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  1. Batch re-resave in Kontakt can dramatically improve loading times. It's something I do as a matter of course when installing new libraries.
  2. Well I just sold my soul and WUPed via Everyplugin. Waiting or "delivery" so I will probably be updating tomorrow.
  3. Thanks for the inputs. Hopefully I will have time to look into the options this week.
  4. I am wanting to set up a website but I am not sure where to start. It will be for a music project so having the ability to insert media is require. Ideally it would be a .co.uk domain. For hosting I am thinking about Wordpress or Go Daddy, just because I have heard of them. I would envisage the site traffic to be low. Any ideas, advice or warnings? Thanks.
  5. I have this, I am pretty sure it was a freebee at APD a while back. I have only had a cursory look at it so far. I must revisit and see if it has uses beyond EDM.
  6. I had a similar problem related to network adaptors. Waves support helped me get the licences back without using the annual reset. Since I have moved my licences to a USB thumb drive so they are no longer tied to hardware components, having changed my view that this was the more risky option.
  7. I am thinking I will not upgrade the eligible plugins unless I WUP, I am not sure I want three versions. I am toying with the idea of doing the WUP and getting everything up to date but its a lot of money for the privilege. At least there is no intro offer pressuring a decision.
  8. Very nice cello indeed, no doubt the update will make it even better.
  9. Well buried but worth linking for the discussion in the thread.
  10. If it a GM sound it should be one in TTS-1
  11. Seems to be causing some false positives in Acronis.
  12. A lot will come down to how its played, I think it has the potential to sound very authentic. Bear in mind these are Uilleann Pipes (Irish) and significantly more complex than Scottish pipes with quite a different sound. Knowing how to use the drones, regulators and chanter will be critical and although I am familiar with the sound of the instrument I will need to study a bit to get it sound authentic.
  13. I picked this up last night for the base price. It has a lot of potential but will need a bit of effort to learn the ins and outs required to get an authentic sound. It certainly looks more capable than anything else I have come across.
  14. Vernon Barnes

    XLN updates

    Predictably I installed the updates and when I opened Cakewalk I got the "wrong computer ID" message. It was probably the last Windows update that broke it again. I use Adictive Drums so infrequently so it's almost every time I fire it up I have to reauthorize.
  15. Vernon Barnes

    XLN updates

    I wonder if its forgotten my authorizations again. Have I the energy to check?
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