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  1. Region FX work at the clip level. Which take lane the clip resides in does not matter.
  2. CbB may still generate a minidump. See this for how to report dump files. If there is no dump, try temporarily setting ExceptionHandlingSeverity to 7 in Preferences > File > Initialization File. This may force a dump.
  3. For patterns check out linked clips For mapping a MIDI controller to virtual instruments review ACT
  4. Hello Rogerio. I tried to use Your scripts, downloaded both files into the same directory and when I run the main script I am getting such error: What am I doing wrong? The error indicates the file you downloaded is an html document not a CAL script. The link in Rogerio's post is to an old forum post. The link to the actual CAL script is near the bottom of the post Rogerio linked in his post.
  5. It depends on the control. If the numeric value is displayed and editable such as volume or EQ settngs, double-click value in the ProChannel, Track Inspector or Console view channel strip to edit the value.
  6. Turn off Always Echo Current MIDI track
  7. Yes, don't select one. There is no requirement to have a track selected. Edit > Select > None will clear the current selection.
  8. I doubt anything has changed since @Noel Borthwick wrote in http://forum.cakewalk.com/XP-services-that-can-be-safely-turned-off-m1238330.aspx but as Noel noted later in the thread I have also read a couple of posts where users posted better results after tweaking for background process. Might be worth testing on a case-by-case basis.
  9. For devices not designed to work together it is not worth the effort if it can be done at all. There are manufacturers who design their interfaces to work together. This is done at the hardware level and at the driver level. IOW, the devices share a common clock and communicate with the DAW using the same ASIO driver. AFAIK, there are no manufacturers who design their interfaces work with hardware from their competitors. To use the M-Audio device with the Focusrite device requires figuring out a way to share a common clock and a WDM or WASAPI driver. There is no ASIO driver that supports both M-Audio and Focusrite devices. It is possible to have to M-Audio and Focusrite devices connected to the DAW but in ASIO driver mode, only one device will be available at a time.
  10. The only way CbB produces MIDI from audio using drag and drop relies on a Melodyne VST3 plug-in. The plug-in must be in the VST scan path and should show up in the "Sort by" plug-in lists shipped with CbB. There must be a licensed copy of Melodyne installed, a functional trial of Melodyne 5 bundled with a recent version of CbB or a timed-out trial of Melodyne 4 bundled with older versions of CbB. Prior to Melodyne 5, the trial version of Melodyne 4 shipped with CbB continues to perform monophonic audio-to-MIDI and tempo detection after the trial period. The other methods of audio-to-MIDI creation in CbB, audiosnap and drum replacer, do not use Melodyne.
  11. Dragging audio to the timeline does not create MIDI note data, it creates a tempo map. Dragging audio to a MIDI or instrument track creates MIDI note data. Both of these processes rely on Melodyne.
  12. The drum replacer is also available from the Cakewalk Installer. Except for access to BandLab and CbB remote authentication, there is no need to mess with Bandlab Assistant.
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