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  1. You can record the audio output of your MIDI keyboard or sound module into a track and apply the effect there, or if you're using a software synthesizer instead of a hardware synthesizer, just insert the effect in the soft synth's audio output.
  2. "Proxy Script" would be a great name for a band.
  3. I tried it the other day, selected Ctrl>a to select all of the tracks, which selected the entire timeline. Then I just moved the green marker at measure 1 to the beginning of the audio and it just exported the song from there.
  4. I don't know if you will have the same behavior as my machine, but as soon as I open a New PRV, it only shows the track I selected. As soon as I try to change it to another track, the first track is ghosted and the second track is promoted, and so on as many tracks as I use. But, if I close the PRV completely, I can open another single-view instance.
  5. I have; I had to change the screen resolution so all of the buttons are visible. The were way off the screen at the bottom. Or do you mean you see the entire dialog box but the buttons are missing?
  6. When my DAW died a couple years ago, my brother gave me his old computer with the 0404 installed. Still using it.
  7. Go to the MIDI track you want your drums on. For Output, select New Drum Map and navigate to the SR-16 drum maps. The Alesis must be connected via MIDI.
  8. Create a different user account in Windows with your new preferences?
  9. Did you download and install the latest ASIO driver for your OS and device from the Presonus web site?
  10. Also check the duration of the note you drew in. If it's a 1/16 note, the crash won't be very long. Assuming the crash is mapped correctly.
  11. Tell me about it! You wouldn't believe how much hookersnblow is going for these days.
  12. You can, although you may get a message that "this project was created in a newer version and some plug-ins may not be available" (or something like that), but that shouldn't be a problem since you will have all of the same plug-ins. I have never had any problems going back and forth. Welcome to the forum.
  13. By setting your audio tracks to go through busses and the busses to a Master bus which is set to your audio interface's output, you would get all of your tracks to play through your headphones.
  14. Is it possible that the Now line has scrolled off the screen and you're working at an earlier place in the song? Clicking in the TV would then move the Now line to where you clicked.
  15. "Remember the republic?" Can you hum a few bars?
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