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  1. I am surprised this has not prompted more interest and discussion. I am trying the demo and it is very good, probably better than any other virtual Rhodes I have. I do still have a very soft spot for OTS's Famous E but I think the instruments would be complimentary, the Famous E has a character all of its own. It won't be cheap $180 for the standard and $250 for the pro version, so I will have to consider if its THAT much better than my other option.
  2. Installed, courtesy of Sonic Pass, I have not had a look yet.
  3. When David Longdon replaced Sean Filkins as lead singer in Big Big Train the band took big a leap forward. and were starting to reach a wider audience when David sadly died. Hopefully Alberto Bravin will continue to move them forward.
  4. Also updates for 8-Bit Synth, ICRAM Prepared Piano and Toy Suite
  5. And Thompson again. From "Bone Through Her Nose". "Oh, she gets her suits from a personal friend, Coco the clown She got dustman's jacket, inside out, it's a party gown"
  6. "And if you never liked pulling teeth Then why? Why did you tie me in the dentist's chair?" From Richard Thompson's "Missie How You Let Me Down" And another contender, the opening lines of the same song. " Hailstones and a sickle moon and the north wind races."
  7. Thanks for the kind comments. I think the influences are mostly from the more melodic side of contemporary prog. Two bands that influenced this one the most were Luna Rossa and Big Big Train BBT were the impetuous to attempt a brass arrangement using orchestral and brass band instruments rather than pop/rock brass.
  8. It's a good plugin. I had one tricky track and tried several de-essers with varying success but Siblance sorted it out quickly and easily. Certainly a no brainer for free.
  9. I found this interesting! I love the Waves plugin so I really appreciated the background and history.
  10. Installed (I am on the Sonic Pass subscription) To be clear this is a straightforward UVI workstation library rather than a guitar processor. That said, from an initial run through some pre-sets and tweaking a few controls it sounds reasonably unique and quite good too. I think I will need to reference the manual (is there one?) to get my head around a couple of things in GUI but that's a job for another day.
  11. I would class the VM900 collection as almost a no brainer at $40. The sounds are fantastic, by far the best modules for VM (imho).
  12. I meant it to be a bit tongue in cheek. The alternative would have meant hiring an orchestra among other things 😉. The Hollywood Orchestrator and it's ostinatos cleared a massive roadblock trying to come up with the bridge section, really inspiring.
  13. I rather like this, some very tasty guitar work! Just bought it and Silverstone off Bandcamp (being Bandcamp Friday and all that). When is the third track due.
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