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  1. Interesting. So do I and my outlines are darker than the PRV background.
  2. According to Colin's post (#2), you must have a light clip background in Track View. Dark clips still show darker outlines in a dark PRV.
  3. There is no "default". It changes with the zoom setting controlled by the lower right corner sliders. You can also grab the front of the keys with your mouse and drag them out if you want less space for the notes to show. Default note colors can be set in Preferences>Customization>Colors>MIDI Tracks, x, xx, xx... Forground. Save the color set for future use.
  4. It's better than it used to be But I still find it hard to see In a dark PRV
  5. I'd love to see this feature on PRV MIDI notes as well. I did request it in the Feedback forum.
  6. I've only seen it occassionaly so no telling what's going on.
  7. ..."Spooky Action?" If you change a color in Preferences while in Console View, you may notice this: 1. Open Console View 2. Open Preferences 3. Change a color, any color 4. Click Apply and Wide strip track names shrink slightly 6. Click Close and they return to normal Have fun!
  8. Yeah, I was just being lazy. The "black notes" issue is a bug discussed elsewhere in the forums and does need fixing. The drum vsti you're using might also be a factor. I have several different drum tracks but this issue only affects one in particular, and not in every project.
  9. Preferences>Colors>MIDI Tracks, x, xx, xx... Forground. With one issue where track 10 may be affected by ...Tracks, 9, 19, 29... The Inspector settings don't affect midi notes or PRV. This issue keeps coming up lately so maybe an FR to fix it may be in order.
  10. PRV colors are in Preferences>Colors: 1. PRV Black Keys Background (Db/Eb) = double black keys background 2. PRV Black Keys Background (Gb/Ab/Bb) = triple black keys background 3. PRV Grid Background = white keys background 4. Piano Roll View Aim Assist line = vertical mouse/draw tool guide line 5. PRV Drag Contents = color of note when dragging it 6. Major Rules = vertical measure & horizontal octave lines 7. Beat Rules = vertical lines between Major Rules 8. Grid Rules = vertical lines between Beat Rules
  11. PRV>View>Show/Hide Articulations Pane Confirmed. It actually worked fine at first as the default setting is OFF. Once you turn it ON it can't be turned OFF again. Selecting a note will turn it on automatically.
  12. If only the Time Ruler Digits were bigger too, NO? Mine (2020.11) are agonizingly small.
  13. I got 335 & the list stopped at file names beginning with "j", so I had to go into Tools>Options>Indexes & click the Force Rebuild button. Something that I have to do occasionally with Everything. Now I get 978.
  14. The gif looks fine to me. It's an Inspector tab issue, not a track issue. Loading a default theme after loading an older custom theme won't reset it. What will is, loading the default theme, closing down & reopening with the default theme.
  15. Thanks MP. Exactly what I was looking for.👍 I tried to open one with a resource editor with no joy. I didn't know that many plugins have help files and my search app EVERYTHING couldn't find them using the chm extension. I hope the rest of you learned something. But in case not... 1. Some older help files won't open properly or at all in Windows 10. 2. I need a new hobby. 😎
  16. I get why custom themes will do this, but why are my factory default Mercury & Tungsten still behaving this way? No custom theme loaded. CbB 2020.11. I'm sure there's a simple fix but loading the default themes should fix it. I've tried the Window>Arrange Icons menu trick.
  17. You can locate the presets folder on your backup and copy it over to the current folder.
  18. Anyone know of a good easy to use CHM editor? Be nice to convert some of them to "working" PDFs. If you can open the CHM file in Win10, you can Print to PDF but you loose hyperlinks. Using this method some CHMs open with missing data or not at all.
  19. As mentioned, PRV window colors can be edited in Preferences. There are 3 elements to the background, 1 each for the grid lines and Notes are affected by MIDI Track, x, xx, xx...Forground entries, tho some of the track numbers are incorrect. Colors set by your theme can be overridden in Preferences, if they're listed there. Reloading or changing a theme may reset the theme colors. Save the color set so it can be reused. Track View lower empty spaces have 4 elements, of which, only 3 can be changed - the Bus Clips Pane being the no-can-change culprit. I'd like to see them all changed by one color setting.
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