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  1. This is very good news Noel, to know that you are going to focus on developing better handling, video files on Cakewalk. This is probably the only aspect of the software that is lagging behind the competition, so that Cakewalk can be used in all stages of Post-Production. I love this software. I use it in conjunction with the VS-700 control surface every day professionally on TV ads, short film or album production. Unfortunately on feature films, because of the shortcomings we know, I have to fall back on ProTools which offers a greater possibility of handling video files. It's a shame, because in every other aspect of the production, Cakewalk offers a greater versatility of implementation tools, for a professional sound result. Noel, thanks again for the highly professional involvement you put into the development of Cakewalk. We feel supported.
  2. It's the request, nothing complicated to set up... 😉
  3. The problem is CbB does not recognize the .midi extension. There may be workaround, but it is better to have this feature directly implemented in CbB. On the other hand the .midi extension is generated when we export midi files with Cubase, Nuendo as well as other software running on Mac (OSX)
  4. I have been working with UAD products for several years. They integrate perfectly with CbB.... Currently one of my systems has UAD DSP cards as well as UAD AD / DA converters via Thunderbolt 3. Everything works flawlessly..
  5. I know how to change file associations. 😉 This is not the problem... This is to open a file inside the Cakewalk app. CbB does not recognize this extension, and it doesn't appear in the files that Cakewalk recognizes.. I know we can open it from the file manager, but to speed up the process, it would be better if we could open it inside the CbB program
  6. Something simple ... Add the .midi extension to those recognized by Cakewalk when you try to open a midi file. These files come from the OSX platform. These are simple midi files but because of the extension are not visible when we try to open them through the Cakewalk application. You have to change the extension from .midi to .mid so that it can be read by CbB..
  7. Composing movie music, there are often tempo changes in the same sequence. When I work with a small orchestra, I use a click track sent to the headphones of each musicians, which can do the trick. But recording an orchestra of 20 or 30 musicians or more, it becomes important to be directed by a conductor. The use of visual cues becomes imperative to properly direct the ensemble when there are tempo changes. This would be an addition that would allow using CbB in movie music sessions. In the same vein, it would really solve the problem of offset, inset and startpoint videos when we work in the Microsoft Media Foundation mode. I leave here examples to better understand the process.
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