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  1. Sad news: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/ennio-morricone-oscar-winning-hateful-071217867.html
  2. I use Nimbus almost exclusively -- it's in every single one of my projects. I do orchestral stuff only, and Nimbus has a clear transparency and sense of natural space that is better than any other reverb I own. It's an awesome plugin.
  3. Yeah it does...wonder if this is the start of a whole set of solo string releases, including cello, etc...
  4. Amicus717

    Winter Moon

    Hi treesha, I enjoyed this one. Nice sounds, and a good mix - I could everything cleanly, and the balance is nice. I'd call this a hybrid type piece for sure -- the kind of piece that could play over a montage in a movie or similar. From that perspective, the drums as currently recorded would work just fine, to my ears. Rob
  5. Thanks, HS! Appreciate the kind words and the listen.
  6. Thanks, Bapu! Appreciate the listen. This piece needed that pounding, pulsing thunder to move it along and I'm happy how it turned out. But it took a bit of work to not let it overwhelm everything else. Rob
  7. Hey Wookie, Like this one a lot. In regards to the vocal parts, I kinda like where they are currently situated in the mix -- sort of deep inside the soundscape and haunting the music, rather than leading it from the front, so to speak. I think that kinda matches the vibe of the music overall, and I think it works. Just my five cents. Rob
  8. This is a really good song. Nice vocal work, also. Really enjoyed listening to it. The one element that didn't really grab me was the drum sound, in particular the snare - a little too thin and kind of anemic, or something. That's just a personal matter of taste, though. Rob
  9. Hynpotic and fascinating all the way through. Like Tom, I found the second half more arresting and more unpredictable, which is an element I really enjoyed. But overall, very nice work. I'm curious if you composed all this on paper first, or it came together during the recording of the parts, or how you created the music. Thanks, Rob
  10. Amicus717

    All Along

    I liked this a lot. Very nicely put together. The soundscape is huge and all-encompassing -- which I like -- and despite the large number of instruments and the complexity of the arrangement, I thought I could hear all the details. I particularly liked the guitar sound that entered at 4:45 - really nice. Rob
  11. Kaustub, I think that's pretty well done! Your music is synced beautifully with the action; didn't override or otherwise obscure the essential audio ingredients of the clip; and is present enough to set a tone but not so forceful that it intrudes. Rob
  12. Hi folks! Wookie - Thanks! Yeah, I think there is a bit of mud in there, for sure, and I want to clear it out without gutting the impact of the piece. I will experiment! Treehsa - Thanks for the kind words, appreciate it. I've always understood this kind of stuff -- orchestral in general tone and scale, but employing a lot of synth and sound-design stuff -- to be classified as hybrid orchestral or hybrid-symphonic and similar. Seems to define it pretty well Deering Amps - Thanks! Appreciate the listen and the kind words. emeraldsoul - Thanks, and appreciate the kind words and the input. I think adding some more high sparkle would potentially be very helpful. As for the violin (it's actually a fidule -- a medieval/Renaissance progenitor of the violin), yeah I've been wondering about its placement in the soundscape. It does have a fair amount of reverb applied in the mix, but it's a very dry sample library and tends to stand way out front. I sort of like that, actually, but also wonder if I need to tame it a bit. I will experiment. bjornpdx - Thanks for the listen and the kind words! Appreciated, as always. Yeah, Eduardo's libraries are flat-out awesome. I use them a lot. They are geared for a pretty specific kind of sound and vibe, but they excel at it. They are well built and well-designed, but you will need to learn how to work his libraries, as they have have a LOT of details and quirks, and are loaded with ways to tailor the sound: finger noises, instrument noises, fret noises, etc, -- all which can be turned up or down or off, depending on what sort of vibe you want. Plus, the patches have all sorts of keyswitches for different articulations, accents and ornaments, etc. I cannot recommend them enough, but you gotta take the time to learn them if you want to get full value out of them. Also worth noting that they run in Engine 2.0, as opposed to Kontakt. Some folks don't like that, although I personally have no problem using Engine. It has its quirks, but I don't find it any harder to use than Kontakt, and I like it a lot more than Play. As always, YYMV Thanks for the input, everyone! Rob
  13. Sigh, I really have to get Omnisphere. I am beginning to suspect my composers' toolkit is not complete without it...
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