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  1. When creating directory junctions the name used for the junction cannot already exist on the drive. IOW in the following command mklink /j "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk" D:\Cakewalk will fail if there already is a folder called Cakewalk in "C:\Program Files" because the file system cannot have both a folder and a directory junction with the same name. The process is Move the folder from its current location to the new location Then create the junction using the old folder name pointing the the new folder location.
  2. By default Cakewalk scans plug-ins one time and the scanner runs automatically in the background However there are options and certain plug-ins that cause plug-ins to rescan. The two rescan options in preferences will always scan failed plug-ins or all plug-ins. Normally these should be turned off. IIRC Waves plug-ins always scan due to the way the plug-ins are designed. To avoid this set the scanner to manual scan in preferences and run the scanner from preferences when new plug-ins are added.
  3. AFAIK, the presets are not available separately. The preset database is C:\ProgramData\Overloud\REmatrix Solo\factory-presets.db IRs used buy the plug-in are stored in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Overloud\REmatrix Solo The rir files in the IR folder are databases containing the IR wavs. There may be a User file and a folder contain the Factory.rir. support@cakewalk.com may be able to help. If files are corrupted or missing it may take a clean install of CbB to get the plug-in back.
  4. Purchasing SONAR with lifetime updates required an account created in 2014-2017. If you forgot your password, support@cakewalk.com can help. All of your X-series purchases should be available for download. The full installers should be there. You may have the SONAR 8.5 upgrade download too but it requires SONAR 8 disks as the download version was not the full product. SONAR 8 and older have no downloadable installers. The Cakewalk products need to be installed, copy won't cut it. It is possible to copy Dimension Pro, Rapture and other sfz engine synth sample libraries and programs but the synths must be installed using the installers. For SONAR products that can install through Cakewalk Command Center (such as the SONAR with lifetime updates) do so. It makes activation easier. The command center uses the same login as your account. The good news is it is not necessary to install everything at once. Unless you need all the historical stuff immediately. The link in my first post above provides the install sequence for the stuff that should be installed and other useful tips. After that, the rest may be installed as needed.
  5. It depends. One reason for running installers is some plug-ins create registry entries. The does not happen when copying files from one machine to another. Some installers are more basic just providing a front end to what is essentially a copy process. These plug-ins may be copied. If the issue is legacy Cakewalk products, AFAIK most everything from late 2011 forward has a downloadable installer. The catch is in late 2014 the Cakewalk changed their login process requiring everyone to create a new account as part of the migration process. BandLab has the Cakewalk account database from 2014 though 2017 and will restore access those having trouble getting to their accounts. Unfortunately, failing to participate in the account migration during 2014-2017 time frame resulted in prior purchase activity being lost to history.
  6. Re-install anything that uses an installer. Do not copy files if the files were placed on the machine by an installer. If there are products involved who's manufacturer track installs such as Melodyne, Additive Drums or machine based iLok licenses follow the manufacturers guidelines on removing the licenses off the current machine (assuming they will no longer be needed there). If there are legacy Cakewalk products involved, start reading here Then copy projects, videos and audio any outside of the project folders.
  7. While it is possible to swap out the samples that SI-Drums uses; it is not a good idea. Better to find a replacement plug-in. Sitala and Poise are good free alternatives. Sitala is a simple one sample per pad sample player with 16 pads. Poise has 16 pads and supports up to 8 samples per pad.
  8. Yeah, I suspected it might still be a functioning preference settings. This feels like a very old feature that was ignored when the UI changed in X1. Regardless, I submitted a feature request to either: activate the clip foreground in the inspector or treat these clips like every other rather than force the user to deal with the current situation (my preference) and consider adding an option to show duration just like the Drum Grid in both the track view and PRV.
  9. I believe this behavior may be modified when using an instrument definition. Again not having MIDI hardware this is difficult to test but there is a drum flag which may be toggled in the ins editor (or any text editor) Here is where is an image of an instrument definition with the drum flag enabled. Make a copy of master.ins in "%appdata%\Cakewalk Core" before playing with it (I believe the program will do this too but I take a belt and suspenders approach when messing with things I know very little about).
  10. The short answer is IDK. This is a question for Noel or maybe David Baay. It appears to go back some time possibly pre-SONAR. That said, it may be picking up its foreground color from preferences. The last time I messed with those was SONAR 8.5 I do not set patches using the Channel, Bank, Patch drop downs so would not ordinarily see the clips change. Instead I approach TTS-1 like every other soft synth and set the patch in the plug-in UI. Also don't have any MIDI hardware synths. Using a drum map prevents clips from changing too. With a drum map not only do clips retain their normal appearance in the Track View but there is a switch for the Drum Grid Pane to switch between showing note icons and note duration. The Note Pane does not have a similar feature.
  11. All version of Melodyne are single track EXCEPT for Melodyne Studio.
  12. If it is related to the driver mode it could be the driver. What audio interface and driver are you using? If it is a manufacturer supplied ASIO driver check for an update.
  13. The documentation uses "online" in the traditional sense. With the plug-in open an in focus, click the F1 key to bring up the online help. The help files are installed with the plug-ins.
  14. scook

    Editing Issue

    Yes, from https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=EditingAudio.05.html For info on fading clips see https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Arranging.73.html
  15. That page is confusing. It links to the Sony store but the Q&A at the bottom has MAGIX replies. It has not been a Sony product since 2016 and I could not find it on the MAGIX site today. I did not check Amazon but they appear to be the only place that claim the product is available.
  16. Yeah, I imagine Sony CD Architect is a hard product to find. It was sold to MAGIX in 2016 with the rest of the Sony Creative Software. MAGIX carried it as part of their product line for a while but no more (not sure when they stopped selling it). CD Architect was bundled with SoundForge Pro but when CD burning was integrated into SoundForge, MAGIX stopped distributing CD Architect with it. I have CD Architect and a couple of other pieces of software that burn CDs and DVD but I have not used any of them in some time.
  17. I installed Paint.NET years ago when the first theme editor was released. It did not install anything other than the app. Did not use it though. I use GIMP.
  18. I run Melodyne 5 and it is not in my iLok License Manager. AFAIK, the authentication methods are the same as 4. I did nothing special when upgrading from 4 to 5.
  19. This is true. Full downloadable version of SONAR started with X1. The SONAR 8.5 update may be downloaded but it relies on an existing SONAR 8 install which was only available on disk. Versions prior to SONAR 5 were 32bit only so I doubt the plug-ins would be very useful.
  20. No, it must be enabled every time. If it were automatic one would have to disable it or close all the plug-in UIs to use the PC keyboard with the program.
  21. Try clicking the keyboard button next to the pin above the plug-in UI. This gives all keystrokes to the plug-in.
  22. The project section only appears when a project or project template is open because these settings are stored in the project/template file. First open a project then open preferences
  23. I did not know I also missed Clock DVA but that is another story
  24. The key is to know what must to be installed in order and what happens if the install order is not followed. The condensed version is advanced install using minimal installation of 64bit X2+X2a to get V-Vocal (there is an video in the thread about this) install at least the 64bit Platinum program install CbB That is it for the items to install in order. Installing out of order usually means the most recent version of shared utilities is overwritten. The quick fix is uninstall and reinstall CbB. At your leisure and in no particular order run the 64bit Platinum plug-in installers and use the advanced install option for 64bit X3 and older as needed to pick up older plug-ins.
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