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  1. Thank you guys for trying to help me. But the problem seems to be worse now, I think something has gone wrong with my Cakewalk after installing all those plug-ins, because right now I can't make any newly inserted plug-in work. (However, those that were already inserted in my projects still work). I believe one of those plug-ins (some of them rather old) made a mess and now I can't find a way to fix it (not even reinstalling Cakewalk). This is a different issue than the one I opened this thread for, so to keep things neat and tidy I'm opening a new one (here). Thanks again. Regards
  2. Hi guys! Cakewalk was working fine since I installed it in my computer a few weeks ago, but suddenly any new VST plug-in that I insert now into my projects won't make any sound. I've been recently installing several (mostly sampler) plug-ins, and through this process apparently something got broken in my Cakewalk at some point because now any VST instrument (including built-in Cakewalk's SIs) that I try to insert won't work. Oddly enough, those VSTi that were already inserted in my projects still work, so it seems the problem occurs exclusively with those I try to add now. After some basic troubleshooting , I've performed a full VST reset and rescan (as per this help page), to no avail. I've even _reinstalled_ Cakewalk, didn't work either. Do I need to buy a new computer?? Hope you guys can help me. Thanks! PS: I've found that if I insert the VST plug-in when creating an instrument track, it works. Or, after I've set the inserted instrument at the output field a midi channel, if I then create an audio track and set that instrument at the input field of that track, it will work. So, is this the way you're supposed to do it? Create an audio track for every VST instrument you want to use in your midi tracks? Not sure about that, I haven't ever needed to do this previously in Cakewalk. I just needed to create a midi track and set the VSTi to it. PS2: Ok, I'm starting to figure out all that's going on in here. I think this modern version of Cakewalk (I just installed it a couple of weeks ago) requires to create audio tracks (or instrument tracks, which are midi+audio) in order to let any soft synth work. This is different from old Cakewalk DAWs I was used to. When I started using this current Cakewalk, every time I inserted an instrument it was automatically creating (by default) an instrument track at the end of my track playlist, even though I didn't really use that track nor pay attention to it , because I was inserting the instrument to use it in an existing midi track. At some point, I unchecked the option of creating that new instrument track every time I inserted a new instrument in the project (as I wasn't really using that track). From then on, any newly inserted instruments didn't work anymore, although I wasn't smart enough to make the connection between those two facts until now 😛 So it seems it's all sorted out now. I hope that at least this message here helps some other newcomer in the future who may trip over the same stone. Regards
  3. Hi there, I am looking for a free plug-in that will let me use good old soundfonts in CbB (under Windows 10, 64-bit). Most VST samplers compatible with soundfonts that I've tried so far are 32-bit (sfz, Soundtypo, Jeskola XS1...) and won't work in my system. But even those that are 64-bit are not working either, like VST SynthFont64, Grace or BassMidi VSTi. I can insert them in my project but they won't make any sound. So far the only way I've been able to use my soundfonts with CbB is by using Coolsoft's VirtualMidiSynth (which is an external piece of software, not a plug-in) as an output device. But this, besides lagging issues, is certainly not an optimal solution. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  4. You're right about the Help Module not being a tab, sorry, it's actually a separate window. Nevertheless, it has been a bit elusive to find and open for a newcomer like me. There is a help button (with a question mark icon) at the right-hand media/plug-ins/notes module when folded, which is supposed to open the Help module, but doesn't do anything when you click on it: I've now found that it will only show that module if you have managed to open it first by other means (like the keyboard shortcut you mention, which works fine by the way -- thanks for the tip). Regards, Daniel
  5. Hi there! Why is the Help Module only available in the Demo songs? When I open any of my projects, the Help tab is missing from the right-hand panel: Is this a bug? Regards, Daniel
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