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  1. I made the mistake of watching the video. I nearly backed off when VAT was added but I reckon I will get my money's worth from this.
  2. Is it free or is it $49? You can certainly download it and use it for nothing but there is the option to buy it. I must take the time to read the T&Cs.**** I went to look at it again and I can see the version I had install was quite old. It has been improved a lot. I doubt if I would have paid the full whack for the Arturia but I got it for $49 as I have V collection 7. The Arturia adds presets and additional modulation options both of which go beyond the capabilities of the original. As the architecture of the synth is very straightforward the lack of presets on the DiscoDSP is not the end of the world. also the Arturia has built in effects. Convenient but not essential if you have some decent VST effects. I have had a quick 5 minuets with the IK, scrolling through the presets. It has an immediacy about it and the presets sound very good indeed. It lacks the total tweakability of the other two but that won't worry a lot of people. The other down side compared to the Arturia is the load times when changing presets. Edit. *** The DiscoDSP use is unrestricted but they ask you to buy to support further development.
  3. Interesting that this happened right after Arturia's release🙂. While I figure it will be pretty much redundant as I have the Arturia product I am downloading now. I think the Syntronic stuff sounds very good but I get frustrated editing sounds. One of the big things for me is you are stuck with an oscillator wave form in a patch. One of my first actions in tweaking a sound is often to play with the oscillator wave forms. On the plus side the ability to change filter types is a nice touch so it will be intresting to try the OB-Xa with Moog filter.
  4. Yep - from the Toontrack website "Works with EZdrummer, EZdrummer 2, Superior Drummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3" If anyone is a Superior user and has problems installing a MIDI pack without EZDrummer they should take it up with Toontrack. EZDrummer expansions should also work if you have Superior but not EZDrummer according to the website with the caveat that if you have older versions of EZ or Superior some of the newer expansions could be an issue. For the recent Action EZX SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS. 1 GB free disk space, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended). A working EZdrummer 2.1.7 or Superior Drummer 3.1.2 (or above) installation. And the older Funkmasters SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS. 1.2 GB of free hard disk space, 1 GB RAM. A working EZdrummer 1.4 (or above) or a Superior Drummer 2.3 (or above) installation.
  5. Icon. The late, great John Wetton. And a young Ann Marie Helder, I really waiting for new Panic Room material.
  6. Pretty much every band, artist and music industry account I follow on Twitter and Instagram did it yesterday.
  7. Tonewheel is great. Its absolutely filthy sounding so it won't be suitable for a lot of tracks but if you want heavy and distorted this is perfect.
  8. I love OTS but it will have to exceptional. I have more virtual Rhodes than you can shake a stick at.
  9. I saw them twice, once at Reading Festival in 1975. I saw the C-Beams glittering in the dark sorry - the lasers glittering through a torrential rain shower. The set list for that show https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/yes/1975/little-johns-farm-reading-england-63d81277.html I also saw them in Bristol but my memory is vague here. I am sure it was the Colston Hall, which would have made it 1975 a few months before reading, but I am also sure Wakeman was with them and it was the Topographic Oceans tour so it must have been the Hippodrome in November 1973.
  10. 65 module updates going on as I type.
  11. And..... Just how good was Chris Squire!!!
  12. And if you ever thought Robert Fripp was far too serious.
  13. I find that you have to open Voltage Modular stand alone, then close it and open it again to get the updates to start?
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