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  1. So sorry to hear that, Kenny.
  2. Well, Dave's not here but I'm sure he would mention that he shaved his head recently. I'm retired and haven't trimmed anything since last November, and don't intend to any time soon. The first time I heard the commercial I thought that was my song, but you can hear that the composer jazzed it up after the 3rd measure and it's a little faster. But the chord progression is the same, the sound of the piano is the same, heck it could have been sampled from my song. And today after comparing the 2 I hear that it's even in the same key. Bit, I thought about those ludicrous infringement cases, but I may have uploaded it with creative commons licensing. I did that with most of my songs back then, unfortunately. Still, the similarities are striking.
  3. I assumed it would open and play in a media player. Apparently not; all I can do is download it and play it. Sorry.
  4. Listen to this: zztest.mp3 The first part is from a current drug commercial featuring that girl who just wants to have fun. The second part is from a song I recorded and released ~10 years ago. It's nice to know someone is listening! 😄
  5. Say, OP, could you post a pronunciation of your name so I (we?) know how to say it?
  6. I don't know why this is happening on stereo but not mono tracks, but you could try splitting the stereo tracks into 2 mono tracks and do the pitch correction on them as a workaround. You could then bounce the 2 corrected tracks back together if you want.
  7. I thought it meant a week out of school. 🙂
  8. I think that lieutenant was in my shop, too. Did he have the nickname 'The Rock'? As in 'dumber than'.
  9. Does it make the noise if you use Ctrl>S instead?
  10. Just imagine what you'll save on combs!
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