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  1. ^^^ This... Which brings me to the other things that makes me temporarily happy: bourbon... Sigh...
  2. ..while playing their third string goalie and dealing with a lovely string of injuries. If Crosby didn't get hurt, the Pens win in six.... Regardless, I thought the Pens turned in a gutsy performance.
  3. Listened to "Constellations Colide", and liked it a lot. Great song, mix sounded clean and clear to me. Very nice.
  4. Downloading and trying out a new instrument library Working in my woodshop Playoff hockey (...sometimes...but not this year) ....maybe next year
  5. I read something along those lines at VI Control, although I think it was in reference to the Mac version, which isn't relevant to me anyway. I get a sense these are actually pretty mature products with most of the bugs ironed out, and if I really need to, OT is going to be offering the usual upgrade path down the road (or so I understand), so I can move to Sine if/when they get those bugs ironed out and the app matures. I'm content enough with that level of risk. They do sound pretty awesome, and the choirs in particular are quite nice.
  6. Yeah, it’s normally pricey enough I’ve held off buying it for a long time. But this deal is a really good opportunity to grab the original Kontakt versions at a pretty great price. Now that I’ve played through what I got, I think it was worth it.
  7. I have been eyeing the Arks for a long time, as they seem totally in line with the music I do. But Sine doesn't thrill me at all. So this deal turned out to be exactly what I needed: the original Kontakt versions at a pretty wicked discount. So, I grabbed the Ark 1 and 2 bundle. Really glad I did. Great stuff, totally made for my template and working style, and they sound pretty awesome. Now I'm having a GAS moment and wondering if I should grab the Inspire bundle, too. My understanding is that the Inspire libraries are based on the Berlin series, so are a different sound than the Arks. Anyone have both? Be curious to know if it's worth it... I totally don't need them -- although lets be honest, I don't need any of these libraries, at this point. But I love adding different color variations and options to my toolset.
  8. AlbionONE is terrific in about a hundred different ways, and I use it all over my projects.
  9. Engine’s interface is a bit clunky, but once you get past that, it’s fine. Totally worth the minor hassle if you’re using it for Eduardo Tarilonte’s libraries.
  10. Mr. T, I am of the same generation as you (I'm 53), and have had moments like this. Fortunately, they were transitory. For me, the most energizing way to get back into it was this: I had other folks come to me for music/recording stuff, and being creative on behalf of others was incredibly helpful. This was not for money or profit, just as a friendly service to people I knew. One example: my girlfriend does voice acting with an online troupe (they do satirical old-school style radio plays), and I started helping her record and edit her voice-work. Nothing complex about it -- I break out my AT4040, she reads her lines, and then we select the better takes, edit the results down, I do a bit of dynamics and EQ processing, and send the audio file to the director. Simple stuff, but I really enjoy it. Using my expensive gear to actually create something that other folks will listen to is great. We don't make a cent from it, of course, but that hardly matters. It's nice to be productive, even if it is simple work that doesn't bring a paycheck. Another example: I know quite a few folks who do historical reenactment, and during the pandemic lock-down when those groups were unable to get together, they started making videos for YouTube. These were mainly short documentaries or profiles of various members and the historical stuff they were working on (making garb or armor, practicing medieval crafting, etc); or performance videos featuring the bardic arts (ancient songs, monologues or old stories) -- basically the kind of stuff they did in person when the world was normal. A few of those folks were aware that I did soundtrack music as a hobby, and asked me to create little bits of intro music and themes for these videos, and I must have done about 20 or 30 of them over an 18 month span. Again, not for money or fame or anything, except some heartfelt thanks and maybe 200 views on YouTube. But it was incredibly energizing. Most of these were maybe 15 or 20 second bits of simple scoring -- really basic stuff, maybe four or five instruments and a single musical motif -- and didn't take much time at all. But working on a "commission" for someone else that requires you to match a specific theme and fit to a certain video timeline, etc, was a lot of fun, and the creative energy it unleashed carried over to my own work in a big way. One of the themes I did was actually over a minute long and quite complex, and turned out so well it ended up as one of my showcase pieces on SoundCloud. Doing that one had some significant side-benefits above and beyond being creative: a) in the course of making it, I delved deeper into a few libraries that I hadn't really used properly since I got them, and that proved very beneficial, and b) it was a really tricky mix, with tons of stuff going on, and getting it right took a lot of trial and error, all of which was a great learning experience. So the best advice I can offer is: see if anyone you know needs a bit of help with something musical, or something that requires recording. Even a 20 second triviality can be enough to get the the fire lit again. We make music for ourselves, ultimately, but I am firm believer that making stuff for other folks rebounds back and makes us better at what we do. Rob
  11. Their samples are really lovely, and the programming seems good. I have Symphobia 1, Lumina and Adaptive Runs, and they are all first class libraries. Symphobia 1's new interface, in particular, is great. Very easy to use and flexible. I probably won't be able to resist Symphobia 2 at half price. In fact, I know I won't...
  12. AlbionONE is terrific. Do check out the video walkthrus that they have for it -- they cover the whole library in detail, and it really helps get a taste of what it offers. It's not just a symphonic collection, it's also got lots of stuff for hybrid, synth-based and other kinds of music. This is the Orchestra walkthru - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeofqKnnPcg There are a ton of others, all worth watching.
  13. I've got two M.2 drives in my machine, totaling 3 TB of storage. I put my biggest goto libraries on there -- the ones I fire up with every project -- and they do a great job cutting down on load time. Still takes me about 5 - 7 mins to load up my main template, but that's a huge improvement over my previous DAW, where I'd open a project then go for lunch.
  14. Amicus717

    VSL now iLok

    Oh yeah, my main machine is something of a beast It's great. But I've got a couple of orchestral templates that are HUGE, and it made sense to farm out some of the libraries. Also, frankly it was fun to setup and experiment with.
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