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  1. The plug-in is not a VST format so it will be ignored by the plug-in scanner. CbB can load the 64bit DX plug-ins with an ax extension. At least the ones installed with 64bit versions of SONAR. IIRC, FX Chorus is not one of them. Cakewalk did not port all the 32bit DX plug-in bundled with their products to 64bit. DX format is host bitness specific. 32bit DX plug-ins require a 32bit host. 64bit DX plug-ins require a 64bit host. There is no 32-to-64bit bridge software for DX plug-ins. It may be possible to wrap 32bit DX plug-ins with a VST shell and load the wrapped plug-in using BitBridge or jBridge but that's not a great idea. Best look for a 64bit replacement. If possible one that also has a 32bit version (some manufacturers have stopped 32bit development entirely). This along with a 32bit version of SONAR will help the transition to 64bit for existing projects referencing 32bit DX plug-ins.
  2. May want to provide a few more details: OS version Cakewalk by BandLab version Helix driver version Assuming ASIO driver mode - what other devices are displayed in CbB Preferences > Audio > Devices If fact, in addition to the above details, it might be useful to post images of CbB Preferences > Audio Devices Driver Settings Playback and Recording
  3. G2 or more importantly whatever the MIDI note value is may be out of range for the plug-in. For example, SI-Bass uses note 34 (by default Bb2) as the lowest playable value. This may be extended by modifying the sfz files for the plug-in,
  4. There are several ways. Here is one Using the Velocity MFX is another way.
  5. It is up to the plug-in manufacturer. Some plug-in manufacturers intentionally design their plug-ins to be drop-in replacements for previous versions. This results the most recent plug-in to be added to the DAW plug-in list and older versions are ignored. Others design their plug-ins to be unique and not replace previous versions. In this case, unique versions are available for use in the DAW. Often manufacturers use a mixed approach allowing them to tailor the behavior based on the release.
  6. Edits cannot be copied between clips but setting up clip selection groups in advance of editing may work in this case. Track automation may be copied between tracks. A solution may be lurking there too.
  7. To copy markers between projects, try "Select All" and "Copy Special" (to verify at least Markers is enabled) in the source project then "Paste Special" just the Markers in the new project
  8. The Anthology installer works regardless of the plug-ins licensed (just like FabFilter and Medla Production complete bundles).
  9. None of the Newfangled Audio products are included in Eventide Anthology. Newfangled Audio is not part of Eventide. IIRC, it is a separate company started by an Eventide employee. Only recently has Eventide Anthology returned to containing all of the Eventide plug-ins.
  10. If you prefer, download the Eventide Anthology installer and use the pick list in the installer to select which plug-ins to install. The current Anthology installer contains all of the current Eventide plug-ins.
  11. There are several CAL scripts bundled with CbB to randomize MIDI data, Of course, CAL is destructive. I am sure AZ Lua could be setup to non-destructively randomize MIDI data.
  12. Many plug-in UIs provide a way to audition the plug-in often in the form of a keyboard image. "Playing" this keyboard does not create MIDI data in the plug-ins instrument/MIDI track because the track is before the plug-in in the signal flow. To monitor a track before and during recording make sure input echo is enabled on the instrument/MIDI track. The input echo button is immediately right of the track record button. If they Roland keyboard plays the standalone B3 synth, it should be able to drive the DAW too. The keyboard will likely show up as some generic MIDI input device (given the USB MIDI cable) in Preferences > MIDI > Devices Of course, audio preferences will need to be configured too. Given the plug-in audition is audible, audio may be setup properly. Setting up the standalone B3 is similar albeit simpler than a DAW as they both need access to the same hardware and drivers.
  13. Proper VST3 plug-in binaries have a .vst3 extension. VST2/3 plug-ins must be scanned before they are available to the DAW. By default, the scanner runs when the DAW starts up and any plug-ins added to the scan path since the last scan are automatically scanned IKM is the manufacturer of the plug-in. The Hammond name is licensed as part of IKM's marketing. Regardless, try the search box in the plug-in browser for B or B3. This may help determine if the plug-in is in the plug-in layout. Depending on the scan options the plug-in may have failed scanning, is waiting to be scanned or scanned properly and you are looking in the wrong place for the plug-in. Assuming the plug-in scanned correctly, try using the Add Track function to add the B3, refer to the To create Instrument tracks in the link provided. If the plug-in is not listed, try running a VST Reset from Preferences > File > VST settings with "Scan in Sandbox" and "Generate Scan Log" enabled. This way if the plug-in fails to scan, the log may provide a clue.
  14. Moved to the templates forum with a link left in the CbB forum
  15. Projects are added to the Most Recently Used list as part of the normal shutdown. If the program shuts down any other way the MRU list may not get updated. If the project file exists on disk, it may be run directly from there or by using File > Open. A project does not have to appear on the Start Screen for it to be able to load into CbB. Both methods can open projects in safe mode, but it may not be necessary in this case. If it is plug-in related, the dump should say so. At this point it is hard to say what is needed to get past this problem. Removing a suspect dll from the VST scan path is often recommended as an expediate way to eliminate a plug-in from the DAW environment. Upload the file to a hosting service and send a link to support The program tries to send notifications but when a program crashes, sometimes this is not possible. If the problem is plug-in related, setting ExceptionHandlingSeverity to 7 in Preferences > File > Initialization File may force display of an error. Reset the value back to 1 when done testing.
  16. The Host Bypass feature attached to the button on the left side of the standard VST header is specifically for VST3 plug-ins that support the feature. The plug-in bypass function supplied by the DAW does not depend on plug-in implementation. The state of individual plug-ins in an FX rack has no bearing on the status of the FX rack itself. FWIW, the color assignments may be modified as desired by the user.
  17. Offset mode used to bound to the letter O. The binding was removed some time ago to prevent accidently enabling offset mode. May want to confirm the function is no longer bound to a keyboard shortcut.
  18. Offset mode is enabled
  19. There was a time when BandLab Assistant was the only way to install/activate CbB and the plug-ins bundled with the DAW. This changed some time ago and for most CbB users BandLab Assistant is redundant.
  20. If Cakewalk by BandLab is installed, there is no reason to mess with Cakewalk Installer. Almost all questions regarding BandLab Assistant involve installing CbB and not the ancillary processes. BandLab Assistant is not necessary for day-to-day use of CbB. If you are having trouble logging into BandLab Assistant to access the audio loops or BandLab Mix editor contact support@bandlab.com
  21. This is a guitar amp simulator NOT a guitar synth plug-in. IOW, this is an audio FX plug-in (there is a standalone version too) made to simulate the effects, amplifiers and speaker cabinets in a typical electric guitar setup. The plug-in is not a synth and does not make sounds on its own. Track 25 is an instrument track setup to use Kontakt 7 but all I can tell from the image provided is "Always Echo Current MIDI Track" is enabled. The track I/O assignments are hidden. You may want to review these assignments in the track inspector or change the workspace setting to None to reveal all the controls in the track view.
  22. The only reasons to use BandLab Assistant are to run BandLab (the web-based DAW) to access BandLab loops to (re)activate Cakewalk by BandLab on computers without internet access For all other Cakewalk by BandLab activities use the Cakewalk Installer near the bottom left of this page.
  23. Could you be dragging the plug-ins to an audio FX rack? While this can work, it is not recommended for most synth plug-ins. Instead of dragging the plug-in to a track, try inserting the plug-in using the add track menu (review the "To create instrument tracks" section) or dragging the plug-in to an empty part of the track view below the existing tracks and above the bus section.
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