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  1. Is it possible to parameterize a task so that the Master channel, even if it has another configuration in the volume project (DB), is done in another amount of DB? Example: In the project the Master channel is set to 6 db, but when exporting I would like to do it with -6 db. Does this already exist or should this be a request for a new feature?
  2. The sandbox won't show all of a sudden. Scan seems to be happening, but no sandbox showing. Frustrating.
  3. I want to use Neo Piano in Cakewalk with my Yamaha PSR-E463. I've tried everything but Neo Piano won't recognize my E463. Please help me.
  4. Hi all Been a few years since I've recorded anything - about 6 to be precise! Although I've always updated the software with the intention of recording, but just never get round to it. Anyway, got some time today to have a play and hit 2 walls already (will create 2 threads to not confuse things), likely to be related to my interface, but hoping you guys can help here So my setup is Cakewalk Bandlab (original bought X1 I think, and upgraded right through to latest version, Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 interfacen and Adam A3X monitors. Previously I used an M-Audio Oxygen 49 MIDI keyboard to record any MIDI parts with. Nice and simple, plugged directly into my PC via USB, selected an input on a MIDI track, loaded in an instrument and voila, I had sound. I've since moved to a Yamaha Portable Grand NP30, which doesn't have a USB connection, but instead a MIDI port. I've then connected my Yahama MIDI to my Focusrite via a MIDI cable, in settings of Cakewalk, set MIDI input as the Focusrite and within a MIDI track, selected the input as MIDI Omni from the Focusrite (and loaded up various instruments to test). When I hit a key, I can see on the dB meter, it's registering, but I'm getting no sound come through. I've changed the 'Input Echo' on both 'On' and 'Auto Thru' (the only 2 options) but still nothing. Tried loading up other programs (Rapture, Play etc.), but all the same result of silence. Probably an really easy solution that's staring me in the face, but 6 years away, and I'm a little rusty. Any ideas?
  5. I have this one project where a track doesn't show any waveform. It plays and sounds just fine. Any ideas on why this happened on this track (one named Slide) ?
  6. Hi all Been a few years since I've recorded anything - about 6 to be precise! Although I've always updated the software with the intention of recording, but just never get round to it. Anyway, got some time today to have a play and hit 2 walls already (will create 2 threads to not confuse things), likely to be related to my interface, but hoping you guys can help here So my setup is Cakewalk Bandlab (original bought X1 I think, and upgraded right through to latest version, Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 interfacen and Adam A3X monitors. On my old PC, I've have the monitors set at 0dB and control the output levels from the 'Monitor' dial on my interface. I'm now on a different PC and the 'Monitor' dial seems to do nothing, and the output is incredibly loud! I've had to turn the actual monitors down to 1 notch above 'Off'. I can turn the 'Monitor' dial right down on my interface, and the volume remains the same, looks like it's purely managed by the dials on the monitors themselves. I suspect this is a setting I've missed (or forgotten about in Scarlett MixControl, or something within Cakewalk itself. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  7. I installed one more hard drive, and the old F: is now H: So I corrected letter/path in the plugin manager. (And prefs/folder locations) But it seems my old projects don't care about that, and the vst's fail to load from F: (Because they are not there anymore) I do not/can not change drive letters now. Is there an an easy/smart way to fix the issue?
  8. The TH3 VST2 not taking Patch change through a midi track like it used to. I know that vst3 sttopped this thats why i use vst 2 Not sure if its because of the last update. Suddenly stopped taking patch change. Peace
  9. Yea, I know, but the only cD architect I could find was on Amazon. It was officially from SONY, so that is good. I just don't want to spend 112 US$ for a program I've had for 15 years. My older computer died with the programs on it but I don't think they will authorize tho I have the serial and reg numbers (like Cakewalk used to authorize). What would be another good program to assemble a CD and why and is it cheaper than $112?
