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  1. Hi Rickddd, I agree that a 2nd SSD drive would make a big speed improvement. My idea is to use the 7200 rpm 4 TB of extra HD space to get things set up and then buy another SSD drive for the things that need to run fast later. For now, I want to make sure that my basic system runs fast and I have plenty of room for storage. I always seems to be running out of space and I don't want to think about that problem fora few years. Thanks.
  2. I mentioned in a previous thread that I am finally moving Bandlab from an i5 chip with Win 7 to a new i7 gen 11 chip with Win 10. I've now got plenty of hard disk space and 32 gigs of RAM on the machine. The C drive is a 1 TB SSD and the D and E drives are partitioned on a 4 TB running at 7200 rpm (thanks for your advice on increasing the rpm speed). I'm going to start installing all my programs tomorrow on the new beast and I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions of what to do (or not do) for a well organized, professional installation. For various reason my vst's on my old machine are in too many folders and I'd like to reduce that to fewer folders with this installation. I'm most interested in any installation tips that can help Bandlab's performance later. I'm tired of Freezing my ***** off! Slightly kidding, of course, but that's been my reality with the big production numbers I've done over the last couple of years. If I don't freeze most of the soft synths the performance gets bad real fast including random, ugly crashes. Not a fun way to work! (This is minor complaint but I thought I'd mention it: When I go to save vst presets for any given music app (Arturia keys, Amplitude, Ample Guitar, Philharmonik 2, etc...) it seems to save all over the place depending on the particular app. I see some obscure Windows method storage areas I would never normally save stuff in (c:\users\public\...grrrrr...). Again, this is from previous Win 7 experiences. I'm not sure what to expect using Bandlab with Win 10. I can currently always see all my previous saved vst settings for any given plugin easily later but I sometimes wonder if there's a cleaner way to organize vst save/load folders. I blame myself for maybe not taking more time during the original installations to see where things were going. Maybe I shouldn't be too worried and they're just stored in each app's magical vst save storage area and that's fine because it seem to work. ) I'm not at all worried about making everything work. I can always make everything appear to work. I just thought I'd take this rare chance with a clean install to get anybody's thoughts on what methods they like and don't like for organizing Bandlab and other music apps on their machines. Please let me know if I'm forgetting other things you feel are important. Thanks! PS: I plan to buy a new monitor tomorrow when I pick up the machine. My current monitor is 27" and the table I use is 90 cm wide. The monitor sits in the very back of the table and I hover about in front of the table with a guitar , keyboard, beer or whatever needs to be played at that given creative moment. I thought of trying a 32" monitor but I was worried it might be too large for my small setup and my eyes would spend too much time darting about left and right. Right now the set up feels comfortable but I wouldn't mind a larger screen because my eyes aren't what they used to be. Any thoughts on this monitor size for my table set up? Thanks.
  3. TracingArcs, I understand what you mean about having content stored on a different drive than the program but doesn't the vst try to load everything into RAM if possible? If you have 32GB of RAM and the vst's content can be loaded there wouldn't that be the fastest way to work? Is the vst really doing read/writes to the content drive all the time? I don't know how these things are programmed but I would guess most programmers would want their content in RAM for maximum performance. If that were true then having the content on the SSD drive which loads quickly into RAM would seem to make more sense. I plead ignorance and I'm sure your right but I'm just curious how vst's do memory management these days. Again, it's no problem for me to load content on the D:\ or E:\ drive and the programs on the C:\ drive if that's what you advice. Thanks.
  4. Hi TracingArcs, Thanks for your reply. I actually prefer to only have programs on the C:\ drive and everything else on my D:\ and E:\ drives. I thought Kontakt might run faster by accessing the C:\ SSD drive instead of slower D:\ drive. This is easy to fix, thanks. I'll also request a 7200rpm drive.
