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  1. The "track" represents what's in the Take Lanes. - The blue top indicates the Take Lane view is "open" or visible. - Click the orange Take Lane button to the far left to close it and the blue top turns gray again. Each time you record a new piece it will create a new take lane. Copy & Paste into a track should place the new clips all on one take lane. Stretch the Take Lane view until you see "+" & "x" buttons. You can delete Take Lanes by clicking the "x" button. You can also drag clips from one take lane to another.
  2. It works. Silly me used Print As PDF instead of Save As because that doesn't always work for me in Chrome. Apparently Print As PDF removes any links.
  3. I agree. Slightly OT but what I don't get, in 2020.04 with Auto Track Zoom on, if you stretch all tracks to see all controls and then click on track 2 to focus it, it diminishes to default height. Now I have to resize it *again* to work in it. Makes no sense to me.
  4. Currently follows the order they were inserted. If you rearrange TV tracks then the SR order no longer follows them.
  5. Hey thanks for the honorable mention pg2. Just noticed it. 😊 Curious if you could make the Contents section on pg2 linkable . Steve
  6. Can you install it beside GR5? I had issues with GR4 not working after installing GR5.
  7. Makes sense since they're all identical, except X2 which doesn't have a folder. And thanks for the registry tip. One could globalize it for all versions there.
  8. Editable graphics are located in the "Cakewalk Content/Cakewalk Core/FX Chain Graphics" folder. Oddly, All versions of my Sonar& Cakewalk right-click/Customize UI menu default to the Sonar X1 folder, not the appropriate one. Not sure if that can be changed. May be a bug no one noticed yet... ? X2 had issues altering the graphics and was left unfixed but CbB seems to work OK.
  9. Gotcha. It actually shows in CbB Tungsten but not Sonar Tungsten. Sonar TE doesn't include it so Sonar Themes are OOL.
  10. Not sure about "post-2020.04" as even SPlat fails to show it in anything other than Mercury. Please explain how and where we can add it.
  11. I've always wanted to make a book like yours but don't have the time. You've undertaken a huge task so community help helps us all. Hard part is knowing what not to include as Cakewalk & TE both include abandoned graphics from pre X series.
  12. Make sure Track View > Options > Meter Options > Record/Playback/Bus meters have Show labels checked or you won't see the scales or their backgrounds.
  13. Works here in both CbB/Theme Editor and Sonar/Theme Editor. Can't say why it's not working on your end. They only work on audio/instrument tracks with "segmented" meters. Not on MIDI tracks. Not on non-segmented meters. The number scale is colored in TE by Theme - Meters - Segmented meters - VU Tick Marks (Segmented).
  14. Location for Vertical & Horizontal Meter Scale Backgrounds on pg17: Background VR, pg17 & Background Fill, pg18 may be abandoned carryovers from previous versions.
  15. Characters used in DOS level file management have always been forbidden for general file/folder naming, like \ / : ? " < > |. Alt code characters, like "▲" that can be used in file naming should also be usable within Cakewalk. At least I don't see a reason why they couldn't. Cakewalk track names are not files and all the forbidden symbols above can be used there. In my case, Cakewalk is replacing the symbol "▲" with a "?" (a forbidden character).
  16. It may or may not be a bug tho. According to the online help, Trimming is for individual clips while Bouncing is primarily for joining 2 or more clips together. Splitting a single clip in 2 without providing a gap between them may be why Trimming isn't working here. Even so, Bouncing works on single clips the same way Trimming does. Removing empty tails. If you simply Bounce instead of Trim, it works with one step.
  17. Yes, but I always use "snap to"... At least, someone's always telling me to.
  18. Not sure why, but... When 2 clips butt against each other, like in your example, you have to Bounce to Clip(s) When 2 clips have empty space between them you can Apply Trimming or Bounce to Clip(s) I almost always use Bounce either way
  19. 1. Create midi clip 2. Quantize 3. Bounce or apply trimming 4. Copy +1 for the long awaited Ctrl+D!
  20. To see if I'm reading you right, I just renamed a file on my desktop with "▲" in the name. It took. Then I copied the file to another location and it copied it with the special character intact.
  21. Request to allow alt code symbols in Track View/Console View track names, like arrows: "▼" (alt+31) & "▲" (alt+30). They can be typed in but don't remain after saving & closing the project. Open the saved project and the symbol is replaced with "?"
  22. For variants just upload a separate zip folder with the extra knobs & faders. Then the user can customize his own theme & save each one the way he likes. +1 for Knobman! 😁
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