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  1. I'm going to do more research on this problem and report back. It certainly could be something on my end.
  2. I finally installed a new version of Cakewalk and now get an error message trying to load vst presets. If I save a new version of the same vst preset and reload it everything works fine. Anyone know what would cause this to happen? All was fine until perhaps the new installation.
  3. Hi scook, I installed the new version today and it's working perfectly. I tried to check for updates and it said I was up to date. It still remembers my workspaces and vst folders for scanning. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks scook, I'll do a backup of everything first to be safe.
  5. I'm just trying to get up to date with the latest version the easiest way possible. If I download the latest installation program and run it without even uninstalling the current one will I be getting into trouble? Normally I would uninstall/clean install but I'm just looking to get my version # up to date as easily as possible. Updates from the Help menu currently won't work. It may not be worth updating if I'm going to lose too many previous settings I care about. I don't mind telling Cakewalk again where my vst folders are but if it's going to change all my vst presets for Cakewalk or other vst's, or workspace settings I'm used to or anything else too dramatic I'd rather hold off. Again, I'm just trying to get my version number up to date as painlessly as possible. Everything is working fine in general. Thanks.
  6. I got sidetracked with life but I'm finally back to this update problem. Since the Check for Updates isn't working in my older version for whatever reason I plan to try a new install. It sounds like I won't lose my previous settings with a fresh install. Correct?? Thanks for your help.
  7. I never wanted to use Bandlab Assistant. It was never part of my life until recently but I was simply trying "whatever worked" to update to a more recent version of Cakewalk. Does the new installer know that you've already got an installed version working or does it overwrite your old installation? If it's a completely new installation I want to go in prepared. Thanks.
  8. I realize the WIn 7 is no longer supported by both Microsoft and Bandlab but if it's possible I would still like to try and update my older OS Cakewalk. The last successful update was to version 2021.04. I have a newer Win 10 machine which is my main work station and it works fine including updates but I'd like to keep this older Win 7 machine working for my children to use. I'm not sure if it's a Win 7 problem or a Cakewalk updater problem. Bandlab Assistant hangs at 0/0 on the update process consistently Cakewalk program updater generates the "Connection Error". I can't seem to find the thread anymore but someone said the solution was a Win 7 registry fix and this was a known Win 7 issue. Can someone point me to that thread if that's the problem? I've read various threads on this issue and most people with update problems are now advised to use the Bandlab Web Installer. I downloaded the installer but it looks like it wants to do a fresh install. Is it smart enough to see the existing installation and simply update that version? If I can't update this version it's not the end of the world. The app works fine for almost everything except keyboard shortcut assignments. If there is an update workaround I'd like to try it. Thanks.
  9. Starship Krupa, I will explore the Smart Tool some more using right mouse clicks. I'm sure there are some good tricks I don't know about it. There's of course no right or wrong when it comes to user-interfaces. I find some programs to be much more intuitive then others. I should mention that my last analog tape recorder was a Tascam 388 unit so when I first saw Guitar Tracks 3 Pro it seemed like the perfect transition to a DAW for me. I just needed console view and track view to do my work and to this day those are the only views I usually need. I'll also use synth view and tempo view or whatever when needed but I find the other default views Sonar provides distracting. I'm sure others love them. It's great to be able to customize things any which way people like to see things. I also think some people like the 'classic view' which is why I used that with Windows XP's main menu years ago. I took me a little while to get the simplicity I wanted at first. I used screenshots (no!) and then work spaces (yes!) but now I have my simple Alt-F1, Alt-F2, Alt-F9, and Alt F-3 productive environment. I basically had to hide, collapse, and resize other windows to make my interface look like twenty years ago to be happy. When I find new features in Sonar I like it's usually keyboard shortcuts I didn't know of but not a new way to see the workspace. I'm always looking for ways to speed up my routine and like I mentioned above the smart tool moving clips vertical while still aligned to the other tracks is brilliant. Could have used that many times over the years if I knew about it. I use Adobe products with the same attitude. Focus only on what you need to get work done quickly and add new features to your work flow if and when needed later.
  10. Maybe this has always been the behavior for F6 and I just didn't notice. I thought F6 was my preferred tool vs. F5 (smart tool) because F5 didn't always do what I expected (i.e., not 'smart') but F6 was more predictable for my basic needs. I believe others have mentioned this. Usually I just want to select parts of a track or tracks to split them. The smart tool helps me move or copy track sections to other places up or down which I do like. I keeps them locked in place easily without difficult copy/pastes. There's too many features in programs like Cakewalk that can be overwhelming so I try to stick to the basics and only learn what I need to know so I can work quickly on my songs. I don't find the Workplace feature intuitive nor Screen Shots but I've set it up to do only what I need to do. I'm sure others enjoy the immense flexibility of both of these features. I thought the interface was easier to use many, many years ago. Thanks.
  11. I don't see the problem there. <F6> is assigned to Global Select Tool but I can see this behavior every day. <F6> toggles between Select and Erase. This didn't use to happen. I'll check my updates.
  12. Maybe someone else will have some new insights. Thanks again.
  13. Hi John Vere, Those suggestions didn't seem to work but thanks. Out of curiosity when you insert a new MIDI soft synth and change the audio colors and icons in console view do you see the same appearance in track view? Before I spend too much time on this I would like to know if it's a setting on my side or people normally do or don't see the same color/icons in track view.
  14. When I set the colors and icons in console view the associated MIDI tracks in track view do not appear the same. They're standard issue color. It would be nice to see the MIDI/AUDIO track pairs appear the same in track view but it's not the end of the world.. Is this possible? Thanks.
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