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  1. I don't have this device, but the picture shows a 'Mixer' knob, with 'Inputs' and 'Playback' as the range. That looks like it would control the volume of your input with respect to what the computer is playing. Try turning that one way or the other to balance the signals to taste. Good luck!
  2. Ettore's Law: The other line always moves faster.
  3. Like with some other things, the thicker the better. Pertinent exactly now in sequence.
  4. Welcome to the forum. How are you trying to activate CbB?
  5. One doc I remember from my youth is Mad Dogs and Englishmen. I saw it ~1972 and, besides all the great performances, I remember how much fun everyone seemed to be having. Funny that I haven't seen it since, possibly because it's not in regular rotation on TV. That's Joe Cocker, if you were wondering. An acquired taste, to be sure, but I like good rock and blues. Leon Russell, too, before he got famous. To each his own. I love the Who, and Who's Next is among my possible choices for best album of all time.
  6. In the MIDI pane. Under the drop-down menu (in red) is a control for what appears in the track pane. Select "All" to see all the relevant settings. Your Workspace setting may also affect what's seen.
  7. 57Gregy

    20 +

  8. Not much action? I would first see if the RME's drivers were up to date.
  9. While I don't know a lot about what goes on under the hood, in the past I learned that some synths like the patch set in the synth and others want the patch set in the MIDI track. Whichever was wrong had the patch reset to Piano when rewound.
  10. There's a lesson in here for everyone: piss on my 'board, I'll emasculate you! 😄 It's not even my cat. My roommate had an older cat when I moved in. Last year this stray boy cat showed up and the roommate adopted it. The roommate's granddaughter moved in 2 weeks ago, bringing another cat and a dog with her. Both female. Now it's a houseful of women and me and the little boy cat.
  11. Don't step on my solo, man.
  12. Buzzed Bunny. "What's up, dude?"
  13. Took the grey cat to the vet to get clipped Friday. Not a good day for him. Maybe he won't pee on my keyboard now.
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