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  1. You're welcome. Fifteen years ago when Cakewalk offered software at different levels such as Music Creator and Home Studio, most new users would start with one of those rather then the more complex (and expensive) SONAR. There were also forums for the lesser programs to help newbies get started. Now, with what is essentially an updated SONAR Platinum with a zillion options and a thousand page user manual offered for free, new users are sometimes overwhelmed by the complexity and versatility of Cakewalk by Bandlab. And since this is the only CbB forum (besides the Q & A forum) new users come here to ask some pretty basic questions and may not get an immediate response. I'm not the most knowledgeable guy re: CbB, but sometimes just responding and asking a few questions can get the ball rolling for the Cakewalk literati to jump in. And who knows? I might actually say something relevant. 😁
  2. Welcome to the forum. What happens if you set the MIDI track's output to SI-Drums instead of copying the notes to the synth track?
  3. Here's the first one for this new forum. MX.ins
  4. Welcome to the forum. This often happens when using the computer's sound chip that uses "What You Hear" or "Stereo Mix" as its input. That will record everything you hear. Choosing a different input should stop this from happening. So, your drum computer is being input as MIDI, but you must have a way to make and hear the drum sounds. Most often, that is with a software synthesizer in Cakewalk. The MIDI is played/recorded on a track and that MIDI data is sent to the synth so the sound can be heard. The synth converts the data to audio and is played as audio through the program, sent to the What You Hear or Stereo Mix input and recorded on the new guitar track. Or, your drum computer's audio outputs are connected to the sound chip's audio inputs and played through an audio track in Cakewalk, and the same routing causes the drums to be recorded on the guitar track. Are you using the computer's sound chip are an external audio interface?
  5. Good points. Is there any situation in which the noise doesn't occur? (Didn't read through the whole thread again). It certainly seems like it may be a click or pop from a bad split, but that's probably ruled out now. Perhaps some superfluous MIDI data sending a note to a synth at that point? What happens if you rewind to the beginning and go to Project>Insert Time/Measures and insert a measure or 2? You can undo this by hitting Ctrl Z. Does the noise move to the same amount or remain at 96/2.5?
  6. 57Gregy

    ZOOM L12

    Most often this is due to Windows resetting the audio preferences after an update. Check that your sampling rate and bit depth match in CbB and whatever audio device you are using and that your preferred device is actually the one selected.
  7. Saw an episode of their show last week. They were at a restaurant in Hatch, New Mexico and a Mariachi band played Paranoid for them. Interesting. Unusual. Trippy.
  8. Okay. That sounds like you may have split a clip(s) not at Zero Crossings. That will probably make a noise when played back.
  9. 57Gregy

    Synth not recording

    Right. Soft synths do not 'record' like an audio track. You will have the MIDI track pointed to the soft synth and the soft synth's audio output track (or a Simple Instrument Track, which is a hybrid MIDI/Audio track). In either case, the audio must be rendered in some way to have an audio track, either by Freezing or Bouncing.
  10. Welcome to the forum. I can't say why this is happening, but you can try moving the clip to another track but at the same time and see what happens.
  11. 57Gregy

    My moves

    I can do the music.
  12. Comic strip? What's that? Milton Berle taking his clothes off?
  13. As mentioned above, you can clone the track, add the Transpose plug-in to that track, transpose an octave down, and your original track will show just the notes you played. But you will have an additional track.
  14. Becan, the answer is always becan.
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