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  1. Thank you all for the very detailed explanations. I had no idea it was that complicated really. Now that you explain it, it makes sense but I really though I could do this. I tried changing the driver mode but it didn't help. The only way forward is the new 4 channel interface. Thanks again!
  2. I have tried to run: https://www.presonus.com/products/AudioBox-USB-96 and https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/audio_interfaces/ur_series/models/ur22mkii.html so I can record 4 audio channels and installed ASIO drivers for both. It seems that Cakewalk can only take one device at the time since the first one installed is immediately grayed out and disabled in Preferences as soon as the second one is installed. Then only the second device is available in preferences. Is there a way to run 2 audio devices in Cakewalk? Thank you
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