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  1. This may be going too far... Olivia Newton John in a Bikini...
  2. Black Friday Matters...
  3. I know Elton John music is out of the question on this forum, but does anyone know if positing music by Olivia Newton-John violates the rules of this forum? I know it violates life in general. I think I just answered my own question...
  4. I know that girls in bikinis and Elton John music is not allowed. Any ideas?
  5. I think someone went crying to his daddy, so they pulled it.
  6. Congratulations Kenny. I tried to post a picture of a girl in a bikini walking her dog on the beach, but it was removed.
  7. Acoustic Isolation is really good, but uses lots of CPU. It is a lot of fun. Cinematrix is also fantastic. Great for film work. Well worth the price for those two. Don't have the other three, but I'm sure you'll find some good stuff there as well.
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