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  1. Dynamic EQ with sidechain looks very nice. It looks like there are a lot of iterative improvements too. I have a Sphere subscription, so the upgrade is included in that.
  2. Some initial observations. Update went smoothly, initial VST scan took a while. V5 and V6 can co-exist. Songs saved in V6 cannot be opened in V5. V5 songs will be converted on saving so you may want to make copy first, or "save as" The dynamic EQ looks very useful, particularly with its side chain function. I had a play with the new vocoder, it is easy and fun. It still seems you cannot use the sidechain into Arturia's Vocoder V, however it maybe the help "macro" in Vocoder V now needs updating. I have not looked at the track templates yet, but it looks promising in the intro video.
  3. Ozone 10 repeatedly failed to install in Native Access 1. Error message - Expected option but got "/s" Options start with leading "_" prefix While it was possible to run the installer downloaded by NA manually the app was not authorised. Finally, I decided to upgrade to Native Access 2 and this solved the issue.
  4. The factory library was getting a bit long in the tooth, it had a lot of useful bread and butter sounds but they had been eclipsed by more modern options so its good to see it getting an update. I have only had a quick look but it seems much improved.
  5. Ozone 10 is in Native Access, but there is an error when I try and install it. The PA stuff you get a code to redeem on the PA website.
  6. 1.2.4 seems to be working OK here in stand-alone, Cakewalk and Studio One. I tried Dark Hero 01 and a number of ostinatos.
  7. And me. I seem to mostly Studio One these days but I think MIDI is better in Cakewalk as is syncing with things like OTS Kontakt guitars. And S1 can't handle dragging MIDI and audio into Toontrack VSTis
  8. I think good deal to me, particularly as I wanted Notion as well as Studio One.
  9. I am on the Sphere subscription, so it should be included. Looking forward to seeing what is new. I hope they will allow draging of MIDI and audio clips into VSTs.
  10. Augmented Orchestra to v1.1 Updates via UVI Portal - Also on sale for $199 or Euros 199. This is a nice one, something I may not have tried if I was not on the Sonic Pass subscription. Purchase link OB Legacy is also updated and there were several updated a few days ago in addition to World Suite 2 which has already been posted, but sadly I can't recall which ones.
  11. I have the old Kontakt version of Bassysm-F. It's pretty good. I don't know if the UVI version is improved.
  12. Well, I went for it at the UK price, there may have been a way to avoid giving HMRC their 20% but it wasn't obvious to me. I really like what I have heard so far. Of all the TR808 samples I have littering my hard drives the ones here are the only ones I really like.
  13. I am very tempted by this. The Padgham kit I have for BFD is OK, but... The Thomann price is £140 in the UK due to VAT. I may wait but new SDX don't go on sale for ages after release.
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