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  1. Been eyeing Blue Cat's DP Meter Pro for years. Not for metering, got plenty of those, but for envelope generation. Finally decided to pick it up. Have to say, their website tutorials could use an update.
  2. It's pretty interface and driver specific. Some interfaces have multi-client ASIO drivers although most Windows apps do not use ASIO and those that can often do not really need it. While my RME can loopback, I never have to mess with it when playing audio any number of program while the DAW is running.
  3. To access MIDI CC data directly open the controller pane in the piano roll view. To edit the data in the track view convert CC data to automation envelopes. Keep in mind converting the data to automation may loose some accuracy in the first conversion to automation and when it is converted back to CC data during playback.
  4. Using the Cakewalk Web Installer for the first time and updating CbB 2021.04 or older leaves the full installer in the download directory. Updating from CbB 2020.09 through 2021.04 leaves the full installer in the download directory. If running CbB 2021.09 roll back to 2021.06 then again to 2021.04. If running CbB 2021.06 roll back to 2021.04 IOW, the full installer is downloaded when installing the first time or updating from 2+ versions ago.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Yardbirds#The_Yardbirds,_The_New_Yardbirds_and_Led_Zeppelin
  6. Probably the workspace setting. Either create a new workspace with the desired modules or set workspaces to None.
  7. Bounce To Track(s) does not have to bounce the entire track, however; it will create a single clip in a new track based on what is selected in the source track.
  8. The most recent version of CbB is 2021.09 but the importing into a year old version of CbB is no different. The same version of CbB may look different depending on how the user sets up the DAW. I mostly run with workspaces set to None and the default layout and a user theme I created on a single monitor. If you need to preview the clips before importing it may be faster to use the media browser instead of the import dialog. Navigate to the clip folder in the media browser. Click on a clip to preview. Drag clip(s) into an existing track or create a track by dropping a clip to the blank space in the clip pane.
  9. Muted tracks in CbB load the DAW as much as unmuted tracks because tracks may be unmuted any time even while the transport is running. Archived tracks are ignored by the DAW. If the tracks use synths, archived tracks should also have the synths disconnected to completely free up the resources used by the synths. To disconnect synths use the power button in the synth rack when floated or docked in the multidock, otherwise; use the synth rack settings menu "D" in the image below It would be nice if it were that simple.
  10. Just download and installed TB ProAudio MvMeter 2. Tested both VST2 and VST3 formats dropping the plug-ins in a track FX rack and ProChannel in CbB 2021.09 build 145 on Win10 Pro 21H1 build 19043.1237 . Both formats worked OK. If there is no dump in %appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\MiniDumps try setting ExceptionHandlingSeverity to 7. For info about this setting see the Improved plug-in exception handling / crash reporting section of http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.023.html This feature was adding in CbB 2021.04. Compress and forward the dump to support@cakewalk.com For more info about handling crashes see
  11. If it is really a mono plug-in change the track interleave to mono. The interleave button is at the bottom left of the track header and the left most button on the first row of buttons above the pan knob in the track inspector and console view strips.
  12. BandLab Technologies has two DAWs BandLab - a web-base application Cakewalk by BandLab - a Windows program based on SONAR Platinum There is little risk to trying CbB. It installs as an upgrade to SONAR. IOW, the DAW installs in a separate folder with the shared folders updated to support both SONAR and CbB. Even if you decide not to use CbB, SONAR will benefit from bug fixes and enhancements to the shared folders. CbB can use all the content included with 64bit SONAR. BandLab Technologies did not start with a new team of developers, they hired a small group of Cakewalk staff including @Noel Borthwick the Cakewalk CTO to develop, maintain and support CbB. Since then they have added a few new people to the team.
  13. "Ripple edit all" should move markers unless Lock to SMPTE time is enabled for the markers. Another way to trim silence is export a time-based selection. Here are a couple of ways to create a time-based selection for the entire project Click-drag on the timeline From the menu Edit > Select > All, then set the start time using either the Select Module or click in the timeline to set the Now time position and from the menu Edit > Select > From Now
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