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  1. 'Twas hoping for those mysterious long-scale bass lines.
  2. My guess is, you can do everything you need to do in premiere elements? Except for live streaming, does premiere pro do live vid? I don't think so. P. Elements is dead simple and cheaper, I think, and has a crapton of effects and transitions, with hardly any learning curve. Don't forget After Effects for the wow! type stuff.
  3. Had the privilege of seeing Tito Fuentes back in the day. A Giant.
  4. This seemed promising, but unfortunately I am looking for "hay!" shouts.
  5. Man, this song really hangs together well. Great vocals, and I liked the video when you had light beams shining out of your face! And the overly colorized Dr appointments, how did you do that effect? Really cool, Lynn. Cheers, -Tom
  6. Can the dead boost the main vocal up a tad? I think you should shine the light on the experimental vocals, there's a lot of coolness going in there! all wookie synths are in excellent spots and are as creative as usual. A pleasure for the ears. Maybe they dance on the ceiling with Lionel Ritchie???
  7. Chops, man, chops. Great arrangement and groove, love it.
  8. emeraldsoul


    Love that movie. Excellent piece and a good save! Your piece evokes it, to an extent. Maybe if dystopian Los Angeles got moved a little closer to the Mississippi Delta . I think I'd agree, maybe not quite hpf but cut a db or two from wherever your bass is peaking? It's got a super cool vibe and spaciousness that you could add more washy things to, though that might not be your target. "I want . . . more . . . life . . . f%%%%r!" cheers, -Tom
  9. Just chiming in to say that although this may be glib hucksterism, I really do appreciate and learn from Huart's mixing vids on YouTube. He makes things easy to digest.
  10. Uh oh. Any owners who would rave about this? Either way?
  11. I gave up on them about 8 years ago.
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