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Found 9 results

  1. Hi folks! Do you want better mixes? Then you should know about using automation. Take a look at this video, so that you can learn how to use automation in Cakewalk by Bandlab WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/YRJDnKUAAYk
  2. Hello, Edit: 23 March 2019 I decided it could be helpful to include a list of upcoming tutorial videos and their links. The video below is the first video in the playlist, but if you are interested in a specific topic, check the following list for quick navigation. If there is no link for it yet, it means I haven't uploaded it. I can take requests, but keep in mind that I run another business on top of my actual Chernobyl Studios audio work, so if I like the idea, it'll get put on the list and I'll get to it when I get to it. Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #00 - What is Cakewalk by Bandlab? Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #01 - Skylight Interface Introduction Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #02 - The Control Bar Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #03 - The Inspector Pane Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #04 - The Browser Pane Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #05 - The MultiDock Pane Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #06 - The ProChannel Strip Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #07 - The Console View Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #08 - The Piano Roll View Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #09 - The Track & Clips Pane Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #10 - Lenses & Screensets | What's the difference? Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #11 - Set Up Guitars for Recording Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #12 - Multiple Output Routing Instruments | Perfect Drums 1.5, Kontakt (Newest, Uploaded 05 April) Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #13 - Organization & Color Coding Your Tracks Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #14 - Customizing Your Layout & Settings Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #15 - The Zoom Tool Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #16 - MIDI Drum Velocity Editing | Making Drums Sound Real Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #17 - FX Chains | Building, Saving, and Recalling FX Chains Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #18 - Drum Maps | How to create, save, and use Drum Maps Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #19 - Automation Lanes Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #20 - Shortcuts & Setting Custom Key Bindings Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #21 - Bounce to Clip, Bounce to Track, Freeze Track Original Post: Many of you will probably remember me. I have a channel on YouTube that I created many years ago for creating Cakewalk SONAR Platinum tutorials. I constantly get questions, comments, and requests on those old videos I did years ago. I'm updating all of the Cakewalk videos I did for SONAR Platinum to Cakewalk by Bandlab. There are three videos currently online, with 4 more already scheduled to come out this week. Please share this playlist with anybody who is getting started with Cakewalk by Bandlab. I am starting from the very basics and will work all the way through mixing an entire song. It will take a few weeks, but it will be worth it. 😎
  3. I submitted this to Support and am still waiting on a reply, but figured I would see if anyone here has any ideas in the meantime... I am using Cakewalk, latest ver. (build 79) on two machines, one Windows 7 pro and one Windows 10, and am working on some video scoring. I have a video and audio project loaded in each and Cakewalk on the W7 machine (since update last week to ver. 2019.07) no longer will show the Video View. In fact Video View is no longer available as a choice in "Views" menu - it doesn't even show up in the list. Neither will pressing shortcut Alt+V or right clicking in Video Thumbnails strip and choosing "Open Video View" open the video view. (Thumbnails of the imported video, however, DO display in this strip.) It is as if all video viewing function has been removed. Cakewalk on my W10 laptop has view video functions as normal . I actually have since downgraded to previous version of CW and Windows environment using System Restore to a earlier date, but this had no effect in correct the problem. What is going on here??!!
  4. Composing movie music, there are often tempo changes in the same sequence. When I work with a small orchestra, I use a click track sent to the headphones of each musicians, which can do the trick. But recording an orchestra of 20 or 30 musicians or more, it becomes important to be directed by a conductor. The use of visual cues becomes imperative to properly direct the ensemble when there are tempo changes. This would be an addition that would allow using CbB in movie music sessions. In the same vein, it would really solve the problem of offset, inset and startpoint videos when we work in the Microsoft Media Foundation mode. I leave here examples to better understand the process.
  5. I need to replace my existing graphics card and would like to install one with the lowest driver latency possible. According to LatencyMon my existing R7 250 graphics card driver is my highest latency driver at >0.5 ms. I have two displays, one each HDMI and VGA. The VGA monitor is flickering so I'm going to replace it with a second HDMI monitor which requires a graphics card with two HDMI interfaces. I'd like to get a graphics card with the lowest driver latency possible. Currently audio playback during mixing crackles at the highest sample buffer size available for my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 mainly because of the plugins I use. The CPUs 12 threads hardly ever exceed 10% but the graphics card latency is >0.5 ms. My video card is in the PCIe 2.0/3.0 x16 slot closest to my i7-6850K CPU which has 40 PCIe lanes. My existing graphics card is only x8 but the the slot it's in has 16 dedicated PCIe lanes. I understand that video performance is not important to Cakewalk's performance but driver latency is. So, I'm wondering if using a graphics card that can use all 16 lanes and operate at lower latency would reduce audio crackling during mixing. Any suggestions appreciated.
  6. GAside from doing CD type of band productions, I also started doing a series at my studio called "Recorded LIVE! at Over the HIll. Its kind of inspired by the show Live at Daryl's House. I get a bunch of different talented musician friends from the Canton Ohio area for a 3 - 4 hour session and we play LIVE a number of songs, mostly covers, that we can all follow and I also video record these jams with multiple cameras. I have a small PA in my studio and a bunch of channels are split to both the PA and my interfaces. My drums are always ready to go. Then when done, I mix the material in CBB and do a lot of editing on the vocal tracks to trim out as much bleed as possible and do the same for the tom tracks but everything else is untouched and ALL the performance are 100% live! NO OVERDUBBING. Check out some of these videos in my playlist. These represent "highlights from the 5 shows I've done so far and I have some great ones planned for he next few months with more really talented local players! Canton, Ohio is rich with great musicians! I think you'll all find them really cool and enjoyable! I don't take these mixes anywhere near as far as I would if they were full blown CD productions but they so sound great and really "pop"! These should flow from one to the other so I think to skip you can hi the next arrow. ENJOY and FEEL FREE TO SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE THESE!!! btw: the upper left icon in the video shows a listing of the playlist so you can sample these however u want.
  7. A Bandlab Collaboration, mixed in cakewalk by Benevolent Mutation Studios. Video created by myself as well. Please enjoy!
  8. The Untold Story Not sure how to embed the video, anyone who can point me in the right direction?
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