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  1. The easiest way to create the script is assume Master already has focus. IOW, click the master track before running the script. This also setups up the script to use the context menu to add a new bus. In addition to the "Send" command in ahk (I am not going to type autohotkey anymore) are commands to move the mouse cursor and click mouse buttons. Ahk has extensive help that is installed locally. It is also available on their website.
  2. forum.cakewalk.com You may recall the forum search was not very good. Search Google for site:forum.cakewalk.com autohotkey
  3. If was not already part of my project templates, I would add it. I have been using something similar for years. Adding a bus after the master to existing projects is a reasonable task for autohotkey. There is nothing Cakewalk specific in autohotkey. Autohotkey is a general-purpose scripting language for Windows. As its name implies, there is an emphasis on keyboard binding. There are quite a few threads about it on this and the old forum. A few have examples.
  4. The OP's issue was pretty unique and had nothing to do with Cakewalk products purchased through Steam. Products purchased through Steam were slightly different from the products purchased directly from Cakewalk. Cakewalk support may be able to help.
  5. scook

    Cakewalk does not open

    If the program hangs on the splash screen it may trying to discover the audio drivers available to the DAW If you are using ASIO driver mode, you may want to verify there is at most one manufacturer supplied driver for each audio interface and no generic drivers are referenced in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ASIO If you are using a Realtek audio chip do NOT use ASIO driver mode, the driver is not suitable for DAW use. It could be a problem with the MS redistributable libraries, here is an installer to fix this Finally, if the problem is not ASIO driver or MS lib related, you will likely need to forward a dump to support for diagnosis. Here is information about how to proceed
  6. scook

    Cakewalk does not open

    Unless this has recently changed, holding down the SHIFT key while start the DAW restores files missing from the user directory (aka partial personalization) holding down the CTRL key while starting the DAW copies with overwrite user directory files and resets a couple of registry entries (aka full personalization)
  7. scook

    Synth freezing and audio tracks

    By default, freeze applies and disables the FX rack/PC. One could change the defaults or re-enable the FX rack/PC after freezing. Copying the audio to a new track is a way which preserves the original frozen track. Alternately one could select the instrument/audio track associated with the synth bounce to tracks(s) to create the audio on a new track, set source to tracks verify the synth source track click OK archive the original track and disconnect the synth. These steps effectively reproduce the freeze+copy+archive process.
  8. May be the record level is too low to show anything meaningful given the scale of the track display. The track's audio scale may be adjusted, or the actual clip volume may be boosted. the clip image is corrupt. To recompute the image, right-click the clip, at the bottom of the context menu select Associated Audio Files in the Associated Audio Files dialog click Recompute Picture(s). Low record levels may be the result of trying to use the software without a dedicated audio interface designed for DAW use. While this does work, it is unlikely to perform as well as a DAW with a purpose-built audio interface with a factory supplied ASIO driver.
  9. I believe it should honor the Notifications timeout setting
  10. scook

    Laptop audio

    ASIO driver mode is limited to one I/O driver at a time. To switch ASIO drivers in CbB, de-select both input and output in CbB audio device preferences then make a new selection. That said, the RealTek ASIO driver is not suitable for DAW use. To use the internal sound chip with CbB on Win10 and newer, try switching CbB to one of the WASAPI driver modes.
  11. The new Bounce To Tracks dialog looks a lot like the new Export Audio dialog. They are based on a new UI being slowly added to the DAW. This is the same whether using the new or old Bounce To Tracks dialog. IOW, it has always worked this way. The only way to render multiple tracks to a single track is sum them before bouncing such as routing everything to a bus (and sourcing it) or a combination of solo/mute and sourcing "Entire Mix."
  12. There is nothing in the OP about implementation details, just a request that the DAW include a sampler. You elected to read more into the OP (and my post for that matter) than is there. Can you please point to where I offered ANY solution to the OP in this thread?
  13. The registry stores information about what to display in the control bar. This is updated during normal shutdown but may be skipped based on the workspace configuration. AFAIK, this is the only way the DAW updates the control bar info in the registry,
  14. The documentation refers to this area as the Control Bar. For most users Workspace refers to this feature. The Custom Module may be modified to bind the buttons to menu options and commands. There are a couple split commands in the Track View keyboard bindings available.
  15. The Cakewalk Start Screen Recent Projects is based on the same registry MRU entry as the main menu. AFAIK, the process to maintain this list has not changed in some time.
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