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  1. ZincT

    8DIO Christmas Sales

    Insolidus does look very nice. I was hoping All Claire would be even cheaper and I really don't need 78Gb of Vintage Keys. Shame they don't give you a few options for the freebie. Also, 8DIO don't allow resale/transfer of their licenses so I couldn't even sell the keys on.
  2. ZincT

    8DIO Christmas Sales

    Now wishing I had purchased a 2Tb M2.NVMe drive instead of a 1Tb one a few weeks ago. 🙄
  3. ZincT

    8DIO Christmas Sales

    Yes I should have known as the exit poll performance has been remarkably accurate in recent times.
  4. ZincT

    8DIO Christmas Sales

    Thanks, updated the first post. Wasn't there when I looked at 6am this morning 😴 (stayed up late for the election).
  5. ZincT

    AAS Take 3 Soundpak

    Had an email from AAS and checked my account... they are now offering "Strum GS-2 complete my collection" for the only two I don't have Take 3 and Funky Cat for $19. That's $9.50 each! Think I'll bite and get something else with the freebie.
  6. Couldn't agree more Aiden. I am looking forward to getting stuck in this weekend. Lots to try out with all of the content included. Some of that vfx stuff would have come in really handy a while back for some videos I made. Should be fun to try using it as the quality looks good.
  7. You could use HitFilm or Resolve to make YouTube music video content. Superfluous content aside, HitFilm Pro looks like a pretty good video editor but I will reserve full judgement until I have properly compared it to DaVinci Resolve. There's 19 days left on the Humble Bundle deal so why not try out the demo of HitFilm Pro and the free version of DaVinci Resolve and see if either one is what you are looking for before committing to the HB deal?
  8. ZincT

    Arturia Pigments 2

    Sorry forgot to mention V Coll update. I also wish they would make V Coll 6 a single installer. Maybe if we email them about it they might make it happen. To be honest I got Pigments 1 on a whim on intro pricing and haven't used it much but the addition of granular functionality might persuade me.
  9. ZincT

    Arturia Pigments 2

    Working now and there's also an update to Arturia Software Centre and Analog Lab 4. Don't know if it made any difference but I vpn'd in via France where they are located.
  10. ZincT

    Arturia Pigments 2

    Good news! Thanks TS and Arturia 👍🏻 Their site is so slow at the moment I cannot even sync my licenses. Will try again later.
  11. They're like cowbells...you can never have enough Sleigh Bells.
  12. ZincT

    Arturia Pigments 2

    Yes, that's what I was thinking. I hope there's a cheap upgrade for us Pigment 1 owners.
  13. Good find, thanks Larry! Great way to spark interest in the product.
  14. Checked both C:\Temp and C:\Windows\Temp (wasn't clear from your post) and I'm not seeing any files created when I run/close Studio One Pro 4.6.
  15. ZincT

    AAS Take 3 Soundpak

    Cheers Larry! When I needed a 6/8 pattern in GS-2 I was surprised at how few 6/8 patterns (I found one in the Factory Electric) and also 3/4 & 12/8 there were in the many add-ons. I emailed them about it and presumably others did too. So this is very welcome. Only thing is do I wait to see if I can claim this as my Christmas freebie or buy it now?
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