  10. Hi to all, I would like to report a bug. The bug is related to midi input routing save. As you know, this is a problem that has been present for years, I have noticed in fact that users over time have repeatedly highlighted the problem in different forms and conditions. I don't know why it is still present, I think that when you route some virtual synth it is important to not have to redone again the routing work everytime (...when you can...in many cases you have to delete and load again all the virtual synths because it is impossible to delete anymore the "wrong" midi inputs added) There have been several attempts to explain the problem (modification in connected midi devices of the active device type at the time of saving and later not connected at the time of reopening the project or connected to a different USB port) or to at least limit the bug. But in reality unfortunately the bug does not depend only on the connected peripherals or not...it seems most related with virtual synth input ports. I was hoping that with the last early update, since a change had been inserted in the management of the midi ports of virtual synths, had been fixed but unfortunately this was not the case. I tried through this short video to highlight the center of the bug by simplifying it. In fact, the situation is much worse. In fact, the more complex the midi routing, the more the problem arises, with the usual randomly modified midi inputs (double, triple, all active, none...). In several cases it is not even possible to correct the problem of inputs that always remain active and you have to delete all the uploaded virtual synths and start from scratch, thus doing all the configuration again! For some it simply shows up after saving and reopening the project. In my case if the file is saved and then reopened the input midi channel assignments "seem" to be correct. But I would say that it is only luck, because every now and then the bug also occurs to me as to many others even just reopening a previously saved project. Actually as this video highlights, the bug occurs regardless of the subsequent closure and reopening of CbB under different conditions. Instead if I save the input settings of the various synths such as track settings, delete the tracks and restore the track settings save (without obviously closing CbB) the bug instantly appears as you can see. Unfortunately, this bug has been and remains somewhat annoying. You waste a lot of time reopening or editing tracks to reconfigure everything! I would therefore kindly like to ask you whether you can check what the problem is and solve it once and for all. I am sure that would certainly make so many users happy as the bug has been present for years. From my point of view, routing and managing audio and midi tracks (in this case) is a major feature in a DAW. It is the basis from which to carry out any work. It has to work and certainly once a template is configured the routing (sometimes it can also be quite complex with the various VSTs) should stay. If every time the saves made are not kept and everything has to be redone it becomes... Many thanks for your work and time Ronny
  11. What is with the Bandlab site? Anyone know. I need to update but I can't get t a working log in. Anyone else having a problem getting in?
  12. I just installed Cakewalk by Bandlab and every time I open it it creates a new "Cakewalk Projects" folder on the wrong drive. Cakewalk is installed on my D drive. In preferences I set the Projects folder to the F drive, and made sure the folder exists. I close Cakewalk, delete the folder on D, open Cakewalk and it creates a new "Cakewalk Projects" folder on D. I even restarted the computer, same problem. I re-checked preferences, they look good (still has F for Project folder location. I searched the registry, every entry I can find shows F as the location for the folder. Cakewalk creates the new folder on D as soon as I run it, before any project is opened or created, so it isn't just picking up a ghost path from an old project or anything. I've been a Sonar user from v6 through Platinum, so I know my way around the program fairly well although it's been a couple years since I had Sonar installed. I did install Platinum so I could access the plugins, and I installed the plugins from X3. I also made sure my installation of Platinum specified the F drive for project files (and checked the registry, everything there looked correct), but it too creates a new projects folder on D as soon as I start it. How do I make it stop? In the scheme of things it's not that big of a deal to delete the empty folder, but when I get into a flow state I'm likely to accidentally save to the wrong location. Is there some registry key that isn't labeled with a friendly name that I'm missing? Thanks for any ideas. -Mike Windows 11 Intel i7 11700K 32GB RAM Asus ROG Strix z590E Mobo Focusrite Scarlett 8i8 2nd gen
  13. If I try to (quickly) freeze the various Arturia synths (B3, DX7, etc.) in a project it quickly generates blank audio. Only way to freeze them is to Render in Real Time, which is less than desirable. Running most up-to-date versions of CW and all the Arturia stuff. Anyone else see this, or is it just me? Note: I'm able to freeze various other synths (Modo Bass, etc.) in faster-than-realtime mode. It's just the Arturia stuff that's problematic.
  14. I can't use my MIDI keyboard. It comes up with this message: It says that there is not enough memory available but I have 32 GB of RAM.
  15. I recently purchased IK Multimedia vst Teac A-3340S. Each time I load it on a track, Cakewalk crash and states there was an error. This happens on all of the IK plugins in my Track5 folder. Even when I load Track5 Black 76 limiter, Cakewalk crash. I tried loading these plugins in Sonar Platinum and Cubase 11 Pro and the same results, both daws crashed. I contacted support, just waiting for a response. Anyone else experiencing crashes from IK plugins?
