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  1. This is the current production release. The current production release has a dedicated feedback thread. In this case the thread is This is where posts about the current release should go. That said, 2021.04 build 144 has a known timing issue. There have been several interim releases to address this and a couple of other issues with 2021.04. The most recent release is build 155 available here A final build of 2021.04 should be release soon.
  2. All I can suggest is review the videos. The project image is a little odd. Track 2 is unnecessary. While one can have multiple MIDI tracks pointing to a synth and some like to have different kit pieces on separate MIDI tracks, starting out this may just be confusing. Track 3 is an instrument track, meaning it is a combination of a MIDI and audio tracks. In this case, using SI-Drums. And just to make sure, do NOT play or click the drum image in the plug-in UI and expect it to record on the instrument track.
  3. Try setting StopEngineOnASIOPanelOpen to True in Preferences > Audio > Configuration File After changing the value click "Reload Config Setting" at the top of preferences.
  4. To start recording click the record button in the transport module
  5. Some device that generates MIDI data, often a keyboard but could also be an e-drum kit , wind controller or MIDI guitar. If no physical device is available, use the virtual keyboard included with CbB.
  6. The easiest way to activate any product with a Cakewalk Command Center installer is use Cakewalk Command Center to install the product. DP is one of those products. To use the Cakewalk Command Center requires a single sign on account created between 2014 and Nov 2017. The manual process for DP requires version appropriate credentials. DP v1.5 serial numbers start with CWDM150 DP v1.1 serial numbers start with CWDM110
  7. scook

    Platinum Activation

    The Q & A section defaults to "Sort by Votes" The sort options are just below the OP.
  8. Yes, the Songs area was created for this purpose
  9. Here is an old knowledge base article which may point to the cause of this problem https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013293/Missing-Plug-ins-ProChannel-modules-resulting-from-8-3-Short-Name-file-optimizat
  10. There may be some data far to the right on the time line This could be a MIDI event, an automation or tempo node. The first link above discusses how to clean up the project. If you can't find the data or the clean up does not work, consider sending the project to support and see what they say about it. Support should not need the entire project, just the cwp file.
  11. It will be more visible as a feature request in the feedback section of this forum.
  12. You can, try setting Windows and CbB to the same sample rate. If they are already set to 48 then some other apps are setting it 44. Hunt done the apps and change them (it may be your browser).
  13. Not sure which update you are referring to. There were some timing issue in 2021.04 build 144. There have been several updates since build 144 to address them, the latest update is 2021.04 build 155. A link to the download is in this post
  14. Please edit the OP and update the subject with [Solved] thanks
  15. Try experimenting with different Melodyne algorithms. It may help to apply an extreme EQ to filter the track before processing with Melodyne.
  16. Here is a post about a similar issue And another about making time-based selections for export If running 2021.04 check the new tempo envelope for unexpected nodes. If this is the problem please report it in the 2021.04 feedback thread
  17. scook

    Platinum Activation

    contact support@cakewalk.com to get your old account password reset https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021858293-What-happened-to-Cakewalk-SONAR-What-happens-to-everything-I-paid-for- You may want to consider upgading to Cakewalk by BandLab after activating Platinum. There are a lot of bug fixes. Some to the plug-in manager and scanner will benefit Platinum if you elect to use it instead of CbB. After upgrading CbB will take advantage of all the Platinum content and both Platinum and CbB will be available.
  18. Unlike EOS and Shimmer, I don't believe Sean Costello is the father.
  19. scook

    Uninstalling error

    Sounds like a question for the maker of the uninstall software. Uninstalling Cakewalk is a function provided by BandLab Assistant, however; this is nothing more than running the uninstaller added during the install process. Like most Windows uninstallers, it does not completely remove all traces of the program and its supporting files. Hence the creation of the 3rd party uninstaller industry. That said, the uninstall provided by BA is often sufficient for those trying to lay down a fresh copy of the software. For those really wanting to remove everything related to CbB, a clean uninstall, part of the clean install process, is documented here https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034066393-Clean-Install-Cakewalk-by-BandLab, It is an adaptation of the clean install instructions originally supplied by Cakewalk to completely remove all of their products. As such, these instructions remove not only CbB but all the legacy Cakewalk products too. The process handles all of the bits left over after running the Windows uninstallers. It may be a little too aggressive for some though, as step 9 removes the default VST2 folders C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Vstplugins and C:\Program Files(x86)\Cakewalk\Vstplugins which may contain 3rd party plug-ins not installed by BA or legacy Cakewalk installers. If one is in the habit of installer 3rd party plug-ins in these folders, it may be a good idea to make a safety copy/backup of these folders before deleting the Cakewalk folders.
  20. Creating mp3 files will take longer than wav files but a 3 minute project with 5 or so tracks tracks should take seconds to render. With fast bounce disabled and audible bounce enabled it should create the export in 3 minutes. Is is possible the real length of the project is much more that 3 minutes? IOW, some data far to the right on the timeline causing the export to create a very large file. Select All tracks and look at the selection time in the export module.
  21. An aux track is a regular audio track with a renamed patch point for its input. They may be created using the menu or by adding an audio track and setting the input to patch point. Rename the patch point as desired.
  22. There is a section of the forum dedicated to themes. At the top of that section is a sticky post detailing the changes When images get resized, if the user theme contains modifications to the images they must be recreated to the new size.
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