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  1. I have not used a directory junction in this specific case but it should work. Here are the steps to relocate C:\ProgramData\Arturia to D:\Arturia Using Windows Explorer move the Arturia folder in C:\ProgramData to the D drive In C:\ProgramData open a command window as administrator Enter mklink /j Arturia D:\Arturia Of course, the Arturia folder could be placed on any drive under any folder or even renamed as long as the junction called Arturia created by mklink exists under C:\ProgramData and points to the new path containing the contents in the original C:\ProgramData\Arturia folder.
  2. There were two different versions of a Pantheon plug-ins bundled with SONAR. Originally, SONAR included a surround version. It worked in stereo and surround sound tracks. This was 32bit only. Later, when the 64bit version of SONAR was introduced a stereo only version of Pantheon was included which was 32bit and 64bit. The 64bit version of this plug-in will work in CbB. If the projects have the 32bit version of the second plug-in, CbB will automatically replace them with the 64bit version.
  3. When using automation for CC data, it will not be available in the PRV but it will be available to the inline PRV To use the regular PRV, CC data must be recorded like the rest of the MIDI data or entered directly into the controller pane in the PRV.
  4. The documentation for this section appears unchanged from SONAR 8.5. The status bar was removed starting with X1.
  5. I wrote a tool that does this. It is called LaunchPad. The thread about it and my other tools is here. Links to the download page are in the thread. LaunchPad makes a copy of the existing DAW and allows switching between the two. To use it: Download the zip Unzip it into the folder of your choice Run Launchpad Use the quick copy option from the File menu (keyboard shortcut K) Close Launchpad Install the early release (or any CbB release) Run Launchpad - both version are available in the drop down in the bottom left. The program includes documentation and built-in help. NOTE: The tool maintains separate copies of the program but relies on the same "Shared Folder" utilities. IOW, there is only one version plug-in manager and scanner in this case the Early Release version. Keep in mind if you elect to use LaunchPad, it is best to always use it to start CbB or a project. When starting CbB outside of LaunchPad make sure to use the version last run from LaunchPad or enable the "Restore CW130Audo.dll on Exit" option in the File menu if always running the default CbB outside of LaunchPad.
  6. Here is a list of the plug-in bundled with CbB. For BandLab to include the Nomad plug-ins in CbB, they would have to pay a license fee to the owners of the plug-ins. Since CbB is already installed consider these steps to get Platinum content installed uninstall CbB see the image below install SONAR Platinum using Cakewalk Command Center re-install CbB
  7. The bundled Pantheon reverb is a DX plug-in. It should not be copied into a folder in the VST scan path.
  8. Either use the Cakewalk preset manager (A, B, C and D) in the image below or modify the ini file to use the Sonitus plug-in manager like this Right-click the ini file and select Properties from the context menu Click Security tab in the Properties window Click the Edit button Click on Users Click on Write Click OK Note the other ini files in the "Shared Plug-ins" folder for the other Sonitus plug-ins will need to be updated to use the preset manager in those plug-ins too.
  9. WASAPI is usually the best choice for Win10 when a good ASIO driver is not available. WDM/KS is usually the best choice for older OSes when a good ASIO driver is not available. MME is the most basic and worst performing option (not counting the options that may not work at all) Another option is ASIO4All. This uses the WDM driver and presents it to the DAW as an ASIO driver. Reported results with ASIO4All are mixed.
  10. May want to try the another driver modes. IIRC, the Realtek ASIO driver is not very good.
  11. The image was fine by me but animated gifs are quick and easy to create
  12. The larger drag hot spot is on the left side of the track header but it also extends on a line under the name and buttons to the right of the name
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