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  1. The patterns play continuously when the button on the right side of the pattern transport in the plug-in UI is enabled.
  2. By default, the patterns are setup up to play continuously. To disable looping click the button at bottom right of the pattern transport (the infinity symbol). Patterns are loaded with the drum kit in programs supplied with the plug-in. By definition that is what an SD3 program is, a collection of MIDI loops and a drum kit. Patterns may be unloaded by clicking on the MIDI button and selecting "Unload All Patterns" from the menu or by right-clicking on the pattern buttons A through H and using their context menus. Alternately, instead of loading a program, click the Drum button below the MIDI button and load a kit. All of this is covered in the SD3 help. To bring up the help, click on the plug-in UI to bring it into focus, then click the F1 key.
  3. Maybe the audio driver buffer is too small. The driver mode is set in CbB preferences. The audio driver buffer size for most driver modes is set on a different CbB preference page using the slider under Mixing latency. WASAPI shared is not adjustable. It is set by the OS.
  4. I bought the Modelling Collection in 2017 to get Object Delay. I had everything else in the Collection at the time. Have not purchased anything from AAS since. In my case, the $69 complete your collection included Multiphonics CV-1, upgrades to Chromaphone 3, String Studio VS-3 and Ultra Analog UA-3.
  5. By do you mean if not update to 2021.04 build 170 or use the 2021.01 roll back installer To save more typing see this similar thread
  6. Make sure to uninstall ASIO4All and any other generic ASIO "drivers" while using the factory supplied ASIO driver. Generic "drivers" have been known to conflict real ASIO drivers.
  7. This is the current production release. The current production release has a dedicated feedback thread. In this case the thread is This is where posts about the current release should go. That said, 2021.04 build 144 has a known timing issue. There have been several interim releases to address this and a couple of other issues with 2021.04. The most recent release is build 155 available here A final build of 2021.04 should be release soon.
  8. All I can suggest is review the videos. The project image is a little odd. Track 2 is unnecessary. While one can have multiple MIDI tracks pointing to a synth and some like to have different kit pieces on separate MIDI tracks, starting out this may just be confusing. Track 3 is an instrument track, meaning it is a combination of a MIDI and audio tracks. In this case, using SI-Drums. And just to make sure, do NOT play or click the drum image in the plug-in UI and expect it to record on the instrument track.
  9. Try setting StopEngineOnASIOPanelOpen to True in Preferences > Audio > Configuration File After changing the value click "Reload Config Setting" at the top of preferences.
  10. To start recording click the record button in the transport module
  11. Some device that generates MIDI data, often a keyboard but could also be an e-drum kit , wind controller or MIDI guitar. If no physical device is available, use the virtual keyboard included with CbB.
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