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    Moon Over Gotham

    Rico - Fantastic work with Kaiko Matsui. It's been many years since I've seen her band Live, hope to again soon, hope to see you then as well. That is my forte style of music, and I am really glad such talented folks are keeping it alive and well and carrying it forward. SWEET !
  2. Ok - I just re-checked and I am able to move a folder - Checked against a couple of other projects as well. I think I'm mistaken , but there does seem to be something different graphically about it that maybe I'm not remembering. Moving tracks outlines the the top of the track in yellow - and the arrow doesn't switch. This just looks differently when moving folders, but maybe it's been that way all along. I'll chalk it up my agey-ness .
  3. I'm having trouble Dragging folders around in Track View - I seem recall being able to do that in previous versions. It changes from small double arrow to selection arrow when I try to drag . Can anyone confirm this ? OR - am I mistaken about being able to do this previously?
  4. That would likely need to be a third party or Kurzweil utility. Their format of file / program identity and how it's registered to it's file management system would be unique to each synth maker. As far as midi at 0:0:0 is concerned - Midi is a serial protocol. If you have controller data, channel data, , patch recall and note data all trying to rush out the gate at the same time, there will be a train wreck. It's best practice to have note data start at least few ticks after 0:0:0 so higher priority data can be sent before you expect to hear a note. It's pretty typical to start note data at measure 2.
  5. Installed and operating fine on WIN7 system here. I'm starting a new mix and hope to put it through it's paces over the next few days.
  6. Would it be possible to switch the " hidden " effects on / off switch with the ever present lighted Pre / Post switch on the console views channel strips sends ? . It just seems more logical to see if effects are bypassed at a glance instead of having to mouse over the hidden switch. And - It seems to me that the pre-post switch is typically a purposeful set -up and doesn't need it's switch to be monitored. Would be cool if this could be reversed in preferences so as not to throw a monkey wrench in anybodies workflow if they like the way it is.
  7. Saturn sounds really good from the demoes I've seen regarding V1. Is the plug load very heavy with this? I find myself using the Tube plug-in in Pro channel more than I thought I ever would, and wonder if a few intenses of Saturn would have any significant hit on CPU.
  8. I can't believe you guys are still running with this thread ...... thank you very much
  9. OH -- I was going to say - probably because the people in the Coffee House are kind of numbskulls and they'd definitely abuse it.
  10. RBH


    in the Midi Track pane. You can choose NOTES ( which shows midi notes and velocity tails on a grid ) - or you can choose CLIPS which will still show notes ( with no grid ) - but it may also show controllers like modulation, pitch wheel etc. The drop down Midi TAB relates to what is shown in the Piano roll view. Piano Roll view can show all controllers and Velocity tails. Or you can choose to not show Velocity tails controllers etc via the drop down Tab.
  11. I've always used ( Delete Special ) and select automation - unselect events. These selections stick for the duration of the session. I think you can do this for multiple track selection as well.
  12. This is as straight forward as : Select both tracks - Bounce to tracks and select ( tracks ) as the source. You then can set as mono , stereo or dual mono as the output to a new track.
  13. When the blobs are in Gray - they are audibly bypassed - and used for visual reference ( they aren't available for editing - which is why you can't lasso them ). Try re-selecting the small orange blobs in the track select window.
  14. Claves are made from hardwood. I don't think I've heard of ceramic versions.
  15. Thanks Scook. I was hoping it was that straight forward.
  16. I'm seeking any information related to updating to current version from a system image restore from about 10 months ago. Are there any issues I should be aware of making a jump from a Cakewalk version from roughly last july to trying to install the current version.
  17. That consideration and efforts to help within the user base also extends to the Bakers themselves. They can't obviously open up to every issue that every user has. - But I know for a fact that they selectively help individuals out with their system issues in order to determine that it is in fact a user system issue and not a generalized software build issue. They are truly dedicated to building the best DAW software available. I've used a number of the competitions - and Cake is the best there is from an overall view.
  18. I appreciate learning this as well. I've always opened the marker-view to delete, this is perfect for quickly getting rid of a marker on the fly. For deeper editing, there is the markers view. as far as - " Having to memorize keystrokes just ain't fair play in 2020. " neither is interpreting what an icon is supposed to mean with minimum and typically no text labeling. I can appreciate cake utilizing the ( S )elect (P)unch (M)arker characters here. -
  19. You might want to check the TRACK PANE to see that the KEY # widget hasn't been changed to +1 . You can easily select that whole track and transpose - if the key notes are actually not correct. If they are correct in piano roll view but playing back a semi tone sharp then it's likely that something is transposing it upwards one note. Cake walks MIDI playback has been rock solid since well before the turn of the century.
  20. Thanks for the heads up on this - I haven't checked in a while.
  21. Hi Noel - Thanks for that - I did respond to your PM. The crash occurs after project load - and the project appears to load normally. It also crashes at blank project load - after loading. I'm currently rolled back to 2020-01. Glad to make whatever arraignments I can for your inquiry.
  22. @Noel Borthwick Noel, is there a possibility to include a previous version roll back feature to each new version release of CbB? I am still having issues with the Early Access release and I would hate to get into a situation where I would attempt to update and be stuck without a working version. I'm still having issues related to post
  23. Nicault - I am on a win 7 system also. There is a roll back installer where you downloaded the early release at the top of this forum thread. Simply download and install the roll back installer and will install the 2020 -1 release. I too am having issues installing the Early Release - as it crashes a video driver for some reason. I have not found a solution yet and I won't be installing the newest release until I can sort out my particular system issue. The crash does not appear to be generic in relation to a WIN 7 installation as other have installed it and it functions properly.
  24. Noel - I've done what I can to update all video drivers. I can't seem to find any other way to witness a crash outside of the EA install. I've also performed a couple of restore points to see if anything recent could be causing this. It seems consistent that this crash only appears after the EA install. The prior versions utilizing both existing and new basic template projects doesn't produce this. The EA utilizing existing and new basic template project loads produces the crash. Not sure what to try from this point. I'm hoping that the official roll out will also allow rolling back to 2020-01 version if it doesn't work? I've done probably 3 installs and 2 roll backs of the Early access install.
  25. Good to know Mark - thanks for that. I did the latest ( last probably ) win 7 update just before trying the EA. I'll see if rolling that back will get me going.
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