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  1. Thanks for comments Andy. This is the Concert Grand in my Casio PX-5S. This is what I'm using as a controller right now. I also tracked midi but didn't use it. Probably the thing making it thin is I likely rolled off too much base with EQ. The whole thing took me about 20 minutes to play and put together. Thanks you David. Much appreciated.
  2. I made this yesterday morning in a short amount of time as music for a pre service live stream. This is why it's 4 or so Christmas songs all strung together. I'm getting better at playing, mixing and mastering 10 minute segments of music fast.....I think. I made up the arrangements of these common hymns on the fly. I did not intend for it to in any way be loud so not much limiting was done. I would be interested to hear if you think this needs to be louder for the type of music it is.
  3. Tim Smith

    Before The Throne

    Thanks Bjorn! I guess it all depends on the material you are trying to make. Shevannai is similar to Mimi Page. The differences as I see between them is In Shenvannai there are more soundscapes which I don't tend to use because I like to build my own. Not sure if this is a typical thing with Edward's libraries- The included soundscapes don't mix well because they often have off tunings that cannot be changed. They are ok stand alone but not as a part of a mix so much in my opinion. The speaking phrases are definitely more geared to "elf" material in Shevannai than in Mimi Page. Not that you can't achieve similar in Mimi Page. In using Shevannai sometimes the samples hesitate almost like I have terrible latency. This does not happen in Mimi Page. They might be much larger samples. I would not buy Shevannai paying full price. I think it is a value on sale. Not sure what you mean?
  4. Tim Smith

    Harp and Flute

    It was mostly the harp in Aramadeus Orchestra.
  5. Tim Smith

    Harp and Flute

    Hi Larry, Thanks for your honesty here. It would not take much for me to totally scrap the flute and this just about pushed me over the edge. An explanation on the length. I seldom make anything this long. I made this to fill a 10 minute gap in a pre service live stream where they show online slides before the main event, hence the length. Having the music makes sure the audio part of the feed is working before we put the main feed online. The whole thing took every bit of maybe an hour to make at most which included the mastering and mixing. I could have saved some time had I left out the flute I think @PhonoBrainer was onto me already. Thanks to the rest who took the time to listen and comment! @antler @David Sprouse@jack c. and @Larry T. I find these comments very valuable in my mixing!
  6. Tim Smith

    UJAM Iron 2

    I think I popped for the 49. At the time it didn't seem like a bad deal. I wouldn't say it's "new and improved" it's just different. More tools in the box. I am still able to use both 1&2 no problem.
  7. @PavlovsCat this is a great idea. I don't have much to contribute that hasn't been mentioned. Spitfire felt piano is great for low key music. I second BBCSO Discover. I eventually upgraded still have discover. Ample Guitar lite is a very believable acoustic guitar that's free. Anyone who has watched Creative Sauce will find freebs in some of his videos.
  8. The forum goes deep and has been around for a long time. Several of the old timers have likely moved on to populate cemeteries here and there. I am now an old timer who was once a youngin' . I would say this is a community and not a forum in the sterile sense. No other DAW has this tight of a clan on a forum period. Trust me I've checked em all out. We lost several when Cakewalk was in trouble but some of those guys still come back here on occasion. Now I see new faces. Well ok. Not faces but you know what I mean. I hope it keeps the vibe.
  9. Bars or anywhere else people get loud are good places to break into playing out live. Nobody s really ever paying any attention to you and most of them don't hear you. It is truly just background noise. My vote for the loudest place I've ever been in around here is PF Chang's believe it or not. No live music in there. Just a whole bunch of people all talking at the very top of their lungs. No carpet on the floor. Acoustics are terrible highlighting the effect. I had to yell for the person next to me for them to hear me....and so is everyone else.
  10. Hi Paul, As a person who was sincerely trying to offer the best info I possibly could based on what I know. I still pulled that answer out of my butt so to speak. I hope the concept at least helped some. I simply see the ear as a pickup device which in your case is lacking in some areas and needs correction. Whether the correction is in two steps: Hearing aid>Headphone correction........................or one step. Headphone correction for flat response based on your ears. To me this would be the most comfortable. In any case I'm not sure how we could get away from two curves. Certain frequencies may have been especially hyped in the hearing aids and they likely were going for intelligibility as a goal over a flat response. ....and I hate to say it- if certain parts of the ear are 'dead' to certain frequencies, then nothing is going to help that. It's easy to suggest having this info but probably much more difficult to accurately obtain it, and this is such an individual thing that one case won't be like another. I hate to suggest augmenting with visual representations of the audio like a spectrograph, but maybe that would be helpful? The thing is you won't know if you made a good mix. You will only know you made a mix that sounds good to you. The real proof is to see how it sounds to others who you totally trust after you think you have it ironed out. Good luck!
  11. Never heard your music and I don't know what you wear. I will say I've seen some very famous sloppy dressed musicians and it seems to actually work in their favor.
  12. This is a typical Irish session for me most of the time. lol.
  13. Tim Smith

    Harp and Flute

    Here's one I made as intro music to a web feed. I am considering either completely removing the flute or re writing the flute part.
  14. Tim Smith

    Before The Throne

    Thanks guys for listening and comments.
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