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  1. Looks like it should work but after scouring the web it seems DSI users don't use Sonar/CbB. 😕 Sorry there isn't more help on this.
  2. As long as the list pane itself can be collapsed or disappear completely.
  3. Sorry, it was the only one I found online. My old synth (different brand) was tricky to configure as well. Somehow I figured it out and refined the ins file to work.
  4. Try this & scroll down to INS Instrument Definition files Right-click the Prophet5FW.ins link & click Save link as...
  5. The alternative is for a GUI to have 2 or more sets of graphic files for different screen resolutions as some DAWs already have. Talk about a themer's nightmare! FWIW, CbB has already implemented size improvements. The current GUI displays a tad bigger than the X series.
  6. Clip right-click menu or Inspector click box or global setting??? CCs don't bother me but a choice of per track & global would be nice.
  7. Or right-click the sidebar (where the velocity scale is) and choose "Fit Content" which will expand the notes to fill the clip.
  8. Ticks??? Sounds like another "bug" to report. Clock resolution (ticks per 1/4 note) set in Preferences. Sonar used to go up to 120 but was increased to 960 a few many years ago.
  9. Create a new track exactly like the one in question and try to duplicate the issue in this project and in a new one. If only happening in one project then could be a corrupt clip or track. This happens to me often when working on long term projects and each issue is unique.
  10. 1. Flip the MONO/POLY switch to MONO 2. Adjust the SLIDE knob to desired seconds of travel - 0 to 3 sec. (The SI Booklet shot below shows 0 to 10 sec. but current version only goes to 3). 3. Overlap two or more notes in PRV.
  11. Are they updating those already in play or just new ones as they come out? 🤔
  12. Must be it then. Have had SI forever.
  13. Fixed more very small errors.
  14. The new 2022.06 update Toast message says the SI suite has an update. Have they changed or added something? Curious because the version # seems to be the same as what I already have.
  15. Studio Instruments Plug-ins Update. Anyone know what this is updating?
  16. That was a question, not a statement. BTW, question still unanswered.
  17. "Playing" at work is always fun... till u get caught. Yes, piano rolls were literal paper rolls with punched holes that triggered the notes to be played. Modern player-pianos use computerized mechanisms that can be put on regular pianos and operated by your smart phone.
  18. Is it OK to delete everything in the Separations folder? I rarely keep Melodyne clips unbounced.
  19. Even trying to edit tracks on an old time synth workstation sequencer was difficult. How fun is it to load 'em up and record them into a DAW for editing?!
  20. Curious if you're bouncing previous Melodyne clips before opening new ones.
  21. Curious if users having the blank screen issue are using 2 monitors. I just realized for me it's neither Melodyne nor CbB's fault. It's a display issue that only seems to happen when it's used on a 2nd monitor. I have similar issues with other programs. My system has 2 display drivers, one for the main display and one for the 2nd monitor, which could be a factor.
  22. Is this fixed in Melodyne 5??? If so, maybe worth the upgrade for $99 (editor), $49 till 6/30/22. It's formant algorithm doesn't do so well IMO.
  23. I prefer to delete & rewrite.
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