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  1. +1, this may be overkill for many folks, but if/when the time comes it would be good to have (even at this version only). Rather than fumble with cheap alternatives and deciding later that you need more, you would already have something that can do a lot more and work your way up from the basics - not really any different from starting using CbB to make pod casts, then deciding to work orchestration one day. This is an awesome opportunity for someone who "might one day" get into video work without having to shell out big bucks... and in the event that it is just a flash in the pan (which is common to see), at least it wasn't a massive money investment for nothing. I had not heard of HitFilm before, but I already like the workflow to it, and seems pretty easy to start simple and shift gears into complex. All of the FX "just working" with the supported programs is just a nice bonus. Christian... your post popped up as I was typing... my suggestion would be working with Resolve until you hit a wall requiring an upgrade (goes for any program really). You may not ever miss it.
  2. I had never even used this before, but started a project before the update with it loaded and the previous Ampire vanished on that track after the update (the FX was there, but the GUI went blank on it). That might get people upset enough to get that fixed. These are definitely usable, especially for free, but the noise gate does stand out. The amp hum is nice, but you rarely want that in the track. It is consistent enough that noise reduction would remove it, but PreSonus doesn't have a capture/remove print tool (yet). That video could have been done better IMO. Fumbling through a GUI in 23 minutes isn't as nice as a direct presentation in 6. I didn't make it past the "mics must be by cab" part of it.
  3. mettelus

    Melda BF Sale

    This was why Melda said they removed the ability to exclude 32-bit plugins. I assume they were getting support requests asking if users needed to install them or not.
  4. I never liked the time it took to use an expresso machine, and a regular machine will make some pretty strong coffee if the beans are ground to dust. Just be careful of this if the machine has a fast brew rate, since dust will plug the filters quicker and take longer to drain. You won't get the last bit of water from the grounds without pressure, but a high percentage of the coffee is actually in the first cup from a regular pot (even without grinding to dust). If you want to be hard core and not worried about getting your teeth dirty, Turkish coffee is actually made with the grounds in the cup (often with cardamom). You can swirl them and drink them too, or let them settle out.
  5. To clarify the OP, the title is a bit misleading, in that it is specifically for the MDE-X Multi-effects processor found in the Triton keyboards. Upside - all of the products are now on sale, including the Bundle of all products.
  6. This is not so much the use of varispeed (workflow vehicle) as it is the change in formant (end result). MeldaProduction's MAutoPitch is part of their free FX bundle, and will tap into the formants directly without requiring a pitch shift. I would give that a try and see how the results work for your material.
  7. First time ever I saw this message from Google Drive: "Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time. Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can't access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator." Mirror 1 actually gets a 2-4 MB/sec download rate, so not as low as I was expecting.
  8. I have never seen the rpm spec on these, but own two and they come across as 5400rpm drives to me. They get power via the USB cable, are heavy, and don't pull high transfer speeds; but they are good for backup storage options.
  9. It's cool, they are pretty thorough with things. I *think* you need to add a bundle to your cart to see the credit you get for owned plugins (is how it used to be), but the whole web site was redone, so it may be still be suffering growing pains.
  10. That is weird... makes me wonder if the custom install settings are mucked up. I have never had an issue with it either, but I have never adjusted any of those settings. Some apps do not react well to cleaning utilities, especially if they store app-specific data in temp directories. Purging those directories may reset them to "default," which may be another issue for broken links. Not sure if that applies to Spitfire's app, but is a possibility.
  11. I had bundle offers showing up saying "get x more plugins" upgrading to this/that bundle, and already own the MCompleteBundle. Try shooting him another email with the detail of what you are seeing. My case may have just been an easy fix (not showing bundles that folks already own).
  12. +1, not only that but Luke shot me an email response immediately about the error with the bundle offers in the user's account section, and it was fixed the next day (last Friday). I am going to download this now to check out that MCCGenerator... that could make certain automation lanes a thing of the past.
  13. Some apps always install to default locations and do not even give you an option, although it is worse when they give you an option and do not honor it. I have gotten into the habit of letting apps install where they want, then making a junction afterwards to where I want them to go (move the original folder, then junction where it came from). Saves me remembering what installed where that way too. I keep a batch file for each junction, which is also a handy reference if adding another sample drive... I have done this once and made the process far simpler to restore the machine (break the junction and point it to the new location). Interestingly Adobe and Corel have both broken junctions on subsequent installs, so I have had to redo the process a couple times. These were easy to spot with apps pinned to the taskbar, since they suddenly go blank due to a bad link.
  14. Hey Mike, I caught the last two of these (caught the comping the other day), and they are very well done. Nicely focused to the "task at hand" and using CbB with the perspective of a new user in mind (the free 3rd party usage was such a nice touch). The straightforward workflow explanation is exceptional IMO.
  15. Oooh... now can do a cover for
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