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  1. Before freeze there was Bounce to Track(s) and Archive Bounce to Track(s) has the ability to select source and target.
  2. TTS-1 supports up to 16 MIDI channels in and 4 stereo outputs per instance.
  3. scook

    Free: IK Syntronik OXa

    You have to go back pretty far in the history of the plug-in. AFAIK the presets have been bundled with the DiscoDSP version for some time. I'd like to think so too. IIRC, one or both of the Vox and Farfisa organs from Arturia started out as freeware from Martinic.
  4. scook

    Free: IK Syntronik OXa

    Unless something has changed there are hundreds of presets bundled with DiscoDSP 's version of OB-Xd. When I right-click on the plug-in I see 23 banks pf presets. IIRC, most were created before DiscoDSP took over development of the plug-in.
  5. I often use the plug-in UI to init envelopes.
  6. Are we limited to just those choices? If so, chances are I would use the 2nd for plug-ins with a very long parameter list.
  7. My guess is there is more to the message displayed by CbB possibly related to the driver mode the program is configured to use. When possible providing a screen capture of the error message is best. Second best is an "exact" reproduction of the message text.
  8. scook


    A complete row of notes may be selected by clicking the keyboard to the left Lassoing notes is another way to select notes in the PRV To bulk change selected notes use the Event Inspector module
  9. scook

    latency and stereo issue

    This looks like a track where the interface was receiving a signal in one channel and the track in the DAW was set to record two channels. The track input should have been set to record the left channel only. This may be corrected by selecting the track selecting Bounce to Track(s) from the Tracks menu in the track view setting the "Channel Format" to "Split Mono" in the Bounce To Track(s) dialog and click OK then adjust the pan in the left side track and deleting the silent and original tracks. WRT latency, it seems odd the driver has such a difference between input and output latency. The total round trip latency is too high to effectively monitor through the DAW. Usually to effectively monitor through the DAW an interface needs to be set to 128 samples or lower where both input an output latency are similar. At 128 samples the round trip latency @ 48kHz is around 5.4ms.
  10. BA handles all download. I just checked and it appears this has been recently fixed. @Marcello VIOLANTE and @zakoul try again FWIW, I have never found it necessary to run BA or CbB as administrator. There are some old plug-ins that, depending on how they are installed and configured, need elevated privileges but running the DAW as a administrator is rarely necessary.
  11. @Chaim Pilling @Josh B @bluesagent try now
  12. Thanks Just downloaded and installed
  13. Not all manufacturers allow the DAW to change ASIO buffer size. In those cases, the buffer size must be set using the manufacturer supplied utility.
  14. You don't have to take my word for it I will revisit this thread when the problem is fixed.
  15. Yes, it has already been reported and they are working on the issue.
  16. If one wants to use DAW hosted effects on tracks being recorded an interface capable of running a small buffer is important. This usually means an interface with a factory supplied ASIO driver running with 128 samples or less and avoiding plug-ins designed for mixing/mastering while recording.
  17. Monitoring through the DAW will always add some time between the signal origin and return. The amount of time mostly depends on the interface driver buffer settings and plug-in delay compensation. The ability to alter the driver buffer settings and where the settings may be changed depend on the driver manufacturer and driver mode in CbB. WASAPI Exclusive, WDM and MME use the buffer size slider in preferences. Depending on manufacturer some ASIO drivers may use the slider too. Others need to use software supplied by the manufacturer. WASAPI Shared cannot be adjusted. To see if plug-ins are adding delay, use the FX button in the Mix Module to bypass all effects, "E" in the image below.
  18. The production version has been released but there is problem with delivery of the upgrade. They are aware of the problem and are working the issue now.
  19. The speakers should be connected to the interface. The interface should be configured as the default Windows audio device. If you do not wish to run everything through the interface then it will be necessary to set up Cakewalk by Bandlab (CbB) to either route to both devices all the time or switch routings depending on which device needs to play audio.
  20. There are some install issues at the moment. I have reported the problem and they are looking at it as I write this reply.
  21. If the speakers are not connected to the interface and the audio is playing through the speakers the DAW is set up with the UMC404HD as the input device and the output device is whatever is connected to the speakers (possibly the PC sound chip). If you wish to use the headphones on the UMC404HD while recording or pratcicing, CbB must be set up so that the UMC404HD is both the input and output device. In this case, it may be easier to connect the speakers to the UMC404HD and set it up as the default Windows audio device. This will permit using headphones, speakers or both in Windows and CbB.
  22. Following the directions in the link?
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