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  1. emeraldsoul

    This Is Your Life

    Interesting tune! I like it. The vocals I think are especially well mixed. Do I hear a delay of the main vocal fading out into the right speaker? Whatever your lead processing is, super great. Very clear lead vocal. I might ask for just a bit more variety in the drum programming but it's a bit of an 80's throwback maybe? A couple of 80's electronic tom fills would sit nicely alongside that 2-and-4 80's snare, in the back half of the tune. What a niggle. Great mix on a very cool song. cheers, -Tom
  2. Van Morrison and Joe Walsh had a baby. very cool guitar leads, you be a talented player! -Tom
  3. Welp, I don't think you have a deess problem, I think you have a midrange piano problem. You might volume automate the piano mids down when she is singing. That is a show stopping vocal. On the piano solo, you can hear the midrange problem, and is the piano compressed a fair bit? You might back off on that to keep the piano more dynamic. Killer diller!!! Great performance, and the sparse mix is a great choice here. cheers, -Tom
  4. Some very thoughtful musical ideas, builds, and over all still very listenable. Mix thoughts? Maybe start with a listen to the hi-hats and cymbals. Super compressed and flangey. Not much headroom for dynamic playing. no soft, no loud, all just pretty up there. Next I hear how those hi hats are completely masking the snare. I think you want the snare as much as the hi hats, at least? You might try taking the compressor(s) off of the drums. See where that leads you? What compressors are you using? Your song is very much worth some mixing experimentation. Enjoy! -Tom
  5. Great lyrics. I'm with you. Greetings from Camp Hiawatha . . . . . . which has closed and been redeveloped as a Gamestop-anchored strip mall . . . . . . which itself has closed down . . . . . . so maybe y'all should have just gone outside and played more.
  6. I liked the song, was expecting prog, got prog, all good! Drums particularly. I really enjoyed the musical journey. The video is for me at its best towards the end, with visually ambient and abstract stuff. The beginning with the drag queen guy seemed to introduce a character study of some sort, which went absolutely nowhere. Or did it? Yeah, nowhere. I've made enough "video clip compilation" vids to have experienced the "road to nowhere" issue myself! The song is killer, just wondering if other listeners will feel differently about what they see vs. what they hear. Overall it's a good package, it gets you thinking, but for me the song is well out in front on this one. cheers, -Tom
  7. Thank you for letting go of the hi hat during the drum fill! As one would. Guitar tone is great, and does harken back to 1962 or some such. A cool rendition for sure. cheers, -Tom
  8. emeraldsoul


    It starts very abruptly, you might add some space to the very front. I like your tunes. On this one I'm hearing some interesting percussion adds, some claps and such. I think something to look around for might be a different hi hat, which seems to be predictable and at the same volume every hit. The cymbal also has a mechanical quality. What are you using for drums? Don't get me wrong, these hi-hats and cymbals work in what I think your genre is, and basically are a part of your style. But if you are looking for a different sonic world, you might start experimenting with those. There are more organic possibilities. cheers Kakku, another happy winner! -Tom
  9. Hi Martin, if that be your name! I'd agree the left guitar is a bit too up front or loud, and it's way drier (less reverb) than the right side. Maybe a touch more reverb on the left, and not so hard panned left, might be worth a try. Care to post the lyrics? Curious! Nice vocals, nice melody for sure. Definitely could use more drum fills along the way. Fun to program in SD3! Most important, your performance conveys a real sense of energy. Very cool. cheers, -Tom
  10. In my experience pultecs are hard to judge, are very subjective to the ear. I have both s oftube and waves and would use them in that order. I also had acustica purple, thought it quite good, until it started not playing nicely with other plugins in my daw. Good luck!
  11. I could use an awesome pultec, but the softube ones I use aren't too bad. Hopefully Slate doesn't overpromise, overmarket, overhype, and then we all wait a year.
  12. I have this, and I think it's only going to sound good in a big busy mix. When you use these in any small combo, or God forbid, solo contexts, they to me sound really synthy and fake. The price is cheap, bUT maybe look at Vintage Horns 2, Hollywood Pop Brass, or there used to be one called I think Antique Brass. Another winner is 8dio's Euphonium. Best of luck, brass is the toughest nut to crack.
  13. You can upgrade your Reaction Count points using your Cake Slices but not your Jamlab credits. Tuesdays are 10% off 55 and older.
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