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  1. Any of the unfortunates that have heard any of my guide vocals may think the comment was made about me but the person referred to was the illustrious Robert Fripp. https://www.dgmlive.com/tour-dates/2477 In the notes on this collection of takes from the studio sessions for King Crimson's Lizard Pablo Cordero writes. You will not hear Fripp unless you purchase the downloads, the 30 second preview focuses on Jon Anderson but Fripp actually sounds worse than me, but unlike my guides it has not been extensively corrected with Melodyne, I find these King Crimson sessions very interesting. You are not going to play them in place of the final mixes but they reveal a lot about the creative process.
  2. I have thought about getting this as it can be used in Modular but I am not sure it would get much use. The Modular environment would greatly expand the sonic potential but I am not a great user of synthetic drum sounds.
  3. Looks like currently unavailable in the UK due to BREXIT until they get VAT registration sorted.
  4. Fortunately it looks like my broadband will be upgraded to 512mbs before this comes out. I don't think you get all the mic positions with Composer Cloud, but its still going to be huge.
  5. I got the analogue effects with my Sphere subscription. They are nice, particularly the chorus and rotary but nothing to make them stand out fro the crowd.
  6. Thanks, I just updated, I don't recall seeing any notifications until you posted.
  7. The most useful thing about the chord track for me is the simplest. Just having an easy indication of what the chord is at any point in the song. One of the nice, deeper features in S1 is the chord track integration with Melodyne, this can be very handy, or a red herring.
  8. I keep on hoping to see a chord track. I much prefer MIDI in Cakewalk, particularly the PRV, but often use Studio One because of the chord track.
  9. Arturia's is good. The Scarbee one in Komplete is also good, but less tweakable. Clavs appear in most "factory libraries" so there are a few more basic ones here and there. The formant filter in the one by Waves, while not totally authentic is very useful for tone shaping. Clavitube does sound good. It seems to rely on lots of presets rather than accurate performance controls and tweakablilty ( which will suit many), I need to dig deeper to see what is possible.
  10. These are the old ST 2.5 ones by the look of it. Dave Kerzner's social media posts seem to indicate that there my be some new ones in the pipeline.
  11. Got Clavitube for £13 direct from IK using jampoints.
  12. I see they available direct from IK for an additional $0.99 but would be cheaper if you can use jambpoints. If you are in Europe the price is in Euros and probably subject to VAT,
  13. Mmmm. I have heard good things about Clavitube, I may demo if possible. But I do have more Clavinette options than you can shake a stick at. The one from Waves being my current favourite.
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