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  1. I am mostly using Studio One 5 now. I use the Sphere subscription so I have Notion as well and like the integration. I do miss the pro channel though. I think Cakewalk is a lot better for MIDI though. If it had a chord track I would use it a lot more.
  2. I have nothing against subs, I have Presonus Sphere, EW Composer Cloud, and Roland Cloud ( core), all of which are working out well for me and give good value, but this a bit underwhelming. I think its aimed at new customers, I don't see anything to tempt owners of the latest version of complete.
  3. It's a good question. I don't see an obvious use FOR ME, but I do use EZkeys and the Studio One chord track as a compositional aids. I have scalar but have not used it in anger. I also have a large wall chart of scales and chords above my keyboard which is very useful.
  4. I think the existing presets will only be updated in the "full" versions of Syntronic 2 so you will not see the new edit page for existing presets. (Someone correct me if I am wrong) The edit page adds a lot of functionality like a modulation matrix and the ability to change waveform in a patch. All my Syntronic 2 Max content was installed to my E: drive where all my other IK sample content lives.
  5. It is a very good synth, one that covers most bases, but I I have not really got into programming it properly so I am not getting the full value. There are plenty of decent presets though.
  6. The un-authorise/re-authorise in IK Product Manager worked for me. Apart from ST4 getting unauthorised it went reasonably smoothly, the huge download coming through while I had dinner. (I do have fast broadband but the server on the other end seemed pretty quick.) I think Syntronic 2 has gone a long way to addressing my reservations with version 1. Sound design is much improved with the ability swap waveforms in a patch and the whole edit page with its modulation matrix looks very powerful, but I have yet to dig into it. Preset load times seem to be faster than version one. A system with so many presets would really benefit with an NKS style audio preview in the browser. Freelance Soundlabs third party NKS addon for UVI's Synth Anthology is a real boon. All in all I was in two minds about upgrading but I am glad I did.
  7. Even outside of the fixed bundles there seems to be increasing discounts if you buy several instruments. Not sure yet if its enough to draw me in but I have been getting into Riffer recently so at least one of the 6 string acoustics is appealing.
  8. Picked up Quadra at Plugin Boutique for a song as I had built up some virtual cash. (list £29) First impressions are very favourable. It sounds fantastic. There may be a teething issue in the standalone as a piano sound seems to always be present regardless of the patch. This does not happen in the VST.
  9. I got a bit emotional watching this today. So many words left unsaid So many deeds left undone So many tales without an end The transit of Venus across the Sun
  10. Someone lost at the top of their game with so much more to give. I had tickets to see them in March.
  11. What tragic news. Big Big Train singer Dave Longdon has been killed in a traffic accident, https://www.loudersound.com/amp/news/big-big-train-singer-david-longdon-dead-at-56
  12. Realitone's Realibanjo library for Kontakt is now available for the player version of Kontakt for $39.95 (introduction price - regular $59.95 https://realitone.com/products/realibanjo?mc_cid=a864fe639b&mc_eid=bcd3979946 This version adds NKS compatibility and more patterns. Current users can update for $15 which Mike says just covers the NI licencing costs. All in all a really useful Banjo library that no longer needs full Kontakt.
  13. Komplete 14 about to drop? It's usually around this time of year.
  14. Works in KK here. The jury is out on how useful this will be to me. I am not really sure on the play series in general. There are some nice sounds when you find them.
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