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  1. Likewise. A couple of forum members will have heard one of my guide vocals and will never be the same again. 😉 I have to find both Male and Female lead vocals for my current project. Finding the right voice is hard.
  2. I thought some of the more recent soundbanks, particularly the ones for Pigments were getting more expensive. I will probably pick up a couple at this price.
  3. I have finally been using Relivox - The Ladies for Kontakt https://realitone.com/products/realivoxladies I bought it in a fire sale a while back thinking it may be useful for vocal atmospheres on instrumental tracks or simple backing vocals. I have yet to use it for either but It could fill those functions. You get six different singers and it possible to chain syllables together and attach the chain to a key switch. Don't think this will give you intelligible words but la la's and doo bee doo's sound quite effective. I am writing a song that will require a female lead vocal. I have not yet found a vocalist so I have been using The Ladies to mock up a guide melody. I found it very useful, I initially tried a piano and synth voice but using The Ladies has been quite revealing, it has enabled me to refine the melody and working on the backing instrumentation against something with the correct tone. Now all I have to do is find a real lady singer. I may well end up using an on-line session singer which will probably cost more than the software.
  4. Looks like there is no separate installer or license file. Installing MTurbo delay 13.06 with the appropriate license present makes both MTurboDelay and MTurboDelayMB available in your VSTs. The most complex of delays just got more complex. Nice though!
  5. I think I must have 1.1 for the Ostinato instruments already. I considered downloading the instrument files and comparing them but the downloads had expired. I would have to dig out the PO numbers and apply for new downloads, so i will just wait until the project manager tells me i have an update. On the plus side the installation of the NKS versions went smoothly. I moved the original folders to a temp location, downloaded the new ones and placed the folders in the original location, registered the serials in Native Access and "installed" the updates in Native Access. The instruments now appear in the Kontakt libraries tab and in Komplete Kontrol along with their browser preview sounds.
  6. Thanks, I am not seeing that in my product manager, it just says version 1.1, then the NI serial number and an info button that takes you to the product web-page. I an packing up for the evening so will check again tomorrow.
  7. How do you see what version you already have? I notices that the other Ostinato instruments are also on 1.1 And, a big one for me I see a several other instruments have NKS versions and NI serial numbers that I I was unaware of, this includes Alphorn, Gediz and Toccata so its worth checking if you use NKS. If you don't I do not know if there are any other updates involved in the new versions
  8. Latest for Karnataka's main man Ian Jones. Features the "Gathering Light" era vocalist Lisa Fury among others. https://chasingthemonsoon.com/?v=79cba1185463 I bought the WAV and MP3 versions. Looks like he is doing everything "in house" and there were a couple of download glitches which Ian sorted out quickly.
  9. I saw this band recently and very good they were too.
  10. Tried changing things in Bandlab, but it's still not cooperating. Ah well!
  11. Yeah, its me Glyn, I keep changing my display name and it keeps changing back. I need to go into my Bandlab account to see if i can change it there or something.
  12. I was at the Robin 2, Bilston near Wolverhampton for The Reasoning Last Hurrah. This explains it https://www.thereasoning.co.uk/ The reasoning were one of a lose grouping of South Wales based prog bands that include Karnataka, Magenta and Panic Room. It was a great day with This Winter Machine kicking off, they were excellent. Next band Circu5 had been on my bucket list for a while and they did not disappoint. I got to have a pint with leader, guitarist, singer Steve Tilling at the after-show. Jump is a band I had not encountered before, they have been around a long time and have made 13 albums to date so now I have a back catalogue to to catch up on, Fronted by angry Welshman John Dexter they spat their venom in all the right directions. Leader and bass Matt Cohen did a great job of assembling a band of former and new members. Young Californian Emilee Moyce did a great job on the female vocals, previous sung by Matt's ex-wife Rachel. Apparently this was her first time on stage but she preformed with great confidence. The male singer, known only to me as Andrew was also top notch. Original drummer Jake Bradford-Sharp is one of the best drummers on the British prog scene at the moment. Lead Guitarist Keith Hawkins another original member who replaced Owain Roberts who sadly went missing in 2012 was most impressive. ex Panic Room guitarist Paul Davies was on 2nd guitar, and later another ex Panic Room guitarist Dave Foster joined them on stage. For the finale Anne Marie Helder joined them. as a massive Panic Room fan it was something special to see her on stage with Dave and Paul. It was an emotionally charged performance and a fitting "Last Hurrah" from a really great band. I look forward to hearing Matt's latest project Omega Point.
  13. I have tried, several times to change my display name but it always seems to revert to my "legal" name rather than the name I had been known by on this and the previous fourm. What's up?
  14. I have Ozone elements7, so its a free upgrade!
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