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  1. I think you mean the 'Scrub' tool. That will allow you to drag the cursor across a clip and hear it. Hit the J key on your computer keyboard and the cursor will change to a speaker icon and you can then scrub. Hit J again to turn it off. I don't think you can enter just the chord letter. I just tried it and it always placed the chord diagram above the staff. You then would have to right-click that diagram to navigate to the chord you actually want (it defaults at 'C'). You can, however, use the Expression button and type in your chord letters, but they won't be above the staff but below it.
  2. 57Gregy

    Down Sugar?

    "Paint It All The Colors Mixed Together".
  3. 57Gregy

    combining tracks

    Bandlab is the online app. Cakewalk by Bandlab is the computer program. It's usually shortened to CbB or just Cakewalk here. That's what you're using.
  4. 57Gregy

    combining tracks

    It seems like you have 2 questions: how to combine separate clips in the same track into 1 long clip, and how to combine different tracks into 1 stereo track. The first part: select all the clips in a track that you want to combine. This is easily accomplished by clicking the Track number so all the clips in the track are highlighted. Then go to Clips above the tracks and select Bounce To Clip(s) there. That should combine all the selected clips into 1 continuous clip. To combine all your tracks into 1 stereo master track, select all the tracks you want while holding down the Ctrl button on your keyboard. Or Ctrl A. Then go to Tracks above your tracks and select Bounce To Track(s). Make some selections in the following dialogs, like Master Mix, and click OK. You should the have a mix of all your track in 1 track. Good luck!
  5. Not really a pun, but a friend put this on FB about the coming time change: Adding an extra hour to 2021 is like getting a bonus track on a Yoko Ono album. Yeah, yeah, I know. We're not getting an extra hour, just getting back the one the took in the spring.
  6. Go to your post. Click the 'Edit' button. Delete the link in the post. Save it.
  7. And possibly no one else has experienced the problem so can't help.
  8. Who also lived in the county seat?
  9. I've got Glen Campbell and Peter Frampton. And Jack Nicholson. I hear he plays a mean axe.
  10. I've been rethinking my response. If all I'm doing is thinking about music, is that actually creating music? Or must you have something tangible to hold or feel or hear in order to have a 'creation'? Existentialism on a Sunday morning. I suppose the fact that I could create something from my thoughts makes it a creation-in-waiting. But uncreated. My head hurts now.
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