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  1. Yeah it is. Those Core packages have all the fundamental articulations, including legatos -- both for sections and solo instruments -- and the various other bits and pieces make a really complete set of tools.
  2. Agree completely. I think it's a perfectly arguable point, with a fair amount of grey area...and there are jerks out there who will exploit this crises for gain.
  3. "Cinesamples’ meticulous sample libraries put a wealth of soundtrack instrumentation at your fingertips. For a limited time, get 75% off the Hollywood composer toolset, and 50% off 10 individual libraries." Info is here: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/komplete/cinesamples-offer-2020/
  4. Full disclosure: I work in advertising, so I'm getting an inside view of how the current pandemic situation is affecting various sectors and industries. It's a genuinely terrifying time, and a lot of money is going to be lost -- which doesn't just affect the corporate bottom line, but also the lives of the employees who depend on those industries for their income. In the case of the marketing opportunities that crop up in a time of crises, it's a very difficult set of decisions that the business world in general will have to confront, and some really choppy waters to navigate: they are watching their markets collapse (or drastically change as people transition to working from home and alter their shopping and buying patterns); they are watching their earning projections and marketing plans become basically meaningless overnight, and with so much chaos they have no real idea what tomorrow or next week will hold; and they are trying very hard to minimize the impact this will have on their employees and customers. And so they are trying to find what positive side they can to this crises. I personally have no problem if a company tries to flow with the times and get through this with minimal damage, as long as what they do isn't exploitative. And by exploitative, I mean things like price gouging, tasteless advertising that makes light of the crises, product or service offerings that have too many strings attached or are offered as a generous bonus for the times but in reality are merely old deals in new clothing, etc. Folks like Fluffy Audio giving away things for free and/or redirecting money to a worthy cause is great, and they set a wonderful example and deserve credit for it. But Folks like Steinberg offering fully functional versions of their products for two months free, with no strings attached, doesn't bother me either. I believe their normal demo time is 30 days? They don't have to do anything at all, and if they can give folks something to use for a little while and NOT lose money in the process, I have no issue with that. Part of their reasoning, I'm sure, is they want to give folks exposure to their products -- you use Dorico Elements for two months, and love it so much you decide to pay for it. Good for you, great for them. That doesn't bother me, either. They are not forcing anyone to do anything, and selling their products is their business and the only reason they exist, and in the end everybody gets something. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, as long as they are not exploiting anyone or anything to achieve it.
  5. Cinesamples just announced they are going to extend the Choir sale through April 1st (original end date was today, I believe). FWIW, I finally caved and bought a copy of "Voices of War: Men of the North" over the weekend, and spent some time messing around with it. Sounds really good, and I found it to be a very nice companion to Dark Era's voice stuff, and the Era Vocal Codex stuff -- all of which are libraries I use a lot. It's obviously got a really specific sound and intended use, so it's not for everyone, and you get exactly what it says and nothing more (Michael Patti's video walk-thru covers it pretty thoroughly). But it is totally built for the kind of stuff I like to do, and $119 is a pretty good deal...I'm pretty happy with it. Rob
  6. Hmm, doesn't seem to work for me. Logged out, logged in, different browsers, no pop-up blocker... But no free JAM points.
  7. It seems Project SAM is producing a stripped-down budget version of the Symphobia 4 Pandora library. Big difference in price -- but judging by the comparison specs, a big difference in depth, too... Info is here: https://projectsam.com/libraries/symphobia-4-pandora-core/
  8. Mix magazine ran this article way back on 2002, about the recording of "The Gambler", and I remember reading it at the time and enjoying it...https://www.mixonline.com/recording/classic-tracks-kenny-rogers-gambler-365083
  9. "Working from home means more studio time! To keep the vibes colorful, here's Analog Dreams on us." From the email: "It’s a challenging time for music, but we’re all in this together. That’s why we’re giving away ANALOG DREAMS free until the end of March – wander through the technicolor world of vintage tones with one of our favorite Play Series instruments. Make the most of the extra time inside, and keep making amazing music – we look forward to hearing what you do with it." Site is sloooow, right now: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/play-series/analog-dreams/
  10. I was somewhat critical of their main sketchpad library in a previous thread, but credit where due: the update they released a couple weeks ago (which I had not had a chance to install previously) helped a bit. Seemed to fix the problem with the Glockenspiel in particular. I've heard good things about both melodics and the runs library. They are available individually, at $79 each, which seems a decent price. I don't recall exactly, but I think I pad $99 for sketchpad (or somewhere in that range) and while there are things I'd like to see improved, I don't regret the purchase. $79 for Melodics is tempting.
  11. Amicus717

    RME Babyface Pro

    I bought a used original Babyface for $300 about 3 years ago, and it has been -- hands down -- the absolute best interface I have ever used. Clean sounding, solidly built, rock solid drivers that are still supported and updated, great latency and designed to last. RME pretty much locked me up as a permanent customer going forward. They're the best, in my books. Rob
  12. One of the NI folks is responding to people over at VI Control, talking about this issue, including the updating to the FAQ, etc. Some worthwhile comments here, I think: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/ni-will-no-longer-activate-discontinued-products-from-may-31st.90761/page-15#post-4522462
  13. Nah, I make it up as I go. The dudes who make Palette do talk a lot about how blendable their library is, I think partly because it is fairly dry compared to others. I think they consider it a feature, and folks who have other libraries will benefit from adding this to their toolbox because it will compliment what they already own. So, possibly I am just using it incorrectly, maybe not getting the correct balance of mic positions.
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