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  1. I picked up: 1) VSL Special Edition Volume 4 (and upgraded to the Synchonized version) 2) Joshua Bell Violin Essential from Embertone (via Audio Plugin Deals) 3) Taylor Davis Violin from Cinesamples Managed to avoid being pulled in by: 8Dio, Eduardo Tailronte (although I was THIS close to pulling the trigger on Celtic Era), and Native Instruments. The rest of the field didn't really grab my attention: Spitfire's promotion didn't tempt me at all, and EastWest and IK don't really have much that interest me, at this point...
  2. I like the interface and over-all feature set of Overture 5, but I just could not get it stable on either of my main music computers. I eventually gave up on it and bought Presonus Notion about a year ago, and haven't looked back. Overture 5 seems to work fine for most folks -- judging by the forums, at least -- but in the whole time I tried to use it, I don't think I ever fired up Overture without experiencing at least 2 or 3 crashes during the course of the session, and sometimes more than that. And this was on two completely different computers, using totally different hardware (both in regards to computer and audio hardware). Same problems and behavior in both instances. It was quite frustrating, especially because there is so much to like about Overture, from the intuitive interface to the feature set. And it produces very nice looking scores.
  3. The Joshua Bell Essential library is actually on Embertone's site, but not linked from any other pages, so it's kind of hidden away. Includes a chart comparison between full and essential versions: https://www.embertone.com/instruments/jbviolinessential.php
  4. Amicus717

    Auddict BF Sale

    Update: Emailed them about the Ceres check-out problem, got a prompt reply... "In our haste to make Ceres free, we ... well... didn't make it free! This has now been fixed, big apologies! Please go ahead and try again Customer Support @ Auddict" I tested, and it does now work properly.
  5. Amicus717

    Auddict BF Sale

    Can't seem to pick up the Ceres freebie. "Order cannot be zero" when I try to process it through their purchase system. I wonder if it's only available as a freebie if you buy something else along with it?
  6. This one has always tempted me, and I've heard good things about it. Anyone here use The Orchestra? Any thoughts?
  7. Nov 26th until Dec 2nd. Full details and pricing are here: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/News/2019-11_Black_Friday_Deals
  8. I will bravely and completely resist buying all of the things I'd like, but totally don't need...That's the first hour. An hour later, I'll buy all the things.
  9. The CDN price is almost $900.00 - that's a bit less than I paid for Komplete 10 Ultimate. Their stuff sounds really nice, and very useful, but I wouldn't pay even half that.
  10. It looks like a broad mix of prices, with most sitting around 50% off. But there are some outliers: Majestica is going for $178 (goes $598 on Dec 1st), which is a pretty fair discount... https://8dio.com/instrument/majestica/ That particular library doesn't interest me, but its probably worth looking around their site for the specific stuff you are interested in and seeing what deals are on offer.
  11. Gorgeous...and bought!
  12. Available soon, $130.00 https://www.productionvoices.com/product/the-halfling/
  13. Also, for very basic stuff, Da Capo by Sonokinetic. Good sketching tool.
  14. Make sure you Wave at the Lab as you leave.
  15. Miroslav's control features are ancient and/or kind of odd, and aside from a few select instruments, I barely use it at all. I have much better stuff in my collection. I got Epic Orchestra when I bought VI Pro 7 (as a Cubase user I already had a dongle), and it's great sounding, etc, but it is not a full orchestra by any means. And while there is a really nice selection of stuff, I suspect Tiger is correct and its primarily a showcase for VSL's sampling and programming skills. I do use it -- the cornet, oboe d'amore, etc, are in my current template -- but it is not a main library by any means. Both Miroslav or Epic Orchestra are essentially products that fill in the gaps of an already solid library collection, and Epic Orchestra sounds much better than Miroslav, and uses much more updated program and design.
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