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  1. I recently saw a documentary on TCM called "Jimi Hendrix". It was the first one made, just 3 years after Hendrix's death. It was pretty good. Included was a clip of Jimi playing a left-handed Flying V. I think that's the first time I saw him playing a lefty.
  2. Also, deselect everything else.
  3. Gee, now how can you possibly lay down that bass track?
  4. Beware of Behringer; I have read here that some of their less-expensive devices don't have ASIO.
  5. As mentioned above, most good audio interfaces have preamps and phantom power if you ever need to run a condenser microphone. I see that you don't "plan to do" that, but never say never. Condenser mics require an external power source, (phantom power), so having it available is good. An audio interface with MIDI ports will allow you to connect your keyboard to the interface and never have to worry about some MIDI driver that may need updating periodically. You would have to update the interface drivers now and then. Maybe. My computer is very old and nothing has been updated on it since ~ 2012, including the interface. Works like a charm. But with your new computer, it's best to maintain it for as long as you can, including drivers. You should be able to record with acceptable latency with a good, modern interface while using amplifier plug-ins such as Amplitube and the like. I can't discern record lag running 10 ms latency, but others can. That's usually a 'safe' number that won't upset the processor. You should be able to do better with your rig. The ASIO driver for your computer's internal sound chip is not good for recording. Try WASAPI if you have it available until you get an interface with an ASIO driver written for that device. ASIO4All is a wrapper for the computer's WDM/KS driver as rsinger noted, but isn't a real ASIO driver. Some folks have had good luck with it; many do not, including me (15 years ago). The best, long-term solution for recording satisfaction is with a modern audio interface with an ASIO driver made for it. This will almost guarantee good performance for many years, with updates and bug fixes included. Some good companies to check out: MOTU, TASCAM, Focusrite, Presonus. Many of the people here will have their gear posted at the bottom of their messages, read a few pages and see what they're using. Ask questions and maybe list here what features you would like or need, although you have already said what you want, mostly. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Frankfurt, Germany in January. Kalt.
  7. There's been a rash of acne cases lately. It's a pandermic.
  8. Cakewalk has a great library of chords diagrams. I just wish they could be dragged into the fret board (or PRV or Staff).
  9. Went to see TYA in 1971 right after this song was released, and they didn't even play it.
  10. We don't do irony in the US.
  11. That looks different than mine, but mine is several years old; perhaps they updated it a little. The Mustang 1 is/was their cheapest modeling amp. Mine doesn't have a line out, just a headphone out but I imagine the bigger models have more options. And if a solid state modeling amp models the sound of a tubed amp, who needs tubes?
  12. I can't comment on all the technical aspects of it, but my Mustang 1 makes lots of cool sounds and is still too young to smoke.
  13. 57Gregy

    Quarter-tone piano

    Have you tried a Honky Tonk piano patch?
  14. In your image where it reads "Custom" above the Track Pane, change that to "All" and then maximize your track(s) so you can see all of the track properties (ins/outs) and set your channels there. Also, make sure Input Monitoring is on for each track you're playing to.
  15. Welcome to the forum. How are you "adding it in"?
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