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  1. Amicus717

    RME driver updates

    Various drivers updates, mostly from Feb 2019... http://www.rme-audio.de/en/downloads/driver/uc.php
  2. Amicus717

    VST Buzz Deal - Mars Men's Choir

    I've been waiting for this one to go on sale again. Anyone have it? Be curious to get some opinions...
  3. Amicus717

    Pre-order Vienna Ensemble Pro 7

    Gotta admit -- I'm curious what the Epic Orchestra sounds like, and how good the patches are...
  4. Until March 18th: http://www.cmusic.pro/product-cat/solo/solo-trumpet-2/
  5. Amicus717

    Interesting - acoustic meta material

    I think the writer was being hyperbolic. I could hear a bit, but the difference made by removing the ring was still pretty impressive, especially when you consider the ring wasn't blocking the tube opening at all.
  6. I can think of a few interesting applications for this: https://www.fastcompany.com/90316833/scientists-have-discovered-a-shape-that-blocks-all-sound-even-your-co-workers
  7. Amicus717

    the Wild Animals

    Really enjoyed listening to this one. Very entertaining lyrics, tight performances and great vocal work. I don't feel qualified to offer advice about the mix -- I don't work in this genre at all. FWIW, nothing in the mix distracted or detracted from my listening experience in the slightest.
  8. Amicus717

    Portable Vocal Booth by EditorsKeys - 50% off

    I'm a bit skeptical of them, myself, and have heard mixed reports about them. But apparently they are intended to avoid the boxy ambience that leaks into the recordings made in small, home studios.
  9. Two days only, according to the email: https://www.editorskeys.com/collections/vocal-booths/products/portable-vocal-booth-home-edition
  10. I'm getting the same thing, James. I suspect it's a configuration problem with the site and the ad tags. For me, the obscuring ads are related to folks' signature. If you close their signature, it clears the banner away. At least, it did for me.
  11. Amicus717

    Ads In Thread Blocking Posts

    I'm getting ads blocking content, also - usually banners showing up at the bottom of a specific post, obscuring the signature and the bottom part of the posting. Something is not configured properly with the ad tags, I would bet. I suspect they are only supposed to show up at the top and bottom of the page, and maybe in between the occasional post.
  12. Honestly, I can't see it generating a ton of revenue. Forums are traditionally not a great place to run ads -- too many views from too few unique users, and very few people actually click on the ads.
  13. I am seeing them on a desktop PC, in Windows 7 using Chrome.
  14. Amicus717

    Does This Happen To You?

    All the best, Mudgel! Hope everything goes well. As for the OP -- happens to me all the time. Two things I have done that help: 1) I work on more than one project at a time, all the time, and I try to mix up the genre/styles as much as I can, so that when I switch back and forth its refreshing and I don't accidentally copy ideas over from one project to the other. So, I'll have a classic, old school orchestral piece going on, alongside a sketch of Celtic ethereal folkishness, and/or maybe a hybrid, synth heavy trailer type thing. 2) Since Christmas, I have been trying to write and record music fast as I can, at least for the first draft. It gets the initial composition portion out of the way so that I get down to crafting the polished version. It cuts down on the overall time a project takes, and so far hasn't affected how the music turns out - to my great surprise. This is a total change of approach for me, and has been really helpful. I can be very painstaking and deliberate in what I do, and I'm a perfectionist -- and my own worst critic. So, I can get really easily bogged down in a project and grow to hate it in no time flat. I've headed that tendency off at the pass, to a certain degree, by just writing music in a white heat and ignoring mistakes. The first product is usually complete crap. But surprisingly the general shape and vision of what I was trying to create is usually there in some form, along with a few happy accidents and unexpected pleasures. And you can build on that pretty easily, I have found. All this helps a fair amount. But there are still days I have to close a project up, and go do something else -- like grab a can of cider and go watch The Orville for the rest of the evening, or something. Rob
  15. Amicus717

    8dio Super Cluster

    They have a contest featuring Super Cluster, also: https://8dio.com/2019/03/01/score-this-constellations/