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  1. So at last, his sequel album, finally? Comes full circuit.
  2. Whats the preferred tape machine? Just trying to avoid having to demo 4 tape machines plus the echo. I currently use Softube Tape, which is a bunch of tape settings in one plugin. Kudos for convenience. I also have Taupe from Acustica, which has a UI that challenges my old timers. Plus it destroys CPU. I'd be prioritizing a sense of 3D depth, and that pleasant smoothing of transients . . . Thanks for any tape tips!
  3. you are getting some very good mix ears, John. The bass and drums are perfect, the piano too. Maybe the strings jump out a bit forward in spots, but no harm really. the mix was bright yet full in the bottom - very cool! cheers, -Tom
  4. vocal are great, great bgv's. The drums are your biggest challenge here I think. I think they need to be bigger, closer, less reverbed away. Bass guitar can hardly be heard. These are things you will likely polish up and I think you definitely should, very good song, and as I started with, great vocal!!! cheers, -Tom
  5. hard not to like! catchy groove and the mix sounded clear and professional. Dug her accent. cheers, -Tom
  6. Thanks much. That seems to require a newer bfd purchase? I was originally working from a purchase of bed eco, which were those cymbals. I think everybody bailed on bfd eco, as it's now called a dead legacy product. For some reason.
  7. Sorry, dumb joke made before coffee. I checked the info and its mostly about sounds that supposedly represent metallic elements. Putting two metals together (like copper and tin) making an alloy (bronze). So, dumb joke, swing and a miss. Sorry!
  8. Don't forget to try two different instances running through izotope's Alloy.
  9. Something very cool about your voice, I like the doubling, and the chorus vocals with the bgv's, great stuff. Sounds like lots of thought went into the bgv's in that chorus. Very effective! cheers, -Tom
  10. Me too, and those cymbals were the best I've ever used, and I have SD3. So bummed they just got sucked under and never reissued.
  11. emeraldsoul


    Thanks Paul for the comment! Thanks Douglas, appreciate it! Thanks Bjorn! I was going for a kind of hypnotic heartbeat rhythm, glad it worked for ya.
  12. emeraldsoul

    Young Love

    I don't know where to start. Vocal performance excellent, super emotive and interesting. Snare was excellent, just a perfect tone. Laid-back yet driving groove, really excellent. the mixture of guitars. excellent indeed. The song? Excellent. so if I'm really picking the nits on the nits . . . the initial groove was hard to catch in the first three seconds, something wasn't lining up maybe? And the acoustic/nylonish guitar on the right? in the intro, could use maybe a bit more short reverb? It sounds a tad dry and almost like the sustain has been cut off intentionally? sheesh that was really excellent - great song and great skills. cheers, -Tom
  13. Spring has sprung, thank god. Loved the jam and count me in for the banjo, loved that too. Some timing in the middle with the guitar I think, could be edited away easily. I just loved the sunny melody fitting the sunny scenes. Always a pleasure, I appreciate your compositional range, from avant garde to orch to chill-out jazz like this. You are your own lane. cheers, -Tom
  14. Phil, really great job here. The song holds up well all by itself, my only thought was maybe in the spoken rap sections the vocals could come up just a bit in volume, but good enough as is. If you put that together in just a couple of days, that's a helluva job! Visuals suited the story but the song carries both imho. Nice! cheers, -Tom
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