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  1. "Pop music is rubbish so is folk and country i do not know why those styles of music exist total rubbish if you ask me! " Just for clarification, Dave didn't write that, he quoted it.
  2. Retired, for now. I'll probably have to go into semi-retirement next year.
  3. Every day is the weekend for me. 😀
  4. In the past, I used an etcher to scribe my name and other ID info into metal parts of the item. I put it in visible areas and hidden areas.
  5. I think I scared the OP off with my RTFM comment. I put a smiley there. I seemed like he/she didn't have an understanding of how MIDI works.
  6. Styx-Grand Illusion. Wait...where are we?
  7. Get down, get back up! Dancing is a skill not valued among my people.
  8. Tried that. They said I was too old.
  9. Over a week now, and I haven't gotten bored, yet. Catching up on my sleep, basically relaxing. I'm amazed how much better my knees and ankles feel now that I'm not standing and/or walking all day. And getting regular again. 😀 Changing schedules and changing meal times wreak havoc with my digestion. TMI?
  10. The Input Echo button in the track you're recording to.
  11. Seems like Noel told us where to find them and add more, I suppose you could also delete them.
  12. Search John Melas MX Total Librarian v2.5.0. That's where I got mine.
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