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  1. I have Windows 10 Pro version 2004 (build 19041.630), so not 20H2 (still holding off) but I cannot replicate your crash. When I hit File->Exit Cakewalk prompts to Save and I select No and it just exits normally. I do have CC set to not ask for a key on startup so it just goes straight into CC with the default key (which you can still change). Have you got the new version of CbB 2020.11 (Build 098) which has just been published as I think it fixes a few bugs?
  2. Captain Plugins does Grem. It works in a similar way to Orb with the various parts all syncing together and feeding their scale/chord information to each other. The only proviso I believe in both of them is that you must have the Chords plugin loaded to control the musical content of the others (except that Captain Beat works independently).
  3. I got it (even cheaper than BF price on KVR) as a cheaper alternative to XO. There is a long awaited update (v1.5) due out which will allegedly bring it closer to XO. One of the Atlas 1.5 beta testers on KVR said this in October...
  4. Here's a screenshot I just made from Captain Chords showing the types of scale available from the drop down menu. Here's one for Orb Chords - these appear to be listed as just the modes. Looks like Captain wins this round
  5. I have seen that video before and I definitely think he skips over some Captain features and seems biased towards Orb. In use I find Captain a bit more clunky but I still like the results and often better than Orb. They keep adding features to both so it's a tight contest. Orb results often seem to be more what you would expect from constrained probability/randomisation whereas Captain seems to come up with more musical sounding snippets.
  6. It's definitely a go to for me along with Orb! I wouldn't be without either. The worst thing about it is the fact that it requires an internet connection to work and frequently asks for my VIP code (serial number) but I have got used to keeping it handy.
  7. Thanks John. There are also some freebies there https://www.promidifiles.com/free-midi-tracks/
  8. Thanks Larry, that's one I don't have 👍 Ordered! It uses the Pulse downloader by the way.
  9. FULL KONTAKT ONLY I really like their free instruments (Xperiments) and this is an excellent deal on one of the full products. I might even pick it up myself! Electron Reactor $129 now $39 https://www.analogueinstruments.com/
  10. @TomguYou could even try searching this forum! Basically I use Orb Producer Suite or Captain Plugins for something quick. Rapid Composer is another option although much deeper than the others but is a bit intimidating and costs more (for the pro version, don't bother with the lesser version). Version 4 has just been released and has many improvements and is also on 25% off intro offer. I have been using it this week and getting some good results. I might also invest in Sundog this week as it is on sale and looks like an alternative to CP or Orb Suite. I already use Chord Potion from the same developer.
  11. Cheers abacab! Like the new profile pic by the way. I thought it was an imposter for a moment 😁
  12. Yes I was looking at that Fleer. Only 1.99 for Enso on IOS! Can't resist
  13. These are now on sale in the IOS app store Larry. Could change the title maybe? Various prices but you have to look at the in-app purchase price to see them as you can install most of them for free and then unlock full features with the IAP. For example, Looperator IAP is apparently $15.99 in US store (also £15.99 in UK store), Factory is £9.99 (UK store) and even the new one Drum Computer is in the sale although not heavily discounted at £23.99 IAP.
  14. Also their IOS apps are on sale on the App Store.
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