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  1. Yes let's give Larry a furlough, he's a legend.
  2. Medley indeed! Is this a demo tape to submit to a label? I hope so! 'Bout time your stuff was signed. I listened on headphones and the first one had a bit too much bass level. The one about the coffee in the morning was sonically very together! Right after that, the "come and get it if you think that you can" has a nice funky vibe. After that, love the funky guitar riff. I like the medley concept but I don't know what each is called or even if I should? Because Life is a Circle. just friggin awesome, so creative . . . cheers, -Tom
  3. Hey another winner! I thought in the first part, the synth pad was competing in volume with the vocalist, just a bit. Loved the video and the smoke martini was interesting! You are making good use of the lockdown it seems! cheers, -Tom
  4. Yes, very cool feel to this. It is a bit hot in the headphones, but you can get that under control and tighten up a bit, this is 100% movie or documentary material. cheers -Tom
  5. I guess maybe, if the audience was into avant garde.
  6. How does a squirrel deliver pizza? Really, that makes no sense at all. Sometimes I wonder if you guys aren't just a bunch of jokers.
  7. Probably on that all expenses paid Izotope junket.
  8. Just to add to the enlightenment . . . A pair of 20 inch xlrs - $1700. noice!!!
  9. @treesha - thanks, glad you liked it! I hope you can post more of your tunes to the forum . . . good stuff. @Makke - many thanks for the listen and the comment! @Barry Seymour- very glad you found it interesting! One man's idiosyncrasy is another man's turning the channel to the next show. I think the mix is close but I have some midrange stuff to sort out, which always takes so durn much time. That's actual work, and isn't this all supposed to be fun??? Anyway, thanks! @thegaltieribrothers - Paul many thanks, it was fun to watch this come together. I appreciate the comment . . .
  10. cha cha cha!!! Great vocals and the percussive mix was a treat . . .
  11. emeraldsoul


    Dee-lightful!!! It evokes the sea. I really like the drive and the atmosphere of this piece! In the middle part, you have a drone-type instrument hanging and sustaining on a "D" and I think you might consider backing off on that one a bit, or maybe eq it differently, because that heavy drone D might be sucking some mix bandwidth you might want to give to the surrounding sparkly instruments. Just a thought. maybe give your soundcloud file a half a mo of space, before the fun starts? It's a bit abrupt from the get go. now it was pretty criminal to bring the lady's vocal in right at the end, then bail. I feel like this could be three minutes longer, and her voice could really dip and dive along the sea foam . . . very cool piece Starise! cheers, -Tom
  12. That song is a maneater. Put it down, careful now, easy! Now, slowly walk away . . . SLOWLY!!! Actually kudos for trying, you got this. You going to play his sax solo on the guitar? 😵
  13. The whole damn world, apparently! "She Gave Her Heart to Jethro"
  14. Sorry to dredge this back up! A belated thanks to @SteveC, @kakku, and the venerable wherever-the-heck-he went @Bob Oister . . . So like nearly a year later, here's a vid . . . any comments are welcome, thanks!
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