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  1. Just a thought but do you bounce the clips in question after slipping? Bouncing permanently terminates the note at the new end of the clip. Slip editing changes the end of a clip, but if the end is moved to a point before the last note ends (cutting the note short), the note duration is still there somewhere in memory and can be recovered by slip editing again. Is it possible Kontakt is still seeing the end of the original note?
  2. It has been suggested many times over the years. But think what it would do to the Theme Editor. 😟
  3. I prefer "notes" over "diamonds" as the latter are usually too small for me to see w/o constant zooming in & out and give no indication to length or duration, tho there's only a few instances where this matters.
  4. For sound I have an onboard card, speakers in the 2nd monitor, and 2 interfaces. I set the onboard sound to "Default" for Windows & internet apps like Zoom and use the interfaces for CbB. However, whenever I connect or disconnect one or the other, Windows will change the "Default" sound to something other than the onboard card without me knowing it. Is there a way to set the default so it stays where I put it?
  5. sjoens

    Saving Meter Settings

    Changes by right-clicking don't always save with project. Changes by View menu (TV & CV = Options > Meter Options) should save with project. Each meter has to be set individually thru the file menu at the top of TV & CV windows. EDIT: Inspector meters have to be set separately as well.
  6. "Stop at Project End" does not solve the problem of an errant automation node or MIDI event. Unless a loop is defined, SONAR always plays until the last bit of data is processed. Unexpected data is usually the cause of a runaway project." -scook Old thread: http://forum.cakewalk.com/PROBLEM-SOLVED-How-do-I-fix-songs-not-stopping-at-end-of-song-Sonar-85-m3277344.aspx
  7. For sound I have an onboard card, 2nd monitor speakers, and 2 interfaces. I set the onboard sound to "Default" for Windows & internet apps like Zoom and use the interfaces for CbB. However, whenever I connect or disconnect one or the other, Windows always changes the "Default" sound to something other than the onboard card without me knowing it. Is there a way to set the default so it stays where I put it? Or is Windows always going to be in control?
  8. sjoens

    MIDI FX & Automation Lanes

    Thanks. That's what I suspected. Too bad.
  9. sjoens

    MIDI FX & Automation Lanes

    Is there any way to automate MIDI FX in the FX bin the way Audio FX can be? There are only a handful of MIDI plugins. Whenever I load one in the FX Bin there are no options to automate their controls in the Automation Lanes like there are for Audio plugins.
  10. You can do this with Segmented meters because they are graphic files. Not possible with Non-Segmented as they are drawn by the program internally.
  11. Non-segmented meters are in Preferences > Colors with 3 choices: VU Hi (-6 to 0); VU Lo (Inf to -6); & VU Tick marks, which oddly works only on Segmented meters (what???). Peak is set to red and not changeable AFAIK. Segmented meters are graphic files that can be re painted, but the color divide is still set at -6 so you can only change color ranges above that, as the lower part repeats for the extended range options.
  12. sjoens

    Touch GUI

    Well... there is this, which may or may not work for the OP. 🙂
  13. Resizing renders mixed results. As with all things, proceed with caution. Each image behaves differently in Cakewalk so you'll need to experiment.
  14. Keep in mind each theme has 1000 + PNGs and 500 + Bitmaps (tho most bitmaps are non-used carryovers from older Sonar versions). TE assigns a name to it's images but they are actually numbered in the theme file. So extracting them with a resource editor requires a bit of work to figure out what they are. TE can export an image by right-clicking and saving it. Importing it requires the exact same dimensions. You can REsize an image in TE by double-clicking it, which opens it in your photo editor. Simply resize it, save it, click "Refresh" in TE and your done.
  15. I created several color lists for Sonar X3e with Duckbar a while ago. They won't work with Theme Editor but they may be of some use for reference. Basic info included in EXE Colors for TE HELP.2.pdf Version info in Theme File Info.txt EXE Colors for TE sets.zip
  16. Q1: No. Q2: Yes. Q3: Yes. I use Restorator 2018, which still requires the one-by-one method.* Panup is working on a 3rd party editor that may allow drag-n-drop and bulk dumps in the future. Duckbar *Edit: With a resource editor like Restorator, it IS possible to extract an entire folder (PNG, Bitmap, etc.) from your theme file (sth, fth, dll, etc.) to your HDD, edit the files, then import the entire folder back into the theme file by drag-n-drop. This gives you access to every image in the GUI whereas TE does not. However, you can't edit item "colors" w/o a degree in rocketry. TE is the best tool for that, even over Preferences.
  17. You're right. That feature I was unaware of as I don't use drum maps. I was thinking more of the drum names displayed in lieu of the black & white keys - shown in pink in your screenshot. On a side note, I just searched Sonar X3 for the drum map background color with Duckbar and found it (96979c). Too bad Duckbar doesn't work with CbB (yet?).
  18. Not sure about the text but you can change the background color: "Piano Roll View - Grid Label Background". However, this is ALSO the color of the white piano keys.
  19. It's possible to export a CLR file from Sonar 8 and import it into any other version using the Import/Export feature of Preferences - Colors, but they only change colors not image files. Image files "hidden" in the TTSRES file had to be imported/exported using a resource editor.
  20. Never figured that one out Steve. Just learned to live with it.
  21. Neither drag-copying the clips to form a new track nor creating a new track and copy/pasting the clips there improve the situation. On another note, I still have to minimize or close any open web browsers before opening Sonar/CbB or they simply won't open. Very annoying.
  22. @SteveC Thanks. I tried it but no change. The Snap function is completely unchangeable in this project. BTW, I never use Snap-By unless I'm trouble shooting things like this. @David Baay No. I keep things simple and use Snap pretty much default. I think I've narrowed it to just this one project acting goofy as the new project I made worked properly w/o changing any settings. Come to think of it, Dimension Pro caused the project to crash hard once closing CbB, which may have corrupted the file somehow.
  23. Thanks scook. This may be project specific. I created a new project and it worked properly. As I understand it, Intensity is how strong it will snap. Duration (whole, 1/2, 1/4, etc.) tells Snap where to put the note being dragged regardless of Intensity. In this project, Duration and Intensity both seem to have no affect on where the note lands when snapped. In fact, I was getting all kinds of erroneous Snap-To locations dragging different notes around in PRV.
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