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  1. I picked this up during that sale. I have to say it's one of my favorite library purchases. It's a really interesting collection, with a lot of attitude. I love the selection of instruments/combos. It won't replace your other libraries, but it's a flavorful addition.
  2. Okay, I understand. I appreciate your forthright reply. I'm sure you realize this one minor quirk makes Cakewalk unattractive for film composing. It's really a shame, because otherwise I think Cakewalk is absolutely unbeatable. I'm deeply grateful for the fact that Cakewalk continues to exist, but I'm still worried about its future.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I did see this thread first, and tried the various suggestions. Nothing worked. And not to put too fine a point on it, but it's not just a limitation of the Media Foundation engine. Cakewalk (now Bandlab) has chosen to use this engine in spite of its limitations. I know other DAWs that work in Windows don't have the same limitation (i.e. Cubase). So I consider this a limitation of Cakewalk. I don't care what engine they use. I just expect it to work. 😕 I don't mean to sound cynical. I've been using Cakewalk since version 2.0 for DOS (read: a very long time). It is far and away my favorite DAW, and I'd much prefer to do everything in Cakewalk. That's largely why this little quirk is so frustrating to me.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried this and have had this setting active for some time. It doesn't seem to help, the video is still using the Media Foundation engine.
  5. Thanks for the reply Noel (and everyone). The problem isn't only getting the movie to play. Handbrake makes converting almost anything to .mp4 very easy. The problem is I can't move the video in time once it's in Cakewalk. It's just bewildering that this isn't possible. Most of the video I've been given to score needs some lead-in time. But for this one function, I'd happily use Cakewalk in scoring anything. But as it stands, it's not a practical solution. It's impractical to convert files to AVI to score in Cakewalk. It's a minor but important design flaw that I hope Bandlab will rectify. If I didn't have to leave Cakewalk, I never would! Others have mentioned the idea of adding some seconds to the video in another app and then using that in Cakewalk. I've tried this too. But then we have issues syncing the video perfectly to the timecode. It's so easy to do by moving the video to, say, the start of the fifth measure. It's an incredible oversight that this isn't possible in Cakewalk.
  6. I tried rendering the video file down to an AVI but Vegas Pro kept crashing (don't get me started). So I finally threw my hands up and went back to Cubase. Ugh.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I already tried this as well. But the problem is, even with the extra lead-in space burned into the .mp4 I can't align it to the start of the measures. It's just frustrating. I'm now rerendering the file as an .avi which is a royal pain but the only way I can find to make this work. Ugh.
  8. I'm finding working with video in Cakewalk to be a frustrating experience. I'm hoping others can give me some useful insight into things I'm missing here. My main issues are as follows: 1. Cakewalk can't import a .mov file. I'm scoring to picture and have received a .mov file. Cakewalk doesn't like it. This is a common format that many people use to deliver video. This file works fine being dragged and dropped into Cubase. Cakewalk ignores the video but accepts the audio. 2. I must therefore convert the video to .mp4. But when I drop an .mp4 into Cakewalk, it's stuck in time. It's glued to 00:00:00 and can't be moved. This is impractical as I need to move it forward a few measures for lead-in. The video should be able to be relocated on the timeline. 3. If I convert the video to .avi it could work. But the .avi file is 44Gb(!) and takes a while to render. This is obviously an inefficient and impractical solution. There must be a better way? Anybody? I hate working in other DAWs, but it seems like in this case...Cubase might be the way to go. Cakewalk just doesn't seem well-designed for scoring to picture. I sincerely hope some of my wonderful Cakewalk cohorts can prove me wrong and show me the light. I'd much rather work in Cakewalk!
  9. How did you bring the video into Cakewalk? I've found CbB doesn't like the .mov file. But even if I convert it to .m4v I can't move the video in time to create space for a few measures of lead in. It's just a royal pain. I decided to switch to Cubase for this project, which handles video brilliantly. Unfortunately I have a whole bunch of different frustrations with Cubase and would absolutely love to go back to my Cakewalk with this thing. A little insight would be much appreciated.
  10. Yes, my installer seemed to believe it was a first-time install. But I selected "Advanced" for my workspace. When I initially ran Cakewalk and pulled up a project (in "advanced" mode) all of my track icons had been reset to the basic grey defaults. Yikes. What I did was go through and manually set all the icons back the way I wanted them, then overwrote the Advanced workspace view with my preferences. That sort of worked, but I noticed it was overriding my settings on other projects. So then I discovered the "none" option and found that my projects all opened normally under that setting. At this point I cannot seem to reproduce the problem I initially had of all the track icons resetting. In any event, thanks so much for the awesome support. It makes me very, very happy knowing Cakewalk is in such good hands.
  11. Hey Noel. They all reverted to their default icons. For example, I have projects with full orchestra sets, and each track had been set up with the appropriate track icons. After updating, when the workspace came up all the icons had been reset to default. I discovered if I set the workspace to "none" and then bring up the project, everything looks as expected (including track icons). I assume the track icons are being saved as part of a workspace.
  12. You're welcome. I recently found a new problem, with a new solution. The problem is that even though I managed to get my workspace looking more or less right, all my track icons have reset. What a pain in the *****! So the new solution is to set my workspace to "none" and it appears that my projects load in normally without trying to apply a new workspace. Much better and simpler solution. Unfortunately I've already resaved a couple projects with tons of track icons, so now I have to go reset all those. Oh well...
  13. I had the same thing happen and it also freaked me out at first. Apparently there's a new feature called Workspaces. Now here's the good news. You can set up your workspace and save it the way you want it, and all your previous projects will open in that workspace. Look up in the right hand corner of the Cakewalk window, parallel to the File - Edit - Views... etc. menu bar. There's a little dropdown window with options for managing workspaces. Fix your workspace the way you want it, then click New Workspace. I made a new "Heather's Workspace" and now I'm good to go. My projects now open the way I'm used to seeing them. I think it's going to be a useful feature but it definitely had me raging there for a minute. Good luck!
  14. I initially went to Studio One 3, but found it lacking in working with MIDI. I then turned to Cubase 9.5. I'm really impressed with Cubase and would love to work with it more. But when Cakewalk was resuscitated by Bandlab...I gleefully hopped back on the Cakewalk train. Both Studio One and Cubase have their own strengths and weaknesses. I still use Studio One for certain things. The project mode is excellent for mastering. Cubase has a fantastic score editor, and is packed with great features. At the end of the day, though, I'm simply more comfortable with my trusty old Cakewalk. It doesn't hurt that I have a VS-700 console, and that Cakewalk natively supports multi-touch on my Raven. So for me, nothing else really comes close.
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