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  1. There is a work around, but it look tedious and claims to use 2 tracks for 1 instrument :
  2. I asked in the Instruments & Effects section If there was a keyswitch management system in cakewalk like on Cubase? Obviously no, so it would be a great help and a considerable time saver, seen the ton of virtual instruments based on the keyswitch that exist, to have this kind of option.
  3. The problem with separate midi and audio tracks of virtual instruments is that, it can be quickly confusing if you have a lot of channels to manage, like in an orchestral music for example. That's why I prefer to let them combine, but in this way Cakewalk considers it to be only an audio track.
  4. Thanks @Kaustub, but no, I do not need a virtual keyboard, as I said I compose by drawing notes in the piano roll, and yes, what I need is exactly an expression map (thank you, I didn't know how to name it) as in Cubase, and I am sad to know that it does not exist in Cakewalk. Again something to suggest in the feedback loop section.
  5. Hello! Is there an interface for Keyswitchs in Cakewalk to easily change the sounds of virtual instruments as in Kontakt? I'm a piano roll composer (I don't have a keyboard and I don't know how to use it), and it will be very useful for me to have a way to change the Keyswitchs as in this video:
  6. Hello As i said here I think instruments track need an update to be more user friendly, because it is impossible to add directly a MFX plugin, and you can't insert midi bezier's automations like regulars midi tracks. I'm on a symphonic composition with a lot of virtual instruments track and i cant' copy my MFX from a track to another because I have no direct access to them, but only in track inspector. And for me, it's more easy to use bezier rather than drawing CC controlers in Piano Roll, and here again, no access to midi automations on instruments track. I had discovered something else a long time ago and I do not know if it has been corrected since, it is that when you save your music in midi file, your midi automations are not taken into account. I hope that the Bandlab team will want to take into consideration my update request in the next version of Cakewalk. Best regards.
  7. Thanks guys for your answers, but… @Cosmo Kramer: I know that you can directly draw CC in the Piano Roll (I am a user of this DAW since cakewalk pro audio 6) , but i prefer the flexibility of bezier curves. @scook: As I said above, i know i can insert MFX by the Track Inspector, but i can't copy and paste it or make a copy by drag and drop from a channel to another. I can only créate one by one my MFX in every instrument tracks and put the same characteristics Inside, and that's "exhausting". It is sad to know that to have the beziers on an instrument track, that it should be deconstructed, and I think a little update should be done on it to be more user friendly. Again thanks for your replies, and I will post a suggestion above on the feedback section.
  8. Hello guys and girls ! (first post here) (Huston 😅) I have a problem. When I want to use a bezier line automation in my instument channel, I have only access to the audio controls of this channel (audio volume and pan, audio plugins and FX…). How to switch to the midi part of an virtual instrument channel to insert (for exemple) an expression automation. And how on the main project window insert a midi FX on virtual instruments ? Because i can only do that in the inspector window, and this way i can not copy my midi FX to an other channel if i want to. Sorry i'm bad in English (i'm french) and I hope I have been clear in my explanations. Thank's in advence. Best regards
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