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  1. Those appear to be 32bit plug-ins. While the 32bit SI plug-ins should show up as instruments, the 64bit versions are bundled with CbB. Is it possible there is 32bit version of a Cakewalk Product also installed? If so, the best thing to do is remove the 32bit plug-in path(s) from the CbB VST scan path in preferences. If the 32bit path(s) must remain or these are really the 64bit plug-ins included with CbB somehow misidentified as 32bit FX plug-ins, try a VST reset on the same preferences page as the scan path entries.
  2. scook

    Song file not saving Screen layout ???

    The state of the dirty flag does not matter. Saving a project, saves the screen layout. However, because the dirty flag is not set, it is easy to leave a project without saving the screen layout if it was changed after the last save.
  3. scook

    Rice Crispies

    Both Perfect Space and VC-64 are 32bit plug-ins that have not been updated in years. I know there are those that treasure their old plug-ins but it is not too late to stop using them.
  4. scook

    Song file not saving Screen layout ???

    Make sure to save the project after changing the layout. Changing the screen layout does not dirty the project so closing a project or CbB will not display a save reminder.
  5. scook

    Latest Eventide updates

    FYI, the Elevate Mastering Bundle, another plug-in collection from Eventide on a different update schedule was updated April 9th (although Equivocate shows a May 17th update date). I do not recall seeing any announcement for this update (certainly don't expect one from Eventide - they are one of the worst in this regard). Both the bundle and EQ downloads are listed in the main download page link above.
  6. scook

    Swap stereo channels around

    Both of the above recommendations work fine. A no-cost collection of plug-ins that includes both a tone generator - MOscillator and a tool to independently control Left and Right track volume - MUtility is MFreeFXBundle.
  7. scook

    How can I use Melodyne in CbB?

    No, Melodyne Essential, bundled with some versions of SONAR starting with X3, is a regular retail product with a non-expiring license. There is a time limited trial version of Melodyne available under "Install Add-ons"
  8. scook

    GUI enhancements and scaling

    Using screensets it is possible to toggle between the Track View and Console View with a single keystroke
  9. scook

    VST scan doesnt find STL Tonality plug in

    The product this forum was created for - Cakewalk by BandLab
  10. scook

    VST scan doesnt find STL Tonality plug in

    If the track plays without any plug-ins then the problem is the plug-in. I do not have STL Tonality so cannot guess what the issue is with the plug-in. It may be as simple as loading a preset. BTW, TH3 Cakewalk is included with CbB, it does have a demo of the full TH3 but that does not need to be activated to use the TH3 Cakewalk features. In fact, there is no reason to activate the demo as TH3 is not sold by Overloud any more. It was replaced with TH-U.
  11. scook

    Sonar X3 clip muting

  12. scook

    Missing TTS-1

    This is usually preceded by the install error in this thread
  13. scook

    Missing ProChannel menu option for individual PC Modules

    Possibly a scanning issue. PC modules are based on VST2 and must be scanned in order to show up in the menu. The path to the PC Modules is stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Cakewalk VST\VSTInternalPath By default, CbB installs PC modules in C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities\Internal which is used as the key and data stored in the registry. Aside from the registry, the only place this path is visible is in the scan options displayed in the Plug-in Manager. This path is not shown in preferences but is one of the paths used by the scanner. Do NOT add the path to the scan paths in preferences. Verify the PC module path is in the registry Run a vst reset from preferences make sure "Scan in Sandbox" and "Generate Scan Log" are checked. Review the log. It should be pretty easy to see if the PC modules are getting scanned and if the scan runs to completion.
  14. scook


    While the company that made SONAR Home Studio is no more, the people at BandLab have been very accommodating. Their support email is support@cakewalk.com. You may want to upgrade to Cakewalk By BandLab which is fully supported. Use BandLab Assistant to upgrade. The instructions are here.
  15. scook

    Dimension Pro 1 Basic Demo Mode

    Make sure to run the DAW or stand alone DP as administrator to activate.