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  1. Yes, you are correct, my bad. Not sure how I confused myself. The VM version of the CA2600 is vintage voice.
  2. I have downloaded the demo versions of both the Voltage Modular and the VSTi versions, On initial exploration they both look and sound very good. I like the way the modules are available separately in Voltage Modular rather than as an Instrument with " voice" modules for when a more immediate solution is required. I wish they had taken the approch with the Oberheim expander. The VSTi version is certainly more immediate and may be a better choice for those who do not want to create more radical patches. The GUI is also bigger and clearer. Having both could be justified.
  3. I started out on an EMS Synthi A in the days when a preset was a list of settings on paper, so patching and routing is a familiar concept. I have been really getting into voltage modular recently so its almost inevitable I will add this but I am currently thinking the wavetable oscillator should be my next priority to expand the sound pallet
  4. I shall watch out for these, also your post was a nudge to join their forum, thanks.
  5. It's a tad confusing but I think I will get the Gold edition with my Composer Cloud X subscription. The website seems to want to persuade you to upgrade to plus and get platinum which would be overkill for my needs.
  6. No Kontakt required , but you will need at least the entry level Voltage Modular. Looks like pretty much all of the add on module bundles on the Cherry Audio site are discounted. This could be the "usual" situation. I recently picked up the MRB Laboratory Bundle and the MRB Luxury Filter Bundle both $79 from $271 and $125 respectively https://store.cherryaudio.com/bundles/mrb-laboratory-bundle https://store.cherryaudio.com/bundles/luxury-filter-bundle Both bundles are excellent expansions of Cherry's Voltage Modular. Most modules come in mono and poly versions. The Mood Filter and Agile Filter Bank are standouts for me in the filter bundle but all the modules are useful. The filter bank's modulation options in particular enables some very interesting evolving tones. The laboratory bundle is also very good, with a nice VCO, VCA and VCF pluse a couple of complete voice setups. The dynamic envelope generator is a neat solution to for designing velocity sensitive patches, something that was a bit awkward with the standard modules. I am really enjoying Voltage Modular at the moment and coming up with unusual configurations for original and interesting sounds.
  7. Worth it for Tonewheel alone, you won't find a filthier Hammond anywhere, perfect for heavy rock and prog.
  8. Greg at Orange Tree is very open to suggestions and it may well be worth communicating with him about improvments.
  9. Same here, slower that molasses in winter. I grabbed the upright bass.
  10. While there may not be tons of presets in the modular version, it looks like there are some good ones and ones that act as a good example of how to use some on the switching and boolean modules. The Ambiant Strings preset in Modular is gorgeous, combining the poly version of the SEM Expander with Cherry's Poly Stereo Spread module, two incidences of a Cherry's digital delay and a digital reverb. I think it will become my favorite synth strings preset.
  11. Still leaning to the modular version, I have several sequencers and an arpeggiator there so I don't think I would miss them much versus the extensive modulation and processing capabilities that would be added.
  12. It may go lower if you complete a bundle, but its a moot point for me as I have just found I don't have all the synths as VSTis . I will probably buy the Voltage Modular version as it give a lot more flexibility. Currently $29 at Cherry for the Poly/Mono version bundle. I have been getting into Voltage Modular lately, the latest addition being the Octagon sequencer which is very nice.
  13. Need to check later if there is a discount if you own the other synths. I also wonder if it will be available for Voltage Modular. There are advantages in both formats, its a shame you have to buy both but given the low prices one can't complain too much.
  14. My current software subs. EW Composer Cloud. This worked out very well for me, the libraries I use I probably would not have bought and the ones I thought I wanted and I may have bought get little use. The only downside for me is consumption of disk space. Presonus Sphere. I decided to give it a go, if only for a "extended demo" and decided to stay. I would have been reluctant to buy outright but now I am using Studio One extensively and Notion when needed. I expect that by the time my subs reach the purchase price there will be paid updates to reset the clock. Roland Cloud, just the base sub at around $3 a month. There is a lot of quality content for Zenology and its being constantly expanded, however its not getting much use at the moment. Abobe Photography plan. Subs probably make the most sense for people making money from music as they will often be the most tax efficient (like leasing a vehicle etc.) I am not in that category but I would be happy to take on another sub if it was software I particularly wanted, and I would consider the option over an out right purchase if the numbers were reasonable. I do like the idea of having the choice. The main issue I can see is if an application switches to sub only when there is a large user base. How existing users are treated would be critical.
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