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  1. That's only half the story 🤪 I told the rabbit I was hung like an animal so it became curious . I whipped out my junk to show the bunny and it said to me I don't know what you are talking about . I did the only thing I could do , I grabbed my reading glasses off the table and gently placed them on the bunny rabbits head. Then I said to the bunny now take a look . Sure enough the bunny did eventually agree with me . Then it asked me why didn't I just say I was hung like a hamster in the first place ? ...Yeah I know self depreciating humor I didn't have the heart to tell the poor bunny that I had just gotten back from being hijacked out in the Jungle by a nymphomaniac female ape that had the hots for me . She erotically wore my junk down to an unrecognizable nub. After hearing all of that the poor Bunny shook his head , my glasses fell off , and he told me he empathically felt my pain as he rubbed the nub on the right paw where his foot used to be ..... Kenny
  2. I just barely made it out of her erotic clutches and The Jungle with my life intact . Sadly I have lost all track of time .... What day is today anyway ...Monday Tuesday? Kenny
  3. My ex used to hit me with stringed instruments. If only I had known about her history of violins. Coffee has a rough time in our house. It gets mugged every single morning! What did the Tin Man say when he got run over by a steamroller? “Curses! Foil again!” Submitted by Paul Stewart, Richmond, Utah The furniture store keeps calling me to come back. But all I wanted was one night stand. What do you call the wife of a hippie? A Mississippi She had a photographic memory, but never developed it. Need an ark? I Noah guy I used to be indecisive; now I'm not so sure My ex-wife still misses me. But her aim is starting to improve! Kenny
  4. Once I looked into her deep brown eyes and sampled a taste of her hairy curvaceous forbidden fruit including her cherry flavored lip stick . All bets were off . I lost the salvation of my soul in one felled swoop . I had figured nobody around here would have ever known that I had gotten desperate and grabbed a hold of her . Having gone there I wish it was funny but now it's not because the jokes on me . I went to have a dance with a dancing Monkey and I soon found out the hard way the dance ain't over until she decides to let me go .... I have to go now because I can hear her calling out to me from another part of the Jungle OH Kenny my darling why don't you come to bed now and peel mamma a banana Kenny
  5. To be or not to be a horse rider, that is equestrian. —Mark Simmons, comedian Q: What happened to the guy who sued over his missing luggage? A: He lost his case. There's a guy in town who walks around talking to himself using only figurative language. We call him the Village Idiom. —Albert Sloan Hal: How did you get hit on the head with a book? Sal: I only have my shelf to blame. What’s the difference between a poorly dressed man on a unicycle and a well-dressed man on a bicycle? Attire. Kenny
  6. . Kenny trust me on this one ....some things just can't be unseen
  7. Son Seals - Frigidaire Woman Kenny
  8. Back in the day when I was first starting out ( in the mid 60 's ) I had The Harmony Broadway variation of what you have there . That lasted until I tried to play Black Sabbath and The Who on it 🤣 Nice guitar you have there , when you fix them up they are nice conversation pieces . Even when they are dialed in they can still be a challenge to play ...the intonation can be dialed in ...you may have to tilt the bridge a little to where it has a slant to it ...the strings that are sharp will need the bridge tilted towards the tail piece ... On those type of bridges if you decide to eventually get one with adjustment capabilities the only real fitting you may have to to is carve the bottom section of the bridge to match your guitars top ....the tighter the seal the bigger the sound . String wise you may find Silk And Steel strings to have less tension on the neck ...and a better feel YMMV . If you are used to playing a Martin or something along those lines playing an acoustic arch top can be a big adjustment ...different sound all together. Back in the day Banjo was the thing with Big bands ...To really appreciate how a guitar from way back then sounded in context , listen to some Eddie Lang or any of the other prominent musicians from back in the 20's and 30's ...... Those guitars sound nothing like a Martin or a Gibson but in the right hands man they can sound pretty sweet ...Also they were cutting to disk so somehow they fit in the mix .. Here's some examples ...the second tune features a wonderful player playing solo ...easy to tell how much different the sounds is from what most folks are used to . Enjoy now you got me wanting to crack out a few of my Acoustic Arch tops Kenny
  9. 🤣 Slurp...I lick the way you think . Kenny
  10. 🤣 Woah ! Are you packing a mean trunk up front ? or are you just happy to see me ! ..what ever one it is , please don't use my leg as a hump toy ...I'm getting old and I 'm getting brittle Kenny
  11. Great points you make . Everything in your whole post I identified with ...this quoted section above hit me the hardest .. I hate the way things are now ...for now let me leave it at that Kenny
  12. Oh Yeah ! The more I watch it, the more I love that scene ! Go get em Cuzz .... Kenny
  13. Oh well it's a little blurry ! but hey after a few beers and a little Bud you never know . It might even be able to do a little scratch and sniff ...that's what I want Kenny
  14. 🤣 I'm still waiting for the chicks , the check in the mail , the World Wide exposure the net can bring .The long over due invite to a guitar player magazine interview , a Jam with Joe B....and a whole bunch of other shit 😎 Oh well, I guess there is safety in numbers when it comes to a persons musical delusions . Kenny
  15. What ! Iz dat a former Plumber Crack Butt World Champion at the beach ?He herd is mommy was a walrus and he wants to go home . Kenny
  16. The goal of creating finely crafted and recorded music that was done solely at ones own personal home studio is a noble aspiration ... Where else can I spend all my time and money on putting my best foot forward and creating the best music I am capable of . What a rush it is to finally post my new song . Now all of a sudden we are in the same league as all the professional bands and musicians that have gone before us ... I am always truly humbled to the core two or three weeks after posting my new song . WOW it may have gotten a hundred listens ... Yes all this adulation and fame can be a real challenge to keep in check ...... I don't know how some people do it ... Kenny
  17. Oh my goodness, Dad is that you ? No Mikey , Tom Sellack is not your daddy .... I'm your Daddy , remember this is a thread about Bunnies not walrus ... Kenny
  18. somebody had to do it Introducing The Bronco Brothers The current 2020 World Champion Double See Saw Endurance Champions Kenny
  19. Who knew, The Hobby Horse has so many friends . Kenny
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