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  1. More versatile than it appears. My go-to color compressor.
  2. If this by chance is NOT your day job, then I'd do it for minimum hourly wage, and 1% of any gross proceeds down the road, if there are any. You never know.
  3. PhonoBrainer

    PA - SPL PQ

    I see a tiny bit of room for more knobs on the left. Oh, wait, it's a knob.
  4. Oh, names that limit popularity and are hard to find in a thicket of Google? War. Here's "Cisco Kid" https://youtu.be/8dUFin2ORpg
  5. They should sell IK products then. Just for the sake of clarity.
  6. Butthole Surfers always struck me as a crappy moniker.
  7. OK, first off I hear the excellence and the work you did. Great vocals, I liked the flangey treatment. One listen and I think I know what could be looked at. Is that the cajon primarily on or around beat 3 of most measures? Going " whoom - whooomp"? Try only popping in with that for flavor in certain sections of your song? And lowering the volume of it? I think it kills the groove dead when it woom woomps. If it were me I'd try muting it all the way through, to see if the song starts to get your head bobbing more. love your stuff, so great to see you back!!! cheers, -Tom
  8. Well this kicks *****. Piano, honky tonkish? Jerry Lee Lewisish? You mention piano in your post, but I heard no piano. Those guitars are really freaking well recorded, played, and with awwwwwwwwe-summmm tone. loved it. cheers, -Tom
  9. cool picture . . . Nevada? cool tune! Can you imagine Neil Young singing over it? I can! It's a bit rubato in the timing, so you must have intended those rhythm inconsistencies, and there are no drums anyway so who cares. It's all a back porch guitars feel, pretty cool. Nice panning on the guitars! cheers, -Tom
  10. PhonoBrainer

    Robbie's Muse

    Any song with a 70's Joe Walsh vibe, I'm in. I'd check bass and kickdrum, solo them together as a pair, might be some timing issues worth looking into. Cool tune! cheers, -Tom
  11. PhonoBrainer

    OTS Violin Bass

    Thanks, Peter, appreciate it! That makes me feel Warm, and Toasty!
  12. PhonoBrainer

    OTS Violin Bass

    @Peter Woods thanks for the video link, that's the one that announced the product, it has like five or six presets on offer. Was hoping for the whole preset enchilada video . . . All of the other OTS libraries have like 25 different presets at least. Will stay tuned! Anyone have this, and would like to comment on the depth/variety of presets? We all know some libraries have a hundred presets with 98 fluff and two useable. thanks!
  13. PhonoBrainer

    OTS Violin Bass

    I've been waiting for some sort of "all the presets" video to emerge, but none so far. Any owners care to give a thumbnail review of the flexibilitty of the presets? ? thanks!
  14. Ooops, forgot that one. Ooops, also forgot Supertramp Breakfast in America, and Boston's first album. Yeah, impossible. Looks like we're going to need a bigger desert island.
  15. Mine: Abbey Road Can't decide, Dark Side or The Wall. Just one of these. Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues Level 42 World Machine Dire Straits Love Over Gold Roxy Music Avalon Van Morrison Poetic Champions Compose Oingo Boingo Only A Lad crap only two left uh, Thomas Dolby Astronauts and Heretics and finally Stereo MC's Connected Wait! No jazz, no country? No western swing? No downtempo electronic chill? Forget it. I quit. A pointless exercise. 🙃
  16. The GUI update, does it make the presets easy to scroll through? As opposed to menu madness?
  17. Does the milk taste roasted and salty?
  18. Yep. I have it and use it to degrade pristine audio into quirky and idiosyncratic shades of raspy fractallized decay. It's as if Jeff Goldblum were a plug-in.
  19. Anyone else record an album in the early 2000's using a demo of Absynth, which would generously let you record up to 25 seconds of audio? Creating endless cool clips to use? Just me? I milked that free demo horse to death. I purchased it later on so I could sleep at night. And still use it.
  20. Good time to mention that HoRNet is having a 50% BOGO Labor Day Moonlight late summer sale. I didn't look it up, I just figured. Miss you Lars. Glad you have a life.
  21. I'm guessing it's mostly just triggering pre-recorded drum loops with a single key press?
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