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  1. That's what I figured so I bought it already! Thanks for the heads up!
  2. How is it on cpu? Sounds like a great find!
  3. Well, my EZxperience was I bought in, with 5 or six libraries, and eventually got underwhelmed by the baked-in EZ sound, by which time I realized for about the same money I coulda and shoulda just bought into SD3, which I eventually did . . . YMMV of course, but now my EZ stuff just sits there collecting silicon dust, and I wasted money buying drums twice. The midi files that came with the EZ stuff will certainly work triggering SD3 but they are all like 2 bars long, much shorter than the 8 bar phrases SD3 gives you. So just a word to the fence sitters out there . . .
  4. I can't release the name of my credit card until I've notified its next of kin . . .
  5. $42.98 @ Audiodeluxe.com, plus I had 7 AudioDeluxeBucks, so 35. Not bad for this level of tool! . . . which is what they say when I gig . . .
  6. I demoed this and like it, a great tool but the compression is beyond clean and clinical. It isn't meant to be a character compressor, but wow it's just so damn squeaky clean. I guess you put it on first, then muck up the signal with color later. Does something else do what this does, only with character? That would be interesting . . .
  7. I tend to use it on sources that need a bit more low and mid presence. I wouldn't feature it on cymbals. I like how it thickens my nasally vocal! Great wet/dry blend. I usually run it at about 70%, anything higher starts to crush stuff. The downside might be CPU usage, it's not light, and you can't dial it back with any oversampling settings, there are none.
  8. Tell me what you think because I can't use that thing enough, just love it.
  9. Well, would you say the choices on offer all focus on mixing rock, or modern pop? Did you notice any that focus on mixing jazz, funk, or edm stuff? Or classical/soundtrack type stuff? Not to say there wouldn't be any overlap . . .
  10. Ah, Bill. The remedy is simple. If you don't like the terms and conditions YouTube offers you, you are free to sashay off and create your own multi-billion dollar market-crushing video platform behemoth. Or, Vimeo, the ugly stepbrother they hide under the stairs. Or if you can dance and have the attention span of a microbe, TikTok.
  11. A nice freebie for you crackle addicts.
  12. That would explain the cpu! Is this comparable in sound quality to omnisphere? Or do you buy in at the first price and then spend more for ad packs up the wazoo? I'll check the demo so I'm not a total ***** . . . just an initial question . . .
  13. Yes, especially considering how incredibly dangerous it was to sample the round robins.
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