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  1. I think you have all the elements here and I like Country and Western and Southern Fried Rawk and Blues and . . . if this were my mix I 'd kick the main vocal up at least a db and tuck the acoustic guitars underneath it. Maybe a touch more reverb or delay on the lead violin. The slide guitar and the guitars are great adds, and the drums/bass are solid and know their place. is it "past rushes" or "pass rushes" ?? Very well done! cheers, -Tom
  2. Something in the Water +1!!! Dig the groove. Good luck on your project. I'm on a song every six months for the duration! cheers, -Tom
  3. Have you all gone mad??? Why is this post even in here ???? HERESY !!!
  4. A lot of people are saying that.
  5. Bad Karma! If you loot in a fire evacuated neighborhood, you deserve to get burned.
  6. THAT'S why you're the King, and we're all just Oompa Loompas!
  7. It's our fault for not vacuuming the forest floor as well as those socialist Finns.
  8. I feel like the sanctity of the Deals forum is being violated by Coffee Haus punnery. It's like farting in church. Or so I'm told.
  9. For me, Kaleidoscope is cheaper. Empirical, incontrovertible fact.
  10. . . . the vendors?
  11. Modest Mouse is a band that should be. Very.
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