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  1. I did use mine to get the TH-U Marco Fanton T&B 3 classic rig for ~£11. Couldn't use loyalty points as well but tempted to get the Vai rig for a similar price using loyalty points.
  2. I'm a bit late to the party but I have to say what an excellent cover Larry! I didn't realise you were a multi instrumentalist. Looking forward to hearing some more covers from you. Oh, and if you suck then there's no hope for me 😂
  3. Incidentally, the T&S vouchers expire tomorrow so use it or lose it!
  4. Love the sound of that Marco Fanton rig (the black Strat copy is also pretty awesome).
  5. As I said, that's after the 5 GBP voucher and 5 GBP loyalty points however I don't know if you can use both together and asked whether anyone knew. The cheapest add-on is around 16 GBP without any vouchers etc. So 16 GBP - 5 GBP voucher - 5 GBP loyalty points = 6 GBP (if you can use the voucher and loyalty points together). or 16 GBP - 5 GBP voucher = 11 GBP (if you can only use the voucher).
  6. Hey Grem, I think Vintage Collection 1 and 2 are really nice. I also got Brit 1957 and Fried BE50D based on the demo videos but haven't used them much yet. I am also looking for other suggestions before the sale is over.
  7. Good point Fleer. Must give it a try!
  8. Thanks Larry. Also Cinematrix there at the same price... https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/55-Kontakt-Instrument/5672-Cinematrix
  9. Thanks Piotr. I had already downloaded and installed it when I realised it was 2013 vintage and abandonware at that. Uninstalled. Gutted that I'm never going to get those 20 minutes back 🙄
  10. Strange, couldn't see any PayPal option when ordering from the Store within AL4 (only credit card) so had to order on the Arturia website which does offer a PayPal option. It's good that they let you try out the first few patches from a bank before you have to buy it.
  11. Yes, they are add-ons to the original presets.
  12. Does anyone know anything about JamVox? Saw it mentioned on the KVR thread but haven't heard of it before. There's a free demo so I might give it a go. https://www.jamvox-online.com/
  13. Already had the Genesis Tribute and Pink Floyd 1 plus the freebies. I'm a sucker for the tribute packs. Thinking I might buy Pink Floyd 2, Synth Voices, Moroder Tribute, Toto Tribute, Art of Horn, Depeche Wave Tribute, Vangelis Tribute (by Nori Ubukata), ELP Tribute (Nori again), Depeche Speak Tribute, JMJ Tribute, Kraft Tribute, Tangerine Tribute, Switched-On Tribute Great suggestion, thanks...added to my list. Thanks Fleer. Brandenberg Concerto here I come!
  14. Looking forward to hearing your solo project. I haven't posted anything in a while. Need some inspiration (maybe Riff Gen will be it!).
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