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  1. The advanced install gives you the option to install the parts you want. but as I noted above, you may want to perform a minimal install of SONAR 8.5 to get the "Time/Pitch Stretch 2" along with whatever plug-ins you want to add from SONAR 8.5. If you do decide to install any version of SONAR after CbB, uninstall CbB first, then install SONAR and re-install CbB. This is needed to insure the "Shared" folders are current. Note: this is only necessary when actually installing the DAW. Running an advanced install and selecting just plug-ins from the pick list does not require the uninstall/reinstall steps. Copy and paste may work but I have never bothered with it as advanced install is so easy and always works. If you do elect to copy and paste, remember DX plug-ins must be registered as administrator using regsvr32 in order to be picked up by the DAW.
  2. It is a DX plug-in. Run an advanced install of the 64bit version of SONAR 8.5 to install the plug-in. I just checked and it runs OK in CbB. "Time/Pitch Stretch 2" plug-in has a better pitch shift algorithm but cannot be inserted in FX Racks. It can only be destructively applied. I am not sure if this is available as a separate install from the advanced pick list. It may require installing the DAW to get it. The Stretch.Ax installs in the DAW program folder itself.
  3. @kennywtelejazz with everything you wrote My reply was to this arbitrary ruling by the OP and really was not necessary
  4. FWIW, "Love and Marriage" was not originally written as a TV theme. Neither was "Funeral March of a Marionette" which is the reason I did not mention it, although it made a great TV theme.
  5. Just a few product names for clarification BandLab is a web-based DAW Cakewalk by BandLab (CbB) is a Windows-based DAW developed from the SONAR Platinum source code. BandLab Assistant (BA) is a tool to launch BandLab, install/update/activate CbB and a loop librarian BA requires an internet connection to install and update CbB. BA can activate CbB directly while connected to the internet or remotely running from another machine with an internet connection. For more on using BA to install CbB see http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Introduction.30.html#1521945 CbB installs like an upgrade to 64bit SONAR. IOW, after installing CbB, both SONAR and CbB are available. Shared folders are updated to the CbB versions which are compatible with 64bit SONAR. All content bundled with 64bit SONAR is available in CbB. CbB must be reactivated every 6 months. Reactivation happens automatically when CbB is updated. The program is updated every couple of months. CbB does not need an internet connection to run. CbB has a staff view much like SONAR 8 as it is based on the last of the SONAR series.
  6. It was shorted quite a bit for the TV show
  7. Separate threads for unrelated issues is a good idea. It may get faster replies and help other users looking for solutions. It looks like the PRV is showing muted and unmuted clips. This is the default, I prefer hiding muted clips - an option in the PRC view menu. The muted clip(s) are probably the result of recording mode set to comping.
  8. From their email announcement https://www.audiority.com
  9. There is no physical media for SONAR Platinum. Use Cakewalk Command Center to install and activate Platinum https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=Introduction.30.html#1435096 Use the XLN Audio Installer to download and activate AD2 Use your Celemony account to get the latest Melodyne installer After that follow these instructions to install and activate CbB https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Introduction.30.html#1521945
  10. ASIO is an audio driver specification. The better audio interface manufacturers provide drivers based on this specification for use with applications like Cakewalk that benefit from low latency drivers. Unfortunately, there is not a reliable ASIO driver for the sound chips integrated on PC motherboards. For PC sound chips the best driver modes in Win10 are the two WASAPI settings followed by WDM and finally MME. This is the best solution for low latency monitoring even if one has a good audio interface with an ASIO driver. Audio interfaces build for DAW use have a way to mix the signal coming from the DAW and their audio inputs for monitoring purposes. Without a dedicated interface, you will still need a way to get the signal out of the PC and maybe use the "audio in" on the TD-25 for monitoring purposes.
  11. The 2020.05 announcement post contains a link to the 2020.04 rollback installer.
  12. This is because you are logging into BandLab the website and not BandLab Assistant the Windows program. For detailed instructions on installing CbB using BA see http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Introduction.30.html#1521945
  13. There was a problem with all Eventide VST3 plug-ins crashing when interleave was changed. The 2020.05 release addressed the problem even though it was an Eventide issue. @tonemangler on June 8, Eventide released a fix for all their plug-ins including CrushStation.
  14. I believe this problem only happens when using the Advanced option from the Export module or File > Export from the menu. IOW using the old export dialog. Using the mp3 export option from the export module seems to work as expected. Adding ".mp3" explicitly to the file name in the old export dialog may avoid the problem too.
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