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  1. Knew Hobby Horse Biblically? Talk about getting wood.
  2. So, did I misspell it or did you? 😕
  3. Pubs are open? Where? If I have to fly to Worchester to drink in a bar, that would make it the most expensive drink I've ever had. Happy Birthday, or whatever craigb said.
  4. Thanks, Bob. I mainly work in SONAR Home Studio 6 (still!) and the only option is 'insert stereo bus'. I have CbB, but haven't gotten used to it yet.
  5. I believe all busses are stereo, regardless of what you name them. In your second image the faders on the far right look different, but that's not a bus; that's the sound card main out. The busses and tracks all end up there. That should also be left at 0 dB.
  6. MIDI, I assume. You could record the part on 5 tracks at once and delete the unwanted notes in each track. That is, if you have an idea that you're going to want to do that in advance. Or, clone the track X number of times and delete, etc. It seems like it would be easier to select a note on the PRV keyboard, hit delete and go on to the next track than it would be to selectively move notes to other tracks four or five times.
  7. Microsoft is at it again. They "improved" their Edge browser so instead of a nice vertical list of favorites, you now have to chase the links all over the screen.
  8. So, you seem to know chords on the guitar. Open the Staff view and then the Fretboard view and enter the notes of the chord on the fretboard. Then they will play, assuming you have the MIDI track's output set to a valid port.
  9. Thank you, but I'm 63 now and that makes it difficult to keep it up. 😀
  10. I can't solve the mystery, but I can offer a solution to the silent notes. When this has happened to me, I have put the silent notes on another track whose output is set to the same synth. Perhaps there is some overlap on the notes which prevents a note on from being sent. Check and adjust the durations of the notes or just drag the ends/beginnings of the notes in the PRV so there is a visible gap between the events.
  11. Welcome to the forum. Yes, they are just for show and if printing the notation.
  12. If this was 10 years ago, I would change the driver mode to anything other than ASIO and run the Wave Profiler. Once that was done and the interface recognized, I would change it back to ASIO. Alas, we live in the future now and things have been 'fixed' to make our lives easier. 😠😁
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