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  1. You know you're famous when you only need two initials and the last name. H.G? Who doesn't know H.G.?
  2. Really? I had no idea about AOL still being around. I haven't heard of them in forever around here. And Netscape is Firefox? Interesting. Ever hear of Duckduckgo?
  3. I heard a guy say something that caused me to pause and think ( yes I do that occasionally). This guy said he went to the local electronics drop off place where they recycle old electronics gear. He mentioned he went into this storage trailer to offload an old stereo or something. He looked around at all of this stuff that people once took great pride in. Payed a lot of money for, and there it all sat now as junk waiting to be recycled. I bought an orbi a few years back and ended up with something else. It still sits in my garage like a bunch of other stuff. If I don't soon sell it I won't be able to give it away. My wife borders on being a hoarder so we have some old stuff. I'm not a hoarder but if you didn't know better you might think I was one because I have intentions to sell stuff and I forget or don't have the time to do it. I have an old computer case downstairs in my basement you could probably drive a small car into. I could go on and on. We need to streamline, simplify or whatever else they call it. I thought it was interesting someone was till playing with a C-64. I'm not sure why anyone would want to mess with one now. " Cool, we can still connect to BBs from 1994." Ok *scratching my head*. In order to fully understand maybe I need to understand geeks more. Can someone please explain geek fascinations to me?
  4. Pretty amazing this could all be done with 64kb of memory. I guess it used old floppies and cassette tapes. I first remembered hearing about music software on the Amiga, but the person in the video points out there is also something for the C-64. Interesting about America Online. I wonder what the UK equivalent was? Or did they also use AOL? At the time AOL seemed similar to Amazon, a huge entity that would never go away and only grow. About that time I had Netscape as my browser. Like AOL, I also seen them as a huge entity that would never go away. I don't even know what happened to them or AOL. I went from a phone line connection to a local DSL company that was painfully slow and undependable, but since I lived in a rural area, it was the best I could do. Cable TV was already a thing in cities and when I moved, I could get cable. Performance wasn't as good as it is now for cable modems. Still far better than DSL or a phone modem. Computers still had to catch up no matter how good the cable connection was. Remote connections to web pages was probably what drew me into having a computer in the first place. Music was an afterthought at that point, and frankly, nothing was very good yet for the basic average musician other than a few midi programs like Cakewalk and Opticode. Back in the day Cakewalk seemed more to me like a place where computer geeks who were also into music hung out. Not the streamlined efficient program it is today. People who liked playing with Linux programming and similar liked Cakewalk lol.
  5. This is for all of the geeks out there. I remember the commodore 64 but never owned one. It did occur to me that if I wanted hack free communication this might be the way to go, but maybe not. Everything is so old, I doubt much is compatible with it. I remember dial up modems. I was on America Online at the time, but I was using a 286.
  6. Can u play us a few lines on the bazz ? Is she active or passive?
  7. The sheer number of things that could go wrong in any live setup has always caused me concern from the beginning. No matter how sure I thought I was. something would happen that bothered me. Most recently I was asked to show up to play keys. I get there thinking I will be the only keys player and there's another player there, so I think they must have scheduled us together accidentally. Nope. I am supposed to add an organ under the main keys. Of all the things I dread doing it's playing keys under another keys player because I tend to be 'busy' when I play alone and I don't consider myself an organist. To make matters worse the keyboard they have is a Roland. Roland has some of the worst organ patches on the planet. The leader realizes he sound he had in his head isn't the sound we are getting, so they end up turning my organ way down in the mix. I'm still on in ears, but I don't think anyone else hardly hears it, which was probably a good thing. The patch was THAT bad. It sounds like the intro on a 1970s game show. That isn't all. There are piles of music on the seat in all different keys and we are playing stuff I have never heard before. I ask for music and am pointed to the pile. Oh there's the song they are playing! Wait! It's in a different key. Closest I have ever come to walking right off the stage for good. Not 1 hour later I am to be standing in front of 300 people playing this and I have Alley Oop for a leader.
  8. If what you are talking about is what I think you are talking about, he would need a willing recipient. That's probably the taller order.
  9. There are cyclic patterns. No I left my tin foil hat back at home. The Mine camplesss beans rabbit hole gets deeper. There is history and then there is HISTORY. The stuff not deemed as important by someone somewhere. Thanks for this.
  10. I hear you're pretty good with Am.
  11. Just wanted to point out a slight misspelling issue 🤣
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