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  1. emeraldsoul

    Storm Damage

    Jeepers. Nice run of luck you've had of late . . . best wishes.
  2. emeraldsoul


    It's only that faster phrase where she is singing a cadence in a faster bpm that kinds challenges the ear. That middle, more droney, slower part, you have it lined up really well. The washiness of the deep reverbs never becomes boring. You might even add a smidge of rvb or pitch shifting to the bass, which as is works but could maybe gel more with a little sauce on it. I think this is pretty killer, when she is slower, it gets into cool manthric territory very quickly. cheers, -Tom
  3. emeraldsoul

    Signals from the Heavens

    I dig the groove, and that second bass tone that comes in, very cool. The perc is all over the place, in a very good way. Hope you are thinking about some lyrics? That was a very engaging listen. cheers, -Tom
  4. emeraldsoul

    Horizons (Steve Hackett Cover)

    Love the live sound. It's "close up and personal" and "roomy" all at once, and both support each other. It's a very pretty song, and I don't think I've heard it before. Nice job on them harmonics, and the guitar sounds fabulous. Curious, what mic did you use? Or was it two mics? cool chops, man. Thanks for sharing the listen. -Tom
  5. emeraldsoul

    "You" by Scandalous Grace

    I like this, perhaps the best I've heard from y'all . . . the sibilance on the left bgv's - that's it. Easy to fix. That's a nice guitar solo! Maybe double it, to thicken to taste? The ending fade is pro. this is a good mix indeed. cheers, -Tom
  6. emeraldsoul

    Can't Wait - work in progress (remixed 6/23)

    For a WIP those vocals are suh-weet. I can relate so totally to "being too familiar with a mix" and there comes a time to hear new idearrs! So my "fresh ears" are telling me a few things. 1. leave the vocals alone. They are friggin great already. Love the delay. 2. The intro - the bass is playing a really straight beat, while the drums have a little swagger. They aren't lining up. Once the song proper starts, it's all groovin. Question - do you need that intro? 3. The drum kit, the cymbals are pretty decent level, maybe a bit more reverb? but ye olde snare seems kind of buried, and the kick is more implied than heard. This song doesn't need a big heavy kick or anything, maybe just a tad more. 4. Bass seems great. Moves things along nicely. 5. Whatever organ patch you have in the intro is nicely presented and a good volume. In the song itself, the patch changes, gets panned extreme right, is louder, and seems a little scrapey. Scrapey? and dry? You might try lower level and some cool reverb over there on that right organ. As it occupies a similar eq space as the vocal does, it's a good decision to pull it all the way left. I think as is it has a scrapey quality that detracts attention from the vocal. 6 "Just as soon as you make me whole" . . . whatever you are calling that section - a "pre-chorus" ?? it's incredibly well mixed. After a few listens it just grows on you. Nice one Lynn! cheers, -Tom
  7. emeraldsoul


    Nice drum swells. I like the cadence of your melody. The bass is pleasantly plucky. You also have a choir going? That patch sounds rather distant in the mix, and kind of narrow band, whilst everything else is more up front. Made me want to move the choir up forward just a bit. I know it's pretty much just a pad, so I guess I could see leaving it as well. Whoa, nice panning on them Taikos. And then it's done. What? was that the ending? cheers, Wookster! nice tune. - Tom
  8. emeraldsoul

    8Dio Insolidus 48hrs Flash Sale - $198 (reg $598)

    I'm having a hard time figuring out why this isn't a no brainer. Other than it's not $29.
  9. emeraldsoul

    Bapu's Random Thoughts For The Day

    I had a new one in 1993. That car is magic. Enjoy!
  10. emeraldsoul


    I replied to this to create a diversion.
  11. emeraldsoul

    Beyond Reason's Edge

    Well that was fun. Can't offer much other than the intro might have run a tad longish. But this is avant prog so whichever the hell these days. Sounds good to my ears, definitely tells a story. I like the lead synth and perhaps more of those brighter elements might help push the mix a tilt toward the shinier side. If you have a mix bus tool that might add just a bit of high end sheen. I use zynaptic intensity for this purpose because my mixing skills are hit and miss sometimes. Anyway, this is an adventurous listen and a good one at that. Nice job. -Tom
  12. emeraldsoul

    Zynaptiq Adaptiverb

    Yes but hopefully heaven itself is a little less complicated.
  13. emeraldsoul

    Quietly She Sings

    You know who really can't sing for beans? Tom Waits. Lou Reed. Leonard Cohen. Bob Dylan. Yet people make attachments to their songwriting and as artists, they get over. Secondly, we are often our own harshest critics. I'm not a fan of my own, particularly. But that's ok. That's just one of many boxes left unticked 😠. Still gotta write songs. That shared curse is partly why this forum exists. I think you write good songs, and as we all are, you are developing as you go. Most importantly, why did your health care costs double ??? For fixed income, that's a complete killer. Maybe you could pony up a song about that . . . sounds like blues potential. cheers, -Tom
  14. emeraldsoul

    East West Father's Day Sale

    I have Spaces I. EastWest upgrade to Spaces II is $149. Or I can buy Spaces 2 brand new from JRR for 133.56. Something has gone NorthSouth.