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    Constrain keboard to scale?

    The Transpose MFX has constrain to scale and custom map options which should work as well. To record the effect in real time requires a virtual MIDI cable to connect the MIDI track hosting the plug-in to the input of the recording track. Or just add the MFX to the MIDI FX rack, set up the plug-in as needed, record with input echo enabled to hear the effect of the mapping and apply the effect after recording to change the notes in the clips.
  2. Best to provide information about the audio interface, driver mode and project sample rate being used. The interface or driver mode is not setup properly or has changed since the project's creation. Make sure the correct audio interface is selected in preferences and set the driver mode. Here is a setup guide that may help with interface and driver mode setting. Use "SONAR Platinum" as the product. If the guide recommends MME and the PC is running Win10, try the WASAPI driver mode settings. There are two ways CbB sets the sample rate for a project. If the project does not contain any audio clips, the sample rate is read from the Default Settings for New Projects - Sample Rate in preferences If the project contains audio clips, the sample rate is read from one of the audio clip headers.
  3. scook

    Melodyne Editor 4

    The installer should be in your Celemony account. It should overwrite the existing copy of Essential as there can be only one Melodyne install on a PC. Make sure to install the VST3 plug-in. This is used for ARA2 in CbB. The stand alone and VST2 are optional.
  4. No, the bundled Sonitius Suite has always been integrated into the main DAW installer.
  5. No but it will try to go online if possible. At least, that is how the paid version works. I have not tried the freebie. My guess is the free one works the same. Doubt they would create a special engine to run the free version. May be worth checking with support or their forum.
  6. scook

    Smart Tool (customize)

    There are two button sets Smart Tool - used when all menu items are enabled Smart Tool (customized) - used when some items are not enabled This is the one used when the menu does not all have items enabled. When running a custom theme it is impossible to say what the screen will look like without seeing how the buttons are defined in the theme editor.
  7. Take a look at each synths version of a saw wave in J-Scope or your favorite oscilloscope.
  8. scook

    Smart Tool (customize)

    The button images "Smart Tool" and "Smart Tool (customized)" are in Theme > Control Bar > Tools in the Theme Editor.
  9. scook

    Smart Tool (customize)

    Yes. Depends on the theme. Custom themes need to be modified to reflect the change. There are now two sets of buttons for the smart tool.
  10. scook


    I do not have the plug-in but if the VST2 is installed and in the scan path chances are it is listed in the "Uncategorized" folder using the "Sort by Category" layout (the default layout).
  11. scook

    2019.07 Feedback

    or wait until the next update
  12. scook

    Smart Tool (customize)

    All the little triangle in the bottom right means is the button has a menu. Right-click anywhere on the button to see the menu.
  13. That's good but it does not inspire confidence does it? I have had module issues but they were pretty easy to fix by clearing and downloading again. I started with the early release version and have seen VM improve with every release. The last couple of releases have been trouble free for me. CA staff is pretty active on their forum. I have had good results with their forum and support. Have not experienced many support issues mostly feature requests and store questions.
  14. I run the stand alone quite a bit but have never seen this message. Looks like a support opportunity (after reinstalling). Maybe conflicting java installs (guessing). The only java installed on my PC is the one added by Cherry Audio.
  15. Could be a bad module. There are a couple of options to clear the cache and modules on the General tab in settings.
  16. The current version of VM is 1.3.15. Since VM is not prompting to install a newer version, it may require logging into your CA account and grabbing the current version.
  17. Please do not upload large images. They get downsized making details illegible. When uploading error message, crop the image to show only message details or better still use an image server (ex. imgur.com) and embed links to images instead of uploading. Linked images do not get resized or count against the 50MB per user image quota. Cherry Audio support is pretty good. They also run a forum and have a presence on kvr. I am sure they are facebook too,
  18. Never warmed up to Reaktor. It is a powerful platform. Blocks is NI answer to the new modular synths coming from manufacturers like Softube, Cherry Audio and VCV. I played around with the first generation of Block but it was little more than a minor UI update. The latest version works a little better but I still prefer the Cherry Audio and VCV workflow. If I was just starting out with Voltage Modular, the Core+Drums and One Year Collection is a decent deal for $150. Never thought about buying Individual modules, bundles are a better deal. But it may be better to cherry pick the more expensive bundles for the modules that fit what one is trying to do.
  19. Yes, there are two plug-in host modules. This is the description full size module (there is "mini" version of this module with fewer controls). It supports VST2 and VST3 plug-ins. Note the "Big Disclaimer" in the link. I have a problem with the hosts retaining Eventide settings but so far they are the only plug-ins I have with this trouble. Don't use Waves plug-ins. Suspect they are part of the reason for the "Big Disclaimer." The Core+Drum deal at their store is here. Resellers may have it for a few dollars less. As nice as it is, I have to wonder how well it compete again VCV Rack when it is released as a VST. I believe VCV Rack VST is due near the end of the year.
  20. scook

    Eventide Elevate Bundle Upgrade from EQuivocate

    If you have the original Elevate bundle there is nothing to buy. Saturate, and Punctuate came free as part of the 1.5 update.
  21. The PSP modules are decent. Like a lot of the early modules there is a lack of CV control. Fortunately Cherry Audio released a paid module called Remote Control to add CV to most module UI controls. Remote Control is available separately and as part of the "Cherry Audio Year One Collection," a discounted bundle of all the paid modules written by Cherry Audio. Those interested in modular may want to check out the free VeeSeeVee Rack (a VST version of VCV Rack 0.6) It contains most of the free VCV modules released with v0.6. VeeSeeVee Rack may be loaded into the Voltage Modular using the plug-in host modules available in the Voltage Modular Core package.
  22. CbB 2019-07 has two sets of icons for the smart tool, a solid arrow and hollow arrow. I toyed with the idea of deviating from the Mercury images but in the end decided to keep them altering the colors the same as all previous mods.
  23. scook

    Toontrack drum maps

    Creating drum maps is a typing exercise. One thing that can speed up the process is Ins2Map a tool available at http://dis.sesseler.de/ From the old SONAR & Cakewalk by BandLab (CbB) Resources and Utilities page
  24. I cannot recall an instance where a VST reset fixed a blue screen problem but running one won't hurt anything. As mentioned above blue screens are almost always driver/hardware problems. My first post was an effort to dispel the notion that a scan must be performed after a VST reset. A VST reset is a scan that clears the VST inventory in the registry before scanning.
  25. A VST reset automatically performs a scan after clearing the VST Inventory in the registry. Usually there is no need to perform a scan after running a reset.