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  1. Thanks Larry. Anyone using IOS note that Sugar Bytes IOS apps are also on sale and IAPs are also included! https://apps.apple.com/us/developer/sugar-bytes-gmbh/id614418826
  2. Lol, Dubstep's not my genre either Probably not much of it is my genre if I'm honest but you never know if there's a loop in there somewhere that will inspire or that can be mangled in some way to add something unique to a track. I quite like getting MIDI stuff as it can be used in things like EzKeys, Band-in-a-Box, ReMIDI etc and takes up hardly any space. I started going through the freebies I listed and there are some potentially useful to me but I guess it depends on what you are looking for. The ones I listed are mostly quite small (100 to 300Mb) apart from Oracle (700Mb), Eternity (840Mb) and Life (2 x 1.2Gb). The MIDI pack (Python) is of course tiny so just get it. Potentially Useful Python (MIDI pack) - 51 MIDI files in various minor keys which would work for keyboards/strings or edit for your needs. Oracle - Melodies and MIDI but will delete the 808 bass notes as I have 808 well covered Melody collection - 40 melodic loops plus the individual instrument stems for each loop. Life - Lots of Ambient/Foley sounds - useful for background audio in videos or maybe some tracks. Covers things like rain, fire crackles, city ambience, crowds, calm ocean sounds, waterfalls, rivers, streams, vinyl crackles, farm noises. Eternity - useful for Lo-Fi vibe. Cobra - Hip Hop - mostly useful plus some hi-hat and melody MIDI. Euphoria Vocals - good selection of dry and effected vocals. I like these as they often cover things that I could never sing myself šŸ˜ Millenium and Roses - Future Bass/EDM - lots of drum loops, FX, melody, Serum presets and MIDI Drip - Hip Hop - some nice guitar/drum loops in this one plus MIDI I think that's about it for now. Hope that helps. Now to check out the download vault šŸ˜±
  3. Ok will check them out in the morning. I have had a few Cymatics packs in the past and found them to be ok. With all of the recent free or cheap sample packs I have filled up my downloads area so I am spending a bit of time most days installing/auditioning/archiving/moving and often deleting things. I think Iā€™m going to have to be more discerning about what to keep.
  4. Thanks, downloading them now...
  5. Same here Larry - I think this was covered by your earlier post...
  6. A new Tuesday Tips covering how to use and tweak Dexed and where to get the DX7AllTheWeb set of patches (around 13,000 patches). Essential viewing even if you don't own Unify!
  7. Yeah, easy when you know how šŸ˜µ šŸ¤Ŗ He is seriously talented btw.
  8. Nein, aber mein Postillion wurde vom Blitz getroffen šŸ™ƒ
  9. Great instructions Matthew, thanks for going to all this trouble. šŸ‘ Worked fine and I even remembered some of my O Level German although it's going back a bit now Also, on the current version of Chrome it detects the non-native language and automatically offers to translate. It also gives a check-box to always translate German pages.
  10. As it's a new day here in old blighty it seems that I can now post the other part of the Synclavier presets in AL4 format for anyone who downloaded the other parts and wants to complete them... Reverb Arturia Analog Lab 4 Presets Sync 02b.zip For anyone who PM'd me I have emailed you the complete set so you already have these and don't need to download them from here.
  11. ZincT

    5 more free REs.

    They can only be used in Reason. If you own Reason you can use the Reason plugin in your DAW so you can use them that way but only if you own Reason.
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