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  1. emeraldsoul

    There Before

    Mix is super well balanced, hard to find a crit. Maybe snare up a little? Overall I was expecting a few more punchy drum fills towards the end of a verse, going into a chorus - I think a few more of those might suit. There are some, just might drive it a little harder with some more drum fill tom n splash. I know, it's a ballad, don't wan t to overdo that. Cool tune! -Tom
  2. emeraldsoul

    Spurious Correlations

    Don't forget the inverse correlation between participating in this forum, and winning a BRIT or Grammy or suchlike.
  3. emeraldsoul

    Kush Audio Weekend Sale

    Any suggestions?
  4. emeraldsoul

    When I Post In the can, "cans."

  5. emeraldsoul

    When I Post In the CH

    I'll get me hat. Where's my hat? Oh, men without hats.
  6. emeraldsoul

    Fabfilter Summer Sale

    Pro-Q 3 changed how I mix. Mid-side is brilliant. I want to go back and re-mix all my old mud. And Pro-L 2 is the best limiter I have ever used. Those two would be my pics. Wondering if the Fab reverb is any vast life changer? As I have several other excellent reverbs, does the Fab have any unique qualities?
  7. emeraldsoul

    Summer Dreaming - Song # 8

    From the standpoint of composition, I thought it was great! Interesting chord progressions that don't go to cliche places. Very tasteful and well mixed instrument choices and arrangement ideas. From the standpoint of guitar tone, holy jeepers, very clear, wonderful harmony lines, extremely well played! A pleasure to listen to that guitar. And the supporting instruments just . . . support. The bass is perfect volume for me, the drums might come up, or closer to the listener, just a smidge. Beautiful! My crit might be the piano, do you have another instrument or vsti? This one has a midi honky tonk detuned sound and it's not half as tonally 3D as that wonderful guitar, and it bangs away rather dry compared to the more roomy tone of the rest of the arrangements. I listened several times. Joe Walsh would like this. I like it too! cheers, -Tom
  8. emeraldsoul

    I Smell Fish

    I smell the halls of the Crimson King of 2019. Nice yet brief, too brief.
  9. emeraldsoul

    Get rid of your studio

    . . . if the whole rig and the surrounding pond were on fire. . .
  10. emeraldsoul


    What's a cinnamon for aphasia?
  11. emeraldsoul

    Project names /workflow question

    Or you could just stack 'em up like cordwood. Starting a new "unfinished song no. 456" is a lot more fun than actually finishing an old one.
  12. emeraldsoul

    A fun quiz

    Newton messing about with light going through a prism?
  13. emeraldsoul

    When I Post In the CH

    That tree could use a melting clock drooping off a limb.
  14. emeraldsoul

    Music for a podcast series . . .

    "15 Minutes of Shame" My son and his friend have generated a podcast series, to which I have, with their assistance, contributed some music. It's been fun to write some songs and to watch them learn the process of writing / editing / recording / editing / more editing. They worked hard and I just contributed a few tunes along the way. In particular, the "theme song" which is really featured in the last minute of each episode. Their commentary can get political, so fair warning. Thanks for giving it a spin if you have the time . . . cheers, -Tom Or this youtube link: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCj8PsuUfz3OhdeGZxPQbgzw