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  1. Could be the Anti-Virus software getting in the way too.
  2. Could check %appdata%\bandlab-assistant\Downloads to see if the update installer is complete. If it is, it may be run directly from there. If it is incomplete, it likely will not run.
  3. There is nothing wrong with this thread and nothing to be embarrassed about. Glad you got it figured out and reported back. In the future, it may help someone with a similar issue. Marking your reply as the answer. BTW, the forum does not permit users to delete threads or posts. Chuck and I (and several others) can and do perform this service when asked (such as when a sale is double posted in the Deals area and the OP requests removal of the duplicate) but again this really should be left in the forum. As a regular user, you may edit the posts to leave them blank but please try to avoid doing this. Deleting posts can render threads difficult to understand.
  4. Don't have a copy to test. That said, the image shows a 32bit version. The 64bit version should work better. If you are stuck with a 32bit version, try jBridge. It may solve the sync issue.
  5. Possibly a driver problem especially if running Win10 and regularly updating the OS. Uninstall then re-install the driver for the Audiobox. May want to contact BandLab support.
  6. While a VST reset is the easiest solution, forcing a re-scan of existing plug-ins may work. This option is on the same preference page. It should be enabled just for the manual scan then turned off after the scan. Do not leave re-scan options enabled after running the manual scan to address this issue. If a re-scan does not update the registry properly another method which avoids a running the Reset option is manually move the dlls out of the scan path, run a manual scan to clear out the bad registry entries, replace the dlls in the scan path and run another manual scan to rebuild the registry for these plug-ins.
  7. The message refers to modifications to the plug-in properties settings not plug-in presets. Each VST plug-in has a properties page like this one This page is accessed from the VST2/3 drop down in the standard header above the plug-in UI and from the plug-in manager. These settings are stored in the VST Inventory. A VST reset clears the inventory then rebuilds it by scanning all the plug-ins.
  8. similar thread A VST Reset has nothing to do with plug-in presets.
  9. scook

    Rapture has gone silent

    No sound may be a different issue. Cakewalk sfz engine synths shut down when the data stream contains unexpected data. CbB has an option to ignore NRPN data, not sure about Reaper. May want to make sure the MIDI data contains note and CC data only. Often times, third party MIDI clips have setup data at the beginning of the clip that needs to be ignored or removed so that the synth does not get the data.
  10. "My" copy of 2019.9 is 600MB... The full install includes a lot of extra files such as plug-ins, utilities, samples and other support files. The actual DAW is much smaller and that is what the Launchpad copy process works with; that is the source of the ~155MB figure.
  11. scook

    Rapture has gone silent

    Not sure about the impact of compatibility setting. Never used it and never had a problem with Rapture running in the current OS without compatibility mode settings including Win10. That said, I have not run a 32bit OS or 32bit Rapture in years. Never have read about a problem like this before. Something may have happened with the registry. Could try registering by running the stand alone Rapture as administrator or try a clean re-install of Rapture. Uninstall Rapture Remove the Rapture registry entries HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cakewalk Music Software\rp HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\rp Reinstall and activate. If using a Command Center era installer use the Command Center to install and activate otherwise perform a manual install and activation. To manually activate run the stand alone as administrator then enter the reg and sn when prompted. Before uninstalling, may want to save off C:\ProgramData\Cakewalk\Rapture and the multisample folder. the default location is C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Rapture\Multisamples. Then restore these folders after reinstall. This is the easiest way to restore custom and third party programs and samples.
  12. scook

    Rapture has gone silent

    So we know it is the 32bit plug-in. What version and plug-in format? Might want to mention the OS too,
  13. scook

    Going from X1 studio

    SONAR used the same default path for VST plug-ins. Of course SONAR had two different default paths, one for 32bit installs and the one CbB uses for 64bit installs. That said, V-Vocal is DX format. If it is installed, it does not show up in the plug-in lists though; it is a Region FX. The last version of SONAR Producer including V-Vocal was X2. V-Vocal is part of the core SONAR install and requires at least a minimal installation to get the plug-in. To run a minimal installation, select the advanced option then select the minimal installation option from the drop down. Here is what the advanced pick list look like in X2
  14. With a softsynths it should be pretty easy to get the volume as loud as needed by adjusting the synth itself. Probably no need to mess with the MIDI data. The synth would be a good place to start to get the volume right. Most drum synths can get really loud.
  15. Right-click in the control bar for the lock options.
  16. You may be having an issue with Always Echo Current MIDI Track , using "All Inputs Omni" as the track input and plug-ins set to "Enable MIDI Output." All three of these are the default settings although not all plug-ins are capable of sending MIDI data. When used together, any plug-in sending MIDI data may get picked up along with the track data by the track that has focus. This is because a track with input echo enabled must have an input other than None. So, when the track gets focus, the input is changed from None to Omni as long has the track has focus. If the track has an input assignment other than None, the track track input is unchanged. To avoid this do not use "Always Echo Current MIDI Track" and turn off enable MIDI output unless the output is used in the project. "Enable MIDI Output" is found in the VST2/3 drop down above the plug-in UI.
  17. This is an image of an audio track input drop down. A MIDI keyboard controller will never show up in this drop down as it is not an audio source The keyboard should show up in MIDI and instrument track input controls Here is an image showing the headers and default icons for an audio track (track 1) and instrument track (track 2) and a MIDI track (track 3) I see the MS-20 in the FX bin. If this is the synth version of the plug-in (which appears to be the case given the plug-in label in the FX Rack) it would be better to add the plug-in using and instrument track or an audio+MIDI track pair. It is possible to add synths directly to an audio FX Rack but in order to control the synth with MIDI data a MIDI track must be added to route the data to the synth. While this method of adding synths is supported, using one of the more modern methods is advised. Either drag and drop the synth from the plug-in browser to an empty area in the track view, use the main menu Insert > Soft Synth, right-click in an empty part the track view header area then click Insert instrument or use the Add Track menu selecting the Instrument tab (see the "So erstellen Sie Instrumentenspuren" section).
  18. Category tags are VST3 feature. Most manufacturers provide category tags in their VST3 plug-ins although I end up overriding a few of them. When VST3 support was added to SONAR X3, Cakewalk built a database of tags for VST2 plug-ins. My guess is they do not have the staff at this time to keep the database current. I do all my initial category assignments in the Browser and use the plug-in manager to nest the folders. Hopefully nested folders will make it into the browser edit function sometime soon.
  19. Updating in not required but the software does need to connect to the BandLab server periodically to renew its activation. Keeping the software current is a good idea though and updating renews the activation too. That said, I like to keep at least the version I am currently running available after updating. I wrote a tool called Cakewalk Launchpad and one of its functions is the ability to switch between versions CbB. Before updating CbB, I make a copy of the existing install (keyboard shortcut K). After the update, I can switch between versions on demand. Currently a version of CbB is ~155MB so, keeping a couple of version online does not take much space.
  20. You have posted this same message on at least 5 other threads in a very short amount of time. Please do not do this again.
  21. Cakewalk overwrites the templates in the default project template folder. To avoid this either use different template names or better still use a custom location for project templates. The installers do not write into a custom location. The template folder is specified in preferences.
  22. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Troubleshooting.33.html
  23. scook

    Audio stretching

    Groove Clips have rounded edges like the upper clip in this image. The lower clip is a regular wav
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