  5. I going to order my new custom computer soon and below are the proposed specs. The 1 TB SSD drive will have Windows 10, program installations, vst snd dll files, and probably Kontakt library installations. The 4 TB non-SSD drive will have Bandlab projects, mixes, and anything else that doesn't require the faster SSD speed. I could have a SSD 4 TB installed but I believe it's about 4 times more expensive. I recall once testing loading time for a large Bandlab project using a SSD drive and a non-SSD drive and I don't think there was a big time difference. Again, I'm not a hardware whiz anymore so I would appreciate any thoughts on what I've listed below. It's very easy for me to change anything at this point if it will help improve Bandlab's performance. This machine will only be used for Bandlab. _________________________________________________________________________________ CPU COOLER TSUNAMI TSS-9100 RGB (BLACK) SSD M.2 PCIe 1.TB (5Y) WD Blue SN550 (WDS100T2B0C) PSU (80+ Bronze) 650w. Antec ATOM B650 RAM DDR4(2666) 32GB (16GBX2) KINGSTON HYPER-X FURY(HX426C16FB4K2/32) MAINBOARD (1200) GIGABYTE B460M DS3H V2 (REV.1.0) CPU CORE I7-11700K (Original) No Fan SATA-III (3Y) 4.TB WD Blue (256MB.,5400RPM,WD40EZAZ) ___________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks
  6. By default when I add a new soft synth to my project it is place at the bottom of the synth rack. I often move the soft synths around in track view to place them where they belong in my overall mix. After moving the tracks (audio/midi) the synth rack still shows the soft synth at the bottom where it was originally inserted. I would like to know if I can slide it up the rack to see it in a corresponding position to the tracks in my mix? Moving the tracks is easy but I haven't found a way to highlight a synth in the rack and change it's position. Maybe you can't? Thanks.
  7. I think I just figured out what David Baay is talking about. In Track View you can highlight the track number which will also highlight the track name. If you've done that then your paste should probably be where you want it in most cases. But you can also highlight a track number and then highlight a different track number's name. That is where the paste will indeed go. I don't recall having to worry about this behavior previously but it could have just been ignorance is bliss. At least now I can predictably paste to the track I intended by making sure the track name is highlighted and not just the track number.
  8. Hi David Baay, Thanks for your reply. By "name field highlighted" you mean the user defined name for each track number? Like "Gtr Solo" or "Vox A"? The reason I'm asking is that when I click on a track number to focus that user defined name (Gtr Solo) is automatically highlighted as well. Even when I see both the track number and name highlighted my paste goes to a random track I never specified. That is unless I do Paste Special and change the destination starting track number every time. If I focus on track #36 and highlight the track number/name and then copy something, I may or may not have that clip pasted to track #36 unless I specify it in Paste Special. If I focus on track #36 and highlight the track number/name is there something else I'm supposed to do to insure that track #36 will get the paste later? Thanks.
  9. bdickens, are you using the latest updates? i believe i am. i'm guessing others have had this same problem perhaps depending on what version they are using. it seems rare (25% of the time?) that the destination track is the one i've selected when I see the dialog box for "paste special". I believe the track you see there is also what Bandlab thinks it should be if you just do a ctrl-v paste.
  10. It looks like a simple programming error to me because I would think the obvious default destination track should be the one you've got highlighted. It must be a 'feature'! Seriously, this behavior does slow me down a lot because I can never trust what track my Ctrl-V paste is going to end up on. I always have to double-check before I can move on.
  11. If I highlight a track and copy a section of audio and then go to paste it somewhere else in the same track I would expect Paste or Paste Special to default to my current highlighted track number. Instead the chosen Destination Track number is a mystery to me. For example, I highlight and copy a section of my vocal take on track #31 and then go to Paste Special and see the Destination Track is set to #45. I've seen this many times and there seems to be no predictable pattern for it's behavior. Why track #45? Occasionally, I throw the dice and just Ctrl-C (copy) a section and go to where I want to copy it on the same track and do Ctrl-V (paste) and it's actually placed on the current track where I want it. But usually it pastes to some other track (who knows which one?) and I need to go to Edit/Undo Paste and do a Copy Special where I specify the correct Destination Track to fix it.
  12. It's not the end of the world but it is quite disconcerting. I'm curious if others have noticed this behavior. Thanks.
  13. The song has 74 tracks but it did seem to want to change focus towards the bottom. Is that a clue?
  14. I believe this odd behavior started a few weeks ago when I did a Bandlab update to version 2021.04 (Build 175, 64 bit). Not positive. When I unfreeze a track in track view it does the unfreeze successfully but then jumps randomly to a completely different track in the song. For example, if I unfreeze my ezDrummer soft synth on track #2 I'm suddenly focused on track #69. Is this a new bug?
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