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  1. I don't write songs as much as I used to or drag an instrument out and play it for hours as I once did, but I still open a program and record something in an existing song, or otherwise edit them or rearrange them several times a week. And I still enjoy it although no one else will ever hear these projects, probably.
  2. Guten Abend Herren und Damen am Samstag.
  3. Okay, underneath the 'Tags' box is 'Item prefix'. That's how you get the tag at the beginning by selecting them there.
  4. I thought so, too! I just misunderstood what you wanted. 😃
  5. When you click Create New Topic this comes up. Where it reads 'Tags' is where the Add Tags button is. You click it then type in your tags, separated by commas.
  6. RIP, Dickey. Somebody who knows how to embed video please do so for Blue Sky.
  7. They know what "sone of a b" means and just assumed your name also had a profane meaning.
  8. If you don't need a definite number (BPM), you can Bounce to Tracks the project twice in the same project, mute all the original tracks and experiment with Process>Length on 1 and compare it to the other which is still at the same speed and length.
  9. I was doing a little Cakewalking the other night, adjusting volumes, pannings, etc. in several songs I'm working on (some of them for years!). I had my Mountain Dew and a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos Puffs to snack on when the cat knocked my TV remote off the shelf and onto my keyboard. I shooed him out of the room and continued moving knobs and pressing buttons, but nothing was doing what it was supposed to do. I think the remote must have hit a shortcut key called 'screw everything up'. I didn't know which one that was or how to disable it, so I just closed without saving, even though some of editing I would have kept under normal conditions. Everything went back to normal once I re-opened CbB but I learned an important lesson: Never eat a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos Puffs the night before you have to go to work.
  10. You're going to need a better audio interface, one designed for recording and reproducing audio more quickly than a computer sound card. It takes time for the MIDI data from your Yamaha to go through the processor, then to the soft synth (Neo Piano) and the back to the sound card and out to the speakers. Computer sound cards generally can't do that fast enough and you have that delay, called "Latency" in computer-speak.
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