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  1. In the old days (Sonar 8.5) I could take a Boss drum machine output rhythm set to the same tempo as SONAR, record a measure in SONAR, and then easily copy/paste that measure many times. I would right click on the single MIDI measure, change the # of beats in the Property menu to 8 or whatever, turn on Groove Clip Looping, copy the measure, make snap properties 'musical time' set to Whole Notes, and then paste it at the end of the measure 99 times or whatever. This basic technique came from an old SONAR forum post. Can anyone please tell me how to accomplish the same thing in Bandlab? Thanks.
  2. Hi.  I moved my Marker export question to that section the next day.  I put it in the wrong forum by accident.


    1. Jim Fogle

      Jim Fogle

      Hi Sven,

      Thanks for letting me know.  I hope moving the question helps you to quickly obtain an answer.  Have a wonderful day!

  3. (I put this question in the Feedback Loop section yesterday by accident) If you sort the audio effects by Category SONAR gives a nice list to see what's available for each type of signal processing. Is there any easy way to get this list exported to a text file or any other output format? I just want to see a list of every effect installed in Bandlab. Thanks.
  4. If you sort the audio effects by Category SONAR gives a nice list to see what's available for each type of signal processing. Is there any easy way to get this list exported to a text file? Thanks.
  5. I'm surprised this ability is still not in Sonar after all these years. As far I know there is no way to have your start and end region for Export saved with the project. I usually know exactly where my song will start and end and I set up Start/End markers for future reference. I then use these marker to specify the region for export but I have to do this every time I open the project again. There are various tricks to make it easier when you reopen the project to specify this region for export but I'm not sure why Sonar can't remember the export start and end region when the project is saved It would be a real time saver to not have to repeat this process every time you want to do a new export. The marked export region seldom changes. Some threads already touch on this subject: Thanks.
  6. I find it incredible that you can't save Start/End Markers for mixes. It seems like there could at least be a Save option to retain the current marked region or something similar. My understanding is that the Bandlab people have been very receptive to maintaining and improving Sonar. Is there a way to suggest perhaps adding this 'feature' to a later release?
  7. Do any of these export marking methods actually get saved with the project? I haven't found a way yet to mark my beginning and end of mix for export and have Sonar remember that when I open it again. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I don't want to have to ctrl-A to mark everything, select the start and end times, and then do an export every time I open the project and change a part. I want it to remember the selected mix times when I reopen the project. Thanks.
  8. I finally started using Bandlab and I'm enjoying it so far. In the older days I couldn't find a convenient way to expressly mark the beginning and end of my project for an export mix. I had to highlight the time ruler bar and then export that making sure I got the highlighted section just right. Maybe there was an easier way I just didn't know about. Is there a way to tell Bandlab exactly where your export mix will begin and end and never have that change that unless you move the markers? Thanks.
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