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  1. You're right. That feature I was unaware of as I don't use drum maps. I was thinking more of the drum names displayed in lieu of the black & white keys - shown in pink in your screenshot. On a side note, I just searched Sonar X3 for the drum map background color with Duckbar and found it (96979c). Too bad Duckbar doesn't work with CbB (yet?).
  2. Not sure about the text but you can change the background color: "Piano Roll View - Grid Label Background". However, this is ALSO the color of the white piano keys.
  3. It's possible to export a CLR file from Sonar 8 and import it into any other version using the Import/Export feature of Preferences - Colors, but they only change colors not image files. Image files "hidden" in the TTSRES file had to be imported/exported using a resource editor.
  4. Never figured that one out Steve. Just learned to live with it.
  5. Neither drag-copying the clips to form a new track nor creating a new track and copy/pasting the clips there improve the situation. On another note, I still have to minimize or close any open web browsers before opening Sonar/CbB or they simply won't open. Very annoying.
  6. @SteveC Thanks. I tried it but no change. The Snap function is completely unchangeable in this project. BTW, I never use Snap-By unless I'm trouble shooting things like this. @David Baay No. I keep things simple and use Snap pretty much default. I think I've narrowed it to just this one project acting goofy as the new project I made worked properly w/o changing any settings. Come to think of it, Dimension Pro caused the project to crash hard once closing CbB, which may have corrupted the file somehow.
  7. Thanks scook. This may be project specific. I created a new project and it worked properly. As I understand it, Intensity is how strong it will snap. Duration (whole, 1/2, 1/4, etc.) tells Snap where to put the note being dragged regardless of Intensity. In this project, Duration and Intensity both seem to have no affect on where the note lands when snapped. In fact, I was getting all kinds of erroneous Snap-To locations dragging different notes around in PRV.
  8. Definitely Snap-To as I almost never use Snap-By. Easy to miss but 1st thing I usually check when things aren't working as expected. If no one else is seeing this, I may have a setting altered somewhere. Just don't know what it could be.
  9. Not sure why but CbB binds certain keys to functions but does not always show them as bound in Preferences.
  10. Lately Snap-To isn't snapping to, in PRV. Shaky hands make it hard to get it right. 1. Set Snap to 1/4 in both Control Bar and PRV window 2. Slide a note to the nearest 1/4 measure 3. Note slips either side of the measure line (1:01:119 or 1:02:004, etc.) I'm having to Quantize regularly. Same with Smart Grid or no Smart Grid. Intensity is medium to high. No other options are checked in Preferences.
  11. Nice to finally have this and Excellent video too! Reminds me of my old 90's workstation 16 track sequencer, which I still use, where I can create several independent 8 track sequences and then stitch them together, and rearrange them in any order and any number of repeats to form a song. Then add 8 additional full length tracks to the mix. It was all menu driven by a 16 character LCD screen. How often I wished for a big screen display with drag-n-drop ability. 30 years later my wish comes true. 😁
  12. Try uninstalling and reinstalling CbB.
  13. What Theme are you using? Try reverting to default Mercury or Tungsten and retry. Otherwise it looks like a possible video card/memory issue where you computer isn't drawing the UI completely.
  14. FWIW CbB also does this occasionally. I have it installed along side Sonar.
  15. Thanks. I've made new themes for them but they require extraction from the dll to edit. Example:
  16. 1. Check that desired modules are selected for viewing 2. Hover mouse over CV 3. Scroll up & down with mouse wheel to see hidden modules Also works with Inspector
  17. @Jeffiphone Not a new version, just a new skin. Download it from the links above in post #1.
  18. Track View clip backgrounds can be changed 2 ways: 1. Preferences|Colors|All Colors|View Background (odd), (even) 2. Theme Editor - Theme|Track View|Clips Pane|View Backround (odd), (even) Clip colors can be changed:
  19. No. Simply replace the current "Resources" folder with the new one. Instructions are in the si-bassGR.txt file. Default folder location: C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Studio Instruments\SI-Bass Guitar\Resources Rename or move the original folder for safe keeping!
  20. I didn't know the symbols had changed since I've been using the same custom theme for a while.
  21. To revert any theme image or color back to the original, right-click it and select "Remove".
  22. I doubt we'll see any more updates as it's now free software. If it were, I'd want the next update to be one that allows us to add items so they won't have to anymore.
  23. It also appears the scroll bar edits only affect TV and Multidock. Browsers and all other windows are unaffected.
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