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  1. I am looking forward to getting my hands on this one. And If you are on the Cherry Audio site check out the new phase distortion oscillator.
  2. How useful are those lower cost "genre specific" Sampletank libraries if you are not aiming at making that style of music? Are there a lot of good sounds that could be used in a different context?
  3. I think its excellent. I would say its probably the best of my group buy purchases, its not your everyday piano for sure but its got real character an will find many uses. Malletopia stands out too. I was pleasantly surprised by the Imperial Grand, its very good for its small disc footprint, The space echo is the standout amongst the FX. I went in at the $99 level as I already had a fair bit. I think the best overall product is the Hammond which I already had.
  4. I said "no more drums" but this is very tempting, particularly with the added percussion.
  5. Freelance Soundlabs has added a bundle of NKS support files for all the GForce M-Tron Pro expansions. AUD 32.99 (requires the M-Tron Pro pack) https://freelancesoundlabs.com/index.php/downloads/komplete-kontrol-vst-packs/item/382-gforce-m-tron-pro-nks-library-for-komplete-kontrol-maschine M-Tron Pro is the type of instrument where the NKS audio previews are particularly useful. If you are not familiar with this developer they have cover a wide range of VSTis. I find their UVI workstation stuff very useful too.
  6. This seems to work pretty well. I had spent quite a bit of time a while back with various de-essers traying to tame the sibilance on a vocal without getting exactly what I wanted, then I tried sibilance and fixed it quite quickly.
  7. I agree, these were a very pleasant surprise, by far the best Sampletank content IMHO. I like Shipwreck Piano in particular but its all unique and good. I am really not sure what to get for any further products. More EQs? Possibly the Imperial Grand? I don't have much interest in the loop based stuff.
  8. If they made this as a module for Voltage Modular I would be very interested. As I just got the IK version in the group buy I think I will pass on a VST version for now.
  9. Full Bucket make some great free synths and I will be getting this one. If I have a criticism it's that on these digital synths the emulate the programing controls a but too authenticity. I have their Poly 800 and is a big pain to program as the original. ( I had one)
  10. Or, just copy the folder containing the installed libraries to the new DAW which is what I did very recently and it worked a treat. I keep an Acronis backup of the folder on an external drive.
  11. This on Twitter a short while ago - Hang on to your wallets.
  12. Studio One 5.4 introduces a statistics tool in the plugin manager. This will tell you how frequently you use your plugins. It will tell you those you have never used. 😲 I deem this against the ethos of the deals forum.
  13. Also updates for B3-V2 and Vocoder V
  14. Ah! NAD = Not a deal. Anyway, there are a few things in the new features that could be very useful.
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