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  1. mettelus

    Sonar Clean Up - X1 X2 X3 for CBB

    ^^^^ Sorry about the confusion, the (#) was meant to represent anything with a number in parentheses - (1), (2), (3), etc. as scook pointed out. Just be sure there is one without a number as well (the original one in most cases should not have a number, but that is not always true, especially if you have "cleaned" things before). Basically, you want to keep just one file that is the same name and size. Circling back to the OP quick... if space on your machine is the real issue, external hard drives are relatively inexpensive and large (you can get a 4TB+ for under $100). That allows you to move things off the computer (quick and easy way to "clean" the OS drive), then "potentially" sort them later (slow and painful at times)... you can always sort them later on if desired, but searching that drive (via Windows Explorer) may be all that you need (it takes a lot of duplicates to fill up a 4TB drive). My bigger concern is not spending too much time to achieve the purpose of slimming down your OS drive, which "seems" to be the point of the OP.
  2. mettelus

    new member with no idea

    +1, I retired a 2600k a year and a half ago that stills runs fine, but that machine above is a little light for power supply and has no HDMI video connection. I am assuming you are planning to use hardware from an older machine with it? Can you share what you are using now?
  3. mettelus

    How to combine best takes into 1 track?

    You may be confusing that with Speed Comping as mentioned previously. Shift-dragging moves clips vertically while keeping time (the CTRL makes a copy), but that process is all manual and to be fast you need to have some mouse precision depending on track height. Speed Comping does have all of the "assembly" functions you speak of and has gotten a little more polish with even recent updates. It would be worth kicking the tires on Speed Comping with an open mind. The work flow is different than doing the same with tracks, but the tools it offers are worth knowing. Below is the original introduction of Comping with X3 from 6 years ago (6 minutes), but the assembly features you are asking for existed then.
  4. mettelus

    Ozone 5 left?

    The newer versions do have EQ matching, but you need to repeat the process each time and have the reference available. They will not save/load "snapshotsets" like O5 did though, which is a reason I keep O5 installed as well. O5A was the last "fully loaded" version, reverb, insight, etc., which sort of fell apart until the bundles upgraded. If you still have the reference material, a trial of a newer version would also work, just be sure to bake it if you go that route. Melda also has a few plugins with this feature you could also trial.
  5. mettelus

    Should Hyperthread be enabled in BIOS?

    Pete Brown chimed in on this other thread with an interesting comment about NVIDIA. Doing a "Custom" installation of the most recent NVIDIA drivers will allow you to only install the Graphics and PhysX drivers (which has been common practice for a while now for non-gamers). After seeing a lot of "protected" activity on NVIDIA's telemetry stuff, I went and disabled that a year ago or so now. I just updated to 1903 yesterday, and the "KB4505903" reference was already baked in, but that is the first thing I would check (it will tell you it is not applicable to your machine if you have it and try to run it). After that, re-installing NVIDIA with only the Graphics and PhysX options selected may be helpful. His post was a nice confirmation that NVIDIA includes a LOT of bloat in their generic installation package (ShadowPLay, 3D stuff, User Experience, etc.), which is not useful for a DAW.
  6. mettelus

    Sonar Clean Up - X1 X2 X3 for CBB

    As Mark mentioned above, the download folder is sort of a temporary repository, so if you have installed things from it, those files are no longer necessary. The caveat is also what he mentioned - If you need to reinstall at a later date and do not want to re-download things, moving them to another drive will allow you to just install from that. I tend to keep mine so that I can rebuild my OS drive from scratch if needed. To your question specifically, you can delete the (#) files in your screenshot. Those are duplicates of the ones without any number at the end (keep the "ProducerX3ePatch.exe" and delete the other two). Same with Native_Access_Installer.zip (you have one duplicate), and ProducerX3bPatch.exe (also one duplicate). The thing to watch out for is you *may* get into a situation where they all end with a number (but be the same size), so for that situation, you can keep one of your choice, then rename it to remove the (#) at the end. Also in the downloads, failed downloads sometimes remain with a "_part" at the end (meaning a partial file). Those will not run anyway, so are safe to delete. The same name (without the (#)) and size are good indicators of duplicates. Smaller files are often a nuisance to track down without a "Duplicate Finder" style application and rarely contribute to space issues, which is why I suggested "huge" or "gigantic" (files >16MB) previously. Those will eat up hard drive space quickly. If you do not use Beatscape, you can delete those files (or move them if desired). The "Loops and One Shots" replaced it, as scook mentioned previously.
  7. mettelus

    How to trim song ending?

