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  1. ZincT

    Coming Soon from IK!!!

    Wow indeed! There's a patch in GR5 I use for BM tones when I need them but this is a whole other world 😲 Nice job with the demo too Peter.
  2. FWIW I had the following reply from InSession (sending from phone so cannot see an easy way to put this in a quote) .... it is not possible to route each sound to an individual output. The reason is a bit technical, but this is it: Internally Kontakt's structure has four "rows" for FX: Group Bus Insert Send To offer individual outputs, Kontakt can only do this in one place: right after Bus effects, but before Insert. This means that the sound doesn't have the option of "hitting" the Insert row of FX - and Riff Generation has every slot in this row filled with an effect. Put another way: if we offered individual outputs, the sound would never get to the compressor, EQ, delay, reverb or burst delay and burst reverbs. End of quote
  3. Got it, thanks TS. Having looked at the video and PDF manuals I cannot see any way to route each instrument to its own output. That would be a useful revision IMHO so I will send a request to InSession.
  4. MIDI files for any riff can be exported directly from the interface via drag-and-drop, or MIDI can be sent out in real time to other virtual instruments. Not sure about routing each instrument to its own output but there is supposed to be a PDF manual which I haven't found as yet which might cover it (I have asked InSession for a copy).
  5. ZincT

    APD Offer: 80% off Riffendium Bundle by Audiofier

    Ok that makes sense, thanks TTF.
  6. ZincT

    APD Offer: 80% off Riffendium Bundle by Audiofier

    Although the video instructions are a little unclear with some parts spoken and others textual, I read it that you can use the same snapshots for the REV and REV DI instruments. At least that's what I am doing and it works. I guess you might want to make some different ones for REV DI vs REV though. Then again why is there a DI instrument with REVerb on it, I thought DI was supposed to be without effects?!
  7. Yes another tempting offer from APD! They are on a roll at the moment!
  8. Hey Mesh, you could always email them and see if they will extend the sale any longer. I would think it's in their interest to do so as they would surely get more sales.
  9. This deal on Riff Generation and their other libraries (4 for 3) was supposed to end yesterday having been extended but I managed to get Riff Generation - Outside In edition this morning. I had a quick play and it seems very inspiring so cannot wait to get stuck in. The intro price 99 USD is supposed to be the cheapest price it will ever be. Not cheap but a lot cheaper than the normal price and it does seem like a quality "song inspiration" tool. The included samples are also excellent and it includes access to a video manual which should help with the learning curve. Also, it's Kontakt Player compatible for those who don't have full Kontakt yet.
  10. FYI I also tried this scenario and it worked fine i.e. nothing happens when I press the down arrow key.
  11. ZincT

    APD Offer: 80% off Riffendium Bundle by Audiofier

    There's 21 hours left on this deal so I thought I would get it while I can for volume 2 & 3 (already have vol 1) but I cannot login. EDIT: I checked what I did last time this happened and I used the automated password reset which worked again this time. So if you have the same issue try that first.
  12. ZincT

    Fabfilter Summer Sale

    Thanks guys for all the ideas, very helpful 👍🏻 I am sure I am only scratching the surface of Q3 but whenever I use it I think it is brilliant. I used the brickwall high pass EQ setting recently and was amazed at how well it worked.
  13. ZincT

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    Looks like a great unit the iD4 and one of the lowest noise floors in that price range. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUXIsOg1Oi0 )
  14. ZincT

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    Ok thanks. I just wish that IKM would offer a version of Axe I/O for those that already have Amplitube MAX (plus a few other Amplitube add-ons) at a reduced price. Something like a crossgrade; even a 50 EUR reduction would tempt me. At present with max Jampoints it would be 300 EUR for Axe I/O (around 274 GBP) inc VAT. That much would buy quite a few really good audio interfaces such as the Audient id22 or Scarlett 18i8.
  15. ZincT

    New TH-U rig models by Choptones

    Good to see so many new expansions for TH-U. Now I just have to decide what to get!