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  1. Welcome back! That's a killer vocal, dude. Nice tune indeed. Your JoeWalshianTone guitar lead in the 2:20's could be louder to my ears, that's a nice component. Hey your piano chord comes primarily on the one . . . what about a piano chord on 1,2,3 and 4? Just sometimes, it might add a bit of drive or Dancehall stomp? There's an unwanted and unnecessary idea for you . . . let me know if you need more! Always a good listen, your tunes are. cheers, -Tom
  2. Fabio Bitflipper looks as good today as he did back then . . .
  3. I can't believe it. Waves is having a sale on plugins.
  4. Yep that's a total winner. Lyrics are a home run and very well served by the wonderful arrangement. Both vocals are a treat to listen to! I think more people should hear this one. cheers, -Tom
  5. Reminded me of the coolness of early Genesis, Peter Gabriel. I had fun trying to guess what was coming next, and had fun giving up! Very inventive all the way through. I listened on headphones but there was puh-lenty of bass guitar. I wonder what people on proper listening systems will think? And the drums could somehow come up a bit, but it's a busy mix with that synth pad and the wonderful guitars. By the way, really cool guitar tones. I liked those chromatic drop-downs a lot. The outtro has a cool honky-tonk vibe, nice touch there. cheers, -Tom
  6. That's a good mix right there! I could call attention to quite a bit of quality mix effort, but for some reason those horn parts stood out. Not bad in the patch department but I think the horn lines you wrote really fit the spaces in the song, and sounded like a well thought out horn arrangement. Also the chorus, where I think you doubled the lead vocal? Nice one there. On the "what the huh?" side, I actually don't think I have a clue as to what your song is actually about. Seems like you are referencing something very specific to you? Or something you have observed? That's just grand, of course, but as a listener I'm left out on this one. So what the hell is goin on??? Or am I just "left to my own interpretation?" Which is fine too. nice tune, that's the main thing. cheers, -Tom
  7. Definitely the best thing Thomas Dolby was ever involved in.
  8. Those presets exactly! Just a touch of magic. And you can easily raise and lower the effect on I think 7 or 8 little eq sliders. Pretty sure George Martin would have used it if he could. Totally worth your demo effort.
  9. emeraldsoul

    Hey There

    Excellent. Perhaps more bass guitar in the mix? Plus start with the bass right away? I'd say everything else is a treat. Vocals are Beach-Boise. Your best vocals methinks ??? Awesome. cheers, -Tom
  10. Regardless of genre or time, those vocals are processed very very well and they just pop from a mix that could bury them. Kudos. I liked the track and it's kind of soft industrial if so. A-ha meets Rammstein and the winner is . . . Dead Can Dance! very cool track, cheers, -Tom
  11. Once it got into the funk groove, I dug it. Very solid pocket. Didn't mind the chaos one little bit! Maybe vocal just a bit more prominent in the mix at times. Can you hear your words consistently or does the effectery wash them out one in a while? Still those funky demons gotta swirl. Long live your experimental music! cheers, -Tom
  12. I've got a lot of perfectly good baseball caps I just can't wear in public anymore.
  13. What do you call a Russian leader standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon?
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