    Barring the "how" you got there (which you would want to understand down the road), the easiest way to fix an already exported mix would be to start a new project, drag/drop that file into a track (either from the internal Browser (B) or Windows Explorer), trim/fade to taste, right click and "Bounce to Clip(s)" to commit changes to a new wave file, then drag/drop that file back to the Browser or Windows Explorer.
  8. mettelus

    new member with no idea

    As John mentioned, unless you get heavy-handed with plugins or synths, using CbB as a "digital tape machine" isn't going to stress a system meeting the minimum requirements for CbB. Bumping up audio buffers for post-production is pretty standard, and if/when you begin to hit hurdles on the system, there are ways to reduce system load (bounce tracks and archive originals, freezing synths, etc.). If the work flow of tape is your preference (or what you are most familiar/started with), you are actually going to be less challenged than someone who is just starting with music on a DAW.
  9. mettelus

    [SOLVED] Problems after July update

    This is an interesting observation, and most recommendations have been to only install the Graphics and PhysX drivers for the NVidia installation (not the personal experience or 3D stuff). I have gone so far as to disable the NVIDIA Display Container LS and NVIDIA Telemetry Container services... I found that NVidia is quite adamant about that telemetry service, so much so that it will not allow users to do anything with the files that it creates. It removes all of the control panel drill downs into NVidia settings, but Win10 hasn't seemed to have any issues using the drivers.
  10. mettelus


    LOL, yeah, I just perked up when it mentioned those two symptoms. The *real* condition is actually an extremely serious one, so that took the fun out of the whole situation as is progressed further. It went from funny to rather morbid in under two minutes.
  11. mettelus


    Doctor's offices tend to run a lot of Discovery Channel style medical stuff in the background while waiting, but this morning I perked up as it was going over "blah, blah, blah [tuned that out until]... the confusion of common words, or the confusion of words with similar sounds..." I had never heard the term before, but made me think of the CH for some reason.
  12. mettelus

    Xmas Beer Bottles $2 and free iZotope Iris 2

    LOL, if I didn't already own Iris 2, I wouldn't care wasting the $2 to get it. Makes me wonder if Iris 3 is on the horizon now too.
  13. mettelus

    Sonar Clean Up - X1 X2 X3 for CBB

    Couple quick notes: 1. Installation files are safest to move to external media (or another internal drive that isn't the OS drive). That puts them in a safer place, and frees up space on your OS drive. The contents of the "Downloads" folder I move religiously, and then sort the important stuff. 2. Watch for files ending in (#). Those are created when you move/copy files and elected to keep both versions. You have 3 copies of the X3e patch showing in that screenshot alone. [Edit: Had to log into my computer since the mobile version is inserting annoying emojis.] You can find those files by: In Windows Explorer, if you type ~="(" into the search field it will filter the search for only things containing the ( character (i.e. what is in the quotes; you can chose other things). Another alternative is to search your OS drive for anything "huge" or "gigantic," then make the call on why they are there, and if they should be.
  14. mettelus

    [SOLVED] Problems after July update

    Not installed 1903 yet, so making a quick comment to find this thread for when that time comes.
  15. mettelus

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    My apologies if I threw a wrench in the thread, but I'll freely admit that given your modest needs that throwing a DAW solution out would probably not fix all of your issues (especially system ones). It would be worth getting ”Bandlab Assistant" and then the newest CbB release to kick the tires on it and get any system issues addressed. CbB also introduced WASAPI driver mode that would allow you to troubleshoot sans interface for things like DPC latency issues. There are plenty of folks here that will stick with you to iron things out if you are willing to give that a go.