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  1. scook

    latest update install without file download?

    Yeah, I have seen BA leave the full installer before but I don't count on it happening. Fortunately, there is enough time to grab a copy while it is being installed.
  2. Enable "Send All Keystrokes" in the standard header above the plug-in UI. J in the image below from https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Mixing.28.html
  3. scook

    Copy automation points with clips

    Quick groups work on the show/hide automation lanes buttons
  4. scook

    Copy automation points with clips

    AFAIK there is no requirement to have automation lanes visible to copy them
  5. scook

    New Update Legit? V.2019.3 - Build 15, 64bit?

    Yes. For example, for 2019-03 build 15 BA will download and install the CbB 2019-03 update installer if it detects CbB 2019-01 build 27 is already installed. On the initial install or any version other than CbB 2019-01 build 27, BA will download and install the full CbB 3019-03 installer.
  6. scook

    latest update install without file download?

    For years there have been requests for smaller update only installers. To get the full installer, uninstall or roll back to an older version prior to applying the update.
  7. scook

    Themes updated for 2019-03

    The following themes have been updated for 2019-03 Tuncury Tuncury Light Green Mercury Light Green All may be found on my Google page.
  8. scook

    latest update install without file download?

    Timing is everything. The update installer is much smaller than the full installer and will disappear quickly. The full installer only downloads on the initial install or when updating attempting to update an older version. IOW for this release, when updating from 2019.01.0.27, BA downloads a tiny update installer. When installing for the first time or updating any version other than 2019.01.0.27, BA downloads the full installer.
  9. scook

    latest update install without file download?

    While waiting for Meng, Noel or Jesse... AFAIK, the procedure has not changed. To get the full or update installer requires running BandLab Assistant. After BA finishes running the installer, it is deleted from %appdata%\bandlab-assistant\Downloads
  10. scook

    Key Bindings?

    Shortcuts may be individually disabled by setting them to "Do nothing" There is no way to disable them all and selectively re-enable them. From what I have read, there may be an issue setting too many set to "Do nothing" too. I have not test this. It is possible to create an autohotkey script to temporarily trap all keystrokes going to CbB. I can create one if you wish. I am sure there are other third party programs to temporarily turn off the keyboard.
  11. scook

    New Update Legit? V.2019.3 - Build 15, 64bit?

    There is a link to the current "What's New" page on the CbB help menu.
  12. scook

    Midi ecco problem

    At a minimum, make sure is disabled. When this is enabled, instrument and MIDI track inputs are changed from None to Omni automatically because a track cannot echo "None." When this happens any synth sending MIDI data gets picked up by the input echo enabled tracks. The same thing happens with manual control over input echo but at least the user has a little more control over when input echo is enabled.
  13. scook

    PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate Module for ProChannel

    Could the image above be a custom layout? To test I renamed C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Plugins\SonitusFXGate.dll and re-ran Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Setup_25.03.0.15.exe. The dll was installed. It appears the documentation is correct. CbB includes the Sonitus Gate.
  14. scook

    PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate Module for ProChannel

    And the Sonitus Gate
  15. scook

    Midi ecco problem

    Usually this problem is caused by 2 things 1) having Always Echo Current MIDI Track enabled and 2) having "Enable MIDI Output" enabled on one or more synths, This option is enabled by default on synths which can send MIDI. There are a few places where the "Enable Synth Output" option may be viewed and edited: The insert synth options dialog The VST2/3 drop down in the standard header (see the "To enable VST MIDI input and output ports" section near the bottom of the page And in the synth rack where the option is available from the synth settings menu and the context menu for each synth found by right-clicking the synth in the rack.