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  1. I'm not sure what you mean? The method that I'm trying to employ works in Logic (the DAW): one plug-in duplicated across two different tracks. On one track it is set to preset1 (to create one snare sound) and on the other track it is set to preset8 (to create another snare sound). However as I try the same method in Cakewalk the plug-in is present on both tracks but when I try switch presets on one track it applies changes to both. Would you be kind enough explain what you mean for a noob like me. It can't be that I am limited to altering the settings of a plug-in once per project, surely.
  2. Hey there, I'm building a beat at the moment and I'm having a problem switching presets on a plug in called DrumPro 64. Basically, I have two seperate tracks using the same plug in, the problem is that when I select a different kit under Track2, it applies the change to the pattern I've already put down on Track1. I've only just started using this DAW so I presume it's something that I'm doing wrong. Does anybody know why I can't use the same plug-in on multiple tracks without affecting them all? Thanks in advance.
  3. Wow great reply thank you. I will look into whether or not theres a partition in my Cdrive or not, I hadn't thought of that. I'm running Cakewalk straight off of my HDD for the time being while I save up for a desktop PC, I'm so done with laptops for now... Thank you for all of the info Bob, I'll commit it to memory
  4. I want to once more thank everybody who replied to my query, you've all been so helpful. Trust me I'm so happy to say that Cakewalk is being installed onto my D Drive as we speak. I achieved this using a little of everyone's suggestions so it was a collaborative effort on all of your parts, thanks team!
  5. You were right, turns out I had about 4gb in 'temporary files'. And while I do have a Windows.old I had a look in properties and it contains 3 files taking up a total of 0bytes. Not sure what version of Windows. - EDIT: Version 10.0.10240, according to cmd window
  6. Ah thanks for letting me know, I can see that now
  7. Where can I find the release you're referring to?
  8. Why not just grab the EA release from this forum, and download directly to the D:/ drive -This is exactly what I've been looking for, thanks, didn't know it was an option. -Oh, and it's time for a new hard drive if not a new computer . With only a 28GB system drive, I have to wonder what the rest of the system spec is. -And yeah, believe me, this is not my dream laptop I'm just making do with what I can afford. Usually I go to my friend's studio to record but; lockdown.
  9. Tried with the space, emptied recycle bin, nothing same again. Thanks anyway
  10. Sorry, but nothing seems to be happening. I opened as admin and tried a few times.
  11. Sorry I wasn't clear, I have run disk clean-up but I am out of apps and files that I can delete. The above screenshot is the results of a culling of apps as well as a disc clean-up
  12. Ahhh so if I do this I'll get back all the hardrive space that hibernate uses at the cost of the hibernate feature and start up speeds? I think I'll give this a try, sounds worth it. Thanks!
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