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  1. Lord Tim

    One for the metal fans amongst us

    Nope, I'm that one rock guy that never smoked or did any kind of drugs. I barely even drink these days, now I think about it. And I sit in a small room in front of a bunch of computers... wait... I'm not a rock guy, I'm a NERD! ๐Ÿ˜• *beats myself up and steals my lunch money* Yeah, take that, nerd!
  2. Lord Tim

    TASCAM 1608

    Yeah, if MME isn't working, something is seriously wrong. You know, sometimes just biting the bullet and getting a dedicated and audio optimised machine is the ticket - I'd say you're on the right path.
  3. Lord Tim

    TASCAM 1608

    Actually something occurred to me that might get you back in business: changing the driver model to WASAPI Exclusive in Preferences > Audio > Playback and Recording. Now ordinarily using the hardware's supplied ASIO driver is the best choice in almost every circumstance, but just before Gibson shuttered Cakewalk and it moved over to Bandlab for CbB, a lot of work was being done using the native Windows 10 driver model. This was mostly to let us use in-built soundcards at low latencies (which worked great for me - I was on the road and needed to do some editing but didn't have an interface with me, and my built in rubbish Realtek audio worked amazingly with the WASAPI driver) but I found I got comparable results as far as performance goes on my 16x08 between the native ASIO driver and WASAPI Exclusive. There's also WASAPI Shared mode but I found that gave me a lot more pops and clicks, especially at lower latencies. This isn't fixing the root cause of the problems, of course, but if your goal is to just get on with making music, this might just get you over the line. See how you go!
  4. Lord Tim

    TASCAM 1608

    I feel your pain - up until recently I had half of that speed on a good day, drop-outs included free of charge too. Australian internet hey? Not even once! ๐Ÿ˜‘ OK, so the steps would be to do this: Grab Macrium Reflect Free: https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree Grab a Win10 ISO file: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download/windows10 Set those to download overnight or something, shouldn't take more than a few hours on a 12mbps connection. Use Macrium to do a complete disk image of your machine's system drive and make a rescue disk. That system drive should have your Windows installation, CbB, etc. on it. That should be backed up to some external hard drive (if you don't have one, it's a good idea to grab one and do regular backups like this anyway - you never know when you'll have a disk go down on you, and this will get you back and running in minutes once it's replaced). Make the Windows installation media as per the instructions on the download page - you'll need a thumb drive for that. It says you need a license for Win 10 - don't worry about that, it won't be on your machine long enough to worry about activating it, etc. - it's just for this quick test. Assuming you've done your backup first, you now want to boot from your Win10 media drive you just made and do a clean installation of Windows, erasing the system drive. Set up Windows, install drivers, etc. Install your 16x08 drivers, install Bandlab Assistant, use that to install CbB. Test away! As I said, if this all works fine, you can rule out your 16x08 or your machine as the culprits in this problem. Boot up using your Macrium rescue disk and get it to restore your system image - you'll be back exactly to where you were before you started this process. The trick then is to work out where the problem lies if the test showed everything was fine. My first suggestion would be to completely nuke anything Cakewalk - installation folders, registry entries, etc. and do a truly fresh reinstall of everything. There's a few people here who can give you advice for that process. If that doesn't fix it, my next thought is to delete all of the USB devices from the Device manager and get Windows to redetect everything. @Kurre had a good suggestion with disabling the onboard sound in the BIOS - I'd try that first before any of this. @Chuck E Baby also made a good point about USB cables. I remember having a Firewire mixer that was SUPER picky about what cable I could use with it. Some would just stop working entirely with it, but they would work just fine with other devices. It's not out of the question to think that you might have a weird port or the 16x08 could be finicky too. Something to consider. This is all a bit of work to do this kind of troubleshooting, so try what you can that's easy to do with your existing installation first, I'd say. But if you run out of options, starting with a clean baseline is the way to go so you're not just chasing your tail and you can rule out as many variables as possible. Worst case is you need a fresh install of everything to just make it all work, but that's very much a last resort - I'd be surprised if the brains trust here can't help you get it all working.
  5. Lord Tim

