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  1. That's a pretty good deal. I think that may be 1/2 what I paid in 2012 for the same bundle (but it had fewer plug-ins). A year later I bought what is now their MTotalFXBundle (although it was considerably cheaper back then). While the MFreeFXBundle is free, purchasing a license is the friendly thing to do. And it adds a few nice features, at the time resizable GUI was a big one for me.
  2. The only one included with CbB is SI-Drums. Going back in history, Cakewalk DAWs prior to CbB including a variety of percussion instruments in the bundled synths and loop libraries. Not just the bundled drum synths mentioned above. I made the assumption the OP was looking for something other than the bundled drum kit.
  3. When using an instrument track as shown in the image above, the synth uses one track - the instrument track. There are two basic track types in CbB: audio and MIDI. An instrument track is a hybrid presentation of a MIDI track input section and an audio track output. There is actually an audio+MIDI track pair hidden behind the instrument track. To record MIDI with an instrument track enable the record button, enable the input echo to the right of the record button to hear the audio while recording and send MIDI data to the instrument track. Do not attempt to use the plug-in UI to record MIDI into an instrument (or MIDI track). That is not the purpose of the audition feature.
  4. Cherry Audio - Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer for free
  5. Yea, I can upgrade to the MCompleteBundle for $710 This gets me MDrummer and MPowerSynth (along with anything else added to the bundle in the future). Gonna pass on this.
  6. I am not sure if those installers look for Platinum or not. I don't believe they do. The plug-ins themselves are not locked to the DAW.
  7. While one can create custom maps, the Transpose MFX has quite a few keys and scales built into the plug-in.
  8. Do not put the synth in the FX rack. Instead either add the synth with an instrument track or an audio+MIDI track pair using the Add Track menu (see the To create Instrument tracks section midway down the page) Insert > Soft Synth from the main menu Drag the synth from the plug-in browser to an empty area in the track view
  9. May want to check out the snap to scale feature or the Transpose MFX mentioned above.
  10. This was my question. My guess is they are looking for something like Transpose MFX
  11. https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/surrey
  12. Try using Transpose MFX While the data will be recorded as entered, the effect of the plug-in may be heard in real time and may be applied destructively any time after the data is recorded.
  13. This is good link for explaining how to find the current documentation Notice the product=SONAR X2 part of the url. (Actually the url contains product=SONAR%20X2 where the space is replaced with the characters %20 which is read as a space. For the current documentation change this to product=Cakewalk So the url now reads https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Recording.05.html Often this points to current documentation on the same subject as the old SONAR link. In this case, it does not. Instead this link points to a page on Setting the Metronome and Tempo settings. But it is close. Just above the title for the page is a navigational aid, circled in green in the image below Clicking on Creating a new project moves up a level in the documentation where a link to the page on Setting the Meter and Key signatures is found.
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