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  1. scook

    Boz Digital Mongoose

    Another way to make low end mono using M/S EQ
  2. Do not use the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. It is likely the major cause of the delay you are experiencing. In fact you may as well disable it. Instead use soft synths instead. Rather than adding a MIDI track try adding TTS-1 or any other soft synth to the project using the Add track menu. See the To create Instrument tracks section on this page.
  3. Unless you need to send MIDI to the soundcard, disable it. Even if you do use the MIDI output, for now it may be a good idea to temporary disable it and see how CbB sets up TTS-1. Adding soft synths to a project may be done in a variety of ways. Different methods have different ways to add (or in this case not add) tracks to the project. Several use the insert soft synth options dialog. This dialog has check boxes to control which track types are added for the synth. The add track menu has its own option settings. Midway down the page is the To create Instrument tracks section. Regardless, it is easy enough to point an existing MIDI track to a synth and delete the newly created track(s) using the MIDI track output drop down. A complete synth routing includes at least one MIDI track and one audio track (or an instrument track which is a hybrid track consisting of a MIDI track and an audio track).
  4. To create a new project from a MIDI file, open the file using File > Open from the main menu. If the MIDI output section in preferences has nothing enabled, CbB will automatically add TTS-1 assigning the appropriate instruments to the MIDI file. It is possible to add a MIDI file to an existing MIDI track using File > Import > MIDI but import strips out the MIDI tempo data.
  5. Run the standalone version of Melodyne and update it from there or Set the check for update in the Melodyne help menu to manual.
  6. scook

    INFO window

  7. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=AudioPerformance.05.html
  8. scook

    The Vedio View Problem

    When documented features seem to be missing the first thing to check is the Workspace setting. The first image shows the Workspace is set to Basic. The Basic Workspace does not include the Video view. Try setting the Workspace to Advanced, None or create your own.
  9. could be related to this thread from the old forum.
  10. Most of this applies to your question
  11. Keyboard shortcut J toggles the scrub tool With the scrub tool enabled, click-drag plays notes in the PRV
  12. From https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013355/SONAR-X3d-Update With X3e and newer (including CbB) the VideoEngine sets the default engine but when DirectShow encounters an unsupported format the DAW falls back to the Media Foundation engine.
  13. scook

    MP4 Trim-in Time slowness

    Chances are the file being loaded cannot use the DirectShow engine. If this is the case rather than error, CbB automatically switches to the Media Foundation engine.
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