and Aux Tracks are essentially the same thing under the hood, accidentally deleting a track or send with one in there and it getting removed entirely from the project immediately could cause pandemonium as everything struggles to work out where to re-route everything, so it ended up as "go your hardest, we'll clean up your mess at the end." I'm pretty on top of Patch Points and Aux Track management usually so I don't think too much about the garbage collection thing, however... when you start to bring in Track Templates which have all of the Bus/Aux/Points routing in there too, managing that can be a nightmare. CbB makes a pretty good attempt to get it all working but there's been a few times where I've run into orphan points, incorrectly assigned sends, etc. so there's definitely room for improvement here.
  14. I have a vague memory of there being some garbage collection when closing a project when it comes to orphaned patch points. Does that ring a bell for anyone?
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