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  1. mmmm,typical ... /ponders ... .... you have a missing space .. copy the following line into your paste buffer (select the txt with your mouse,select copy then paste it into the Admin CMD window - without the quotes ) "powercfg.exe /hibernate off" Edit:- more pondering .. could reduce size/disable your traschcan right click the trashcan icon on your desktop - select properties = options are there delete old system restore points? control panel - system - system protection - system restore - then follow the on screen instructions (i have it disabled,cant help much there,googles knows )
  2. ahhhh,but after you installed your cake niceness you can re-enable hybernate later:- "powercfg.exe /hibernate on" not that you would want to,cos you want an always on power profile
  3. @André ok,this (if you haven't already done it) will save you space equal (ish) to the total physical memory in your laptop .. open a CMD prompt EDIT:- as Administrator! .. type "powercfg.exe /hibernate off" - after this id try the last part of the download again,see if you get it .. and after that it might install to your D:? drive as planned (fingers crossed) ... if it doesn't work,or you cant free more space there's plan B .. and that means more typing .. see how far this gets you (if anywhere )
  4. @André few questions to make sure your using a laptop with 1 internal drive - and that drive has 1 operating system (no dual boot) with a total size of 28 gb ? the 1tb Drive you mention is a physical drive? (im assuming an external 1 tb usb drive??) - or is it a partition on the internal laptop hard drive ???
  5. bear in mind you can go to "Control panel" > "Administrative Tools" - and run "Computer Management" on "Computer Management" there's a tab under "Storage" called "Disk Management" .. when you click,it shows you a list of your drives/partitions from there you can right click on a partition and select "Change drive letter and paths" ... on the new popup click "change" on the newest popup to the right of "Assign the following drive letter" there's a gadget containing all unused system drive letters ... with some jiggery pokery you can change your main drive letters to match on both laptop and PC (C: you cant change) easy to remember letters for common jobs C - boot drive (cant change) E: External Samples G: Games S: Sample Libraries T: Tracking M: Music V: Virtual R: Reader W: Writer Z: That pia dual boot operating system - out of the way at the end if you follow a set system installing daws on 2 pc`s,your USB drive/s can be used in both systems:- both pc`s *should* remember the Assigned letter when plugged back in
  6. nice! my next strings are D'Addario
  7. i used to use a midi loopback driver to replace the missing device (move it to the position that the missing device occupied) had to make sure it was running before starting the daw (so sonar wouldn't mix up the devices again) .. that taught me to try and use the same devices in all projects (if "device 4" went missing - say external midi drums,it went missing in all projects - using a stunt device meant they all opened,but the missing device went to whatever i pointed it at with the loopback driver) how that would work nowadays i have no idea,not ran into this problem recently (only posting this cos it might help you?)
  8. for HD disks maybe .. *think* standard was 880k ???
  9. 😀 hope your not bundling Mint into that comment
  10. FL is number 1? .. can guess their fanbase,have you ever tried to record audio into it? Sonar rocks! always has,Bandlab have done a great job .. long may they reign
  11. have you done any editing to the wav? .. it kinda works best if you bounce the track out,then drag that onto the timeline ... the other thing is - sonar kinda expects the tempo to be "in time" .. hard to explain,it puts a stretched grid on the audio,it doesn't like it at all if your track has and extra little "beat" which is murder if your trying to do something like this smellydin crashes sometimes too
  12. been trying to explain the benefits of tempo mapping for years .. this is a great example thanks edit:- Worth looking into how Samplitude and Harrison Mixbus handle it (much better than sonar imo)
  13. more flexible tempo mapping ... thats easier to read .. like a dedicated tempo track 🤞
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