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  1. A day without becan is like a day without coffee.
  2. When I retired 2 months ago, one thing I anticipated was having time to do some recording. I have hardly touched my DAW, or a guitar since then. No inspiration, except time.
  3. MIDI or audio? I don't know if that makes a difference, though. Once you have your 4-bar 4-track mixed-down clip in the track view, I don't think you need the loop construction tool. Just right-click on the clip and enable Groove Looping. The corners of the clip should become beveled. Just drag that clip out as far as you like. Assuming the clip starts and ends exactly on a measure. Speaking from SONAR Home Studio 6. Newer versions may have some different methods to achieve the same result.
  4. Always the literalist, CBITYRN. Is a trademark valid for a free product?
  5. A quick look found that Vistaprint will make them for ~$1.80 each if you buy 50. Trademark may be a problem.
  6. By the way, our friend Bayoubill here was a career Air Force Band guitar player.
  7. You will want one with MIDI ports, if the piano has them. I think that's easier than trying to set up a USB keyboard, especially with all the strangeness I see going on with USB keyboards in the General forum here. Most audio interfaces these days are USB and have good drivers. Some are cheap in one way or the other. I bought a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 recently. It was $230. There are less expensive ones, especially on the used market. Just make sure they are still supported by their manufactures, i.e. have drivers for the current version of Windows. Go to guitarcenter.com or musiciansfriend.com and check out what they have. For getting started, you can use the internal if you want, but for better recordings and ability to overdub audio in real time without Latency, you will eventually want an interface. They're just some much better. Where do you live? I'm in N.C.
  8. There doesn't seem to be any USB driver for this keyboard. Their support page reads, "The USB ports on all Casio keyboards are class-compliant." I have no experience using those stock USB drivers, but reading these forums for a few years, I get the impression that they aren't good. Well-written drivers are pretty important for computer-based music production. If the piano has MIDI ports as well as the USB port, I would consider getting an audio interface that also has MIDI port, that way you won't need well-written Privia drivers, which don't exist, just the drivers for the AI.
  9. Welcome, Willie. Cakewalk is a complicated program and has a lot of 'stuff' in it that many folks will never use. Like me. I just record, mostly. Have you downloaded the PDF help files? In that forum, you may get answers to specific questions, but probably not a dedicated tutor. What equipment do you have? Do you have an Audio Interface? Are you wanting to record audio, MIDI or a combination? Start with the Getting Started section of the Help file, which should help you set up Cakewalk for your computer and show you the basics of how to record audio and MIDI. I don't think you need to know how to set up a side-chain EQ or edit the velocities of a MIDI track just yet. My brother wanted to be a Navy Band guitar player, but he lacked the patience to stay in and keep trying. Instead, he became a ditty-bopper. Good luck!
  10. It appears that the Roland is also an audio interface. Are you using the USB cord instead of audio outs to the M-Audio? If so, the Roland probably has some software setting or switch to select what audio is sent to the recording program, sort of like the old Stereo Mix or What You Hear setting in older sound cards and interfaces. That would send everything you hear to the recorder instead of just the vocal take.
  11. There's comedy here? 😲
  12. No takers? I'm giving odds.
  13. My SIL has taken up printing T-shirts and coffee mugs since she retired. She made one for my brother Steve that reads "I may look like I'm listening, but I'm really thinking about playing guitar or buying a new one". Darn T and Y too close together.
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