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  1. Same here. I have a bunch. It has been argued there isn't much difference between free plug ins and paid ones. I would take this on a case by case basis since they are not all equal. In some cases there is a HUGE difference in audio quality and processes. In other cases the lines are more blurred. Tokyo Dawn and Melda are just a few who offer a few free plugins as leaders to their paid product. There are other companies out there that have a hand full of very useful free plugins. Pros and cons to each. A person has nothing to loose by trying free plugins(unless malware is piggy backing on them) I would only download from reliable sources. Some are gifted at writing plugins and not very business savvy. They get their reward by seeing the numbers of persons who download what they made. There is some satisfaction in that. Others might have a donation box on their web site. There are some amazing free plugins out there. There are others that were just someone's hobby, they might work ok but not the best. If I were looking at free plugins I would not try anything old like 32 bit stuff, but that's me. Theoretically, a person could get along just fine with the RIGHT free plugins in addition to their DAW. Ongoing support and updates are reasons to stick with paid plugins. Generally speaking bought plugins are often much better written and implemented than paid plugins. Makes sense- larger and often more skilled design teams. And you could literally have hundreds of them because they don't have a huge footprint compared to something like sample libraries. It only stands to reason I guess that if a person downloaded a free DAW like CbB, they might be into free plugins as well.
  2. Only a small percentage of the population has near perfect symmetry. I was sorta kidding about it. Not too long ago there was a study covering what makes attractive people attractive, and it was determined many of them have good symmetry. We subconsciously see beauty in symmetry. Truly perfect symmetry looks a bit odd. As an example they took a person and photo shopped one side as two. People with noticeably off symmetry as in unusual cases are not seen as attractive. Just another lump of probably useless data. As people age some of their facial features continue to grow.
  3. I have heard if we look in the mirror and don't see symmetry something might be off. I mean.....it could be a problem with the mirror too. After years using one of the older cell phones I think it grew my left ear about 2% bigger than my right ear. Darned radiation.
  4. It might make you feel good temporarily. Is there summin' wrong with that Alembic guy ?
  5. I'm going to step away and when I come back I hope I'm back in the normal reality. Note to self- Stay away from those oatmeal pies.
  6. Yeah I know. Not a common figure of speech in Britain I know. I will often use " I think" or "I believe" . Over there you might say " I reckon" at least this is what I have understood they say in Manchester. Just empty English jibberish sort of stuff I suppose. " I suppose" sounds a little better I suppose? Am I over thinking this?
  7. Is it just me or does this guy resemble Benny Hill?
  8. I generally don't like to stick out in public. I like to blend. This means if I go into Walmart I have to find something unusual to wear. My toes don't see the light of day much.
  9. Oh man. The last time I bought chocolate I thought it was going to be good. It was 99%cocoa. Nope. It tasted like a block of unsweetened chocolate because that's what it was. Hershey moved their production to Mexico and that chocolate isn't as good any more. I think German chocolate is where it's at. JMO. Coffee? Say no more. Becan? No one around here cares much for it. * ducks and runs*.
  10. The sarcastic side of me- Great, another tool to make the very best music possible that will be mixed down to a 128 mp3 and never get past the ceiling.😁 The optimistic side of me- Presonus is making lots of money! Was that optimistic?
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