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  1. Some VSTs let you manually adjust drum maps internally (preferred), but you can also set up drum maps in CbB. Whichever you try/use, be sure to save your work as a template so you can load it easily down the road.
  2. That is a good question. The highest version with "New" on their feature list is in Assistant (2 of them), the rest are in all four versions.
  3. +1, and the other reason for this is to save the CPU. Repeatedly processing things that should be baked in (i.e., you are never going to want them back) creates an unnecessary burden.
  4. +1 on the considerations above with 4K. Unless you are close or the monitor is huge, you can be buying yourself into eye strain. After reading a lot of advice here, I specifically backed off 4K and went with an ultrawide monitor. More ergonomic for viewing with only the eyes and can edit documents side-by-side (if you need such a thing). The one feature it does have that didn't stand out till I used it is that it has "true black" capability. The contrast from that is significant in reducing eye strain - something to also consider regardless of what you decide upon.
  5. Not tried the CbB redition yet but made me curious how it differs from Scratchpads?
  6. Thanks guys, so these have been out a while. Based on the feature set and drivers alone these are well positioned to take over the lower end market. I just wanted to check if they were intended to be a limited run, then gone. I am still up in the air about pre-ordering one, since they are coming mid-May. Side note - I have never run the Saffire off the wall wart and forgot it even came with one, but on initial troubleshooting is seems it actually damaged the PCIe lane it was in on the motherboard. I moved the PCIe card up next to the GRFX card (bad location for it), had interference, then dug up the wall wart and those went away. Just something to note if anyone is still running FireWire - don't bus-power the unit.
  7. My Saffire is starting to give me grief, and Focusrite recommends not upgrading Win10 past 1809 (already done). The sample rate comes up all over the map and trying to do anything with Windows Sound Control Panel sends MixControl into a tantrum. Workaround if anyone is in the same boat - start Saffire, launch MixControl, set sample rate to something you do not want to use, then set it back. So far that works 100% for me, but is annoying, and not sure when a Win10 update will do it in for good. Anyway... I start looking through new USB interfaces, and a MOTU M2 and MOTU M4 popped up. 32-bit/192KHz with digital loopback (a feature I want). The pricing is incredibly competitive ($169.95/$219.95). B&H has reviews on them, but then says "New item released in limited quantity." Anyone know if they were released (in limited quantity) or if this is intended to be a limited run item? It only comes in 2 in/2 out (M2), and 4 in/4 out (M4), but I do not need more. Drivers is my bigger concern. MOTU has a good reputation in this department, so I was wondering if anyone is familiar with these.
  8. I am glad you posted this... I opened up GP a couple times after I got their email and the song list was very scant (only about 10% were viewable). Funny thing was I saw "Father and Son" on that shortened list and chuckled "Oooh, I always wanted to learn that solo!" I only knew it from "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2" but it is a nice tune, so seeing that listed did inspire me to walk off with my acoustic and play for a couple hours. I came back in and GP was still open, so I scratched my head wondering what was the point of the score to a 5-chord song? This update was required for me to see the full listing. I just installed that but the list is still a little odd to me. I "assumed" this was geared to be a learning tool (?), so the song choices didn't make sense for some artists. Whomever did these must be an AC/DC fan... that listing did show even before updating the software and is one of the bigger ones present, but looks like Bach is #1. Def Leppard... just "Hysteria." Def Leppard stood out because of a news article about someone composing a hate-filled blog post till a friend sent him a video of Phil Collen teaching "Pour Some Sugar on Me" to kids. After he got the email, he deleted his blog work and smiled. YouTube took over the market for tutorials, I think, and the video is rather cute. (I miss Steve Clark!).
  9. Man, I need to get off my butt and play with this more. It has updated twice since I used it last 😕.
  10. mettelus

    Melda 17

    As impressive as MXXX is, I find that I do not use it as often as I thought I would due to its complexity. It would be really hard to trial that before the sale date vanishes in 3 days, but with the 3 month trial you could definitely get a better feel for the effects it has over what you currently have in MXXX Core. I am also not sure if you would be charged again for which core effects you already have filled from other purchases. MXXX unto itself is half the cost of the entire MCompleteBundle, so that is something else to consider. For me, MXXX is something that is configured case-by-case, so not something that can be easily thrown onto a track and tweaked until you are familiar with its guts. I often find it is significantly easier to trigger, and later understand, focused FX that are daisy chained in the FX rack... complex routings internal to MXXX can leave me scratching my head later on about what I actually set up in the first place, especially if you throw in complex FX like MPowerSynth.
  11. It says right on the page in the "100,000 face shields per week" that this is transforming the company from music accessories to medical necessities! Better get your music stuff now... the day may come that they stop dealing in that musical "rubbish," but might custom order sterile (and disposable) guitar pics at $35 a piece for you!
  12. That seems to be how it works... There have been so many products thrown out over the last few years that I logged in and found I had 7 things registered in my account, qualified for the crossgrade and had $44 Jam points. I do not recall ever buying anything, but was like, "Fine, I'll bite." I should have read further than page 2 of this thread first, this downloading is a nightmare...
  13. Wow, there is a home insurance company here that charges less than that for a lifetime policy... Kicker is when you cancel, they give it all back to you!
  14. +1 to the above, I have a 100W Carvin set to 25% power output that is rarely used above 2 on the volume setting... guitars do not put out full frequency spectrum, so 15 W concentrated on just what a guitar is outputting is rather loud. If you have the chance to try one a a store, you will understand. Another side question is are you planning to mic the amp for recording or just jam on it at home? The speaker size (going from a 12" speaker to 8" speaker) will affect tonal quality at volume, but lowers cost dramatically. If not planning to mic the output, they often come in varieties up to 20W, which are fine for jamming, and you can record ITB as mentioned above. Oddly enough, most pawn shops around me have more quality amps than guitars by far. A few years ago this video for a "Dual Duty Talkbox" caught my eye, so I ended up nabbing a megaphone on clearance while walking out of a department store one day for like $6. Tubing was $10, and a 20W practice amp was $40 (closed-back Rogue, so not high quality). That amp is not the greatest standalone, but I had zero qualms putting holes in it and wiring it up similar to the video. Another side comment... ITB can also be a cheaper solution with jamming in most cases, since amp sims have a larger arsenal of FX at your disposal with no intermediate noise/signal loss. I have a 200W PA system connected to my audio interface, so actually jam more through the PA than the amp these days. It is also the same setup for recording, so is nothing more than arming/recording the track you are already on rather than dealing with mic'ing a cabinet.
  15. mettelus

    Melda 50% off.

    If they had this at the end of the three-month trial it would make more sense. People new to them aren't going to get much from a trial in the next 3 days. Maybe they will revisit this for July 4th, but is usually a year-end event.
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