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  1. Just wondering how many of you are still using it. I wish I had gotten it when it was still available...
  2. Would you go for softube or this? It has Mackie support.
  3. In case I had not known, I would've appreciated you telling me that. It's just I'd prefer to read it in physical form, especially because of how big it is. I could self publish it just for myself, but I'd rather buy it from BandLab.
  4. @azslow3, Console 1 looks awesome. I wish I could target other plugins though. What I want is a minimum of 8 faders and the ability to switch between plugins. Thanks for all the great info! Someone gave me a Trigger finger pro which supports Mackie drivers. I'll try it out using your Mackie setup link
  5. Roland is apparently bringing out their first midi 2.0 keyboard this year in 2020. Will Cakewalk be supporting the midi 2.0 protocol? Roland midi 2.0 keyboard Midi 2.0
  6. @azslow3, Thanks for that very detailed and helpful reply!! Having ACT is important, so Mackie doesn't support it? That's sad. So you'd recommend: Behringer BCR2000 and X-Touch Mini. AZ Controller surface module? As the best option? Maybe one day BandLab will make one!
  7. Does anyone have the link for where to buy Cakewalk mugs? Also I recommend selling the manual as a book in the BandLab store for those of us who prefer to read it in physical form.
  8. I'm a Native Instruments user and loyal Cakewalk user. Integration would be phenomenal!
  9. I'd like to know the best top three most supported control surfaces for Cakewalk. Thanks to all who reply!
  10. I love Cakewalk pretty much the way it is. Of course there can always be improvements, but the loyal users like it for a reason. If you want something more streamlined, use the BandLab app on your PC browser.
  11. Hi Kevin, I've been watching lots of mixing videos and I hear VCA periodically and I'm always wondering, do they mean an automated fader??? What is it?
  12. Last thing I want is to falsely raise expectations. I'm aware of how many times it's been asked. I just thought with 2020 rolling around if BandLab read my message perhaps (hopeful/wishful thinking on my part) maybe they'd let something slip out. I'd gladly accept even a vague hint at this point! I've been a Cakewalk user for decades, I'd love to see more of the IP to come back with strength!
  13. With 2020 rolling around, I'm wondering will we ever see the other Cakewalk IP released as a premium combo pack?
  14. Thanks for that! What about virtual instruments? What's the latency like with them?
  15. I'm looking for a UAD product for a new PC that has: 1) at least eight inputs and eight outputs (I record in 7.1) 2) Neve pre-amp mic emulation 3) The lowest possible latency If there's some deal that gives free UAD plugins with it, yes please! Any recommendations?
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