  16. Hi, New Cakewalk user here...please excuse me if I've misunderstood something here! I'm not sure if this is a bug but it doesn't seem intuitive: create a 1 bar midi clip with a 1/16th note on C3 convert to Groove Clip Loop (Ctrl + L) stretch out to 2 bars (observe C3 note is repeated on Bar 2 as expected) add a 2nd note (C4) in Bar 1 (observe note is not repeated in Bar 2) stretch clip out to 4 bars => observe Bar 3 and 4 both have the2 notes, duplicated from Bar 1, but Bar 2 doesn't What should be the expected behaviour here? thanks J
  17. The pan button on said control surface is pushable. Does anyone have a clue on how to make it adress the send function as I push it/them? Or is there a combo I can assign to the pan itself? I guess the push/down modes are represented here in the upper left section, 2nd row.. (?)
  18. I don't get it. I shall choose the drum map as output? Because, when I do, there's no sound. And when I choose SD as output, there is sound. That makes sense. But all tutorials tell me do send output to the drum map.
  19. I have tried to quick-group, and holding down Ctrl while adjusting levels, but that does not work. I have not found any topics via google, so I try here. Is there a known way to perform this operation?
  20. Two questions on staff view. And I did some searching through preferences and couldn't find my answers. Question 1: Staff view defaults (weirdly) to a single line horizontal scroll. I don't see how this is useful to anyone, but to each their own. Is there a way to make it populate the information vertically like you'd see in normal sheet music? I use this all the time to remember what I played when I'm overdubbing other tracks and it would be useful if it would populate a regular sheet music page. Question 2: Is there a way to set the key to avoid all the accidentals on the sheet music? It would just be cleaner if it did. Thanks in advance for your answers.
  21. Hi folks, I've just uninstalled a plugin (Torpedo Wall of Sound x64) and now get "the failure point was reported as "release" I have the option to disable the plug-in, which I have done It is still listed under vst3 and I have Excluded it - But it still gives me the error Do I need to remove it from a register somewhere?
  22. Hi, everyone! Hope all is well! My SI instruments are missing the sounds and Program Browser data. They are all like this: strings, bass and drums. How do I get them back? Here's what I've tried so far Bandlab Assistant: The Studio Instruments Suite check mark is greyed out and does not have an option to uninstall or reinstall or repair. I know the latter 2 have not been a part of CW, but just mentioning because I went to look for it. Apps and Features I attempted to use Windows 10 Apps and Features to uninstall with the plan to go back to Bandlab Assistant to re-install. However, I get the following when I try: Thanks, in advance! Kevin
  23. ..as I started Cakewalk, it had a hybrid theme, dark and light grey in a mix. I opened prefs/themes, and only tungsten and mercury were available. My Cakewalk content/themes folder is on F: (Has allways been) Strange thing is: Tungsten and mercury are not there. Just the custom ones, including the one i lost are there. There is no "Cakewalk content" folder on my C drive. So where are the available Tungsten and Mercury themes?
  24. I've looked at other posts and tried to fix it, but it's still not working. here's a video of whats happening https://imgur.com/a/HfK81SQ
  25. On 2021.09 This has worked before so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I can't spot it. I'm writing a drum part to go with reference audio track. After completing some of the MIDI I received an updated audio track with arrangement changes, etc. But: I can't seem to find a way to import it without wiping out my MIDI content. Drag/drop onto existing track, adding new track, whatever I do, my MIDI track gets blanked. At one point I had the Now Time pointing a few bars into the project, and the audio import did not blank out anything to the left of the Now Time. So I tried importing past the end of my MIDI data and moving the audio left where it belonged--but this blanked out the MIDI as well. I also had trouble duplicating the MIDI data with copy special and paste special. After completing 1 verse/chorus, I tried to copy/paste the MIDI for them later into the song (I tried on the PRV and the track view). But this affected the audio track, either by blanking out the audio, or moving the audio over a bar to the right, or moving the audio past the end of the inserted MIDI. The Arranger Track sections are getting all messed up as well, especially y the copy, even though I'm not copying anything but note evenys (I don't use automation or anything else-this is dead simple MIDI). Can anyone suggest some setting I may have missed? TIA I don't have enough hair for this 😞
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