    One for the metal fans amongst us

    Cheers, Bob - I appreciate that!
  6. Lord Tim

    TASCAM 1608

    I have a 16x08 and it's generally been pretty good for me, other than the odd pop and click on my woefully outdated laptop I'll be replacing soon. However, another former user from the old SONAR forums also had one and he had no end of trouble with his. From what I've seen around the place, the 16x08 is a bit of a crap-shoot of which unit will work correctly and that seems to be a combination of both the unit and the Windows install - some will work absolutely fine with one install of Windows but not others. Some units are just generally junk for everything. I've been lucky with mine, others... yeah, not so much. If you have an afternoon spare, try doing a complete disk image of your machine, then doing a scorched earth install from scratch of EVERYTHING - Windows, all drivers, CbB and the 16x08 drivers. That shouldn't take more than an hour or so. If THAT all works correctly, then you can start to rule out any hardware issues or compatibility issues between the 16x08, your machine and Windows. Restoring your system image should only take a couple of minutes to get you back to where you were before the testing. If it turns out to be working correctly with vanilla everything, then you can start looking at a full removal of CbB and reinstall, or some registry/driver alterations for your machine to get the ports working. If you don't have a baseline to work from, any testing you do will just be guesses at the moment.
  7. Lord Tim

    One for the metal fans amongst us

    Thanks guys! @emeraldsoul The entire clip was all greenscreen. We were all shot separately and composited into a scene made from elements from the back cover art (which is why a it does look a little "cut out" in places, rather than going full 3D CGI). Hell of job running virtual lights and flying camera rigs in After Effects, and if I never see another shiny drum kit again that I have to manually mask out and remove all of the green reflections, it'll be too soon! ๐Ÿ˜ HAHA! I tell you what, amp sims have come a long way haven't they? This was all freeware VSTs and IRs that I've collected over the years rather than a mic'd up amp. I have access to whatever I like, but the ease of just dropping this stuff as an FX Chain into a session and then going "you know, maybe I could back the gain off a little to get more definition in the pick attack" during mix time was so refreshing!
  8. Lord Tim

    Let us into your BandLab Audio LAB...

    Here's my control room and a kit in the live room respectively: I get a sunburn every time I turn on all those screens at once... ๐Ÿคจ
  9. Lord Tim

    One for the metal fans amongst us

    Oh, I should mention also that if anyone would like a copy of the song and previews for the rest of the album, you can get that and a pretty awesome looking shirt here: https://www.lord.net.au/united/ (This post was brought to you by the "Hey idiot, do your job and sell stuff" Marketing Department. A Subsidiary of Musicians Are Really Travelling T-Shirt Salesmen, PTY LTD.)
  10. Lord Tim

    One for the metal fans amongst us

    Cheers, guys! If nothing else, you get your money's worth of notes per second! ๐Ÿ˜†
  11. Lord Tim

    One for the metal fans amongst us

    Cheers, gents! I really appreciate the comments!
  12. Lord Tim

    One for the metal fans amongst us

    Hey guys, I've been giving CbB a hell of a work out over the last few months and came up with... well, this thing: And yes, I did get a blister from my solo part! ๐Ÿ˜‚ I think my poor video editing machine fared worse though, buried in After Effects hell. But we got there. For those playing along at home, obviously the mix and master was done in CbB. About 85% of the plugins were actually Sonitus, and a liberal amount of Pro Channel stuff, like the console emulator and the tape sim module - that was magic on the drum and guitar busses. Anyway, enjoy!
  13. Lord Tim

    NAMM 2019 Update

    @David Owen - if you check out the bottom 5 posts HERE you can see the ones that were chosen from us users. I was blown away by Silverlight by Eric Hansen - some seriously great playing on that!
  14. Lord Tim

    Gui update for sonitus plugins

    + 1 to what @Grem said. Anyone who can't get world class results out of the Sonitus suite needs to look at their skills rather than the tools. I've got a pretty fair list of international releases behind me now and they're still my bread and butter plugins because they just work. Of course there's other plugins that sound great which I also like to use, and if you're after a "character" plugin, these aren't for that - they simply do what's written on the tin and get out of the way.
  15. Lord Tim

    Made With Cakewalk content submissions

    Wow, some really great choices there! Nice!