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  1. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Plug-ins.4.html
  2. From the main CbB menu Help > Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Good It is a decent guitar to MIDI solution.
  4. IIRC, the demo is standalone only. (I guess this has changed over the years) The full version also has a VST plug-in. The standalone will give you an idea of how responsive the software is to guitar and it will load synths so you can hear how it plays. To use the VST - Add MIDI Guitar 2 VST to the guitar track's FX rack, set "Enable MIDI output" on (see image below) and input echo on add a synth to the project using either an instrument or audio+MIDI pair and choose a preset set the instrument or MIDI track input to MIDI Guitar 2 and enable input echo play guitar
  5. ^^^This Make sure no MIDI output devices are selected in preferences. Open the MIDI file instead of importing. With no MIDI output device available, Cakewalk will automatically add TTS-1 to the project and configure it to play the MIDI file. Then one can add other plug-ins and audio tracks to the project and change the MIDI tracks outputs to the new plug-ins.
  6. Try MIDI Guitar 2 by Jam Origin
  7. scook

    Pasting Room Tone

    I see T1 is muted. When comping the lanes should not be muted, the clip(s) need to be muted.
  8. scook

    Pasting Room Tone

    It just means the take lane is physically larger on the screen not that the clip is louder. It is possible to drag the lane to make it even larger but this does not increase the clip volume.
  9. scook

    Pasting Room Tone

    The take lane track is the original track. I made the take lane taller than the parent track. There is no volume difference between the parent track and take 1. The levels do not change between a parent track and a take lane.
  10. Clicks can happen when an audio clip is spit any where but a zero crossing. This is discussed in the last paragraph here. Slightly fading the clip should eliminate the click.
  11. After a quiet spell, recently I have received a few emails from support on the PC module issue. Earlier today they asked about the new release and I suggested they follow this thread. Support is going back to the devs. Maybe this will get fixed some time in the future. Until then, the pre-2.4.96 installers are the only recourse for PC modules.
  12. scook

    Pasting Room Tone

    All tracks have one or more takes. What I proposed is adding a second take of room sound and comping between the performance and the room sound track. Comping occurs in the take lanes. The results are displayed in the track. Always work with a copies until the method is clear. Even then, I would work with a copy and saving the original tracks just in case. Try the steps described in the experiment using the smart tool or the comping tool Comping is non-destructive. Flattening merges the comped tracks into a new take lane muting the other take lanes. Note: this does not affect the comped clips because comping mutes clips not lanes. So the original comped takes are still there and intact. It is very much like pasting but takes less clicks as the "pasting" happens when the selection is made.
  13. These are not instruments. They are instrument definition files use for communicating between the actual hardware synths the DAW.
  14. scook

    Pasting Room Tone

    You actually have two takes, the narration and the room sound Here is a small video showing how to replace parts of one clip with another. It consist of the parent track, a take lane with the "room clip" (which is muted) and another with the actual performance. The lanes are zoomed in quite a bit but could be zoomed more. Then I replace part of the performance with silence from the muted clip using comping. Then notice how one can progressively replace one clip with another to fine tune between the two. The result of comping the two is shown in the parent track.
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