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  1. Was wondering about their other plugins. Thanks mibby, I will have a look at those.
  2. Cool arpeggiator. Use code SUPERBOOTH24 to reduce the regular price of $39 to around $29 (it was $29.36 for me). It's algorithmic, but it also has LFOs, MSEG and XY pads that can be assigned to the controls, plus a built in simple FM synth. There's also a free demo here (click on Try The Demo Tab) --> https://www.bleass.com/product/bleass-arpeggiator/ N.B. If you purchase after installing the demo, no need to re-install, just activate the demo with the serial they email to you.
  3. Release Notes from here: https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/4823/official-update-status-native-access?utm_source=native-access-2&utm_medium=in-product&utm_campaign=release-notes 3.11.0 May 16, 2024. Contains NTK Daemon 1.18.0 Many users may have learned, whether in-app or through outlets, that we’re launching a revamped subscription intitiative. This has caused some unintended behaviors in Native Access as we made the migration, and thus this release aims to patch those issues. This release does not fix known issues to do with excessive loading times on Loading Products that some users have been facing. We’re working on a fix and ramping up efforts to stabilize the product. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. FIXED Addressed multiple subscription cancellation issues, where products would not enter the proper state/flavor following the cancellation of a subscription offering Addressed an issue where Cancelled Products would enter the Recently Added section for users with previously cancelled subscriptions Fixed a bug where product filters were no longer clickable following a filter down to a search query where no products appeared in a user’s library Fixed a bug where the download drawer does not close when changing pages in-app Addressed an issue where too many products were appearing behind the Legacy Toggle IMPROVED Increased the timeout window for downloads to stop Improved handling of subscription activations Brands are now sorted alphabetically in the subcategories, no longer being case sensitive in the ordering KNOWN ISSUES Loading Products… sometimes hangs for users for an indefinite amount of time. Kontakt-dependent products sometimes erroneously ask you to install a Kontakt version that you already have installed/older version of Kontakt that should not need to install In rare conditions, some products would remain in the Deployment Queue as “Enqueued”
  4. Also Bitwig Studio 5 Producer Upgrade from 8-Track for $85 seems like a good deal. https://www.jrrshop.com/bitwig-studio-producer-upgrade-from-8-track Gets you one step closer to the full Studio version for a reasonable cost.
  5. For anyone who was unable to get the voucher code from Loopcloud working on PluginBoutique, it is now working. Axxess sounds greeeeeat! P.S. @Wibbles you can scale the UI using the triangular button on the bottom right of the front panel.
  6. Glad you found it useful Grem 👍🏻 It was someone on the old CW forum who originally suggested it to me, and I still use it to this day as a quick and dirty alternative to BIAB. You can do a surprising amount with it. These videos are worth a look if you want an initial look and then to dig deeper. The same guy also does some JJazzLab (ALC's suggestion) reviews on his channel which is worth mentioning again as it can make use of the huge number of Yamaha style files and even has some built-in.
  7. Chordpulse is another one. Simple, quick and easy. Free 14 day trial but also cheap to buy the full version. https://www.chordpulse.com/
  8. What John suggests will work, but what I used to do when I was doing this a lot was: 1. Right Click on the vocal track and select "Insert Send --> New Aux Track" 2. On the new Aux Track you can now record the output of the vocal track. You can adjust the volume and pan of each harmony within the AHS plugin and create different Aux track mixes of the harmonies. I also used to use Chord via Midi in AHE and adjust the register and spread to create multiple harmony Aux tracks with different register/spread. Once you have recorded your Aux track you can just disable the AHE plugin on the vocal track and I would typically record other takes for doubling of the main track. I would sometimes also use the double tracks to create slightly different AHE harmony tracks to thicken up the harmonies.
  9. Okay so follow these steps... 1. On Track 1 (the Mic Track), record your solo vocals if they aren't already recorded. 2. Insert Antares Harmony Engine (AHE) in the FX block of Track 1. 3, Open AHE (click on it), select the VST3 menu at the top and select "Enable MIDI input". 4. Also in AHE, on the Harmony Control menu select MIDI Omni. 5. On your MIDI track with the harmony make sure the output is set to Harmony Engine1 Now when you playback the song you should hear your vocal with the three part harmony singing along with it.
  10. ZincT


    Hmmm... His last post on KVR was also 9th May. Wherefore art thou Abe?
  11. Thought I'd seen something similar before; that was it thanks!
  12. Yes, I think that's correct as I have 9 expansions and all of them had 2/3 Mb updates (MIDI packs). I expect we'll also see the separate MIDI packs updated. Good to know that they are putting in the effort to keep existing purchases working on the new system.
  13. All of my EzKeys Expansions had updates to them this morning (maybe in preparation for the EzKeys 2 launch on 16 May?). Run ToonTrack Product Manager to update.
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