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  1. Ha - its here https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/69566-⚡get-ready-apd-enchanted-black-friday-18-epic-deals/ I knew Larry must have been there before me!
  2. I am pretty sure this must have been posted here before by someone, but I could not find it. Anyway the deal expires tomorrow. Virtuoso Ensembles by Kirk Hunter Studios
  3. Interesting, ARA should help the currently clunky workflow.
  4. What I figured, a time saver, as I could get it for $33 including the dreaded VAT from Best Service I decided to buy it. I will hold fire on expansions for the moment. I am also hoping for occasional "happy accidents" applying random patches to sounds to see what transpires.
  5. I was in two minds on this one but as i could get it by upgrading to Synthstack 4 for just over $15 I dived in. I like it, the additional features make it so much more that a straight Pro Soloist emulation, which, lets face it would be a bit basic these days.
  6. So the deals are cumulative. Any opinions on EZMix. I am thinking about EZMix and a couple of expansions, but then I can probably achieve similar results with the FX I have already.
  7. I have had it for ages but rarely use it. After this thread I started it up again in and almost instantly I had a bassline that has grown into a promising song part. Funny the way things go sometimes.
  8. I just had a play with Keyboard in Blue. Its a bit of a one trick pony compared to a lot of Kontakt EPs, but because the amp has be sampled rather simulated which makes a very natural, nice tone. Its very responsive with good dynamics. I probably would not have purchased it but I am very happy to have it in the Musio subscription. If there is a Kontakt version it may be more versatile, I can't say.
  9. Good timing. I am currently trimming down my download archive and moving it to an external disk, This will free up an internal HDD which I will use for my less used big collections like BFD3 and expansions, Sampletank and Syntronic and freeing up space on my SSD.
  10. I don't care for the new libraries tab much and have set the default view back to the way it was before the update. At least 50% of the libraries I use are third party ones that do not appear in the libraries and get loaded from the files view anyway.
  11. That must have been when I bought it. I checked to see if I already had it, and there it was in its unused glory. It actually sounds pretty good.
  12. I can't say I am not tempted but the upgrade discount from my VB3 1 will be all but wiped out by VAT and IK's Hammond B3-X has become my goto and I am pretty happy with it. So buying it would be for the ring mod and the "vocoder" function plus some differences in tone. Jury's out!
  13. This is the great strength of CC (and UVI's sub.) I have found I use the things I would have bought far less than ones I would have dismissed.
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