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  1. emeraldsoul


    Hard not to like. I'm a sucker for world stuff. I'd say tablas could come in a biu earlier (they are great) and the sitar has a bit of a piercing resonance up top. Not quite icepick, but close. You might look at the eq curves in realtime on that sitar, do you have a big spike above zero around 5kHz when that Sitar is a wailin' ? You do want a sitar to have a bitey treble component. I'm talking around :58 . . . All of those samples sound really great and you have mixed them with full respect to the hypnotic manthric chantiness they are supposed to have. You've got it from Madras, Oregon to Madras, India. cheers, -Tom
  2. Vocals have a nice grit on them, and you might add in just a bit of some lower mids on them. The rhythm guitar is very well played throughout, for whatever reason I found myself focusing on that, and missing it when it wasn't there. I'd say your background vocals have a cool part and it's a nice add but their sound is a bit muffled, like you used a totally different mic, something more low-fi? I'm not a great mixer of vocals myself, but listen to the clarity of lead voc, organ, rhythm guitars - then listen to the bgv's. Big difference. I'd like to hear what if anything you do to this! BTW what's it about? I thought I heard "eric Clapton" as a lyric? Probably crazy, I am. cheers, -Tom
  3. Well I'd say it has it's own sound, like a sonic signature. Do you have a limiter on the master bus? If so, and if it's cranked a bit, back off on that to get some dynamics back. ? Weirdly though, those high violins sound clear, and the synthbass is there yet controlled. It does sound to me like there is a compressor or limiter somewhere that could be taken down just a hair. Aside from that, it's very inventive in the composition department, and tells of an interesting album to come. Nice work! -Tom
  4. Whaat? Alan Parsons Project has a new album??? Fantastic!!! I remark in approval. I seriously could listen to a playlist of tunes like this for hours. Got any more? I bet you do! Yes the horns scream midi from the '90's but as I remember, they evoke nostalgia in the earbrain and so there you are. It's not a deal breaker for me. I like your vocals, the performance and the tone. Want a crit? Maybe move that creepy little woodblock panned far left in just a bit. I could feel my eyes going over there whenever it hit. Maybe a bit more low end added back to that disco synth bass? Or add in another bass, maybe another deep ***** synth bass, on just the low hit of that disco octave, mixed in subtly. Might beef it up just enough without tweaking the bass patch you have. If that makes sense. Nice tune Keith. -Tom
  5. Royal disdain for Meghan's white trash family must have been a factor. Even if you hate Bill Maher, you'll probably like this . . . or some if it . . . or none.
  6. Stupid dumb cancer. So glad you have clearance, Clarence. These things are unnerving. Thanks for telling us. Many good wishes for a complete recovery, musical and otherwise. -Tom
  7. emeraldsoul

    Empty Rooms

    Like Christopher Cross and Dire Straits got together? Way cool. I really like the space in the mix, and just one crit, check the levels on the vocal and the lead guit, sometimes they jump out really loud, just for a moment. For example, vocals at 1:30, guitar at 2:50. I like a cool story song, and the guitar and vocal performances are quite excellent. Cheers, -Tom, who happens to be currently working up an original tune "Empty Room" !!! Not as good as yours, sadly . . .
  8. That's an awesome response so thank you! You cover and connect cancer to all sorts of topics. I'd like to ask about oxygen therapy. Is that targeted? As I understand it, cancer cells in tumors use more glucose and more oxygen, so I wonder how more oxygen wouldn't just feed all cells, including the cancer? You may not know and this isn't Cancer Corner.com so just wondering. Thanks for your deep thoughts.
  9. @geeare1 - thanks for the mix comment, and yes there are a few mood swings swinging fairly quickly in this one. Appreciate the listen and the time . .. @David Sprouse - yes those bells kind of grab the ear and cleanse the palate. I didn't really fuss with them at all, a happy accident. Many thanks . . .
  10. I sent Gary out for more Oreos. Tom here, and thanks for the comments! I checked on the file on Soundcloud and it's there, so perhaps the cloud coughed up a hairball. cheers H.S. !
  11. True, and yes, a serious wondering. Of course the effect of magnetic fields might vary due to 1. Length of time of exposure, and 2, proximity. Or not at all. Thanks for the research, nice to know that. I hope the Mayo research . . . holds.
  12. Ah then that makes perfect sense. I too have older projects from that decade where my ears and brain wistfully cling to the cheese! What to do? Make nachos! Heck of a good song, regardless of decade.
  13. Preface: I have no research nor any bona fide information at all to support this wondering. Having seen the godlike and taken-too-soon Mr. Peart in picture after picture wearing headphones, which are pretty much decent-sized magnets in proximity to the brain . . . and extrapolating a rock n roll lifetime's use of headphones. . . was wondering if those magnetic fields could extend into brain tissue and disrupt cell replication at a DNA level. Crazy? Stupid? Does anyone have any facts or near facts to support or debunk this idea? I've always been in headphones myself and have often wondered about potential problems with brain cancer. RIP Neal and thanks for all the escapes that helped to soothe the unattractive truth.
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