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  1. I had a similar problem with my I Rig Stage Acoustic guitar mike... I had to set the project sample rate to 48 KHZ.. that cured the speed problem.. I'm not sure if it is because Windows 10 audio drivers are set at 48 KHZ.. there was no special audio driver required for the I Rig mike.. Win 10 set it up automatically.
  2. HI, I'm looking for some advice in respect to VSTs. Somebody out there has probably already thought about or answered this question. I use Sampletank 4, EZ keys, EZ Drummer, Kontakt etc. All of these VST instruments have inbuilt effects..Eq, reverb compression etc.. particularly Sampletank. Would it be better to switch these off (where possible) and just use insert effects in the Cakewalk console view and say use just one reverb master buss rather than have different reverbs etc generated from each individual VST ? I wonder if it would produce a better workflow and end result. I suppose I could do my own test but wanted to find out the opinions and experiences of others first. Thanks in advance for any help or advice. PS i have no idea how to master tracks but am learning... listening to my midi compostions on my AKG headphones, some istruments sound unfocussed.
  3. Do you get the C0000005 Exception error message ? I had this, and with IK's support ended up doing a full uninstall including deleting all registry references. I believe it may have been related to corruption with the audio drivers on my laptop but can't be sure.
  4. HI.. wonder if anyone out there is running BD by CW and both stores and loads their VST samples etc from an external SSD ? I picked up Sampletank MAX last year via a special offer .. I also bought a laptop to supplement my desktop .. the laptop has a 500GB NVMe drive.. With EZ keys products and Dim pro etc I have over 200 GB of samples which is ok on my desktop which has several hard drives but not so good on the laptop. Loading of large sample sets on the desktop can be slowish at times. I only have 8 GB of RAM on the desktop and laptop. I would like to use my latop as my principle music machine but wish to keep the desktop too. I was thinking of putting my whole sample set on an SSD and using for both computers. I guess that as long as the drive letter doesnt change after specifying the sample path then i'm okay ? Any advice would be appreciated.
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