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  1. What does the bottom side of a bit look like?
  2. I'm assuming that you want to move the clips the same amount as each delay. Check out Process>Nudge. You select the clip(s) you want to move, click Process>Nudge, set the value to the same as the delay and boom, clips move that amount.
  3. I had to pass on picking up those 2 keyboards from my brother. I just don't have any space for them. My "studio" is also my bedroom and TV room (whenever I want to watch sports). It's about 11' X 9' and houses my bed, a stereo cabinet, a chest of drawers, a large, steel office desk, 2 TVs, my Yamaha keyboard, 5 guitars, 2 working computers, 2 non-working computers, 2 small amplifiers, a cabinet holding what remains of my LP collection and a printer. It's a mess.
  4. On another note, Sound Click has completely revamped their web site. Only took 17 years.
  5. Black Dog lyrics were a clue on Jeopardy last night.
  6. I hope you have many more years together. After all, you can't throw them away.
  7. Hippo birdie 2 ewes, etc. I saw a great Rundgren concert on AXS TV a month or so ago. It was recorded recently, so it may be a good preview of his tour. It's probably available on demand.
  8. My brother the programmer wants to downsize his studio, so wants to get rid of his 2 keyboards and buy a small controller. One is a Korg MS2000 (he said MK2000, but I couldn't find any info on that). The other is an 88-key (I think) M-Audio controller. He offered them to me to use, or to sell and split the moolah. He is the ultimate hobbyist, meaning he might play them a couple of times a year. They are "like new". I'm going over to check them out later this week, or next after this heat wave breaks.
  9. "No input", meaning nothing being recorded, not "no input selected".
  10. Saturday is the back end of 1 week and Sunday is the front end of the next.
  11. This XP computer my brother the programmer gave me didn't have a modern video card, so I couldn't take advantage of my widescreen monitor's capabilities. Everything was 4:3. A few months ago I bought and installed a G-Force card and it has 3 outputs; VGA, DVI and HDMI. I was using 2 monitors, a 29" Vizio TV/monitor and an HP 20" computer monitor. I just got a new 43" TV for the living room and decided to move the old 32" Vizio TV into my bedroom, um "studio" to use along with the 29". Plugged everything in, turned it all on and I just couldn't get the 32" to display via HDMI. Went through all the video card's settings, changing this, resetting that. Nothing worked. I thought I had screwed myself royally by setting the non-working monitor as the main monitor (don't do that!) but got it back to the working monitor, somehow. The 32" was listed in the video settings, but was grayed out. Back to the video settings to try to discover how to turn the HDMI output on. No joy. Finally decided to start all over again, reconnecting, resetting, etc. The HDMI plug wasn't connected to the video card. It had somehow gotten pulled out. Everything is cool now.
  12. Thanks again, Steve. Works ~2% jumps. I'm lazy and it's there.
  13. Another option! Thanks, Steve!
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