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  1. Oh I do! I do! not well, maybe a bit.
  2. That's always the issue I have with articles and tweak tools. I have bookmarked quite a few in the past only to find that their recommendations are out of date on the next Windows update.
  3. Thanks abacab. Do you or anyone else use any Windows 10 tweaker tools and can recommend any? Such as... https://winaero.com/comment.php?comment.news.1836 or https://www.thewindowsclub.com/ultimate-windows-tweaker-4-windows-10 Thanks
  4. I was thinking the same with my new PC but when I came to create the Win 10 Pro media for it in July I found that Microsoft only provided the 2004 media creation tool so I was forced to go that route. It made me wish that I had backed up a copy of the 1909 media creation tool. I did find copies of older media creation tools on the Internet but didn't fancy taking my chances with non Microsoft sourced versions. I am still on 1909 on my old PC but there's no pressing need to upgrade that.
  5. Also running fine here on my new PC. There's a recent update that fixes a load of issues (Update KB4571744) if you do install it. More info here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NhLQP5eDO0
  6. I have K12 and that's a great price to go to K13U! In my NI account K13U upgrade is £499 😵 My K13 Update price is £169 at NI so if the Scan price is right that's only another £80 to go to K13U! Wondering if that Scan price a mistake? EDIT: Maybe not as it's the same price at Gear4Music https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/Native-Instruments-Komplete-12-Ultimate-Upgrade-from-K8-K12/2NUM That's a great deal as it includes many libraries I bought separately and could therefore sell on to make it an even sweeter deal. 🤔
  7. Stability update - read all about it here...
  8. Nice, thanks Matthew. There's also a video on ReMIDI there by the same guy and he has just added a new one on Scaler v2.1 (new expressions showcase).
  9. Definitely Mesh. Also quite a lot of nice updates in this one. 👍
  10. ZincT

    IK VI Group Buy

    Yes I just tried it in CbB and it worked. I tried adding it with the option of separate instrument tracks per output and it created 16 tracks. Also, in the MODO Drum mixer you can set each instrument output either to it's own internal bus or to any of the DAW's audio tracks.
  11. It's there now. Go grab it!
  12. Download via your PluginBoutique account. It's not in my account when I just checked so might be worth giving it a little while. Changes to v 2.1.0: New Chord Editor Control individual notes and velocities in each chord Use the circle of fifths to easily create chord progressions Search for any chord in Scaler More than 100 new expressions in triplet feel and across several time signatures Add bass/inversion display in chord name Audio-Detection Improved accuracy of detection Reduce the number of duplicate chords in results Filter-out unlikely chord types to reduce noise Add ability to detect from a file in the source dropdown New Modulation Preset - Neo-Riemannian Create harmonic transformations from any chord Support custom sounds folder location Support custom chordsets folder location Multi-Select Pattern and Pattern Chaining improvements Add ability to apply extracted voicing to a multi-selection of chords Ability to export chord names to MIDI markers when dragging to DAW New Arpeggio Octave Range option Add ability to select the output MIDI channel Keys-Lock - Chord Mute function now works properly when used with DAW-Sync Ability to select and remove multiple notes with lasso in Detect panel Add ability to synchronise the selected scale across instances Bug fixes: Fix “Right-Click -> Select All” in Pad View Fix erratic behaviour when deleting from a multi-selection in Pad View Fix bind to suggested pathways refresh issue in Modulation Fix UI not redrawing correctly after Clear State Fix lowercase display for minor chords in Modulation panels Fix empty large clip when dragging from MIDI Capture Other fixes and overall stability improvements
  13. ZincT

    IK VI Group Buy

    You convinced me Larry - I'm in 😉 ! All hail the King! Hammond and MODO Drum are mine. @Fleer Agree with t'others - MODO Bass is my goto for bass, nuff said. I have just added MODO Drum which looks/sounds very cool and I have no doubt you will be able to once we reach the next tier.
  14. Thanks Larry, you da King! I did think about installing V9 on the new machine and might still do that. I just can't stand how it puts stuff where I don't want it to and also 32 bit plugins. I am trying to minimise the clutter on the new PC and also figured that I should pay for WUP if I use the plugins to keep the dev in business.
  15. Hey Larry, can I pick your brains please... I am in the process of moving my Waves plugins from the old to the new PC but I still have some v9 plugins on the old PC (as well as V10 and V11). To make a cleaner install on the new PC I was thinking of WUP'ing only the V9 stuff I use so that I only have V10 and 11 on the new PC. The V9 plugins that I want to WUP are... Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series Tony Maserati Signature Series Scheps Parallel Particles Vocal Rider Is WUP the best way to do this? Buying them again (upgrade) cost is over $200 but WUP for these alone is $95 (at EP). Thanks
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