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  1. Yes I got the bundle a few years back and also bought the V2 ClassicGuitar (Nylon Acoustic) upgrade when it came out. When I got it I quite liked mixing my own real acoustic guitar with the Pettinghouse Acoustic Guitar in pseudo 12 string stereo mode to create a nice wide jangly sound. The bundle does include a lot of reasonable instruments plus quite a bit of "filler" which I have never used. That said I have also purchased OTS, Indiginus, Ilya Efimov and others which as TheSteven says are better sounding. If given a choice now I would probably go with them instead of the Pettinghouse Bundle. FYI here's an example of me using the Pettinghouse Acoustic blended with my own acoustic https://soundclick.com/r/s8bbo4
  2. ZincT

    Waves OVox

    Lol, yes that also happens to me especially with the 200 and I am primarily a guitarist!
  3. ZincT

    Waves OVox

    Yes it's in settings. Fortunately I managed to find and change it before downloading all the HD content.
  4. No problem kevro2000. Glad you got it sorted 👍
  5. I like that's it's a free update for us V1 owners and appreciate the new features. One thing I'm liking in Harvest is that you can lock existing notes and then add new random notes to the pattern that co-exist on the same steps as the locked pattern to create chords. That would be a useful addition to Riffer although I guess you could achieve the same with multiple instances of Riffer.
  6. ZincT

    Waves OVox

    Hey Mesh, It took a while to download all of the new stuff as Waves Central insisted on downloading all of the HD sample content for the Inspire instruments, even though I already had it for 2 existing instruments. The download speed was also a bit slow so I left it going while I got on with other stuff. Anyway, after a very brief play with OVox I think I would find more uses for it than I have for, say, Vocalsynth 2. Right off the bat the presets seem to be more musical and work better on the vocal tracks I tried. Definitely worthy of more investigation and I can also see myself using it mixed in subtly with non-effected vocal tracks to add interest.
  7. Lol, must have been posting at the same time but you just beat me to it! Will delete mine
  8. ZincT

    Waves OVox

    Nice! I got Bass Fingers, Bass Slapper, Clavinet, Electric 200 Piano, Electric 88 Piano, Flow Motion FM Synth and OVox Vocal ReSynthesis for $66 (about £51)! Even less than I thought it would be 👍
  9. ZincT

    Waves OVox

    Thanks Simon - yes of course I always do! In fact Koby must be fed up with me pestering him I was just posting what Waves was quoting as a "starter for ten". I think the EP saving is usually around 15% so I imagine it would be around $80 (or ~ £61 which isn't bad and I might do it).
  10. ZincT

    Waves OVox

    It's $95 for me to add 8 new products (although I already have one of them included in Gold so it's 7 really).... Bass Fingers, Bass Slapper, Clavinet, Electric 200 Piano, Electric 88 Piano, Flow Motion FM Synth and OVox Vocal ReSynthesis. That's around $13.50 per plugin. Not bad. BTW I have v9, 10 and 11 products all working fine.
  11. Just FYI that's also my default setting and what I used to test above.
  12. Thanks Larry. The link isn't working btw. Here it is... https://vstbuzz.com/deals/58-off-harvest-by-harvest-plugins/
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