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  1. I have an SSD with 16 GBs of RAM, but I did have another program running in the background.
  2. Cakewalk never did this before. E.g. I could load a single track project with just guitar. Click play and silence for about 5 seconds then it starts working, other times it works straight away. Has anyone experienced this? Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this. I couldn't find a specific bug reporting section.
  3. I know it's an old synth now, but I never got to buy it back in the day. I'd love to get it some day.
  4. Davydh

    Missing Plugin?

    Thanks for trying. As someone who's used Cakewalk for decades, what you mentioned has happened to me quite a lot over the years. Nothing like hunting for forgotten directories :p
  5. Davydh

    Missing Plugin?

    I managed to work out the problem just now and it happened to be what you guessed. They were loading the VST 2 version, but I only installed VST 3 on my new system.
  6. Davydh

    Missing Plugin?

    Garritan Steinway loaded through the Aria Player VST3
  7. Davydh

    Missing Plugin?

    Hi, I've installed Cakewalk on a new system and tried to load a project with a synth and even though it's installed, and I can load the synth in a new project, if I try and load an old project with the very same synth Cakewalk acts like it's not installed. And yes, it's something I purchased. Could you please give me some tech advice for what files to modify to make Cakewalk recognise the Virtual Instrument? Thanks Edit: even stranger, some projects will load the synth and other projects fail. Only on my new install, all of them still load on my old one.
  8. Is it possible to do the same, but with pitch? So you can sing above and below your range for harmonies, like in this video? Jamie Lidell's Secret Vocal Harmony Trick
  9. Is there a way so that when you type a different tempo, that the audio will automatically stretch (real-time rendering)? I know how to use CTRL + SHIFT and drag all the tracks, but I want to be able to choose precise tempos and have the tracks stretch to make that new tempo. Is there a way so this can be automatic in Cakewalk? Thanks!
  10. I would love it if when you hovered the mouse over a plugin that a mix knob appeared so you could change the ratio from 100% wet to whatever % you'd like the plugin to affect the signal.
  11. Davydh

    Icons for templates

    Thanks, that was an interesting read, but by the end of the tread, it seemed there was still no answer?
  12. Davydh

    Icons for templates

    Hi, in the start screen there are icons for 4-track, guitar amps, etc. If I want to put my own template into that folder, how do I make an icon for the template? Thanks heaps!
  13. I've said it before and I'll say it again. There needs to be a Wikia with all these helpful Cakewalk GIFs.
  14. There's more conservation about it here:
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