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  1. Certainly MODO for sound. To muddy the waters further the Ample Sound basses sound terrific and have a different set of songwriting tools to EZBass and should be included in a comparison. Ample's riffer function is very powerful with a large library of parts that really nail things like string selection for greater realism, EZ is better for chord progressions.
  2. I am thinking about a new DAW. The Studio Cat link is useful as it explains a few things. I am in the UK, so I would not be buying from them. I will probably use Scan Computers who built my current DAW about 7 years ago and I have been very happy with it. Interesting comments from Studio Cat on using HDD as an audio drive and performance comparisons between HDD, SDD and M1 drives for sample streaming. I am not sure the performance advantage of an M1 is sufficient to justify the much higher cost compared to a SSD, I am going to need quite a big sample drive.
  3. My install issue is resolved. I had forgotten when I installed MODO drum the first time, I ended up reinstalling as it was taking too much of my precious system drive space. On installing the update it wanted to do this again. I installed all but the content files but then MODO drum would not read the PAK files from the sample drive. Solution, uninstall then manually install (i.e. not using product manager) from the downloaded zip file to the sample drive. It now works.
  4. Did you have to install the content again? I elected not to as it said I had insufficient disk space on C:/ there seems to be some issues now. I will investigate when I get chance.
  5. I am enjoying the Rockonteurs podcasts where Guy Pratt and Gary Kemp interview a wind range of artists including some very big names. https://lnk.to/rockonteurs This week it was Richard Thompson. Gary Kemp observed Richard and Linda were like Britain's Lyndsey and Stevie and the "Shoot Out The Lights" album made "Rumours" look like a "little tiff." I am just playing the album now and its raw.
  6. Good plan, but there are some very nice synth sounds in there!
  7. A little more on this. Following releasing the tracks on Bandcamp I went back and remixed, aggressively filtered every track and bus so there was very little content below 50hz. I also introduced more multi band compression to reduce dynamic range. I had the "dj" run it through his system and send me a MP3 of the result. Its better but its still happening a bit. Of course I am listening out for i, I doubt most listeners would notice now but it does reduce the dramatic elements of the tracks slightly. When the virtual Taurus bass pedals kick in is the worst part even though I have reduced the levels and filtered 24db/oct right at the fundamental of the lowest note. I am using these mixed to send to any Internet radio stations. The original mixes remain on Bandcamp. I have a thread on the Songs forum with links to the tracks on Bandcamp.
  8. Catching up on what has been happening here while I have be per-occupied elsewhere. This is great! A really polished video an production and a great song.
  9. Artuira Pigments seems to cover a lot of ground with plenty of synthesis methods and good selection of presets it you are not into sound design yourself. Great song and video. I certainly hear a late Floyd influence particularly the beginning.
  10. Thanks. The obvious route may have been to make it very folky but i was looking for a modern prog feel of story telling influenced by the likes of Big Big Train. @PhonoBrainer if you are looking for an interesting historical nautical story song checkout Kaprekar's Constant "White Star Sunrise" https://talkingelephantrecords.bandcamp.com/album/depth-of-field A band that draws on the same influences that I do.
  11. Thanks. I managed to surround myself with some talented people.
  12. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/31103-the-slyboots-incident/
  13. I have just released an EP by my Red Over Red Project on Bandcamp. "The Slyboots Incident" is the story of the events surrounding the death of my Great Great Grandfather at sea in 1881. Red Over Red are Me (keys, programming, production) with Chris Edwards on Vocals and Andy Long on Bass. Also on the EP are Gina Ellen, Vocals, Emily Dolan Davies, Drums and James Alden Lawrence, Guitar. https://redoverred.bandcamp.com/
  14. Certainly a few lessons to be learnt here. There were hp filters in mix but obviously not aggressive enough. This particular stations AGC does seem to be over sensitive however. We tried another track. There was nothing below about 30hz but when a bass synth drone around 60hz came in the volume was abruptly attenuated.
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