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  1. Sounds have a PAK extension so you could use Windows search to find them. But I would have hoped they were automatically sent to the folder selected in Syntronic / Sample Tank See the Sound Content tab in settings on these instruments. It is possible to move the files and point the ST4 / Syntronic at the new folder. Both Sampletank and Syntronic content should be in the same folder. If you cant find them, are you experiencing the Windows 10 security issue discussed at length above.
  2. Thanks, I don't think I would have seen this if not for your post.
  3. I use mouse commands more than keystrokes but even then one is not immune, until I learned my lesson I went to the wrong menu to undo and undid create region effect in Cakewalk, rather than undoing the last operation in Melodyne. Once the region effect is removed any edits in that session are gone, redo will only insert the region effect again, minus any edits.
  4. Just a thought, IK installers are bad for triggering Windows Smart Screen warnings (Product Manager was no exception) I wonder if Smart Screen is somehow interfering with the updates as it thinks they are suspicious.
  5. I am seeing the installation issue, both Amplitube 4 and Sample Tank 4 have updates available. The updates download and apparently install, Product Manager delivers a notification to say the install was successful but still shows the the old version as current and the new as available. Opening the applications shows they are still on the original version. I have created a support ticket with a few more details. #1001380. The product manager looks an major improvement so I hope (whats probably a system specific) issue is resolved soo.
  6. I have the bottom layer subscription to Roland Cloud. Today I opened the Cloud Manager today for the first time in a couple of weeks and there were several new soundsets . I have not auditioned them all yet but the New Romantic one sounds pretty good, Its turning into a nice collection of useable sounds for $3 a month.
  7. I was not sure so I made the folder in the same common files folder as the VST3 plugins folder. It seems to work. It will remain to be seen if issues arise.
  8. I just gave this a listen, very nice folky prog, shades of the Strawbs in places and not a million miles removed some some of the modern prog bands I listen to.
  9. I had a further reply clarifying. The issue is with the VST3 version of B-3 V2 only. It was suggested turning off Studio One VST3 support to force S1 to load VST2 plugs which I was reluctant to do. What I have done is move the VST3 DLL to new folder not in the S1 scan path. The VST2 version now loads and MIDI channels are selectable. As I have projects in Cakewalk that use the VST3 version, I added the new folder to the Cakewalk scan path. All seems well. I will have to remember to move things around after the next Arturia upgrade. (hopefully that upgrade will address the issue.) Its a bit of a lark for what is an occasionally used instrument, VB3 being my default Hammond, but one that has some nice extra features I like to use occasionally. I wanted to understand what was happening and if I was miss-using S1 somehow otherwise I may not have been quite so dogged in finding a solution.
  10. My bass sale "error" was selling a Roland TR 303 bassline for next to nothing which was the going rate. Within a year someone had invented a new genre of dance music and the prices went into the stratosphere.
  11. I did get a prompt reply to my post which (umpteen catchpas later) simply verified the issue and suggested it was a VST3 problem (several other VST3 pluging do not have the issue.) Anyway I have a workaround. If I load B-3 V2 in Komplete Kontrol I can create three tracks for Komplete Kontrol with the appropriate MIDI channels and it all works. This is the second time Komplet Kontrol has come to the rescue. I have problems syncing the strumming patterns on Orange Tree guitars in Kontakt, Greg at OTS is looking into it. I can only get it to work via Komplete Kontrol. My other big Studio One MIDI frustration was not being able to drag MIDI into EZBass or EZKeys. A visit to the Toontrack forum confirmed this cannot be done and suggested workarounds. I think my workaround will be to use Cakewalk.
  12. Nothing out of the ordinary with my browser and the "catchpas" all worked and were presented straight away. First there was a field that must be blank, then a usual type these letters, then a 1+2 thing, the type on a missing word from attack decay ******* release. On the B3, its ideal to have 3 channels for the upper lower and pedals, each of which has a different tone. It can be set to use keyboard splits on a single channel but that is more limiting. If one used separate instances the Leslie would not be in sync and the amp would not overdrive in the same way as it would not be receiving the sum of the three parts.
  13. Wasn't last year effects? They have a lot more effects than instruments. Mind you if you include the Syntronic and Sampletank instruments it pushes the numbers up a bit.
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