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  1. I had forgotten about that one and I have not tried it. It looks more "authentic" as you have not got the extra features or patch morphing, for you to decide if that a plus or minus. It appears to have an arpeggiator which the GForce does not have.
  2. I am quite liking the Oddity. It's quirky yet intuitive, the XLFO and XADSR provide some interesting modulation options. While completely un-authentic the poly mode is a nice addition. The authentic duo mode requires a technique adjustment when playing, just like the hardware. Make sure you download the extra presets that appear in the Extras - Instrument patches tab in your account. There are also versions of the factory presets in VSTPreset format for use in Cubase.
  3. Well i did not have to sign up or give an email address to download - plus points there so i will give it a go.
  4. I love Minimonsta and prefer it to the Arturia Mini V. I also have an like M-Tron but that's not in this sale. I am tempted by Oddity, The Odyssey one of the "classic" 70's analogue synths I do not have an emulation of and I have been waiting for a good price. I will however wait a bit before deciding, after all I have a shed load of synths already.
  5. No but the full version of Superior Drummer is 😉
  6. I reported it too. I think the MIDi kits are not regarded as anything but legacy and selling audio loops is the future they see for the product. At one time Kitcore was my go to, it could have been great but was quickly overtaken by Toontrack and BFD. Some of the MIDI loops are great, the Alan White are my favourites. They could probably port them to regular MIDI files and sell them for other VSTis if they are not going to fix the player.
  7. Of all the plugins I have Kontakt is the only one I consider indespensible, indeed I could probably work with Kontakt instruments alone if I had to. I prefer the application to main competitors such as EW Play, UVI and Sampletank.
  8. Beware the multiple outputs still do not work in Cakewalk. Probably not an issue if you are using the audio loops where a single stereo out will be OK, but limiting if you are using the Kitcore kits and MIDI loops.
  9. I am really hoping for from new Panic Room material and gigs in 2020. They have upped the social media presence recently and hinted.
  10. Scanner is a no brainer at this price. Use it on any thing not just organ sounds for a different type of chorus. L'Rotary is a decent emulation but I much prefer Melda's Vintage rotary. That said L'Rotary has some unique features.
  11. New product by Embertone at Audio Plugin Deals - $59 - https://audioplugin.deals/joshua-bell-violin-essential-by-embertone/ This maybe a "lite" version but it sounds superb and is intuitive. Its Kontakt player compatible too if you don't have the full Kontakt (and NKS compatible.) Looks like you can get the full version for $99 today only see Larrys thread
  12. I have all the qualifying products I want already, I suspect this one will go on sale with an intro deal when this promotion is over, so I will wait.
  13. They say "All Extensions are now included, free, within their own main instrument along with new samples." This is excellent as the extensions could really up the cost of a product. I am updating my Telecaster and if I like what i see I may go for the PRS while the sale is on.
  14. Some sort of soul vocal library is my guess.
  15. I don't know, installation and authorization is via Installation Centre so I assume the license is tied to your composer cloud subscription. It looks like you need to update installation centre before installing Aparillo even though it appears as a download before the update. My first download failed to install. It seems like a nice synth, the GUI is a bit weird and uses odd terminology so it will take a while to learn to edit, but its NKS compatible which is useful for auditioning the many presets. Its synths like this where the sound previews come in really useful.
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