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  1. Hi folks! Lots of people message me, confused about how to record the sound from their MIDI synth, into Cakewalk. So I've put together this beginners guide video! Whilst this isn't a pure Cakewalk video, it happens to be the DAW I use in the video. Also, check out the old 'Cakewalk' audio interface I use WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/QwEVtBbNdak
  2. Hi folks! I know that some people really struggle to get multiple Kontakt outputs behaving well in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Rather than leave you in peril, I put together a quick tutorial for you of course! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/2OTwZ3NXW9w
  3. The thing with the control bar export, is that its really just built on top of the existing export function. So even if for example you select MP3, you are still faced with the same choices as with the old workflow. The downside is you lose many useful parts of that process. For example, its not clear if dithering is applied when bit depth is decreased - and if it is, you lose the choice of which type. I suspect however that there is no dithering applied. Furthermore, you cant enable/disable busses, FX, automation etc. These are crucial for stems or multitracks. Well, you can, by hitting 'Advanced' - which takes you to the original export dialog. I prefer to have one workflow for all instances, rather than branch to 2 workflows depending on circumstance.
  4. Hi folks! There are many reasons for exporting from Cakewalk - for streaming, mp3 playback, stems, and CD. This tutorial shows you how, for various scenarios! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/bE4IjK1QOA8
  5. Creative Sauce

    Drum Beats

    Hi Bren M - a couple of things to check. Have you record enabled the track? Have you selected you midi device as the input device for this track?
  6. Hey folks! As some of you may be aware, I have been making some Cakewalk tutorial videos for YouTube recently. As an aside I have working on a video chronicling the history of Cakewalk, from its inception in 1987, until its latest incarnation as CbB. I am gradually piecing together a time line of releases, but am lacking in some eye candy for the video! It would be greatly appreciated if any of you could help at all. I am particularly looking for: * Any disk images of early DOS versions (the earliest I have is V4 running in my virtual machine) * Any scans or photos of disk covers and associated paperwork. * Any scans of posters or adverts/magazine articles about the product. * Any fond memories! I know this is a huge ask, but if anyone could help, it would be great for the community to learn the full history of this awesome DAW. You can email me at creative.sauce.tube@gmail.com Thank you!
  7. Hi folks! Do you want better mixes? Then you should know about using automation. Take a look at this video, so that you can learn how to use automation in Cakewalk by Bandlab WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/YRJDnKUAAYk
  8. Hey - I'm sorry to hear you are disappointed! I think this partly comes from a slight misunderstanding - and that's my fault for not being clear. Whilst approximately 40-50% of my content is Cakewalk specific now, for the rest I like to serve the wider home recording community, regardless of which DAW they use. So whilst this video uses Cakewalk as the DAW to demonstrate - it isn't intended to be a 'Cakewalk' tutorial as such. This is why I demonstrated using the 'SAFE' plugins - as they are free to download and use, and therefore its helps in creating a level playing field for other DAW users who watch. The 'I HEART NY' plugin was meant to be a kind of side note or bonus tip. For a Cakewalk specific cases, I would recommend using either the Sonitus compressor, or one of the awesome compressors that come in the Pro-Channel. Certainly that may be a video I can make in the future! I'm sorry if I wasn't clear, or was misleading. I'm always in need of constructive criticism, so I thank you for pointing this out to me. Many thanks, Mike
  9. Thanks Jim! Yep - Cakewalk users are awesome, and eager to learn!
  10. Hi folks! In this video I use Cakewalk to demonstrate parallel compression A great way to improve your mixes, but retain dynamics - I feel that even beginners can make good use of this technique, so if you haven’t tried - watch my video and have a go! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/n_UpxB8m9KA
  11. Hi folks! Vocal comping is a near essential process in getting the best vocal take, and Cakewalk has some awesome tools for you to complete this task. Check out how in this video! https://youtu.be/Oy3TNO8ONS8
  12. Hi friends! I just wanted to make you aware (in case you aren't), about a series of videos I have made aimed squarely at beginners I hope you will find it helpful, and you can get going on your Cakewalk journey! LINK: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4ylp_4AhfKtyYYRWyp9B4v2CLm32__9P
  13. Creative Sauce

    Drum Beats

    Thanks for posting
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