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  1. emeraldsoul

    Take Me As I Am

    Great vocal on this! I'm sure the art of mixery will flatten out the wrinkles in time, but it starts with cool lyrics and a pleasant voice to listen to, and this has both . . . I'm sorry you are essential! Stay safe!!! cheers, -Tom
  2. Top notch sound quality and chops! Brought me back to some of the early Joe Walsh instrumentals which I loved and still do. thanks for all your effort on that, very cool outcome.
  3. This song has a lot of great performance in it and emotion as well, so you are good there! If I get a mix vote, I'd move those cymbal crashes from their extreme panning on the edges to something more towards center. They way they kept splashing hard left / hard right for me detracted from the song, and I was not wearing headphones. good song hombre! cheers, -Tom
  4. emeraldsoul

    Cabin Fever Blues

    Good thing I had my piano up when I listened! Thanks for the jam! I like your blues piano improv choices. Bueno mix. The very very end could have a sustain to let the last notes fing out and fade. It just chops off. that was fun, thanks! -Tom
  5. emeraldsoul

    8Dio free ASMR

    Thanks Fleer, I'm in! <whispering>
  6. expectations were not unmet, enjoyment was had, and unconventions were marvelled at. cheers, -Tom
  7. "Trying" is my favorite part. No bacon was actually stolen. And you're still gonna get new cans out of the deal. Well done! Any thoughts on Massdrop knock offs? I have not bought from them but they purport to be quality versions for less money. Anyone have experience?
  8. So very nice of you to deliver us food! About when should I expect it? You may have sent out a master schedule to the group, I may have missed it. To make things easier for you, I am ok with pineapples on pizza.
  9. Having bought a coronaload of plugins for mixing, here's the ones I actually always use. . . EQ = Fabfilter ProQ3, Maag 4, Oeksound Soothe Comp = Waves API2500, the Glue, Softube Drawmer s73. (Limiter = Fabfilter pro-L 2) Specializers = Softube Tape, Zynaptiq intensity Modulaters = Waves Brauer motion, Soundtoys echoboy and filterfreak and Microshift Reverb = Seventh Heaven, Breeze 2, Spaces What am I missing out on???
  10. Andy! Stranger things are yet to come for us all, I'm afraid . . . many thanks for the listens, I hope you and yours are faring well through this . . . in future vids, no more dentists without prior disclaimer!
  11. Bjorn I think you and I live on the same musical street a lot of the times. Thanks so much!
  12. I hadn't thought about that, it's true! Thanks for the listen . . .
  13. emeraldsoul


    Of course I would love this!!! old sound clips, Tangerine + Kraftwerk influenced, really well mixed. Thanks for the fun, Bjorn! Extra Credit for awesome use of mod wheel! cheers, -Tom
  14. This is what I want to listen to when I'm in the outer bay airlock preparatory to my spacewalk to go pry the Neptunian Squid off of the starboard sewage port. sonically, 10/10. cheers, -Tom
  15. I'll see your Waylon Jennings reference, and raise you Gordon Lightfoot and Bruce Cockburn. Vocals are really good! The guitars shine as well. Lyrics keep you in the song, to say the least! cheers, -Tom
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