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  1. That's because the Coffee House quality where he lives has been rated the Worst in The Planet...
  2. I don't mind sharing it for anyone interested. It's just two actions. You need to download the SWS extensions. It's Freeware/Donationware: https://www.sws-extension.org/ Once you have the SWS extensions installed, you would create a new action, and search for those two items in the picture, add it as shown, and choose a shortcut key. SWS extensions add a lot to Reaper. I like using the Auto Layout/Color/Icon script, to automatically color a track based on a name. So I have blue as the name for Vocals. When I type Vocals into the track name it will automatically color the track blue.
  3. I'm not a power user from any stretch of the imagination, but I have a couple of custom actions that make life in DAW land much easier. If I want to make a bus from a bunch of tracks, I just highlight the tracks, press F5 which is the key I created for the custom action, and it will create a bus, send the tracks to the new bus, remove tracks from Master/Parent send, all with one keystroke.
  4. I just love how you can customize Reaper to do just about anything you want. Custom actions are super powerful.
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